Merci Maman Personalised Gifts (& a Giveaway)

Merci Maman - Personalised Gifts at their Best! Do you always remember what presents you have received and who gave them to you? Most of the time, it is all a blur for me if … [Read More...]

How to Style Photos for Your Blog & Social Media 

Good evening (night?) everyone! I came back from Manchester yesterday and I am still buzzing.. I spent the weekend chatting with friends, giggling, having a meeting or two and … [Read More...]

Taking Photos of Big Cats at the Cat Survival Trust

On Sunday, I attended a photo shoot like no other. Literally. The location was a well-hidden gem in the Hertfordshire countryside, near Welwyn Garden City. As you drive past … [Read More...]

My Recipe for Gluten-free Vegan Oatmeal Cookies

Gluten-free Vegan Oatmeal Cookies, anyone? Do you fancy wholegrain vegan oatmeal cookies that contain no nuts or gluten and are easy to make? Look no further! These little … [Read More...]

Things that Wind Me Up

In an attempt to get more comfortable in front of the camera, I’m joining in with Vlog Stars, a challenge organised by Colette and Katy. Every month, the girls set a theme and … [Read More...]

My Garden Goals

When the lovely people at Homebase asked me whether I wanted to take on the challenge of creating a patio garden, I could not say no. How could I describe our outdoor space? … [Read More...]

Time for a Snack & #FreeFromFridays

Is it just me who thinks about nothing but snacks, treats and nibbles at the moment? I could eat my body weight in biscuits. Seriously! Thanks to everyone who has been … [Read More...]

Family Update – May 2017

Where has spring gone? It is way, way too cold for May. I have started wearing my boots again, and I am still wearing a coat. Go on sun, come out already! Here is what my … [Read More...]

No Junk, Stress-free Birthday Parties with Organix

I love a birthday party! Now I won’t lie to you: my children’s birthday parties are in no way the kind of parties that would end up in a lifestyle magazine, with perfectly … [Read More...]

Free Outdoor Activities with Children & Win an Olympus Pen!

Fun Outdoor Activities for Happy, Healthy Children My little ones could spend their days running around outside. It does not bother them in the slightest whether the weather … [Read More...]

Pizza Making Party at Pizza Express

Last night, I was invited to the Gloucester Road branch of Pizza Express in London for a pizza making party. Pizza Express is one of our favourite places for a meal out, … [Read More...]

Incredible Paleo Hazelnut Balls by Reneé & #FreeFromFridays

Happy Friday everyone! I am so sorry I forgot about #FreeFromFridays last week. It was that kind of week, oops! The one post that really caught my attention when Emma last … [Read More...]

5 Things I Couldn’t Live Without

Hi everyone! That’s a bit of a different one from me today. This afternoon, I stumbled upon a video by Colette, who blogs at ‘We’re Going on an Adventure’ and it was a chatty … [Read More...]

What to Expect from a Family Photo Shoot with Photographic Synergy

If you are wondering what happens at a family photoshoot then you might get an idea with my little review of our shoot at Photographic Synergy. 'In Front of the Camera' … [Read More...]

The First Picnic, What Food to Bring & What to Pack

The picnic season is well and truly back. There is no way of describing how happy this makes me. Going for our first picnic every spring really makes me feel like winter is … [Read More...]

Gluten-free Vegan Muffins & Baking with Toddlers

Baking Vegan Muffins with My Toddler When Wriggly and I made gluten-free vegan muffins, she was very much in charge. I only had to help a tiny bit. Baking with … [Read More...]

Family Update – April 2017

I love this time of the year! Doesn’t everything look brighter and warmer with longer evenings? Here is what my four little monkeys have been up to in the past … [Read More...]

What Does Happy Sound Like?

The Happy Sound of My Girl Giggling I had a really lovely afternoon with on my own with Beanie on the first Sunday of the Easter holidays, chatting, giggling and bonding. We … [Read More...]

‘Free From’ Easter Treats and #FreeFromFridays

Oh my goodness, how can it nearly be Easter already? Time just flies. Have you sorted your ‘Free From’ Easter treats for your little ones yet? One of my little ones is getting … [Read More...]

