Easiest Homemade Bread Recipe Ever... Bread and Butter

Easiest Homemade Bread Recipe Ever

The first recipe I posted on the blog is also one of my favourites, and certainly one of my most popular ones. I wanted to make sure I had covered everything in that post, and … [Read More...]

My little Harry Potter

We went on the Hogwarts Express and Tried Butterbeer!

I first opened a Harry Potter book fifteen years ago, when I was a nanny in Paris. My little protégé, Maxou, was nine years old, and every day after his homework and violin … [Read More...]

www.lecoindemel.com 29 March15

My Sunday Photo – 29 March 2015

If you want the recipe for my easy, crusty bread that requires no kneading, bread machine or fancy equipment, click here! … [Read More...]

Martha Jackson tree necklace & Casual Style

Back at Work

I went back to work this week. My colleagues probably think I was off forever, but to me, it felt like my maternity leave had just started. One of the girls sent me a text a … [Read More...]

Weaning Baby - Sweet Potato, Butternut Squash, Pear & Rosemary Purée

Sweet Potato, Butternut Squash, Pear & Rosemary Purée

After a difficult transition from exclusive breastfeeding to solids, Wriggly now enjoys food, thank goodness! She eats anything she can feed herself, but when it comes to … [Read More...]

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My Sunday Photo – 22 March 2015

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Wriggly likes her Butternut Squash, Broccoli & Carrot Purée

Weaning Shenanigans (& a Giveaway)

When it was time to start weaning Crevette six years ago, a friend recommended Annabel Karmel’s New Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner. As soon as I opened the book, I … [Read More...]

Egg Heads with Cress Hairdo

Meet our Cress Hair Family and the Best Egg Sandwiches in the World

I find crafts you can make without buying anything new rather satisfying. I love showing the little ones that by using their imagination, they can repurpose things that would … [Read More...]

London - The Houses of Parliament at Dusk

A School Trip with Crevette & 20 Facts about London

Today, I was lucky enough to be one of the parents accompanying Crevette's first ever school trip to London. I was in charge of a small group and really enjoyed sharing this … [Read More...]

Les Petites Choses French brand for children with Tendre Deal  - Little Cat, will you be my friend

French Style for Children

Recently, I was pondering over the whole notion of being an expat. What is an expat? Is it a label, a way of life, a feeling of always being a stranger in a familiar place? Is … [Read More...]

Quick and Easy Crafts for Spring - Easter Crafts in 10 Minutes

10 minute crafts – 5 Ideas for Spring and Easter

Spring is my favourite time of the year. It gets warmer, the light is brighter, days are longer, people a lot more cheerful, and flowers start to appear everywhere, turning … [Read More...]

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My Sunday Photo – 15 March 2015

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Alpe d'Huez

Kiqplan, your Own Digital Coach & Win a Fitbug Orb

I do not exercise just for the sake of it. I would probably enjoy it if I did, but running other than in a life-threatening situation simply is not my thing. Sweat, aching … [Read More...]

Red Nose Day Cupcake

Red Nose Day & Who Won a £50 HomeSense Voucher?

I hope you have been inspired by the Great Comic Relief Bake Off as much as we have. If so, you can make a donation or treat yourself to the official apron. How are you … [Read More...]

My Kitchen - Brown - Le Coin de Mel

My Little Kitchen on Foodies100

This week, our little kitchen features in Foodies100. That makes me really happy as the kitchen is the hub of our home; the place where I enjoy spending a lot of time cooking … [Read More...]


Family Update – March

It is really starting to feel like spring is just around the corner. Moods are getting brighter, days are getting longer and clothes are getting lighter. It is my favourite … [Read More...]

Sweet Potato Crisps & Hummus

Oven-Baked Sweet Potato Crisps

Until a couple of weeks ago, the only time I had cooked anything with sweet potatoes was when I was weaning my little ones. Since my friend Aimee cooked a delicious Asian dish … [Read More...]

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My Sunday Photo – 8 March 2015

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Me and Dresses... Wedding Day

Me and… Dresses!

