What Should You Pack When You Go Swimming With Children?

The children have had swimming lessons every week for as long as I can remember. I spend so long in the pool every Sunday my best friend nicknames me 'the mermaid' when she … [Read More...]

Hampstead, A Little Bit of France in the Heart of London

Three weeks ago, my auntie Marie called me late at night and announced she would pay us a visit with Mamie (my nan). I was beyond excited. Living far from every single one of … [Read More...]

How to Use Your Time Wisely:  24 Tips to Be More Productive & Save Time

We are forever rushing around like headless chickens trying to achieve, achieve, do more, more, and then more again. We are busy; we want to be productive. We want to do it … [Read More...]

How to Choose the Right Bottle for Your Baby (& a Giveaway)

Over the past 7 (and a bit) years as a mum, I have tried a fair few bottles with my babies, who were all breastfed to start with. With Crevette (now 7), having the odd … [Read More...]

Family Update – May 2016

The sun is shining people, the sun is shining! Goodbye winter coats, bye bye boots and scarves. See you in winter! Wriggly (23 months) · You love being read to, … [Read More...]

Why You Must Visit Camden Town & 9 Tips for a Family Day in Camden

Not going back to my day job after the summer holidays also meant waving goodbye to daily chats with my Languages department in a busy secondary school. We had all planned to … [Read More...]

Mango Chutney & Tacos

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I know, I know, this makes no sense. I am clearly sharing a mango chutney recipe, yet I have just referred to a big Mexican celebration that … [Read More...]

Fast Cars, Yummy Cupcakes & Two Happy Kids

Last week, I told Crevette and Beanie we would be spending bank holiday Monday in London. They were pretty excited to have a ‘Special Mummy Day’ and so was I! Our day out … [Read More...]

Food, I Love You

This morning has been a busy one! After the worst argument Beanie and Jumpy have ever had (these two have such a love-hate relationship) and a frazzled walk to school (late, … [Read More...]

Just Keep Swimming, Swimming, Swimming…

After a pretty memorable trip to a quirky sweet shop on Monday last week, we had our first outdoor swim and ice cream by the pool. Surely, you only do these kinds of things in … [Read More...]

Blogging about Food and Loving it!

On Friday night (or was it Thursday?), I was taken aback for a moment when I spotted my little blog on the list of 'Best Food Blog' finalists for the MAD blog awards, … [Read More...]

Sweet as a Button: a Sweet Shop Not Like Any Other

As I opened the door to ‘Sweet as a Button’ for a photo shoot with my friend Anna a couple of days ago, all my senses were tickled. The sweet shop was giving off the familiar … [Read More...]

Some Friendships are Just Meant to Be

Do you think friendship is something you have to work at, just like a relationship? That was exactly what I thought, but after witnessing my children’s friendships blossoming, … [Read More...]

Time for ‘Me Time’

I love my kids. I really do. As I was leaving the house to screaming children ("Don't leave us, Maman!"), the monologue in my head went a bit like that: "I love you, … [Read More...]

We are a Soft Water Family!

Last month, Warren and Chris from Harvey Water Softeners came to show us the differences between hard and soft water (read about it here). After their visit, I could not wait … [Read More...]

The Easiest Way to Make a Cheese Soufflé: Bake it Twice!

When Rennie invited me to take part in their ‘Cooking Through the Decades’ challenge, celebrating food from the 1920s through to 2010, I immediately accepted. I love a … [Read More...]

How to Make the Most of your Day at Willows Activity Farm

Yesterday was a grim day, wet, rather cold and oh so grey. We had planned a visit to Willows Farm for today, and although the weather forecast did not look good, we left the … [Read More...]

Family Update – April 2016

It feels like I wrote my last family update yesterday yet it was a whole month ago. Where is all the time going? Wriggly (1 year 10 months) · You are in your 'big … [Read More...]

10 minute Crafts: Pipe Cleaner Caterpillars & Fine Motor Skills

A few weeks ago, we had a review of Jumpy’s progress at pre-school. She is doing well, although she would rather hang out with adults than other children. She also has to … [Read More...]

