A Relaxed 1st Birthday Party

Wriggly’s first birthday party was a very relaxed affair. Out of all the birthday bashes we have had over the past six years, it has definitely been the least organised one, but also one of my favourites.

I had a cake organised, but nothing else, really. Last week, I simply texted three of my closest friends and asked them to come over for a birthday picnic with their little ones.

The day before our small bash, I made sure we had champagne in the fridge and bought what we needed for the picnic. We then had an impromptu trip to a pound shop and bought a few party essentials: bubbles, party poppers and balloons.

It was way too chilly to spend the afternoon in the park in the end, so we had the party at home, and the children still had a picnic on the decking. Wine, mouth-watering cured meats and nibbles kept the adults happy.

It was too cold to have the cake outside, so we went back indoors. I had received Wriggly personalised birthday cake the previous day, through the letterbox (yes, really!).

When Baker Days got in touch a few months ago asking whether I wanted to try one of their Letterbox cakes, I was intrigued. Their unique vision is to change “the way the world sends greetings to their loved ones! Say goodbye to the boring old card and hello to the tastiest gift you will ever receive through your letterbox.”

Now that is an ambitious statement! My curiosity was piqued and I definitely wanted to try one of their cakes. Wriggly’s first birthday was the perfect excuse for cake!

I must admit I was quite sceptical when trying to visualise a pretty cake being pushed through my letterbox and landing on the living room floor, but I was also curious.

The letter box cakes serve 3 to four people and we could choose between three flavours: vanilla, chocolate and fruit cake. We could also have gone for a gluten-free cake or a dairy-free one, but as it would not be egg-free, I simply bought Lazy Day Foods slices for my allergic toddler, and went for vanilla for Wriggly’s cake.

I did hesitate quite a bit when it came to the personalisation on the cake. In the end, I went for the same black and white photo I had used on her baptism invitations.

We received the cake the day before Wriggly’s birthday, and it did fit through the letterbox (just about!).

A Cake through the Letterbox by Baker Days

My first impressions were that a lot of thought had gone into the presentation. I absolutely love carefully packaged goods. It just screams ‘business that cares’ in my mind, and I love it!

A Cake through our Letterbox!

The cake came in a beautiful round tin (now lives in the ‘mini kitchen’ with wooden play food). The small package also included a pretty card as well as a couple of candles, a party blower and balloons. That was a nice touch and it was absolutely spot on as I had forgotten to buy a candle (naughty Maman!).

When I opened the tin, I discovered a very carefully packaged cake. The smell that cake from within was divine! Now I am not going to lie, I was disappointed when I took off the protective film. I found the photo printed on the icing so dark I struggled to recognise my baby’s features, and in parts it looked a tad scratched.

A Cute Birthday Cake for Wrigly

I immediately contacted Baker Days telling them it might be a good idea to forget about the review, as it would probably be far from positive. I was pleasantly surprised when they insisted I publish my views, whatever they might be.

When our friends saw the cake, they were unanimous in telling me I was being way too harsh about the quality of the photo on the icing (perfectionist, moi?). What do you think?

Happy Birthday to You Wriggly

The cake itself was absolutely delicious. It smelt like it had just been made. The sponge was perfect and the icing just right: sweet and thin.

A Delicious Birthday Cake

The nine children (all 7 years old and under) loved their (tiny) piece.

Wriggly Eating her 1st Birthday Cake

Although I was disappointed by the quality of the image, I would definitely use Baker Days again. I love presents out of the ordinary and cake always makes people happy, right? I would just avoid using a black and white photo next time.
– I was sent Wriggly’s cake for the purpose of this review. No payment was received for this post. All opinions and photographs are my own.


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  1. I would send it to my youngest daughter for her birthday next month!

  2. Leona S Fisher says:

    I’d send it to my best friend as thanks for just being there for me!

    • Awww that is so nice. I love sending pressies to my best friend, too. She just got one today. Makes me so happy to know I’ve put a smile on her face.

