Breakfast Heaven

Today, we had breakfast for lunch.  We did have breakfast when we got up, but porridge is not exactly exciting weekend brekkie, is it? Most Sundays, we go for bacon and egg sandwiches, but today, I had promised the kids the whole shebang.

So straight after we had finished our porridge, we got started on brunch, as you do. Isn’t that what Sunday mornings are all about after all?

We made our egg, wheat, gluten and dairy-free pancakes, Jumpy’s favourite treat.

After that, I put some frozen pains au chocolat and pains au raisin in the oven, and let me tell you: they were as good as fresh pastries from the bakery.

Breakfast Heaven

We normally go for smoothies at the weekend, but this week, we had a new toy to play with. Houseology  had offered to send me a little treat and since it was Breakfast Week, I went for something we did not have at home: a citrus squeezer (by Eva Solo).

Breakfast Heaven - Orange Juice

The children got involved and I have to say nothing beats freshly made orange juice! Not only is the citrus squeezer a great little gadget, it also comes with a stylish carafe.

Breakfast Heaven - Beanie Making Orange Juice

We had the best brunch ever!

You could win the Eva Solo citrus squeezer with glass jug, courtesy of Houseology.

Breakfast Heaven - Eva Solo Citrus Squeezer with Glass Jug

How to enter the giveaway:

Check the instructions in the form below.  You can pick and choose a range of ways in which to enter. The only one you must click on to get into the draw is the one asking you to leave a blog post comment. You must also leave a comment telling us which drink you enjoy most first thing in the morning for your entry to be valid.

Entries are open until 23.59 p.m. GMT time on 01 March 2016. Good luck!

Eva Solo citrus squeezer with glass jug

– The prize will be supplied directly by Houseology UK.
–    The giveaway is open to UK residents over 18.
–  All opinions and photographs are my own.

I have listed this giveaway on ThePrizeFinder, SuperLucky and Loquax.

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  1. robyn297 says:

    Coffee, but I would much prefer some freshly squeezed orange!

  2. melanie stirling says:

    A cup of tea.

  3. A latte!

  4. Tracey Peach says:

    It has to be orange juice 🙂

  5. Sue Harrison says:

    Love a fresh orange juice and/or a cup of Pukka Detox tea

  6. tracy sinclair says:

    I love a coffee first thing in the mornings x

  7. Frances Sunshine Hopkins says:

    Its normally coffee

  8. clair downham says:

    coffee thankyou

  9. Laura Nice says:

    A cup of tea and a oj!

  10. laura banks says:

    usually coffee or orange juice

  11. Karen Howden says:

    Freshly squeezed orange juice

  12. Alica says:

    I enjoy lemon water and then a coffee 🙂

  13. charlotte qualter says:

    i have to start the day with coffee! if i dont im likea bear with a sore head!!!!!!

  14. D Mitchell says:


  15. chloe brill says:

    Great competition

  16. Natalie Crossan says:

    Coffee xx

  17. Usually water or OJ!

  18. J’adore les petits déjeuners comme celle-ci ! C’est le meilleur moment de la journée ! C’est dommage que je ne peut pas participer au concours, il me plait bien cet presse-fruits, en en plus il s’appelle comme moi 😉

  19. Sharon L Johnson says:

    i love my cup off tea in the morning x

  20. Tony Metcalf says:

    Freshly squeezed orange juice.

  21. Love a cup of Earl Grey Tea

  22. Eileen Sumner says:

    Great stylish and useful item

  23. My first drink of the day, of choice, is white coffee with sugar.

  24. Penny H says:

    So cool and great that the juice goes straight into the jug!

  25. buntyw says:

    I always have milk for breakfast

  26. Margaret Clarkson says:

    A nice cup of tea.

  27. Samantha O'D says:

    A cup of tea

  28. Iris W says:

    First I have a cup of green tea and then a milky coffee

  29. Kevin Minihane says:

    Orange juice for me

  30. I actually enjoy freshly squeezed orange juice myself first thing in the morning!

  31. Leila Benhamida says:

    An orange juice.