Playbrush Review, Cleaner Teeth & a Giveaway

Last August, our dentist gently but firmly told Crevette and Beanie to be more thorough when brushing their back teeth, which were at risk of early decay. They are not keen … [Read More...]

An Easy Way to Cook Gammon to Perfection & a Honey Glaze for Roasting

A couple of years ago, Jumpy’s eczema and allergies were so out of control that any food that made its way into her mouth was causing her skin to react. I started a food diary … [Read More...]

Dreaming of a Kitchen Makeover

I am not a DIY enthusiast, neither am I a renovation champion. Every step back as our loft conversion was under way felt like some sort of betrayal of my trust. Every single … [Read More...]

On Being out of My Comfort Zone & Cooking on Camera

This morning, I went to Nottingham for the first time and I was looking forward to it. On the one hand, I was going to a city I had never been to before, and I would spend the … [Read More...]

Gourmet Weekend in Nantes with Wriggly

This weekend has been all about food, friends and one-to-one time with my baby. A few weeks ago, when our friends from Nantes came to visit us, I booked train tickets for … [Read More...]

How Can I Get My Baby to Sleep Better & for Longer?

What do you call a baby who does not sleep? Non-sleeper, night owl, sleep-intolerant, insomniac, sleep thief, sleep-depriving offspring? We have one of those... Wriggly … [Read More...]

Shooting Photos for Lazy Day Foods (& a Giveaway)

Food makes me happy. Always has, always will. Some flavours, smells or recipes bring back memories of past holidays, precious moments or ordinary ones that I would not want … [Read More...]

Aïoli Recipe and Cooking on a Volcanic Rock Slab

The simplest of dishes are also quite often the tastiest, especially when using high-quality ingredients. The Lanzarote feast I am sharing today takes little time and effort … [Read More...]

How to Cook Steak to Perfection, Every Time

If you are on a meat-free diet, look away! A couple of weeks ago, I spent a day at L’Atelier des Chefs near St Paul’s Cathedral, cooking up some lesser known steak cuts … [Read More...]

MAD & BIB Blog Awards – Who Will You Nominate?

You know those weeks where everything seems to be going wrong? I am having one of those. Time spent with the kids has been full of fun and giggles, I have had friends around, … [Read More...]

10 minute Crafts: Hatching Dragon Eggs

Today, Beanie came back from school with a drawing of a chick coming out of an egg. It was pretty cute and I thought we could do something inspired by it at home. An hour … [Read More...]

Why You Should Eat Chocolate (& a Hotel Chocolat Giveaway)

I eat chocolate every day. It makes me happy. Dark chocolate (70 per cent or more) really is good for you (honest!).  I could not live without it and here are 10 reasons why … [Read More...]

4-Ingredient Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream in 3 Minutes – Moreish & Guilt Free!

The recipe I am sharing today is one of my best successes with the children and every single one of their friends, yet it is as healthy as it gets. For a bit of background … [Read More...]

Family Update – March 2016

Longer days, brighter light… it must be time to come out of hibernation! Woop, woop! Wriggly (1 year 9 months) · One Monday afternoon, I found you playing happily … [Read More...]

Quick and Easy Tropical Fruit Cake (No Refined Sugar)

I could not sleep yesterday night and ended up going to bed at stupid o'clock. Again. Just after midnight, I realised I'd been an awful mother all week, you see. That kind … [Read More...]

Crap Mum

Excuse my French (pun intended). I’m normally politically correct on my little corner of the web. I don’t swear. I show the pretty things we make and write about the nice … [Read More...]

Meet Pawana and Mike, the Inspirational Couple behind Eagle Brae

After our incredibly relaxing and re-energising stay at Eagle Brae, we got thinking about simple things we could do to have a more sustainable lifestyle. We also had quite a … [Read More...]

Can You See the Difference Between Soft and Hard Water?

When I was a teenager, one of my friends had a water softener in her house. I would stay over regularly and I have to tell you: having a shower there was a dream! Although we … [Read More...]