For as long as I can remember, I have loved wearing pretty dresses and high heels. I think it all started when I was just one. Being a flower girl does that to you, doesn’t … [Read More...]

Lime & Chilli Courgette

A Healthy Asian Feast, 5 Life-Changing Tips & a Recipe!

On Monday night, I left Hubby with our four little ones for the first time and headed off to Central London. Wriggly (8 months) still refuses to drink milk out of bottles, so … [Read More...]

Cookie Monster Cake Pinfail

Really Nutty Flourless Chocolate Cake & a Pinfail

Ever since I started making my Decadent Flourless Chocolate Cake, I have made it every week, tweaking the recipe every time and experimenting. This delicious, addictive … [Read More...]

BundleBean GO on the Pram

Get a BundleBean rather than a Footmuff! (& a Giveaway)

When my friend Cé mentioned the BundleBean a few weeks ago, I had no idea what she was talking about. She is the queen of shopping, practical stuff and good deals so I … [Read More...]

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My Sunday Photo – 1st March 2015

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Never too young to start dessing up


As I was trying to improve my ‘About’ page, I got thinking about myself and events that had marked my life. When I was born, life was orange and brown. At 7 months, … [Read More...]

Precis Petite Spot Print Prom Dress - Jacques Vert Group

Choosing an Outfit for a Work Meeting

After over eight months on maternity leave, I had a meeting with my boss today, to discuss my returning to work. I am not normally one to worry about what I am wearing. I know … [Read More...]

Houdini Solutions - Houdini Cosy - Keeps Blankets Firmly in Place

My Little Girl is no Houdini after all! (& a Giveaway)

Jumpy is the queen of car seat harness removal, if there is such a title. My little Houdini makes car journeys incredibly stressful with this trick, as you can imagine. No … [Read More...]



I made croissants for the first time today! Sorry to whoever follows me on Instagram. I know, I subjected you to a constant string of ‘croissant spam’ and it might have looked … [Read More...]

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My Sunday Photo – 22 February 2015

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Crevette Loves Shaun the Sheep The Movie

Shaun the Sheep, a Movie for the whole Family

Yesterday morning, Crevette (6 years 6 months), Beanie (4 years 4 months), Wriggly (8 months) and I headed to Central London for a day out. The little ones loved the tube … [Read More...]

The Café in the Park - Rickmansworth Aquadrome - 'Free From' Mezze Platter

10 Things I Love about The Café in the Park

If you are ever looking for top-notch food in a laid back and unpretentious atmosphere, then you have to try The Café in the Park. I wrote about our day out with … [Read More...]

A Fabulous Day with Friends at the Aquadrome - Swings

A Fabulous Day with Friends at the Aquadrome

Our plans for half term got cancelled at the last minute, much to the children’s disappointment (hello tantrums!).  I always find that an impromptu day out makes my little … [Read More...]

Provençal Fish Stew and Rice

Provençal Fish Stew

I made this simple dish for the first time about ten years ago, and it is a definite favourite of mine. It is so quick and easy to make it is perfect when you are having a … [Read More...]

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My Sunday Photo – 15 February2015

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Valentine's Day - 10 Minute Crafts - Felt Hearts

Quick Activities for Valentine’s Day

When we received a box of crafting goodies this morning, Crevette (6 years 6 months) was beyond excited, and immediately got started on Valentine’s Day crafts. We spent … [Read More...]

The Great Comic Relief Bake Off – Red Nose Day

Bake Something Funny for Red Nose Day – A Creative Photo Competition

Are you all ready to bake? Have you got a whisk in hand and apron on? When I told Crevette (6 years 6 months) and Beanie (4 years 4 months) I was planning to organise a … [Read More...]

Wriggly Eating a Rice Cake

Family Update – February

My monthly family update always makes me feel happy and warm inside. I love reflecting on how each of my four children has changed, grown, made us laugh or cringe since my … [Read More...]

Decadent Flourless Chocolate Cake

Decadent Flourless Chocolate Cake

My brothers’ idea of cooking is generally limited to frying an egg, warming up a ready-made meal or cooking pasta, so imagine my surprise when they offered to bake my birthday … [Read More...]