  32. Kat Lucas says:

    I love fresh oj in the mornings

  33. Spencer Broadley says:

    Normally I start with chilled water, and after about 30 mins make a coffee

  34. Petra Beck says:

    My first drink in the morning is a mug of milky coffee.

  35. Marion says:

    We always try to have special breakfasts on the weekend too. Usually we go for persian flat bread, feta cheese and fig or sour cherry jam.
    The citrus squeezer looks great, we all love fresh orange juice so it would be great to win this. Love reading your blogs by the way.

    • Thanks so much for that lovely comment: sometimes I wonder whether anyone (other tan my mum!) reads my blog posts.
      Oh your brekkie sounds nice!

  36. Marion says:

    First thing in the morning, a cup of tea is a must have for me.

  37. Veronika Farkas says:

    Coffee 😀

  38. I like your style Mel! That sounds like the perfect weekend morning to me!!!

  39. Becca Staples says:

    Orange or apple juices x

  40. Julie Rayner says:

    Tea every time

  41. Lynn Woodcock says:

    Coffee….big & strong!

  42. Laura Tonks says:

    Coffee comes first, then a nice healthy smoothie 😀

  43. Hayley Lynch says:

    Peppermint tea

  44. A nice cold glass of water

  45. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    I enjoy a mug of tea in the morning

  46. ashleigh allan says:

    a cup of tea

  47. Courtney kemal says:

    I always 2 pints of cold water, then a black coffee with sweetner then a big glass of orange juice with pulp! in that order 🙂

    Xoxo ~~~***~~~ ??? ~~~***~~~ Sooooo fab!!! Thanks so much for a chance to win at your amazingly generous giveaway !!! fingers crossed so tightly! ☺️ ????~~~***~~~ ??? ~~~***~~~ xoxo

  48. Nichole says:

    Usually water but on special occasions freshly squeezed orange juice

  49. Allan Wilson says:

    Cup of tea from the Teasmaid – ready and waiting at 6.30

  50. Chris Davies says:

    Always start the day with peanut butter on toast!

  51. iain maciver says:

    a cup of tea

  52. Felice Hexford says:

    Hot water and a squeeze of a fresh Lemon

  53. Liam Bishop says:

    Has to be a sweet coffee!

  54. Kevin Honey says:

    Earl Grey Tea

  55. Keith Hunt says:

    Orange juice with some lemon

  56. Hayley Reeve says:

    Hot lemon x

  57. Michaela Smith says:

    A cup of Tea 🙂

  58. Pauli57 says:


  59. gemma brown says:

    strong coffee usually

  60. Natalie Baskerville says:

    A Cup of tea

  61. Jo McPherson says:

    A cup of tea and a glass of coconut water

  62. Claire Stewart says:

    Coffee or a Latte

  63. Shaun tutt says:

    A strong coffee!

  64. Iona Cornish says:

    Water with a squeeze of lemon juice

  65. Chris Andrews says:

    What drink do you enjoy first thing in the morning? . . . . .a nice cup of tea

  66. winnie says:

    soya latte

  67. Samantha Loughlin says:

    Cup of tea

  68. valerie cooper says:

    lemon green tea

  69. Paul Reeves says:

    Coffee or Juice depending how healthy I’m feeling

  70. alvina boyd says:

    Grapefruit juice

  71. Rebecca Nisbet says:

    i have a small glass of orange juice then a brew straight after.

  72. Christine Beake says:

    A strong cuppa

  73. I like a cup of fruit tea in winter and some fresh juice in summer.

  74. pete c says:

    a coffee, with milk and sugar

  75. Paula Readings says:

    mug of tea.

  76. mummyfever says:

    Hot chocolate and a green tea and a warm water with half a squeezed lemon and then a big wee lol x

  77. Michelle lintern says:

    Usually a cup of tea

  78. Barbara Knight says:

    Real coffee, then I move onto speciality teas.

  79. John Tingay says:

    It has to be Tea for me.

  80. It’s almost always orange juice.

  81. kaye talvilahti says:

    A very strong coffee

  82. Paul Wilson says:

    A cup of tea.