Free Tennis for Kids!

Grab Your Free Tennis for Kids Sessions with the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) today! My grandad has always loved watching tennis, so when his only grandchild reached the … [Read More...]

The Happy Easter Hamper Review (Hotel Chocolat)

The fact I love chocolate is no secret, so when the lovely people at Hotel Chocolat offered to send us their Happy Easter Hamper so I could give it a bit of a review (erm, eat … [Read More...]

New to a Gluten-free, Dairy-free & Reduced Refined Sugar Diet?

A Gluten-free, Dairy-free & Reduced Refined Sugar Hamper for a Friend My friend Aimee is attempting a Gluten-free, Dairy-free & Reduced Refined Sugar diet with her … [Read More...]

Education Quizzes to Support Learning at Home

Supporting My Children’s Learning at Home with Education Quizzes With four young children, I have to admit I sometimes struggle to keep track of their progress. … [Read More...]

Gluten-free Vegan Biscuits #FreeFromEaster

Jumpy is a real biscuit addict. If she could live on biscuits and biscuits only, she would! Seriously, what is she like? I make 'normal' biscuits with my children regularly, … [Read More...]

How to Exercise When You Don’t Have Time for it (+ a Free Yogaia Trial & Giveaway)

Exercise When You Don't Have Time... Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely mummies, mamas, mamans, mommies and mams out there. Is it completely inappropriate if I start by … [Read More...]

Family Update – March 2017

The sun is shining lovely people, the sun is shining! Here is what my little ones have been up to in the past month. Wriggly (2 years 9 months) · Your life is all … [Read More...]

Cakes for a ‘Free From’ Tea Party & #FreeFromFridays

Happy Friday, everyone! Spring is here, yay! Thanks to everyone for linking, checking each other’s posts and sharing them. I love being part of this little community! I just … [Read More...]

Standing in my Shoes – Introducing Anna at Cienta Kids UK

Spring is finally here, peeps! It is my favourite time of the year. Days are getting longer, the light is beautiful and soft, flowers start to appear everywhere, even in … [Read More...]

The New Gruffalo Ride at Chessington World of Adventures

This morning, a couple of excited mice took a stroll through the deep dark wood… We were at Chessington World of Adventures to experience the world’s first Gruffalo ride a few … [Read More...]

How to Make the Perfect Ballet Bun for a Show

First of all, let me tell you one thing: I am not the world expert on how to make a ballet bun. In fact, I only made my first ever one last Saturday, so if you are a seasoned … [Read More...]

Allergy-friendly Treats and #FreeFromFridays

Happy Friday everyone! Sorry I am a bit late today, but hay fever is really taking its toll on me at the moment... Thanks to everyone who takes part in Free From Fridays week … [Read More...]

A Day as a Tourist in London & Funny Things Children Say

Today was a day like no other. Our days always start in a mad way but this morning was that little bit more hectic than usual. I was going on a school trip to London with … [Read More...]

Eczema and Hard Water

I have been meaning to share my thoughts on eczema and hard water for a long time. Two of my daughters suffer from moderate eczema. Beanie’s dry patches seem to be mainly … [Read More...]

Review of Schwartz Gluten Free Recipe Mixes

Last night, as I was on my way to the Gluten-free Supper Club organised by the lovely people at Schwartz™ to celebrate the launch of their gluten-free range, it felt like I … [Read More...]

Family Update – February 2017

Flowers have started to emerge in our little garden. Days are getting longer. Spring is not too far…  Wriggly (2 years 8 months) · I regularly find myself saying things … [Read More...]

Gluten-free Pancake Recipe Round-Up & #FreeFromFridays

Happy Friday everyone! Are you all ready for Shrove Tuesday, or ‘Pancake Day’ as my children refer to it? Well, if you are still looking for that perfect gluten-free pancake … [Read More...]

How to Eat Well on a Budget – Top Tips & #NoJunkJourney

How to eat well on a budget These days, life seems to go by in a blur. I love good, healthy food but with a busy lifestyle, food allergies and a large family, I sometimes … [Read More...]