10 Good Reasons Not to Have a Loft Conversion

Although we moved in over eight years ago, until last September, we had done very little to our home. Other than a lick of paint here and there, a few frames hung and a revamp … [Read More...]

No More Saggy Nappies for Wriggly!

I have a confession to make. Wriggly gets saggy nappies... I let Hubby buy the nappies, you see, so she only gets the best in her Daddy's eyes: whatever is cheapest when he … [Read More...]

Eco-Tourism at its Very Best – A Case-Study: Eagle Brae (Beauly, Scotland)

Eagle Brae, where we spent a few nights in October, is a log village resort in the Scottish Highlands. The owners’ vision (Mike and Pawana) was to avoid impacting too much on … [Read More...]

When Should My Baby Start Walking?

I remember reading somewhere that babies either focus on speech or motor skills first, and once they master one, they move on to the other and catch up pretty quickly. I have … [Read More...]

Funky Bunny Garland for Easter (& a Free Template)

If you are like me and you have kept your little ones’ first pyjamas, dresses or colourful vests with the intention of turning them into something pretty one day but ended up … [Read More...]

Living with SAD

Is it just me who tends to be irritable, less motivated, running for the cake and sweets when days are shorter? For as long as I can remember, I have struggled to get up … [Read More...]

Crevette Using LEGO to Improve his Writing Skills

My little man (Year 3) is an excellent reader and Maths is his forte, no doubt about that. One thing he needs to focus on is his writing. This half term, I set him a challenge … [Read More...]

Holidays of a Lifetime at Eagle Brae

Back in October, we were lucky enough to spend three nights at Eagle Brae, an award-winning log village resort in the Scottish Highlands renowned for its environmental good … [Read More...]

Food Maestro: An App that Really Helps People on Restricted Diets

After a scary trip to A&E, Jumpy was diagnosed with a plethora of allergies. She was only six months old and I had no idea what to feed her. The list of things to exclude … [Read More...]

Sleep Deprived Mama…

My baby does not sleep through the night. She never has and sometimes I wonder whether she ever will. She is now 20 months old and although she can sometimes sleep for … [Read More...]

10 Simple Tips to Improve Your Food Photography

When I was a teenager, my Nan would always take photos of what she was eating. I thought it was the weirdest thing to do… Then I got to 30-something and started taking photos … [Read More...]

3-Ingredient Pancakes (Gluten & Egg-Free)

We love pancakes at home. Making crêpes without eggs, wheat or dairy for the first time was one of my finest moments in the kitchen. I might have cried a little. I know, that … [Read More...]

Spring Cleaning Done and Dusted with Fantastic Services (& a Giveaway)

Have you ever wished you could click your fingers and have all the dust, lime and grime gone so that you could enjoy your family instead of scrubbing the shower cubicle on … [Read More...]

10 Minute Crafts – Quick Valentine’s Day Present for Children to Put Together

Fact: You can never go wrong with good quality chocolates. My little man and I were going to make truffles for Valentine’s day, but life got in the way and it did not … [Read More...]

Family Update – February 2016

If anyone knows where January has gone, just let me know, OK? Wriggly (1 year 8 months) · You love your big brother's toolbox. Have we got a budding carpenter in the … [Read More...]

Our Healthily Ever After with Disney

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who wanted to be a princess. I was six when my mum took me to the cinema for the very first time. We went to see Snow White. I … [Read More...]

The Last Feed

Goodbye breastfeeding, goodbye my friend… I have finally done it. I have given Wriggly that last taste of breastmilk. She has had her last feed. To be honest, I doubt … [Read More...]

 Breakfast Heaven

Today, we had breakfast for lunch.  We did have breakfast when we got up, but porridge is not exactly exciting weekend brekkie, is it? Most Sundays, we go for bacon and egg … [Read More...]

Our Best Memories of Family Holiday Breakfast (& a Giveaway)

This week is National Breakfast Week. Isn't breakfast the best meal of the day? I really enjoy it at the weekend or when I am on holidays with plenty of time to enjoy one of … [Read More...]