  83. jamie millard says:

    orange – but I find the taste harsh (too sweet if Spanish oranges, too sharp if florida oranges). I mix with mandarin – it balances the flavour, neutralises the harsh tones for a more rounded drink.

  84. Fresh orange juice

  85. Tammy Tudor says:

    strawberry and banana smoothie

  86. Rich Tyler says:

    Apple Juice 🙂

  87. Lisa Everaert says:

    Mornings for me are always a bit of a rush but i tend to have Orange Juice with the kids before the day begins x

  88. don erwood says:

    Blueberry smoothie

  89. Becky Duffy says:

    A cup of tea first thing!

  90. Samir Lola says:

    Orange juice

  91. Louise Bridgwater says:

    Given the ridiculously small amount of sleep I’m getting : 2 coffees. #kiddos

  92. Caroline Spring Clarke says:

    Bootea. I love orange juice but don’t have too much of it due to natural sugars.

  93. Adeline M says:

    I love having a cup of tea first thing in the morning to wake me up!

  94. Fiona K says:

    Black coffee followed by fresh orange juice

  95. laura stewart says:

    a cup of tea x

  96. Orange juice and a large mug of tea 🙂

  97. Damien says:

    Orange Juice

  98. Kristy Leanne Brown says:

    I’m a coffee lover first thing

  99. Jo m welsh says:

    A cup of coffee

  100. Apple and Mango juice

  101. Tea

  102. Lucy I says:

    I like a glass of cold water

  103. David Paterson says:


  104. leanne weir says:

    it’s normally orange

  105. Mary Chez says:

    A cup of tea

  106. Claire D says:

    Cold Fresh orange Juice

  107. Zoe G says:

    Apple juice

  108. hayley says:

    a cup of tea

  109. Kate Knight says:

    a cup of tea

  110. karen salisbury says:

    mint tea

  111. helen tovell says:

    tea with a dash of milk no sugar

  112. lyn burgess says:

    A cup of tea, then another one 🙂

  113. C Kennedy says:

    I usually have a coffee but sometimes I prefer an ice cold orange juice first thing in the morning, especially in summer!

  114. a huge cup of tea

  115. darren hay says:


  116. Laura Jeffs says:

    Fresh orange juice, always have done 😉

  117. Caroline H says:

    Strong coffee for me until I come to!

  118. S Bufton says:

    A cup of tea

  119. samantha price says:

    a lovely cup of tea

  120. cold milk

  121. Sam McKean says:

    A big fat cuppa!

  122. Alan OHara says:

    A cup of char, best drink of the day

  123. A glass of coconut water

  124. I like a blueberry and yoghurt smoothie

  125. A glass of water

  126. philippa gerrard says:

    Fresh apple juice

  127. gaynor davies says:

    orange juice for me 🙂

  128. Anna K says:

    Diet coke 🙂

  129. A cup of tea

  130. mechelle williamson says:

    coffee before the kids school run

  131. Diana says:

    Cup of tea or glass of orange juice 🙂

  132. Ruth Harwood says:

    filter coffee – a whole potful!!

  133. Ruth Robinson says:

    a cup of tea followed by prune juice

  134. Adele Hill says:

    orange juice

  135. Wendy Becker says:


  136. Lara Latchem says:

    A cuppa tea every morning

  137. Vanessa Cox says:

    Coffee 🙂

  138. Emma Pollard says:

    A strong cup of Tetleys

  139. A large mug of tea

  140. fozia Akhtar says:


  141. Lisa J Parker says:

    A strong cup of tea x

  142. Mark Palmer says:

    Black coffee

  143. Gillian McClelland says:

    Orange juice to give me a boots of vitamin c

  144. Rhia Drew says:

    I enjoy fresh orange juice first thing in the morning. So refreshing! x

  145. Maxine G says:

    Mornings always start with a strong coffee, but then once I’ve woken up I love to have some orange juice

  146. Hassni says:

    Black coffee.

  147. Emma Lane says:

    A cup of tea is always my first drink of the day

  148. Megan Kinsey says:

    I love freshly squeeze orange juice with extra juicy bits!

  149. Anna Helm says:

    Lemon infused cool boiled water.