Red Nose Day Rocky Road Recipe

When Pinterest UK asked me to come up with a simple yet impressive cake bake sale recipe for Comic Relief, I had this little rocky road recipe on my mind straight … [Read More...]

Banana Pancakes – Free From Refined Sugar, Vegan, Gluten-Free #FreeFromPancakes

We all love pancakes at home, but until recently, our ‘free from’ American pancakes were on the flat side, to say the least. Enter our delicious, addictive and rather healthy … [Read More...]

‘Free From’ Desserts for Valentine’s Day & #FreeFromFridays

Hi lovely people! I have been a bit quiet over the past couple of weeks because I was hacked (yes, again!) despite top-notch security on the blog. If you are a blogger, … [Read More...]

Go & See Sing!

When we were invited to the film Première of Sing, I had not yet heard about the animation but I had high hopes as it was made by the creators of Despicable Me and Minions. I … [Read More...]

‘Free From’ Snacks and Treats with a Twist & #FreeFromFridays

Hello everyone! I hope your ‘free from’ journey is a smooth and uneventful one at the moment. Just like two weeks ago, nothing has been happening around here. ‘Nothing’ is … [Read More...]

Lunchbox Ideas to Help You Eat More Fruit & Veg

To mark the launch of their Little Bottles of Apple and Orange juice, the lovely people at Tropicana have asked me to share creative lunchbox ideas to increase fruit and veg … [Read More...]

No Fuss Gluten-Free Vegan Lunchboxes – Ideas & Tips

This week, I challenged myself to put together gluten-free vegan lunchboxes, as I thought people out there might find ideas for 5 days of lunchboxes useful. I remember how … [Read More...]

Quick & Easy Vegan Rainbow Snacks: Fruit & Veg Skewers with Dips

I don’t know about your children, but when mine get home after school, they always go for the biscuit cupboard. Note to self: probably my fault for having a cupboard dedicated … [Read More...]

How to Make Chia or Flax Eggs? #GlutenFreeVeganuary

Last month, a wonderful team of UK food bloggers and I embarked on a mission: showing you that ‘free from’ food is not always complicated, full of unpronounceable ingredients … [Read More...]

Hello 2017 & #FreeFromFridays

Welcome back to #FreeFromFridays, peeps! Bye bye 2016, hello 2017... Nothing changed for us in 2016 allergy-wise, but I have high hopes for 2017. After our best ever prick … [Read More...]

Family Update – January 2017

Happy New Year everyone! I have neglected this little space and completely switched off social media over the past few weeks and I am not sorry! Spending time with the little … [Read More...]

Food Shopping for a Week for 6, Meal Plan & Festive Treats

*Post Sponsored by ALDI.* As a student, I would go to ALDI every week. It was close to one of my conference venues and right next to our bus stop: ideal! I have not been in … [Read More...]

St Pancras International for Last Minute Christmas Shopping 

Whenever I travel by Eurostar, I marvel at the shopping options at St Pancras International but until recently, I had no idea just how amazing it would be for a last minute … [Read More...]

Spending Quality Time With My Children, One at a Time

Today, Beanie had me all to herself, and the highlight of our day was the present we gave her for her birthday in September: attending a live performance  of the English … [Read More...]

Sew Your Own Doll or Teddy (& a Giveaway)

I love a crafty project, but when it comes to sewing, although I am keen to make stuff, I am also very much a beginner. I picture myself tailoring my own dresses and making … [Read More...]

50 Allergy-Friendly Recipes for a ‘Free From’ Buffet

Allergy friendly recipes Over the past three weeks, I have joined forces with a bunch of top UK bloggers. We worked together to create allergy-friendly recipes for a ‘free … [Read More...]

Hotel Chocolat Yule Log

When Hotel Chocolat sent us one of their Chocolate Yule Logs, I was impressed. Not only does it look absolutely delicious, but it is also completely different to the bûche … [Read More...]

Family Update – December 2016

Carol singing, Nativity performances, Christmas cards… it’s all happening, it’s all happening! Wriggly (2 years 6 months) · You have two favourite books at the … [Read More...]