Family Update – January 2016 

Our holidays were lovely and blissful. I love Christmas. Everything stops and you can just relax, sleep, eat, play board games, read novels and watch rubbish TV. All of the … [Read More...]

Langoustines: Where to Get Them, How to Cook Them, How to Peel Them

I rarely eat seafood, but I love langoustines. In France they are a delicacy and we have them for special occasions. When I went to Jamie Oliver’s restaurant for the filming … [Read More...]

Jamie & Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast, Series 3 Episode 2 – For the Love of Langoustines!

Here is something I never (ever ever) thought I would ever write: I hugged Jamie Oliver! OK, let's rewind. One Monday night, I almost choked on my chocolate bar as I was … [Read More...]

Perfect Manors, or How to Feel at Home Away from Home

After a wonderful stay at Kingsmills Hotel during half term, we headed out of town and into the breathtakingly beautiful Scottish countryside, 7 miles away from … [Read More...]

None of that Rubbish in 2016!

We have just had a couple of weeks with family in France, sleeping and eating lots, resting and thinking about what really matters! I love this time of the year. You can … [Read More...]

Moving from Breast to Bottle… and back Made Easier with Munchkin (& a Giveaway)

When Munchkin contacted me and asked me to try their LATCH bottle, I was not too hopeful. After all, I had tried every single bottle available on the market so if there was a … [Read More...]

Feature my Food Friday: Introducing Charlotte and her Summer Berry & Custard Tarts

Custard tarts... yum... am I the only one craving one right now? I have been reading Charlotte’s blog since she started sharing her recipes online, and if I remember well, … [Read More...]

Tapenade Recipe and Olive it! Cookbook Giveaway

I used to hate olives. Even their smell would put me off, but one day when I was around 19 or 20, I developed a taste for green olives. I now love them, especially Manzanilla … [Read More...]

Feature my Food Friday: Introducing Susan and her Plum & Ginger Muffins

I met Susan at Food Bloggers Connect in September, and as I was planning our trip to Inverness, Susan blogs at 'Mess in the Ness' and she was a brilliant source of information … [Read More...]

Thomas the Tank Engine – Jumpy and the Christmas Rescue

Today, there was a bit more than a chocolate coin in Jumpy's advent calendar. My little lady was over the moon when I handed her a personalised Christmas story we got … [Read More...]

Family Update – December 2015 

Is it me or is time speeding up at the moment? It seems like yesterday I heard the first mention of Christmas back in September (why do you do that, people?) and here we are, … [Read More...]

Which is Hardest: Breastfeeding or Bottle Feeding?

I always imagined breastfeeding would be a lot harder than bottle feeding. As a French girl, it was natural for me to bottle feed: everyone close to me back home had done it. … [Read More...]

10 Minute Crafts – Easy Christmas Cards Children Can Make

My little ones are really into arts and crafts, and we love making cards together. We always try our very best to make our own Christmas cards and to have the whole family … [Read More...]

An Impromptu Evening with Friends & Meeting Father Christmas

I received an email from Brent Cross asking whether the children and I wanted to go to Santa's grotto this morning. I immediately cancelled our plans for the evening (cooking … [Read More...]

Fun Family Games for a Rainy Day

My children love nothing more than a parcel being delivered. The little things in life, hey? Only trouble, most parcels are for me and they are now allowed anywhere near them, … [Read More...]

Laughter, Meze, Hair and Massages (& a Giveaway)

Last Tuesday, I spent the evening with my friends Cé and Loraine. What a night! We had a lot of tea, a great catch up, ate plenty of tzatziki and smelly cheese. We also drank … [Read More...]

Eating, Sleeping, Swimming and Pampering at Kingsmills Hotel, Inverness

“Wow, that’s fancy!” were the first words uttered by Crevette as we approached Kingsmills hotel, the first place we stayed at during our trip to the Highlands. Even in the … [Read More...]

Mail the Force Be with You!