Farmaround Organic Fruit

Organic Fruit and Vegetables from Farmaround (& a Giveaway)

We were sent a luxury fruit bag and a big vegetable bag from Farmaround on the day I had planned to start weaning Wriggly. Perfect timing! She had just turned six … [Read More...]

Paper Cup Dragon - 10 Minute Crafts - a Sensory Experience for Baby

Paper Cup Dragon – 10 Minute Crafts

Crevette (6 years 6 months) was delighted when I told him we had been chosen as Bostik ambassadors. Throughout the year, we will receive a box full of crafting goodies. It was … [Read More...]

Anaphylaxis Action Plan - Warning - Prevention - Knowledge - Being Prepared - Calling for an Ambulance

Spotting the Signs of Anaphylaxis in Your Child

This week has been all about Jumpy’s allergies. On Tuesday, she had some more skin prick tests, and I felt light-hearted as her previous tests and subsequent milk challenge … [Read More...]

Quick & Easy Homemade Mayonnaise Recipe - Individual Portions

Homemade Mayonnaise in 5 Minutes

There is no denying that France is renowned for its cheese, fine dining, wide variety of wines and impressive desserts. As far as I can remember, preparing food for a dozen … [Read More...]

www.lecoindemel.com 1st February 2015

My Sunday Photo – 1st February 2015

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School in France - Wooden Desks in the Playground

Is School all that Different in France?

Beanie (4 years 4 months) and Crevette (6 years 5 months) have just spent three weeks at my mum’s local school in France. I also enjoyed the experience by teaching a couple of … [Read More...]

Mussels in champagne sauce - Santé

Mussels in Champagne Sauce

Moules-frites (mussels and French fries) is something of a national dish in Belgium. I come from the Champagne region, which is quite close to Belgium, and in my family, … [Read More...]

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My Sunday Photo – 25 January 2015

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Hello Fresh - Keema Meatball Curry with Homemade Chapatis - Chicken

Hello Fresh Cooking Boxes Combine Convenience & Gastronomy

Our second Hello Fresh cooking box, the classic one for four, was delivered a few minutes before my brother and his other half arrived for a short stay. Timing could not have … [Read More...]

Mackerel Loaf with Salad

Mackerel Loaf

When I was contacted by Seafish asking me whether I wanted to take part in a campaign to encourage people to eat more Omega-3 rich fish, I immediately agreed. My family and I … [Read More...]

Le Loup loves playing Piou Piou

The Day the Wolf Moved in with Us

On Friday, my little man’s teacher had a nice surprise for her pupils. She explained they had a new class mascot, who would be going to a different family every week-end. … [Read More...]

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My Sunday Photo – 18 January 2015

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WaterWipes - out & about

Why are WaterWipes the Best Wipes?

One Monday morning, I had three wipes left. Seriously, three wipes. I counted. How did that happen? Running out of wipes is not an option when you have a house full of … [Read More...]

Galette des Rois

La Galette des Rois – Frangipane Pie

On Friday, Beanie was crowned queen of her nursery school. Let me explain. They ate some Galette des Rois (Kings’ Pie) during the morning session and she found a small … [Read More...]

www.lecoindemel.com 11 January 2015

My Sunday Photo – 11 January 2015

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Gousto - Curry in a Hurry - Ingredients

Gousto Cooking Box Review and Giveaway

The day I received my Gousto box was not a good day. I had just had some really sad news from France and to be perfectly honest, food was the last thing on my mind. I did not … [Read More...]


Family Update – January

The past month has been pretty relaxed and we have really enjoyed each other’s company. Wriggly (7 months) • Your first tooth peeked through when you turned six … [Read More...]

Walking to School in France

New Year, New Beginnings

Happy New Year everyone! I wish you all lots of laughter, happiness and a healthy 2015. I cannot believe I have had my blog for a whole year already. I am really grateful … [Read More...]