  3. traceypeach says:

    I would send it to my Mum & Dad to Thank them for everything they do for me xxx

  4. clair downham says:

    my hubby i think

  5. laura banks says:

    my mother in law

  6. Natalie Crossan says:

    My Mum for her birthday 😀

  7. Kaci Soderstrom says:

    My partner, he deserves something sweet

  8. Tina M Holmes says:

    My dad as its his birthday.

  9. Elaine Savage says:

    to my daughter who’s baby is due in August

  10. Nichole Frerichs says:

    My husband as it is his birthday in July.

  11. DAWN ADAMS says:

    I’d send it to my Mum who’s birthday is in December but hates that fact, so she can have a birthday surprise in the Summer instead.

  12. Rita Hutton says:

    to my daughter, she would love the surprise

  13. Elizabeth Briggs says:

    I would send it to my husband for our 1st Year Wedding Anniversary x

  14. Rachel Craig says:

    My fiancée.

  15. Abigail Cullen says:

    My partner, as he’s cake mad.

  16. to myself its my birthday in 3 weeks

  17. Sallyanne Gooch says:

    My little girl who’s birthday is in August

  18. emma kinsey says:

    my son is 1 next month

  19. Anthony G says:

    My friend Dee, to cheer her up 🙂

  20. Kristine Green says:

    I’d send one to my mother in law as she doesn’t live near us x

  21. Eva Vida says:

    I would send it to my lovely daughter who’s at university 🙂

  22. my partner

  23. My best friend as she is 40 this year (but don’t tell anyone lol). 🙂

  24. Sally Collingwood says:

    Myself. I’ll be 60 in September

  25. Greig spencer says:

    id send to my mummy

  26. Happy Birthday darling girl!! Sorry I missed it x

  27. karen cowley says:

    I’d love to win for my husband, he is being so incredible through my difficult pregnancy, it’s our first and has been a touch complicated x

    • I hope things get easier for you, Karen. It’s so sweet of you to think of your husband if you won the cake.

      • karen cowley says:

        thanks so much, heard baby’s heartbeat again today, its beautiful and strong, few more tests tomorrow but looking good x

        • Isn’t that the best sound in the world? My little brother and his partner also had a scan today. My little nephew or niece is 20 cm already! How far gone are you my lovely?

          • karen cowley says:

            We are 26 weeks now, its our first, we were told 8 years ago we couldn’t have children as i had a problem with my ovary , but our little miracle is fighting hard, so far i have suffered flu, pneumonia , chance of blood clots and now gestational diabetes ,but he is doing amazing , Getting lots of scans to keep an eye on us both , so endless appointments, (hubby been to every one) seeing and hearing him everytime is a blessing, (i never make things easy lol) x

          • What a journey! I really hope the rest of your pregnancy goes as smoothly as it possibly can. Will you let me know when your little one is born?

  28. julie booth says:

    my daughter for getting her degree

  29. for my little boy for his birthday xx

  30. my daughter x

  31. I’d send one to my friend to say thanks for having me over to visit.

  32. Paula Barker says:

    My best friend

  33. Andrea Fletcher says:

    My grandson for his 1st birthday.

  34. Julie D says:

    myself hehe! but more likely my Mum

  35. Julie Ward says:

    My son its his birthday soon

  36. ashleigh allan says:

    My husband!

  37. Debbie Preston says:

    I would send it to my god-daughter for her 21st birthday in July – I’m sure I’ve got an embarrassing photo of her!

  38. My daughter’s partner, who has done a great deal to help our family for which I want to thank him, and is a lovely young man.

  39. Donna R says:

    I would send it to my fab fella

  40. David Powell says:

    To my long suffering wife!

  41. Anita says:

    Myself but I’d share it with my mum as we would both be celebrating

  42. beccy rowley says:

    I’d send it to my sister as it’s her 30th next month

  43. To my partner for a little treat!

  44. Layla Thomas says:

    I’d use it for my son’s 2nd birthday on July 7th. He’d love one of the car ones, they’re wonderful.

