And the Bad Mother Award Goes to…

10.34 a.m. I have not been a good mum this morning. I have not been a particularly nice wife either... I had decided today would be a special day for … [Read more...]

Living with Allergies

Nothing quite prepares you for what is to come when you have a baby. Before I had my children, I thought I knew the meaning of the words ‘tired’, … [Read more...]


“What lovely ingredients for a cake!” I hear you say as you are looking at the photo I chose to illustrate this post. I wish I was writing about … [Read more...]

Reading to Children in a Foreign Language

Whilst reading a children’s book in French about colours yesterday, I realised yellow had been left out of the equation. It did not matter; the story … [Read more...]

Over 50 Delicious Pancake Fillings

Are you lacking inspiration when it comes to pancake fillings? Look no further! We had a little pancake party at home last week. We have the same … [Read more...]

French Pancakes

The first time I ever flipped a pancake was at primary school on Mardi Gras (Shrove Tuesday) and the crêpes were being cooked on a camping stove that … [Read more...]

Enjoying a Week off at Home as a Family

This half term, we had nothing planned. It was such an amazing feeling, considering that we are normally really busy whenever we have some time off. … [Read more...]

Free From Crêpes (French Pancakes)

Shrove Tuesday is coming up and Jumpy is allergic to, well… everything on my list of ingredients for making French pancakes. I thought I would have to … [Read more...]

Apple Cake Recipe for Children

  Earlier this week, Crevette declared his favourite teddy’s birthday was coming up. Mister Penguin was turning five and we had to have a party, … [Read more...]

My Favourite Songs

So many songs bring back memories, make me feel happy or sad, have me singing in the car at the top of my voice. I am not musical. I cannot play an … [Read more...]