Easy Reindeer Advent Calendar

This pretty reindeer advent calendar is easier and quicker to make than you would think! Although I am not a fan of the shorter days, the winter light or the colder … [Read More...]

Healthy ‘Free From’ Chocolate Brownies – Gluten-Free & Vegan

Let me warn you: the recipe I am sharing today is addictive! These healthy brownies are vegan, gluten-free, wheat-free, nut-free and also free from refined sugar. Although I … [Read More...]

A New Consultant & #FreeFromFridays

I love this time of the year. The Allergy testing, the chat with a consultant who knows what I am rambling on about when I mention prick tests, delayed reactions, food … [Read More...]

Christmas at Willows Farm – Santa Spectacular!

Saturday saw us drive towards one of our favourite places of all times to see what they had in store for Christmas: Willows Activity Farm. We had a truly  magical day there, … [Read More...]

Gin Brined Chicken or Turkey for a ‘Free From’ Christmas

I am not a fan of roast turkey. It is enormous, dry and bland, isn’t it? During a cooking demonstration at River Cottage a couple of weeks ago, we were encouraged to rethink … [Read More...]

The Nutcracker on Ice – Review

As I took the children to school on Monday morning, excitement was palpable. We had been invited to a very special performance of the Nutcracker on Ice that evening. Not only … [Read More...]

Kalettes & How to Cook them: Kalettes 12 Ways

I am pretty sure you all know about kale and its health benefits, but have you heard of Kalettes yet? This brand new vegetable, a quirky cross-breed between Brussel sprouts … [Read More...]

A Build-a-Bear Party at Brent Cross

Have you ever been to a Build-a-Bear workshop? Until a couple of weeks ago, I had resisted the urge to take my children to a bear-stuffing session. Of course I had heard of … [Read More...]

4 ‘Free From’ Recipes to Try This Christmas & #FreeFromFridays

Hi everyone, Welcome to #FreeFromFridays! Thanks for everyone who has been sharing the ‘free from’ love, whether it was your first time or you link week after week. I love … [Read More...]

The Most Frustrating Thing About Allergies Is Not Allergies

To me, the most annoying and frustrating thing about allergies is not actually allergies themselves. Since allergies came into our lives, strangely, I have been a much more … [Read More...]

Mumsnet Blogfest 16 – Thoughts & Tips

I didn’t go to Blogfest last year and I had no intention of going to Blogfest 16. How wrong was I? In 2013, as I was about to start blogging, I found out about Blogfest by … [Read More...]

River Cottage at Christmas & Why You Should Brine Ham At Home

On Tuesday, I spent the evening at River Cottage in Axminster, alongside a bunch of like-minded ladies. It is a rare treat to get together with such a big crowd of talented … [Read More...]

Family Update – November 2016

The days are getting shorter… Bye everyone, I shall be hibernating until mid-March. See you all in spring! Wriggly (2 years 5 months) · You have had two sessions at … [Read More...]

‘Free From’ Fondant au Chocolat Mix for Jumpy’s Birthday

The girls fancied chocolate cake one afternoon, but I had a ton of things to do: accounts (yuck!), cleaning (phooey), but after the girls mentioned chocolate, I could not … [Read More...]

What to Expect from Waitrose this Christmas

"So here it is, Merry Christmas, everybody's having fun..." I know, I know, I should be arrested (or even put in a straitjacket) for mentioning the C-word this early, but … [Read More...]

Tasty Sausage Burgers

Happy British Sausage Week, peeps! Did you know that British Sausage Week (31st October - 6th November 2016) was in its 19th year? The idea behind it (other than a good excuse … [Read More...]

Happy Friday with #FreeFromFridays

Happy Friday, and welcome to #FreeFromFridays! Thanks for everyone who linked up last week. It is heart-warming to see so many lovely people in our ‘Free From’ … [Read More...]

Why You Should Have a Teal Pumpkin for Halloween

Tonight, as children come round our neighbourhood for a bit of trick or treating, they will be greeted by the usual jack-o-lanterns, but we will also have teal pumpkins by the … [Read More...]

Pumpkin Festival at Willows Farm & Fun Facts

Jumpy turned four on Tuesday (how did that happen?) and today, we celebrated her birthday with our closest friends. We spent the day at Willows Farm having a great time … [Read More...]