The Perfect DIY Present for a Star Wars Fan - Advertisement Feature A few days ago, Hubby declared he did not want a single present for Christmas. Why does he do this? This … [Read More...]

How Do You Make Chocolate?

Have you ever wondered how chocolate was made? Yesterday, Crevette and I had a 'Mummy and Little Man day' in Central London. The highlight of our day out was a chocolate … [Read More...]

Just the Two of Us!

Crevette and I spent the day in London, just me and him, for the first time in ages. In fact, as we were chatting about it on the train, we could not even remember when we had … [Read More...]

Feature my Food Friday: Introducing Beeta & her Cinnamon Orange Raisin Brioche

Welcome to Feature My Food Friday! Today, I am introducing a woman after my own heart. After her first trip to Paris, Beeta adopted a love for everything French, including … [Read More...]

20 Christmas Gifts for £20 & Under

Warning: If you are one of our friends of a family member: please do not read this post as your Christmas present is most likely featured! First of all, let me apologise … [Read More...]

Easy Christmas Crafts: Make a Personalised Mitten Ornament

Ever since Crevette was born, I have made a small ornament for each of my little ones every year in the winter. Our little collection is growing and our homemade ornaments are … [Read More...]

Feature my Food Friday: Introducing Claire and her Roasted Red Pepper & Tomato Soup

Claire and I met a few months ago at a brilliant photography course. We stayed in touch ever since, and Claire recently featured me in her ‘I love your blog!’ series recently. … [Read More...]

Learning about Espionage, Geography & Politics with Lonely Planet Kids (& a Giveaway)

Hubby is a geographer and I am a linguist so I guess travelling came naturally to both of us. We explored a fair few countries together. In fact, we spent every spare penny on … [Read More...]

Family Update – November 2015 

The past month has been incredibly busy (what month isn't?), with lots happening at home with our loft conversion, our trip to Inverness and lots of work in … [Read More...]

Feature my Food Friday: Introducing Amina Elshafei and her Baba Ghanoush (& a Giveaway)

Today in Feature My Food Friday, let me introduce Amina Elshafei, who was a contestant in Masterchef Australia 2012. Amina has a Korean mother and an Egyptian father. With … [Read More...]

Where to Stop on Your Way to the Scottish Highlands?

We spent half term in the Scottish Highlands. I knew it would be beautiful, but I did not imagine I would love the Highlands so much that I would want to stay there... So … [Read More...]

4-Ingredient Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream – ‘Free From’, No-churn, Guilt-Free

In the past few months, we have been on holidays a couple of times, and I use my Vitamix blender so much I could not really imagine being apart from it during our holidays. … [Read More...]

My Sunday Photo – Full Moon in Inverness last Tuesday

  … [Read More...]

Feature my Food Friday: Introducing Allie & her Blueberry Pound Cake

Whoops, I realised on Saturday last week that I had forgotten to publish the latest ‘Feature my Food Friday’ post. I quite like the fact it is not the end of the world if life … [Read More...]

Me and Skiing

I have written about it before: I love skiing. Unfortunately, the coming winter will be the third since I last breathed in fresh, clean alpine air and last glided on snow. To … [Read More...]

We are Staying in for Halloween

My children love dressing up for Halloween and giving treats to monsters, ghosts and scary creatures who knock on our door on 31 October every year. Last year, after they … [Read More...]

How to Survive a Road Trip with Young Children

Hands up if you love road trips! Friends sometimes tell me we are mad to attempt driving for hours and hours as a family. With four children, you could think it would be an … [Read More...]

10 Minute Crafts for Halloween: (Not So) Scary Toilet Roll Cat Lanterns

Today is Jumpy’s 3rd birthday, so I wanted to share something the two of us made earlier this week. Our little crafts session was quite short but it made my little lady really … [Read More...]

10 Minute Crafts – Fun Learning Numbers

Beanie's homework this week is to learn numerals 1 to 10 and to practise writing them. Every week, she gets excited about the homework challenge set by her teacher. When … [Read More...]