  150. Lorraine Saeed says:


  151. Recently I’ve really got into peppermint tea first thing in the morning – love it!

  152. Paula Barker says:

    Grapefruit juice

  153. Maureen findley says:

    redbush tea

  154. Lesley Bradley says:

    I always have two cups of tea one after the other before I do anything else!

  155. Sally Collingwood says:

    A cup of tea

  156. Katie skeoch says:

    Coffee & orange juice

  157. cathyj says:

    black coffee

  158. lynn heath says:

    A cup of tea is always the very first thing I do when I wake up!!!

  159. Maria P says:

    a mug of tea

  160. Anouska says:

    Peppermint Tea

  161. Laura Baker says:

    Green tea with lemon

  162. Sophie Sandersopn says:

    Green tea 🙂 Always wakes me up in the morning!

  163. Emily Clark says:

    I’ve got to have my cup of tea, but at the weekends I love to have a blueberry and mango smoothie!

  164. Richard R says:

    A glass of orange juice

  165. Bryanna M says:

    Fresh squeeze juice sounds great

  166. Jo Carroll says:

    I usually start the day off with a cup of tea. x

  167. Miranda says:

    Green Tea!

  168. A lovely cup o tea pet!

  169. I like a cup of tea to get me going!

  170. Solange says:

    Grapefruit juice

  171. emmav6 says:

    i do love fresh orange, it was one of my cravings with my daughter

  172. Samir Tahiri says:

    Green tea

  173. Amanda Jaggard says:

    Either ice cold fresh orange or a nice strong cup of tea.

  174. Christine Caple says:

    I have coffee but I’m sure fresh orange juice would be better for me!

  175. Coffee!

  176. A cup of tea

  177. eggtizz says:

    a lovely cup of organic decaffeinated coffee

  178. Rie Tetley says:

    Ice cold water

  179. a coffee if Im at home or an orange juice if Im eating out

  180. Amandeep Sibia says:

    Ice cold apple juice!

  181. orange juice

  182. buddymagoo says:

    orange juice 🙂

  183. Dawn Hull says:

    A nice hot mug of breakfast tea.

  184. srephen smith says:

    pineapple juice

  185. Scott Fallon says:

    Just water, or orange juice

  186. Betony Bennett says:

    Mrs milkshake or tropical juice 🙂

  187. Janet Goodlad says:

    A nice strong cup of Americano coffee

  188. Amanda noble says:

    Fresh juice bought from the supermarket ..i would love to be a le to squeeze my own! ☺☺

  189. coffee but keep meaning to switch to hot water and lemon

  190. kate kathurima says:

    Coffee to wake up is a must

  191. Ruby Spiteri says:

    orange juice x

  192. Val Swift says:

    Have to have a black coffee

  193. Karen Richards says:


  194. A cup of tea. That is the first thing I have every morning

  195. Vanessa Jumeau says:

    A cup of Early Grey Tea 🙂

  196. Gill Colling says:

    Water with a slice of lemon. I always feel dehydrated first thing.

  197. Suzy B says:

    A cup of hot coffee in my favourite mug.

  198. Judith Hamilton says:

    Coffee, I need it to get me going.

  199. marianne says:

    a detoxing glass of lemony water!

  200. Danielle Louise Cresswell says:

    A citrus smoothie

  201. Maria Andonova says:

    Glass of water

  202. Stevie says:

    I have a cup of instant coffee with just a splash of milk.

  203. Rey Chunara says:

    A cup of tea

  204. Caroline Blaza says:

    A cup of coffee x

  205. Sophie Marie Cartwright says:

    Warm water with half a lemon! Im on a health kick at the moment! Beach body needed! Lol x

  206. coffee

  207. Sarah Cooper says:

    A cup of tea

  208. Maralyn Smith says:

    I start the morning with a mango and passion fruit smoothie – wakes me up and gives me a good start to the day. Also it’s 2 of my 5 a day.

  209. Anthea Holloway says:

    I have a cup of tea very early in the morning before everyone is up.

  210. Harline says:

    Coffee it wakes me up I have to be up at 3am for work!