  45. Scarlett Dowie says:

    I would send it to my mum and dad

  46. I’d send it to my amazing parents!

  47. Michaela Hannah says:

    Id send it to my parents for their anniversary

  48. Ruth Harwood says:

    A little present for my teenage son 🙂

  49. I would send it to my niece as it is her birthday next month!

  50. Paula Readings says:

    My son for his Graduation.

  51. Dawn Brodribb says:

    I would send it too my Mam as it’s her birthday next month 🙂

  52. lynn heath says:

    I would send a gluten free cake to my mum as a special treat!

  53. Christine Caple says:

    To my son, it’s his birthday next month.

  54. my brother 🙂

  55. To my dad for his 59th birthday.

  56. Sarah Archibald says:

    I’d send it to my best friend 🙂

  57. laura stewart says:

    my daughter xx

  58. Martina Pichova says:

    My MIL for looking after my kids really well when I am at work.

  59. Mother in law for her birthday.

  60. Joanne O'Neill-McEvoy says:

    My sister in Cornwall just as a little gift x

  61. Monica Gilbert says:

    My birthday’s coming up soon, so I’d send it to myself. I would, of course, share it with my husband and daughter.

  62. Lauren Old says:

    My sister when she moves into her new house

  63. Claire D says:

    My niece

  64. Sue McCarthy says:

    My Dad – his birthday is in August

  65. My nephew

  66. Kathryn Todd says:

    My daughter. Becoming a terrible teenager in August!

  67. Probably my mum!

  68. Geoff Dagger says:

    My granddaughter – she’d love the novelty of it

  69. claire little says:

    my husband 🙂

  70. Rachel Butterworth says:

    My niece Bella.

  71. EJ Dunn says:

    I think I’d send it to my cousin as it is her little girl’s 1st birthday soon

  72. Susan Trubey says:

    To my grand-daughter for her birthday

  73. Carol Emmett says:

    To my mother – I’m sure she’d share it with me 🙂

  74. my auntie down south

  75. Kristina Trick says:

    I’d have to pick between my lonely grandmas

  76. Michelle Ferguson says:

    To my sister for her birthday

  77. Katie says:

    I would send it to my Niece, it’s her Birthday end of this month.

  78. Allan Wilson says:

    My Parents

  79. Emma Fox says:

    My parents for their wedding anniversary

  80. My sons birthday next month

  81. kerry lethbridge says:

    I’d get it as an extra kids cake for my wedding

  82. I’d send it to myself. Because who doesn’t deserve a cute little cake, right?

  83. Tracey Quinn says:

    My grandsons xx

  84. Georgina says:

    My super cake loving friend Danielle

  85. katherine b says:

    I’d give it to my husband, it is his birthday soon x

  86. I’d send it to my mum its her birthday on 11th July 🙂

  87. Nicola Holland says:

    To my daughter as a Get Well Soon cake after her facial surgery 😉

  88. I would send it to my mum as a thank you 🙂

  89. Fiona K says:

    To my mum – she deserves it

  90. Elizabeth Hinds says:

    I would send it to my mum for her birthday 🙂

  91. Jayne T says:

    I’d send it to my hubby as he loves cake.

  92. leanne weir says:

    To my mum and dad to say thanks for all the babysitting they do whilst we work

  93. Lauren Pilkington says:

    My nan as she loves cake!

  94. Paula Phillips says:

    To my daughter’s friend who never gets a birthday cake.

  95. this would be for my Wife

  96. Alison MacDonald says:

    My daughter it’s her birthday soon 🙂

  97. My sister because it’s her birthday tomorrow!

  98. pamela gossage says:

    My lovely hubby

  99. To my parents as its there 40th Wedding Anniversary in July

  100. Jenny Jones says:

    My best friend, she loves her cake and i think these are a great idea x

  101. Chrissie McQueen says:

    I would send it to my Husband for our 6th wedding anniversary, 6 years is sugar so a perfect gift for him!!

  102. my lovely mum, she always deserves a treat 🙂

  103. Rebecca hussey says:

    I’d send it to my dad. It’s his birthday next

  104. jodie crossley says:

    would send to my partner!