My Dream Craft Room

A few months ago, I was part of a small crew of friendly bloggers attending a creative workshop organised by Tots100 near Borough Market. I was not sure what to expect to … [Read More...]

My Sunday Photo – 18 October 2015 – Painting Dinosaurs

  … [Read More...]

Feature my Food Friday: Introducing Mandy and her Courgette & Banana Cake

In the past few weeks, I have been experimenting with a range of ingredients to create new cake recipes that are free from eggs, wheat and nuts so that Jumpy can enjoy them … [Read More...]

Food, Glorious Food – My top 10 London Street Food Kitchens

Is it just me who loves staring at food? A couple of weeks ago, I attended Food Blogger Connect in Chiswick. My favourite session was also the first one when I got there … [Read More...]

A Very Special Play Date

The children had a play date today and I had a really good catch up with my dear friend Reneé. We had been invited to a family playtime brunch event. It was no ordinary … [Read More...]

Family Update – October 2015

The past month has been incredibly busy. It has been full of fun, food, trips to London, new experiences, filming and building work. Wriggly (1 year 4 months) · You … [Read More...]

Trio of Smoothies: Get a Vitamin Boost & Keep Germs at Bay

If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen our smoothie shenanigans after school yesterday. Our fridge was so full I could not keep the door shut, so the … [Read More...]

Learning to Love Food

With each of my children, I remember excitement building up as we were getting closer to the time of introducing solids. Can you imagine tasting food for the first time? … [Read More...]

Feature my Food Friday: Introducing Emma Morton-Turner (EmmaMT) and Her Lemon Butter Biscuits

First of all, I have an apology to make. With the excitement around River Cottage and Food Bloggers Connect, I completely forgot about Feature my Food Friday last week. Let me … [Read More...]

Thai Ginger Soup with Cashews & a Vitamix Pro 300 Giveaway

The first time I saw a Vitamix blender in action was also the day I bought my Pro 300 in December. I was with the girls, and as I was going to look at (pat) the Pro 300 for … [Read More...]

So You Think You Can Count? Get Even Better with The Maths Factor!

Crevette has been trialling The Maths Factor, Carol Vorderman's online Maths practice site for primary school aged children, and we decided to share our experience. Recent … [Read More...]

Where to Stay When You Go to River Cottage

On Tuesday evening, I travelled from London to Axminster to attend yet another amazing BlogCamp event organised by Foodies100, at River Cottage HQ. The train journey was an … [Read More...]

My Sunday Photo – 27 September 2015 – Street Food at FBC

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5 Signs Your Toddler is ready for Potty Training

Crevette was completely out of nappies just after he was two. The fact he had been wearing washable nappies made the transition to underwear much easier. Washable nappies are … [Read More...]

What to Expect from a Day at River Cottage: Friends, Making Butter, Eating Flowers & Using Tampons to Get Better Food Photos

Being invited to brilliant events is really one my favourite perks of blogging. Sally, Lindy and the team at Foodies100 have outdone themselves again: this time, they … [Read More...]

Mikka’s Imagination: a Book for the Whole Family (& a Giveaway Open Worldwide)

Sometimes, a book comes along and you know straight away it is out of the ordinary. You get transported into a magical, whimsical world and bedtime stories come alive. Mikka’s … [Read More...]

Petit Salé aux Lentilles – Green Lentil Stew

Le Petit Salé aux Lentilles always reminds me of my great-grandmother.  She was attached to the vines and her vegetable patch. She was incredibly hard-working and she could … [Read More...]

The Cake & Bake Show – Win a Pair of Tickets & 2 for £20 Offer

We love cake here. Spending time in the kitchen with my children is one of my favourite things. We get messy, we make mistakes we learn, we lick spoons and we eat cake as soon … [Read More...]

Triple Chocolate Muffins (Free From Wheat, Eggs & Nuts)

Yesterday was a busy day. As busy as days get, I guess. It started with breakfast (not too out of the ordinary), the builders coming in, getting the children dressed, a … [Read More...]