Free From Creamy Vegan Soup - Ingredients

Creamy Vegan Soup

After overeating for weeks in the run up to Christmas, I am now craving vegetables and this soup is ideal to detox. I know, vegan and creamy do not normally go hand in … [Read More...]

Pyrex Asimetria - baking tray - biscuits

Pyrex have a new Bakeware Range!

If you have read my blog before, you probably know that I am a big fan of Pyrex. Until now, all I had tried was their glassware. Every single Pyrex item I own gets used all … [Read More...]

Easy Mince Pies with Fruity Mincemeat

Fruity Mincemeat and Easiest Homemade Mince Pies

I got carried away with mincemeat this year and made four batches! I started with my cranberry mincemeat, which I absolutely love. When I spotted Vicki's recipe a few … [Read More...]

Marshmallow Reindeer with Beanie

Marshmallow Reindeer

Ever since my failed attempt at marshmallow pumpkins, I have been considering making more marshmallow pops. Beanie is really enjoying getting involved in the kitchen at the … [Read More...]


Fun with Food and Beanie’s Smoothie Recipe

Last week, my brother and his girlfriend stayed with us, much to everyone’s delight. As Crevette (6 years 4 months) and Beanie (4 years 3 months) were getting restless on … [Read More...]

Mummy Makes Milk - Big Brother Reading to his Sisters

Mummy Makes Milk

My little man's reading is getting better and better. He reads a story to his sisters most nights now and we all enjoy this reasonably quiet time before the children go to … [Read More...]

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My Sunday Photo – 21 December 2014

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Luxurious Mulled Wine Kit

Luxurious Mulled Wine Kit

Last Friday marked the day Hubby and I started our big adventure together, eleven years ago. Hubby had bought steak and he came home with a bottle of red wine. We normally go … [Read More...]

Alpe d'Huez

Perfect Holidays

What does your ideal holiday look like? Close your eyes and try to picture it. Are you lying on an empty beach, sipping a cocktail? Are you paragliding from the top of a … [Read More...]

www.lecoindemel.com 14 December 2014

My Sunday Photo – 14 December 2014

  … [Read More...]

Christmas Tree Bags for Homemade presents

Christmas Tree Bags

The inspiration for our Christmas tree bags came when I saw the cards Louise from Little Hearts, Big Love had made with her little girl. Check out Louise’s post; the cards … [Read More...]

Reindeer Lanterns - 10 Minute Crafts - All Ready to Be Lit

Reindeer Lanterns – 10 Minute Crafts

I sometimes find that last-minute, quick activities end up looking far better than crafty projects we spend ages on. Our reindeer lanterns certainly did not take us more than … [Read More...]

Wriggly - 6 months

Family Update – December

Have we really been a family of six for 6 months already? Writing my monthly update is a reminder of how lucky I am. It has made me more aware of the little things, the … [Read More...]

Hello Fresh - Silver Lining Carrot, Pancetta and Lentil Soup with Herb Foccacia

Hello Fresh in One Word: WoW! (and a £20 Discount!)

Before we received our first Hello Fresh box, I had no idea what to expect. I knew I was going to be sent four meals to feed all of us. I was hoping for generous portions as … [Read More...]

www.lecoindemel.com 7 December 2014

My Sunday Photo – 7 December 2014

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Pear, Roquefort & Walnut Pancakes

Pear, Roquefort & Walnut Pancakes

Last Saturday, I really fancied pancakes. I made two batches: my basic pancake mix, which can be used for sweet or savoury crêpes, as well as my ‘free from’ savoury galette … [Read More...]

Free From Vegan Buckwheat Pancakes

‘Free From’ Galettes

When you go to a French crêperie (restaurant serving pancakes), the savoury pancakes are made with buckwheat flour. The flour has a very distinctive taste and it always … [Read More...]

Writing to Father Christmas & Receiving a Letter from Santa for Free

Writing to Father Christmas

Your little ones have four days left to post their letters to Santa if they want a reply before Christmas Eve. We have been using the free service from Royal Mail since … [Read More...]