  211. Rachel Butterworth says:

    Cuppa Tea

  212. Julie Ward says:

    Weak milky tea

  213. zoe payne says:


  214. Yvonne Wilkinson says:

    Two cups of decaf tea. Then I can start to wake up……slowly

  215. Meena Hindmarch says:

    Coffee – black

  216. Kirsty Fox says:

    A cup of tea

  217. a nice cuppa

  218. A nuce brew!

  219. Mira Dyuss says:

    Tea followed then by juice

  220. Isabelle Smith says:

    orange juice xxx

  221. carole nott says:

    freshly squeezed grapefruit juice

  222. water

  223. Clara Bee says:

    It’s tea for me

  224. carolyn joyce says:

    A lovely cup of tea!

  225. Gaynorfay says:

    The first drink i have is water , then some juice .

  226. Sam Goodwin says:

    Lemon Squash 🙂

  227. Michelle Sykes says:

    A cup of tea

  228. Gabrielle Powell says:

    A cup of Earl Grey tea

  229. jemma dwyer says:

    orange juice

  230. helen jones says:

    Black coffee and a glass of orange juice

  231. Leanne Newsome says:

    A cup of tea

  232. Simon Harrington says:

    A nice hot espresso

  233. Angela Williams says:

    black coffee

  234. Orange juice

  235. Phyllis Ellett says:

    Oh it has to be tea, black with 1/2 teaspoon of sugar.

  236. Lauren Hickson says:


  237. Susan B says:

    My morning drink is coffee, coffee and more coffee but I keep my juicer on the worktop for an occasional treat. Trouble is, I don’t juice very often because the juicer is messy and noisy. This little citrus squeezer would be lovely to use, instead.

  238. Lauren Old says:

    I always enjoy a glass of almond milk

  239. need my coffee but like to have a cold juice aswell

  240. Coffee, every morning

  241. Kate Phillips says:

    A cup of tea or two.

  242. A strong coffee 🙂

  243. Barbara Handley says:

    I have fresh lemon in hot water.

  244. a big glass of water

  245. Cheryl H says:


  246. A nice cup of strong coffee to wake me up!

  247. Lisa Pond says:

    Orange and cranberry juice! 🙂

  248. Teresa Lee says:


  249. Charmian Filewood says:

    A lovely chilled glass of pineapple juice

  250. Rachel Craig says:

    Orange juice.

  251. Has to be tea.

  252. Wendy Smith says:

    First fruit juice and then a cup of Redbush tea

  253. Vicky loveday says:

    Black tea, unless someone is buying out, then its a large latte 😉

  254. esme mccrubb says:


  255. Ellie Hamer says:

    Black coffee!

  256. sharon martin says:

    a mug of tea

  257. Kaley Redmond says:

    I have a juice usually apple or orange juice.

  258. Emily Hutchinson says:

    I like to start my day with a cup of tea

  259. Louise Reeks says:


  260. James Holyland says:

    A nice cup of tea

  261. There is nothing better than some fresh OJ in the morning!!

  262. kimberley ryan says:

    I enjoy a nice cup of coffee before my children wake

  263. Jamie says:

    An OJ (Orange Juice) always starts the day of great 🙂

  264. a cup of tea

  265. Nigel Greaves says:

    A little glass of malt whisky

  266. Andrew Hindley says:

    Coffee first thing!

  267. I love a glass of rice milk

  268. Dragons And Fairy Dust says:

    A nice cup of tea

  269. Annette Oliver says:

    A cup of tea

  270. Jayne Kelsall says:

    Have to have a coffee first, but would love to be able to squeeze some fresh orange juice and the kids would love it 🙂

  271. Peppermint tea. Helps calm my stomach in the morning!

  272. Adrian Bold says:

    I love a good cup of Tea to get me going!

  273. Pam Francis Gregory says:

    Strong Black Coffee

  274. Water is a must for me … followed closely by a strong coffee!

  275. claire little says:


  276. Elspeth McMillan says:

    A cup of tea

  277. Anneka Hulse says:

    a large mug of strong tea

  278. Michelle Ferguson says:

    A glass of orange juice

  279. a nice big cup pf tea and a smoothie

  280. Linda Greenwood says:

    orange juice from a carton to wake up my taste buds – this would be so much nicer and my son would love doing his own!