My Sunday Photo – 20 September 2015 – Langoustine

 I took this photo on Wednesday, straight after a day full of delicious food, chats and wine at Fifteen, Jamie Oliver's restaurant in London. Doesn't this live langoustine … [Read More...]

10 Minute Crafts – Holidays – Make a Stained-Glass Picture

My friend Cé and her little one spent some time with us one evening, and the children had decided to try making stained-glass artwork. All children aged 2 and above got … [Read More...]

Feature my Food Friday: Introducing Manila Spoon and Her Nutella Cookies

When I started this little series, I had no idea it would reach beyond my friendship circle. Today, I am introducing Abby, who was born in the Philippines and now lives in the … [Read More...]

Quick & Easy Blackberry Jam

Have you ever made your own jam? I did once when I was 16 or 17. I remember it well. We had tons of cherries in our garden and I loved nothing more than cherry jam. It took me … [Read More...]

10 Minute Crafts – Make a Garden-Themed Picture

Beanie and Crevette had a little go at embroidery a few weeks ago. Beanie was leaving the pre-school she had been attending for a couple of years, and we wanted to put … [Read More...]

Tagliatelle with Wild Mushrooms, a Recipe by Gennaro Contaldo

Do you like pasta? I love it! It is so versatile. One day, it can be shaped like a bow and served with creamy pesto. The next, you can have spirals served with tomato and … [Read More...]

My Sunday Photo – 13 September 2015 – ‘Free From’ Scones

Jumpy was pretty happy to make Vicki's 'free from' scones! … [Read More...]

Feature my Food Friday: Introducing Nath and her ‘Free From’ Fudgy Chocolate Cake

Nath is an inspiring and incredibly talented recipe developer, food writer and blogger. ‘The Intolerant Gourmand’ is her cute and happy little man, Callum.  Nath and I … [Read More...]

Family Update – September 2015

We have had a wonderful month, between France and home, between holidays and exciting new school adventures. Wriggly (1 year 3 months) · You are more and more vocal. … [Read More...]

Holidays, Meltdowns, Growing up, Mocktails and Mantras

We came back from France less than two weeks ago yet it feels like our holidays were a lifetime ago. I miss my family, the food, the heat, the sun… When the lovely people at … [Read More...]

My Sunday Photo – Meerkat at BlogStock

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Save Syria’s Children

“At least 12 Syrians trying to reach Greece have drowned off Turkey after the boats they were travelling in sank. An image of one of the victims - a young boy lying face … [Read More...]

Feature My Food Friday: Introducing Eva and her Chocolate & Orange Madeleines

It is time for ‘Feature my Food Friday’ again and I have to say I am in love with this little series. So far, I have been lucky enough to feature people I know well and … [Read More...]

5 Things not to Forget When You Go to the Beach With Young Children

I know, I know, it is September already and as the new academic year is starting, holidays seem like a distant memory. We have only just come back from our trip to France, and … [Read More...]

Peanut Butter Oreo Cupcakes

Crevette and Beanie love getting involved in the kitchen. When I suggested making Cookie Monster cupcakes on Sunday, they were excited, but also bemused as they remembered our … [Read More...]

Quick and Easy Tagliatelle with Ragù Sauce & Lots of Vegetables

Hubby is not too keen on pasta but the children and I love it. I love Italian food in general. The sauce I quickly put together for tonight’s dinner reminds me of a meal I … [Read More...]

Quick & Easy Lunch Idea – an Open Sandwich

I might have mentioned once or twice that I love bread and cheese (OK, ten times at least!). After almost a month in France, gorging on baguette and more cheese than you could … [Read More...]

My Sunday Photo – 30 August 2015 – At the Beach

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Feature My Food Friday: Introducing Cé & CatCat’s Paella

My friend Cé, or my “sister from another mother” as her husband would say, is one of the best and most relaxed cooks I know. She can just quickly look in her cupboards and … [Read More...]

Introducing Quinteassential Fine Teas (& a Giveaway)

I am normally a tea bag kind of girl, but when I first spoke to Bernadine and heard the story behind Quinteassential, I knew straight away I wanted to try her tea blends and I … [Read More...]