Selfie Stick Review - Beanie Pulling Faces

Selfie Stick Review & Giveaway

I love my phone. It is intuitive, reliable and there are a few apps I use all the time. When I was asked whether I wanted to review an iPhone accessory to help giffgaff create … [Read More...]

www.lecoindemel.com 30 November 2014

My Sunday Photo – 30 November 2014

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Quick & Easy Mince Pies for Children to Make

Quick & Easy Mince Pies

I love homemade pastry but I rarely make my own, simply because I cannot stand the feeling of sticky mixture getting everywhere, under my nails and coating every surface in my … [Read More...]

Bonjour French Food - apéritif

Bonjour French Food (and a Giveway!)

  Have you heard of Bonjour French Food? If so, you probably love the concept as much as I do. If not, head over to their website and check them out; they have just … [Read More...]

www.lecoindemel.com 23 November 2014

My Sunday Photo / Silent Sunday – 23 November 2014

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French Onion Soup

French Onion Soup

The recipe I am sharing today is by no means a glamorous one, but it is a festive one nonetheless. When my friend Renée asked me to share my onion soup recipe, I smiled. It … [Read More...]

The Truth About Mornings with Four Small Children

The Truth about Mornings with Four Small Children

What do you share online? Cute smiles, pretty drawings, mouth-watering meals, smart outfits or photos of crooked smiles, closed eyes, naked tantrums, fish fingers served with … [Read More...]

Christmas Cards

Designing our Christmas Cards with The Card Gallery (& a Giveaway!)

Is it too early to mention the big C word? If it is, look away, people! Oh wait, I might have done that already when I shared my cranberry mincemeat recipe a couple of days … [Read More...]

www.lecoindemel.com 16 November 2014

My Sunday Photo / Silent Sunday – 16 November 2014

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Cranberry Mincemeat

Cranberry Mincemeat

I wish I could just bottle up the smell of mincemeat on the stove. It smells festive, warming and sweet, all at the same time! It would be like encapsulating the essence of … [Read More...]

Thumbprint Art - Reindeers

Thumbprint Drawing

We are quite partial to a bit of thumbprint artwork around here. It is easy, effective, requires no skill at all and the little blobs take shape with just a few straight or … [Read More...]


Family Update – November

Five months ago, I was giving birth to my little girl on the bathroom floor. It seems like yesterday yet if feels like a lifetime ago. Does it even make sense? Wriggly (5 … [Read More...]

Rougail Saucisse & Red Wine

Rougail Saucisse

The first time I had rougail saucisse was over 15 years ago as I was moving into my first flat near Paris. I fell in love with the dish straight away, with its rich tomato … [Read More...]

debbie&andrew's sausages and mash

Celebrating British Sausage Week

This week is British Sausage Week. Who knew? I had no idea either, until I stumbled upon Charlotte’s Food Blogger’s Calendar a couple of weeks ago. I have always found … [Read More...]

Spooky Fruit Basket for a Free From Halloween Party

What Food do You Serve at a ‘Free From’ Party?

Twenty-eight of us squeezed into our home for Jumpy's second birthday party this week. I would lie if I said I did not find it stressful to make all the food for the party … [Read More...]

Guess Who had all the Icing on the Cupcakes

My Sunday Photo / Silent Sunday – 2 November 2014

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Carved Pumpkins and Tissue Paper Lanterns

Planning a Halloween Party with Children

If you measure how well a party went by the state of your house once everyone has left, I can safely say that Jumpy’s second birthday party was a roaring success! This is … [Read More...]

Salmon with Lime and Ginger Butter on a bed of Roasted Cabbage served with Steamed Vegetables - the Vegetables

Salmon with Lime and Ginger Butter on a bed of Roasted Cabbage served with Steamed Vegetables

I absolutely love salmon and steamed vegetables. It is usually a meal we have mid-week as it is so quick to put together. For this recipe, I went out of my way to make sure … [Read More...]

Halloween Comes Alive with Storytime Sounds - App

Halloween Comes Alive with Storytime Sounds

Every evening, we listen to Crevette (6 years 2 months) reading the book he has chosen at school, and the girls generally pick a story each as well. I try to encourage them to … [Read More...]