  281. Sarah Lewis says:

    Pomegranate juice

  282. Patricia Avery says:

    A lovely cup of green tea 🙂

  283. Shirley Evans says:

    love tea first thing in the morning

  284. sarah says:


  285. Claire Burton says:

    cup of tea

  286. Angie Poulding says:

    A cup of coffee

  287. Samantha Atherton says:

    Firstly a cup of warm lemon water and then a glass of OJ with my breakfast

  288. Sara Owen says:


  289. Cheryl G says:

    A latte

  290. Ruth Tesdale says:

    I usually drink tea but I would prefer freshly squeezed orange juice.

  291. Helen Gilbert says:

    Cup of tea

  292. Victoria B says:

    Water usually, unless I’m away then it’s always juice.

  293. gilla01 says:

    I enjoy a glass of orange juice, but generally settle for tea.

  294. trevor linvell says:

    Orange juice with bits

  295. Lisa Lewis says:

    tea x

  296. Jane Middleton says:

    a cup of fruit tea

  297. gemma hendry says:

    orange juice is my perfect way to start the day

  298. becki gates says:

    Mug of coffee

  299. Lisa Mauchline says:

    A cup of tea

  300. Graham Antony Wright says:

    a nice cup of tea

  301. denise s says:

    orange juice

  302. Jeanette Davenport says:

    A mug of coffee x

  303. michelle thompson says:

    a strong cup of tea

  304. Martina Alban says:

    I drink every day my smoothie which is blueberries, avocado, spinach leaves, chia seeds with splash of orange juice

  305. Jane H Shaw says:

    Black Coffee thanks

  306. David Price says:

    Coffee and orange juice

  307. Lauren Reed says:

    A cup of Tea ?

  308. Kim Lam says:

    Freshly brewed coffee

  309. Jo heath says:

    A cup of tea xx

  310. Saran Benjamin says:

    A few cups of coffee

  311. Zoe Graham says:

    tropicana but I could replace it with this!

  312. Always a good strong cup of proper tea

  313. Dawn M says:

    I have a black coffee as soon as I wake up and then after my workout we all have a smoothie with 4 or 5 fruit and veg in it.

  314. Kathryn Casbolt says:

    Strong coffee 🙂

  315. Very useful lemon squeezer

  316. Coffee or lemonade with ginger

  317. Claire Reavy says:

    Very strong coffee! 🙂

  318. Kirsty Sparks says:

    Orange juice

  319. elaine stokes says:

    fresh orange juice

  320. amy clark says:

    a nice cup of tea

  321. Joanne Hayes says:

    Fresh Orange Juice

  322. Victoria Dixon says:

    A green tea with lemon starts the day off perfect for me

  323. A lovely mug of strong tea

  324. david cavender says:

    black tea

  325. Claire Sutherland says:

    Always have a cup of tea in the morning. I am however also enjoying a smoothie x

  326. Julie Camm says:

    Has to be a cup of tea…

  327. lara manson says:

    I love orange and lemon juice in the morning yummy!

  328. Kristin Burdsall says:

    Has to be a strong cup of tea

  329. Simon Keeping says:

    I always start the day with a glass of milk.

  330. Lisa Debz says:

    Fresh Apple juice then cup of tea

  331. Tess D says:

    Cup of tea

  332. michelle olner says:


  333. Valerie mccarthy says:

    It varies. I will either have coffee with milk or a fruit smoothie of some kind

  334. Louise M says:

    It has to be a good cup of tea to get going for the day!

  335. Nicola says:


  336. water with my tablets and then MUST have coffee!

  337. Kay Broomfield says:

    A strong coffee!