My Sunday Photo – 23 August 2015 – Watermelon

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Feature my Food Friday: Introducing The Free From Fairy & her Scones (Wheat-free, Egg-free!)

It has been nice to completely switch off and enjoy time (and food!) with family by the sea... A few of my friends have agreed to share a recipe and tell us a bit about … [Read More...]

Healthy Raspberry Ice Cream in 5 Minutes – No Churning, No Refined Sugar

As soon as the lovely people at Vitamix asked me to come up with a few sweet recipes with hidden vegetables in, I started dreaming up fun and crazy combinations. I was also … [Read More...]

My Sunday Photo – 16 August 2015

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Feature my Food Friday: Introducing Julie’s Family Kitchen and her Chocolate & Ginger Cookies Recipe

I am in the South of France with the children and I have asked a few of my friends whether they wanted to have their food featured on my little blog, so here it is: Feature my … [Read More...]

Can I Eat There? Find out for sure

Eating out when you have allergies can be tricky. We are in France at the moment, and going to a restaurant with Jumpy is a lot more complicated than it is at home. Even … [Read More...]

10 Reasons to Go to BlogStock 2015

There are just over three weeks left before BlogStock (4th – 6th September 2015). When I went with Wriggly last year, I had no idea what to expect. I did not know anyone there … [Read More...]

Family Update – August 2015

The children and I are spending three weeks in the South of France with my mum, my nan and limited Internet access. Bliss… Fruit and vegetables are so much tastier than those … [Read More...]

Carnivore Club Charcuterie Boxes

We received our 'Carnivore Club' box the day before Wriggly's birthday. It could not have come at a better time! Baba's birthday was a very relaxed affair. No planning … [Read More...]

Would you Know What to Do in Case of an Emergency? Free Baby & Child First Aid App by the British Red Cross

Is first aid a skill you want to learn? Have you not yet found the time to attend a course? That was me, before that fatal night when I thought my baby might die in my … [Read More...]

5 Tips to Avoid Summer Learning Loss

Crevette came home a couple of weeks ago with his last ever Key Stage 1 school report. It was also the first time he had brought home some levels. That gave me a clearer idea … [Read More...]

Our Top 10 Uses for Wipes & Are Pampers Sensitive Wipes Really that Mild?

We go through an awful lot of wipes at home. I seriously could not imagine myself living without them. Top 10 uses for wipes in our home: 1. Getting food off the high … [Read More...]

‘Inside Out’ Review: Emotions, Imaginary Friends Humour, Tears & Growing Up

Do you ever wonder what might be going on inside people's heads? 'Inside Out' starts with Joy, all on her own inside baby Riley's head. A mere 33 seconds later, she is … [Read More...]

My Sunday Photo – Strawberry Banana Smoothie

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Tiffin, Tropical Slices & 3 Life-changing Tips for Baking Enthusiasts

Crevette, Beanie and I attended an exciting baking event organised by Whitworths yesterday. When I was warmly invited to come along with children, little did I know that my … [Read More...]

10 minute crafts – Monster Bookmarks

My little man wanted to make corner bookmarks a few days ago. It sounded like a really good idea, but my enthusiasm waned when I realised folding paper at funny angles might … [Read More...]

How to Make a Mojito in 3 Easy Steps

The mere mention of a cocktail never fails to bring back memories of my first celebrity crush. Was anyone not in love with Tom Cruise in the 80s? Until a couple of weeks ago, … [Read More...]

Berets, Garlic, Eating Snails, Stripy Tops & a French Lesson

Happy Bastille Day, everyone! Until I left France, I would never have imagined spending the 14th of July doing mundane things like working, cleaning or shopping. Although I … [Read More...]

How to Take Photos in Manual Mode in 10 Easy Steps

Have you got a fancy camera but find yourself stuck on auto mode? Are you too scared to use full manual mode? Fear not, here is a simple guide to make the jump to manual mode … [Read More...]