Spooky Marshmallow Pumpkins

Spooky Marshmallow Pumpkins… What Not to Do!

A few days ago, I thought it would be a good idea to make marshmallow pumpkins for Jumpy's birthday party. It all started really well. I had all my props and ingredients out … [Read More...]

We Gave It Some Welly

We Gave It Some Welly for Allergy UK!

Last Friday was Allergy UK's annual fundraiser and the charity was encouraging people to wear their wellies all day and raise awareness about allergies. The children, … [Read More...]

Lazy Day Foods as Birthday Cake

Jumpy is Two and a Lazy Day Foods Giveaway!

Yesterday was Jumpy’s second birthday. We are having a Halloween party to celebrate with friends on Tuesday and everything I will serve will be free from eggs, wheat, dairy … [Read More...]

www.lecoindemel.com 26 October 2014

My Sunday Photo / Silent Sunday – 26 October 2014

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Free From Vegan Pancakes - With Maple Syrup

‘Free From’ Vegan Pancakes

We are big pancake lovers at home. When I was younger, we used to have them for dinner once a week. I have already shared my basic recipe for crêpes, as well as a ‘free from’ … [Read More...]

Give It Some Welly - Welly Tower

A Competition to Win Wellies & Raise Money for Allergy UK

Tomorrow, the children and I will Give It Some Welly for Allergy UK! The five of us will be wearing our Allergy UK T-shirts and wellies from the second we get out of bed to … [Read More...]

My 1st Years - Sheepskin Baby Shoes Wriggly

A Present with a Difference

We were given quite a few thoughtful gifts for our babies. Some of those presents will make their way to our children's keepsakes, like Sophie la Girafe, cute hats, first … [Read More...]

www.lecoindemel.com 19 October 2014

My Sunday Photo / Silent Sunday – 19 October 2014

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Milk Protein

Milk Protein Challenge

This afternoon, Jumpy (1 year 11 months) is having a milk protein challenge in hospital. This one is a biggie. It means butter, cheese, yoghurts milk and cream rather than … [Read More...]

Autumn Picnic

Autumn Picnic

Every Tuesday since the beginning of term, the girls and I have been going to playgroup straight after taking Crevette to school. As we only have an hour between the end of … [Read More...]

www.lecoindemel.com 12 October 2014

My Sunday Photo / Silent Sunday – 12 October 2014

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Give it Some Welly

Give It Some Welly!

When I started weaning Jumpy, her skin condition deteriorated. I had no idea what to do other than taking her to see doctors. Her mealtimes became increasingly stressful as … [Read More...]

Family Update - October 2014 - Wriggly

Family Update – October

Four months ago, our family of five became the family of six we are now. It is tough and exhausting at times, but I am grateful for the five people I have in my … [Read More...]

I am a Sangenic (nappy bin) convert - baby

Why I am a Sangenic Convert… and a Giveaway!

Tommee Tippee sent us a Sangenic nappy bin for the launch of their limited edition blue and pink nappy disposal systems. My Expectations Wriggly is my fourth baby and … [Read More...]

Messy Play in the Bath - Bubbles

Messy Play in the Bath

I have said it before: I am not a fan of messy play. I still want my children to grow up having fun and getting opportunities to get dirty just for fun. My mum bought them … [Read More...]

www.lecoindemel.com 5 October 2014

My Sunday Photo / Silent Sunday – 5 October 2014

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Plamil Chocolates Testing

In Chocolate Heaven! Plamil Review and Giveaway

When Jumpy was diagnosed with multiple allergies, I had no idea where to look for ‘free from’ food other than what I was cooking myself. It was all rather overwhelming and I … [Read More...]

Courgette, Tomato & Goat's Cheese Quiche

Courgette, Tomato & Goat’s Cheese Quiche

A vegetarian friend was coming over for dinner on Saturday and I needed something I could make ahead as we would be busy all day with Beanie’s birthday party. When I was … [Read More...]

Allergy Lifestyle - Mediband Wristband - Jumpy

Where do you find Products for Allergy Sufferers?

