Merci Maman Personalised Gifts (& a Giveaway)

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How to Exercise When You Don’t Have Time for it (+ a Free Yogaia Trial & Giveaway)

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St Pancras International for Last Minute Christmas Shopping 

Whenever I travel by Eurostar, I marvel at the shopping options at St Pancras International but until recently, I had no idea just how amazing it … [Read more...]

Hotel Chocolat Yule Log

When Hotel Chocolat sent us one of their Chocolate Yule Logs, I was impressed. Not only does it look absolutely delicious, but it is also completely … [Read more...]

Shoes: My Hotter Moments (& a Discount)

Shoes, shoes, shoes. I love shoes. I am a shoe addict, a shoeaholic, a shoe collector. Call me crazy, I could not care less. I love shoes, always … [Read more...]

Top Quality Meat from the Butcher’s straight to Your Door with Donald Russell

When I was growing up in rural France, we had three butchers' in our village, for just over a thousand inhabitants. Needless to say, meat came from … [Read more...]

A Family Feast at Home with Deliveroo

When Deliveroo got in touch asking whether I wanted to try restaurant food at home, I could not say no, could I? With a family of six, a tight … [Read more...]

Living with SAD

Is it just me who tends to be irritable, less motivated, running for the cake and sweets when days are shorter? For as long as I can remember, I … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning Done and Dusted with Fantastic Services (& a Giveaway)

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The Last Feed

Goodbye breastfeeding, goodbye my friend… I have finally done it. I have given Wriggly that last taste of breastmilk. She has had her last feed. … [Read more...]