Top Tips for a Brilliant Day at Chessington World of Adventures

We went to Chessington for the first time yesterday and I have a few top tips to share to ensure a fuss-free, brilliant day there. Before I go into a bit more of detail … [Read More...]

Homemade Dip Dab – A Fizzy Sherbet Recipe

This homemade Dip Dab recipe (with a lot less junk!) will put a smile on your children’s faces… when they stop wincing from the fizz, that is! Do you know any children … [Read More...]

Allergy Testing Time Again #Freefromfridays

It's that time of the year again. Jumpy (3 years 11 months) had her prick tests on Tuesday. She absolutely hates having those done. I couldn't bring myself to telling her why … [Read More...]

Fire Lanterns for Bonfire Night – 10 Minute Crafts

With Bonfire Night coming up, the little ones and I decided to put together a crafty activity around the theme of fire. They have no patience for lengthy projects at the … [Read More...]

Quick & Easy Popcorn Marshmallow Bars

If you like a tad of saltiness in your sweet treats, then you should love these chewy, sticky, no-bake popcorn marshmallow bars. We love a ‘cinema party’ at home and … [Read More...]

What should I put in my child’s lunchbox?

Do you ever wonder what other parents pack in their children’s lunchboxes? I would like to be a fly on the wall of little man’s canteen to see what other children are eating. … [Read More...]

Family Update – October 2016

How time flies… Wriggly (2 years 4 months) · Until last week, you were incredibly keen to stay at preschool, but since time has come to have some settling in … [Read More...]

Free From Fridays: A New Venture

Welcome to Free From Fridays! I am thrilled to be join my friend Emma on this adventure. Emma blogs at ‘Free From Farmhouse’ and founded of #Freefromfridays many moons … [Read More...]

Bread & Multiple Allergies

When my baby girl was diagnosed with a myriad of allergies, the French girl (lady?) in me kept wondering how my baby could possibly survive without bread or … [Read More...]

No-Bake Vanilla Cheesecake – a ‘Free From’ Recipe!

When I first saw a picture of a no-bake ‘freakshake' vanilla cheesecake on the front cover of Olive magazine (September edition), I knew I would have to make my own version … [Read More...]

A Perfect Evening at Brent Cross

On Wednesday, the children and I got in the car straight after school. We headed towards Brent Cross Shopping Centre. We had a few things planned and our first stop was Topsy … [Read More...]

Gluten-Free Vegan Pancakes

We all love pancakes at home, so when I started developing 'free from' recipes for my little girl, I was determined to make a decent vegan pancake recipe for her. I put … [Read More...]

How Do You Make Money as a Blogger?

Is it actually possible to make money as a blogger? First of all, let me warn you: if you are not a blogger, you will probably find this post tedious. Unless you are … [Read More...]

Upcycled Halloween Lanterns – 10 Minute Crafts

Although these spooky Halloween lanterns look effective, they take no time at all to make. In fact, you could have them ready in 10 minutes from start to finish once you sit … [Read More...]

Shoes: My Hotter Moments (& a Discount)

Shoes, shoes, shoes. I love shoes. I am a shoe addict, a shoeaholic, a shoe collector. Call me crazy, I could not care less. I love shoes, always have, always will. I keep my … [Read More...]

A MAD End of the Week

Yesterday saw me head to the MAD Blog awards in High Street Kensington. What a night! After enjoying a few days of glorious weather, the weather took a rather dramatic turn … [Read More...]

Free From Chocolate Muffins Ready in 30 Minutes (No Nuts, Eggs, Wheat or Gluten)

These chocolate muffins are free from nuts, eggs, wheat or gluten and seriously moreish. Even better than that: they are quicker to make than a trip to the shops! I timed our … [Read More...]

Play Date Hell or Play Date Bliss?

Can the play date from hell turn into a blissful one? Our weekend was a roller coaster in more than one way. My friend Reneé and I had amazing plans, all of which got … [Read More...]

Family Update – September 2016

How did September come this quickly? Gosh it was hard leaving France and settling back into a routine again. Our ‘freestyle’ summer was so good in every way… Wriggly (2 … [Read More...]