I first heard of Allergy Lifestyle a couple of months ago, after the Allergy and Free From Show. Allergy Lifestyle is a family run business catering for people with allergies … [Read More...]

A Despicable Party - The Cake - Le Coin de Mel

A Despicable (Me) Birthday Party

My friend Loraine's little boy and Beanie were born hours apart. They look so similar we casually call them "the twins". They are such good friends that we always have a joint … [Read More...]

How to Make a Minion Piñata - Despicable Me

Make Your Own Minion Piñata (Despicable Me)

Beanie turned four on Tuesday. By 8 a.m., straight after blowing the candles on her bowl of birthday porridge, she had already decided it was the best birthday ever! That set … [Read More...]

www.lecoindemel.com 21 September 2014

My Sunday Photo / Silent Sunday – 21 September 2014

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A Sewing Project for Beginners - Making a Teddy - Cuddle

A Sewing Project for Beginners – Making a Teddy

Crevette (6 years 1 month) is really keen on ‘making things’. A couple of weeks ago, he decided to do some sewing. He had a few ambitious projects in mind and eventually … [Read More...]

Sunshine Smoothie

Sunshine Smoothie

This morning, we got up earlier than usual. Beanie and Jumpy left with hubby just after 7 a.m. and Wriggly was asleep. Crevette and I had over an hour to ourselves so we … [Read More...]

www.lecoindemel.com 14 September 2014

My Sunday Photo / Silent Sunday – 14 September 2014

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National Eczema Week - Applying Cream

National Eczema Week – 13 to 21 September 2014

Two of my girls suffer from atopic eczema, a skin condition that affects one in five children in the UK. Life can be tough for them. They start feeling the itch. They … [Read More...]

Church House

The Day I met Dr Adam Fox, Dr Carsten Flohr & Dr Rosan Meyer

A few weeks ago, Maureen Jenkins, Director of Clinical Services for Allergy UK, asked me whether I could share Jumpy’s ‘journey to diagnosis’ at a masterclass on paediatric … [Read More...]

Jumpy in Hospital

#dialasmile for Bravery Boxes

The lovely Mummy Tries tagged me yesterday for the #dialasmile Selfie Meme. It is too late for a selfie so I chose to share a photo of my little Jumpy. When she was four … [Read More...]

Wriggly - 3 months - Smiling in her Sleep

Three Months Already!

Wriggly has only been with us for three months, yet I can barely remember life without her. It feels like she has always been part of our family. I absolutely love writing my … [Read More...]

Vegan, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Nut Free Banana and Chocolate Muffins -  with Cocoa Powder

‘Free From’ Banana and Chocolate Muffins

Until a few weeks ago, my little Jumpy had never eaten homemade cakes, for the simple reason that I had never managed to find a recipe that catered for her range of allergies. … [Read More...]

Simply Cook

Simply Cook Recipe Box Review & your First box for £1

As a new busy academic year starts, I have teamed up with Simply Cook to offer one of my readers three months’ worth of recipe boxes, as well as a 90% discount for anyone who … [Read More...]

www.lecoindemel.com 31 August 2014

My Sunday Photo / Silent Sunday – 31 August 2014

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Piggy Back Race

Fun Outdoor Activities

My little ones could spend their days running around outside. It does not bother them in the slightest whether the weather is good or not. At the start of the holidays, I … [Read More...]

www.lecoindemel.com 17 August 2014

My Sunday Photo / Silent Sunday – 17 August 2014

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Ideal Bedroom

My Little Man’s Dream Bedroom

If we were to have a loft conversion, Crevette could have his own bedroom rather than sharing with his sisters. I asked him what he would have in his ideal bedroom. His top … [Read More...]

I have OCD


I have OCD. I am ashamed of it. I am sometimes proud of it, too. I have OCD and everything around me HAS to be organised. Every aspect of my life must fit in its own … [Read More...]


Our Smooze Summer

My little man and I stumbled upon the Smooze stand as we were leaving the Allergy & Free From Show last month. If you follow me, you might have noticed the photo of … [Read More...]