  105. caroline walliss says:

    My mum.x

  106. Frances Heaton says:

    My husband Ronnie as he has busy painting the shed and needs a treat.

  107. My daughter’s teacher

  108. ELIZABETH DOODY says:

    Can I say myself, its my birthday in a few weeks and no one ever buys me a cake!!

  109. Janet Dring says:

    My Husband, it’s his birthday next month

  110. Sarah H says:

    My friend for her 60th!

  111. Jodie Holyoake says:

    I’d send it to my mum just to say thank you!

  112. Carly banks says:

    my mum x

  113. jamie millard says:

    my girlfriend Sarah

  114. Karen R says:

    I’d send to my mum, just as a surprise 🙂

  115. Rena Plumridge says:

    My best friend

  116. jennifer thorpe says:

    my son for his birthday

  117. I would send it to my clever daughter, who has just passed her college course.

  118. Rachael G says:

    I would send it to my Mum for her birthday in September.

  119. Louise A says:

    I would send it to my husband, its his birthday next month

  120. Isabelle Smith says:

    best mate for her birthday x

  121. jen jackson says:

    My Mum just for being there

  122. hannahlig says:

    I would love to send it to my Dad he would think it was fab

  123. Tammy Tudor says:

    My grandmother – she hasn’t got the internet so things all things technological are magic so she’d love this and it would make a perfect gift for her birthday in late July 🙂

  124. Emily Jayne Phipps says:

    My son for his second birthday x

  125. kateloader says:

    Probably my Dad as he loves Cake!

  126. My mum, it’s her 50th in July, this would be a nice little surprise wrap up!

  127. To my lovely friends by way of apology

  128. Jessica Hutton says:

    My mum. To say thank you for looking after me as I recover from my spinal operation

  129. Holly Boyd says:

    I would get one for my daughter, it is her birthday soon and she would love this.

  130. To my daughter for her exams results

  131. Patricia Avery says:

    For my hubby for our 46th wdedding anniversary next month 🙂

  132. I would send this to my son for his birthday this month

  133. Pauline Wilson says:

    To my friend who’s birthday it is in August, she would love this type of gift

  134. Sarah Birkett says:

    my son in London, he is at Uni, many many miles away, and I love sending little presents every month. Cake would be a very popular.

  135. heather tinkler says:

    My mum and dad for their retirement

  136. Rich Tyler says:

    My Nan (shes 91!:)

  137. Lynne Durkin says:

    Would be lovely for the grandchildren to send to their granddad for his birthday next month, if they’re lucky he might share 🙂 x

  138. Chris Fletcher says:

    I’d send it to nephew for his birthday!

  139. Joanne Greer says:

    I would give it to my boyfriend, he loves cake 🙂

  140. Emily Hutchinson says:

    my fiancee!

  141. Charles Moore says:

    My girlfriend, or someone else depending on upcoming birthdays!

  142. Minnie15 says:

    To my daughter 🙂 <3 x

  143. Jade H says:

    To my mum

  144. My son for his birthday.

  145. I’d send it to my husband and hopefully he’ll share with me.

  146. Louise Smith says:

    My daughter because she loves birthday cake!

  147. Shelly Wenn says:

    Myself…I love receiving suprises in the post! 😉

  148. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    My neice who is expecting a baby

  149. stacey turner says:

    my other half deserves this for putting up with me

  150. I’d give it to my daughter for her birthday

  151. Alisa Moore says:

    My mum

  152. Angela says:

    I would send this to my husband!

  153. helen booth says:

    My boss and work colleagues as I’m leaving soon!

  154. It’s my mum’s birthday in July and this would be perfect for her

  155. My mum

  156. Lucy carter says:

    My sister

  157. My mum as a surprise gift to say thank you for always being there for me

  158. My nan for her birthday

  159. My nan, shes 80 next week! 🙂


    I’d send it to my partner to say thank you 🙂

  161. My wife

  162. Sarah Sims says:

    Potato Casserole sounds lush!

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