Allergy Blog Awards 

When I found out I had been nominated for an Allergy Blog Award, I was moved. “The Allergy Blog Awards recognise allergy bloggers across the UK including all allergies, … [Read More...]

How to Turn Your Memories into a Homemade Book

For her start in a new room at preschool, Jumpy (3 years 10 months) had to put together a homemade book in the shape of a small 'About Me' leaflet that her new key worker … [Read More...]

Wholesome Lunch Ideas (or Snacks!)

What are we having for lunch today? Cheese on toast? Ham sandwich and crisps? Bacon sandwich? Pasta? Toasties? Lunchtime can get boring over the summer holidays, don’t … [Read More...]

The Southbank Centre: Ideal Place for Kids on a Hot Day

Heading South of the river never comes naturally to me. If I am planning to meet friends with children in Central London, we rarely go on a warm day and generally opt for a … [Read More...]

Family Update – August 2016

We are having such a great time in France. I wish it could be summer all year round! Wriggly (2 years 2 months) · You are adventurous. You climb, you slide, you run, … [Read More...]

The Wood Window Alliance Q&A with Andrea McLean

Over the past few months, I have read quite a bit about the benefits and value of wood windows through my collaboration with the Wood Window Alliance. To be completely … [Read More...]

What’s so Special about Harvey Water Softeners?

It is no secret that my little family and I are big fans of our water softener. We have only had it for a few months, but I can safely say that I would never go back to hard … [Read More...]

Finding Dory Review

We found Dory! Let me tell you one thing: if you enjoyed Marlin's search for Nemo, you will love Finding Dory! Excitement has been palpable at home ever since I first … [Read More...]

Punk’d: New Snacks With Attitude by Organix

The weaning journey for each of my four children started with breastmilk mixed with a little Organix baby rice. I found it to be the perfect way to introduce my babies to … [Read More...]

10 Minute Crafts: Ballerina Cards

Don’t you love a crafty activity that takes less than ten minutes and yet looks pretty darn good? We made these ballerina cards last week and if I might say so myself, they … [Read More...]

Camping Nostalgia & 10 Ideas for Yummy Camping Food

As a child, I spent most of my holidays with my grandparents, but whenever we went away with my mum, we would be camping. As a toddler, we had the comfort of my grandparents’ … [Read More...]

The Afternoon Tea Awards 2016 Go to…

From traditional settings to old-fashioned grandeur to minimalist affairs or even quirky alternatives, Afternoon Tea is an institution in itself. The quintessentially English … [Read More...]

Strawberry Picking & a Picnic with a Difference

Until last week, I had never been strawberry picking. Well, I had been picking strawberries at home, but we usually have 5 or 6 strawberries growing in our garden each year, … [Read More...]

Family Update – July 2016

Where is the sun? If anyone finds it, please send it our way! Wriggly (2 years 1 month) · You discovered hot chocolate. Requests of "miuk" have at times been replaced … [Read More...]

The Beach at Brent Cross – Review & the Best Parking Spot!

“Would I like to go to the beach in Brent Cross?” I found it slightly odd when I received the invitation. It just sounded like a mistake somehow, but then I remembered the … [Read More...]

How to Make Vegan Meringues & Pavlovas Using Aquafaba

As an allergy mum, I have had a few disasters in the kitchen in the past couple of years, especially with desserts (understatement of the century). The most valuable lesson I … [Read More...]

No Junk Present: Healthy, Yummy Jazzy Jars

Is it just me who magics out a dozen or so ‘jazzy jars’ for the school fair every year? The first time we came across jazzy jars was when we attended our first school fair, … [Read More...]

A Feast at the Harry Potter Studios

Crevette and I first experienced the Warner Studio Tour (North London) last year. Since they keep adding features to the already impressive range of sets from the Harry Potter … [Read More...]

Top Quality Meat from the Butcher’s straight to Your Door with Donald Russell

When I was growing up in rural France, we had three butchers' in our village, for just over a thousand inhabitants. Needless to say, meat came from the butcher's and it was … [Read More...]