Ten Tips for New Bloggers

Ten Tips for New Bloggers

Last week-end, I was lucky enough to be part of BlogStock, the world’s first blogging festival in Aldenham Country Park, Hertfordshire. As a novice blogger, I have a lot to … [Read More...]

www.lecoindemel.com 10 August 2014

My Sunday Photo / Silent Sunday – 10 August 2014

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Two months old Wriggly - Newborn Photography

Where does the Time go?

Our baby girl is two months old already today. Her growing so fast is a real eye-opener and makes me realise we have to enjoy every little moment, every milestone otherwise I … [Read More...]

Our Favourite Seeded Loaf - Slices

Our Favourite Seeded Loaf

Nothing beats the taste and smell of homemade bread! Today, I thought I would share another easy, no fuss recipe for a loaf you can bake at home. It takes a minute to get the … [Read More...]

Star Wars, Lego & Sweets - Ewoks Defeat Darth Vader

Star Wars, Lego and Sweets

Planning Crevette’s birthday party prompted some imaginative play at home during an afternoon spent on my own with little man whilst his sisters were having a nap. We had … [Read More...]

www.lecoindemel.com 3 August 2014

My Sunday Photo / Silent Sunday – 3 August 2014

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My Little Darth Vader

Star Wars Birthday Party

I am still struggling to come over the fact Crevette is six years old already! It feels like yesterday we took our little bundle home to my mum and brothers who were staying … [Read More...]

Goody Good Stuff

Goody Good Stuff Sweets Rock!

Today is Crevette’s birthday. Six years ago, my first baby was born at 6.10 a.m., changing our lives forever and turning our couple into a family. The second we laid eyes on … [Read More...]

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My Sunday Photo / Silent Sunday – 27 July 2014

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Summer Day Out

Pre-Packed Bag for Stress-Free Summer Days out

Despite the sunshine, I spent the first few days of the summer holidays worrying about the tons of things I had to do. I was getting snappy as I was not crossing any of it off … [Read More...]

Free from one ingredient ice cream

‘Free From’ One Ingredient Ice Cream

This has to be the easiest recipe I have ever shared. There is absolutely no chance of getting it wrong, it is healthy and it tastes great. What more could you wish for? A … [Read More...]

The Little Green Sheep Newborn Baby Pouch

The Little Green Sheep Newborn Baby Pouch Review and Giveaway

When I was asked to review The Little Green Sheep Newborn Baby Pouches, I was pretty keen as I was familiar with the company. I bought a waterproof Bednest mattress protector … [Read More...]

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My Sunday Photo / Silent Sunday – 20 July 2014

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Allergy Show - Allergy Adventures

The Allergy & Free From Show 2014

A few days ago, I took my eldest (5 years 11 months) and my youngest (three weeks) across the city to London Olympia for the Allergy and Free From show. I am not going to … [Read More...]


Garlic Butter

Vive la France! Today is French National Day. It commemorates the ‘Fête de la Fédération’, which was held on the 14th of July 1790 to celebrate the establishment of a … [Read More...]

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Silent Sunday – 13 July 2014

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Jumpring in Puddles

Outdoor Fun

This week, we have been making the most of the sunshine and spending a lot more time out of the house. Crevette (5 years 11 months) had his sports day on Wednesday. It was … [Read More...]

Wriggly's Little Feet

Enjoying the Little Things…

My beautiful baby girl is exactly four weeks old as I am hitting the 'publish' button. We have had so many magic moments in the past 28 days that I have not had time to write … [Read More...]

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Silent Sunday – 6 July 2014

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a Healthy Breakfast with Granola

Very Nutty Granola

I was not much of a granola fan until very recently. Shop-bought granola is always full of dried fruit, and I have a pet hate for the overly sweet, squishy stuff. I would … [Read More...]

Our Little Adventure

We’re going on an Adventure!

Last Sunday, we had our first time out as a family of six. We had all left the house on quite a few occasions (just in case you were wondering!) since Wriggly was born three … [Read More...]