  338. sarah evans says:

    I’m a coffee person but the kids love fresh juice

  339. I normally drink tea in the morning!

  340. tracey baker says:

    A nice cup of Tea x

  341. Hayley biles says:

    Orange juice

  342. ellie spider says:

    I like to have a mix of apple and cranberry juice

  343. Monika S says:

    cup of coffee and then orange juice with breakfast

  344. A strong coffee!

  345. amanda greensmith says:

    a cup of coffee

  346. boiling water with a slice of lemon

  347. B west says:

    A Strong Cuppa 🙂

  348. M HOCKENHULL says:

    A big mug of tea followed by orange juice 🙂

  349. Rebecca whale says:

    A strong coffee

  350. laura bryant says:

    Orange juice

  351. Michelle Wild says:

    Two strong coffee’s.

  352. Lyndsey Beckford says:

    A nice cup of tea

  353. Johanne currie says:

    Cup of coffee

  354. I always start with an orange Berocca 🙂 x

  355. I always start with a cup of black tea

  356. Serena La Pietra says:

    A strong cup of tea

  357. Chloe Ellis says:

    Orange juice

  358. Tishist says:


  359. FARIDAH BROOKER says:

    A nice cup of tea

  360. Debbie Hoare says:

    A long, cold orange juice.

  361. Phillip James Davies says:

    A cup of Milky Tea! ;-P

  362. tina edwards says:

    i love my cup of tea first thing in the morning

  363. Jill Fairbank says:

    Tea for me please

  364. Sarah P says:

    Lemon & Ginger Tea, really zingy first thing!

  365. George Laws says:

    Can’t start my day without me coffee 🙂

  366. Samantha Butler says:

    Cup of tea 🙂

  367. Coffee for me x

  368. Victoria Deacon says:

    Tropical Juice or coffee normally both as I need a drink to drink now and a warm drink to last me

  369. LEE HARDY says:

    Has to be coffee

  370. Tea

  371. Jess Berkeley says:

    I love a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice in the morning and Lemon tea through the day 🙂 fingers crossed! Thankyou for the opportunity to win xx

  372. elaine hollis says:


  373. Victoria Prince says:

    A cup of English Breakfast tea, no milk 🙂

  374. Kirsty Woods says:

    Coffee 🙂

  375. Jan Holden says:

    Ice cold soda water

  376. ZOE SPINNER says:

    Herbalife thermos tea, sets me up just right

  377. Ioana Cristina Popescu says:

    a tea

  378. helen newton says:

    A cup of Coffee is definately needed first 🙂

  379. Sarah Lee says:

    Coffee – usually a Latte

  380. Sarah Parker says:

    tea 🙂

  381. I’m a bit weird I need my morning glass of orange juice to wake up, not coffee like everyone else! I’ve become a bit of a connoiseur now.

  382. Tea

  383. Claire Ward says:


  384. Apple or orange juice, straight from the fridge

  385. Becky Cornes says:

    A mug of detox tea

  386. Roseanna Scott says:

    coffee for me

  387. rlavender says:

    This would be good! i love love love fresh oj!

  388. Simon Collinge says:

    A nice cup of tea 🙂

  389. Kerry W says:

    I start the day with a pint of water!

  390. Tracy Hanson says:

    Depends on my mood. Either black coffee with no sugar, or orange juice. 🙂

  391. jackie curran says:

    I have to have a pot of tea first thing .

  392. Joanna kasznicki says:

    I love to wake up with a nice hot cup of coffee

  393. katherine b says:

    Green tea x

  394. Tina Cleveland says:

    Turmeric in warm water

  395. Laura Vitty says:

    A big glass of cold water… I manage to survive without caffeine 🙂

  396. chirag P says:


  397. Sarah B says:

    Coffee, every time.

  398. Emma Whittaker says:

    A big strong mug of Yorkshire Tea 🙂

  399. Elizabeth Sorsby says:

    I have water first but then go on to orange juice and tea 🙂

  400. linda curtis says:

    a strong cup of tea or three cups

  401. Keeley Shaw says:

    Has to be a cup of tea or coffee to wake me up.

  402. stacey kavanah says:

    love a cup of tea followed by fruit juice

  403. Suzanne Sendell says:

    Strong cup of tea

  404. Tamsin Dean says:

    has to be yummy tea, the orange juice

Thanks for taking the time to write a little message. Comments always make me smile! x Mel