How to Take Photos of Food in Poor Light Conditions

Light is everything in photography. Is it just me who starts panicking when days start getting much much shorter? Let me set the scene: you have your props ready for a … [Read More...]

A Picnic at Somerset House & Fun Facts about Sparkling Wines

Despite the grey sky and the rain, my friend Aimee and I were excited about our picnic at Somerset House tonight to celebrate Picnic Week with Mercure. Minutes after we … [Read More...]

Birthday Party of a Lifetime at LEGOLAND®

After a dreadfully wet start to our day at LEGOLAND® (let's not expand on that one), we dried up and our mood perked up. We were escorted to a large private room in the LEGO® … [Read More...]

10 Minute Crafts: Make a Monkey Fingerprint Card for Father’s Day

If you have come across my little blog before, you might be aware that although I absolutely love all things crafty, I am also useless at drawing. One thing I find pretty … [Read More...]

What to Pack When Going Out With Children in the Summer

I know, I know. All we do is talk about the weather around here. If you are prepared to talk about the weather, anyone will have a conversation with you in England! I love … [Read More...]

Finding the Perfect Father’s Day Present & a Yummy Dinner at GBK

Spoiler alert: Hubby, if you are reading this, look away right now! You are not allowed to even glance at this post! Sorry about this, but I had to warn him! OK, so what … [Read More...]

A Birthday to Remember

What a day! As everyone was asleep on Wednesday night and I was on my own having a few crackers and cheese (as you do at 1 a.m.), I started reminiscing... Exactly two years … [Read More...]

Family Update – June 2016

Two years ago, I had just given birth to Wriggly on our bathroom floor. Wriggly (2 years old!) · No matter how much I try to process it, I simply cannot believe you … [Read More...]

Sunshine, Kinder Bueno Milkshakes, Play Dates & LEGO®

The weather in the past month has been like a roller coaster: one minute, you relax and enjoy the sunshine by the paddling pool, sipping on a smoothie; the next, you find … [Read More...]

Vicky’s Stilton, Walnut and Chive Salad

The past month has been all about family and friends. We had my auntie and Nan at home for a few days, then my father-in-law extraordinaire, Hubby's sister and her family paid … [Read More...]

A Rainy Day at Willows Farm & a Few Facts about Sheep Shearing

Yesterday morning, the children and I met friends at Willows Activity Farm to celebrate Wriggly’s 2nd birthday a few days early. We opted for a day out with friends rather … [Read More...]

The Ultimate Bacon, Avocado & Poached Egg Sandwiches

Hands up if you enjoy brunch as much as I do! The bare minimum for a great brunch in our house is strong coffee, bread, bacon and eggs. Throw in some avocado and I am in … [Read More...]

A Family Feast at Home with Deliveroo

When Deliveroo got in touch asking whether I wanted to try restaurant food at home, I could not say no, could I? With a family of six, a tight budget and a busy schedule, … [Read More...]

Quick & Easy Crafts: Cloud Cushions

The weather has been all over the place, hasn't it? One minute, you are splashing the kids with the garden hose under the sunshine; the next, you are running back inside to … [Read More...]

What Should You Pack When You Go Swimming With Children?

The children have had swimming lessons every week for as long as I can remember. I spend so long in the pool every Sunday my best friend nicknames me 'the mermaid' when she … [Read More...]

Hampstead, A Little Bit of France in the Heart of London

Three weeks ago, my auntie Marie called me late at night and announced she would pay us a visit with Mamie (my nan). I was beyond excited. Living far from every single one of … [Read More...]

How to Use Your Time Wisely:  24 Tips to Be More Productive & Save Time

We are forever rushing around like headless chickens trying to achieve, achieve, do more, more, and then more again. We are busy; we want to be productive. We want to do it … [Read More...]

How to Choose the Right Bottle for Your Baby

Over the past 7 (and a bit) years as a mum, I have tried a fair few bottles with my babies, who were all breastfed to start with. With Crevette (now 7), having the odd … [Read More...]

Family Update – May 2016

The sun is shining people, the sun is shining! Goodbye winter coats, bye bye boots and scarves. See you in winter! Wriggly (23 months) · You love being read to, … [Read More...]

Why You Must Visit Camden Town & 9 Tips for a Family Day in Camden

Not going back to my day job after the summer holidays also meant waving goodbye to daily chats with my Languages department in a busy secondary school. We had all planned to … [Read More...]

Mango Chutney & Tacos

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I know, I know, this makes no sense. I am clearly sharing a mango chutney recipe, yet I have just referred to a big Mexican celebration that … [Read More...]

Fast Cars, Yummy Cupcakes & Two Happy Kids

Last week, I told Crevette and Beanie we would be spending bank holiday Monday in London. They were pretty excited to have a ‘Special Mummy Day’ and so was I! Our day out … [Read More...]

Food, I Love You

This morning has been a busy one! After the worst argument Beanie and Jumpy have ever had (these two have such a love-hate relationship) and a frazzled walk to school (late, … [Read More...]

Just Keep Swimming, Swimming, Swimming…

After a pretty memorable trip to a quirky sweet shop on Monday last week, we had our first outdoor swim and ice cream by the pool. Surely, you only do these kinds of things in … [Read More...]

Blogging about Food and Loving it!

On Friday night (or was it Thursday?), I was taken aback for a moment when I spotted my little blog on the list of 'Best Food Blog' finalists for the MAD blog awards, … [Read More...]

Sweet as a Button: a Sweet Shop Not Like Any Other

As I opened the door to ‘Sweet as a Button’ for a photo shoot with my friend Anna a couple of days ago, all my senses were tickled. The sweet shop was giving off the familiar … [Read More...]

Some Friendships are Just Meant to Be

Do you think friendship is something you have to work at, just like a relationship? That was exactly what I thought, but after witnessing my children’s friendships blossoming, … [Read More...]

Time for ‘Me Time’

I love my kids. I really do. As I was leaving the house to screaming children ("Don't leave us, Maman!"), the monologue in my head went a bit like that: "I love you, … [Read More...]

We are a Soft Water Family!

Last month, Warren and Chris from Harvey Water Softeners came to show us the differences between hard and soft water (read about it here). After their visit, I could not wait … [Read More...]

The Easiest Way to Make a Cheese Soufflé: Bake it Twice!

When Rennie invited me to take part in their ‘Cooking Through the Decades’ challenge, celebrating food from the 1920s through to 2010, I immediately accepted. I love a … [Read More...]

How to Make the Most of your Day at Willows Activity Farm

Yesterday was a grim day, wet, rather cold and oh so grey. We had planned a visit to Willows Farm for today, and although the weather forecast did not look good, we left the … [Read More...]

Family Update – April 2016

It feels like I wrote my last family update yesterday yet it was a whole month ago. Where is all the time going? Wriggly (1 year 10 months) · You are in your 'big … [Read More...]

10 minute Crafts: Pipe Cleaner Caterpillars & Fine Motor Skills

A few weeks ago, we had a review of Jumpy’s progress at pre-school. She is doing well, although she would rather hang out with adults than other children. She also has to … [Read More...]

Playbrush Review, Cleaner Teeth & a Giveaway

Last August, our dentist gently but firmly told Crevette and Beanie to be more thorough when brushing their back teeth, which were at risk of early decay. They are not keen … [Read More...]

An Easy Way to Cook Gammon to Perfection & a Honey Glaze for Roasting

A couple of years ago, Jumpy’s eczema and allergies were so out of control that any food that made its way into her mouth was causing her skin to react. I started a food diary … [Read More...]

Dreaming of a Kitchen Makeover

I am not a DIY enthusiast, neither am I a renovation champion. Every step back as our loft conversion was under way felt like some sort of betrayal of my trust. Every single … [Read More...]

On Being out of My Comfort Zone & Cooking on Camera

This morning, I went to Nottingham for the first time and I was looking forward to it. On the one hand, I was going to a city I had never been to before, and I would spend the … [Read More...]

Gourmet Weekend in Nantes with Wriggly

This weekend has been all about food, friends and one-to-one time with my baby. A few weeks ago, when our friends from Nantes came to visit us, I booked train tickets for … [Read More...]