Creating the Perfect Bespoke Invitations

I would love to have enough time in my hands to make all of my children’s invitations myself. Right now, life is as busy as it has ever been and I barely manage to get four or five hours’ sleep every night. I had to cut corners. Handmade cards went out of the window when I gave birth to my fourth baby.

I loved our Christmas cards, put together by The Card Gallery, so I was really pleased when they offered to sort out Wriggly’s baptism invitations.

The Card Gallery is just over ten years old and is based in Shropshire. Last year, the company was awarded the ‘Made in Britain’ marque. They have a wide range of invitations, cards and stationery.

“Invitations can be personalised to suit your special occasion, using our online card designer, enabling you to change colours, fonts, wording and sizes. All artwork is done in-house so designs and colours can be further tweaked to suit your exact needs if you would like your cards to be a little different to the examples shown online.”

I really pushed the bespoke option by giving The Card Gallery lots of details to create the exact card I had in mind for Wriggly’s baptism. We did not have a theme as such for the baptism, but I had just taken pretty pictures of Wriggly holding balloons and I wanted to include one of those photos in the invite.

I also wanted the cards to be grey and yellow, the colours I had used for her birth announcement cards. I loved this design by The Card Gallery, and here is the one I started with:

The Card Gallery Template - Grey-&-Yellow-Cloud-Use-Your-Own-Photo-Naming-Ceremony

I loved the clouds but asked them to remove the hearts and bows. I liked the balloons on these cards, and asked for a few grey ones on the back:

The Card Gallery Template - Colourful-Balloons-Birthday
We also needed a church on our cards, and I loved the look of this one:

The Card Gallery Template - Baby-33-A6-Boys-Church-Baptism-Personalised

The fact all artwork is made on site means you can really have a bespoke service at no extra cost, as long as you opt for artwork The Card Gallery use on some of their cards already. Since half of our invitations were going to the French side of our family, I asked for two versions, one in French and one in English.

I anticipated quite a few emails asking for more details or explanations of what I wanted exactly, but what I received the day after I emailed my requirements was a proof, and it was perfect! I had made a silly mistake in the text so I asked for a small change and by the end of the week, we had our invitations. I was really impressed and I will definitely use The Card Gallery again.

The Card Gallery - Packaging

“All materials used by The Card Gallery are British produced, high quality, 350 gram card for stationery and crisp white or coloured envelopes. A free proofing service via email is also included in the price, so you can check and change your order as many times as you wish before printing commences. […] UK delivery is also available for free with every order.”

I designed and made Crevette, Beanie and Wriggly’s baptism invitations. I gave a lot of thought to their overall look and they are really special. I also spent hours and hours putting them together. I remember the rush of excitement; mixed with a dash of apprehension (Would they like them? Did I make a spelling mistake anywhere?) as I put the envelopes through the red postbox by the children’s school. I would then wait excitedly to find out what they thought about the lovingly made cards. With hindsight, I think they meant more to me than they did to anyone else.

This time round, I did not manage to make Wriggly’s baptism invitations myself, but you know what? It does not matter. The time I would have spent cutting and sticking paper was quality time with my children. I did not change the ink cartridge on the printer three times, nor did I rush to the craft shop to buy one piece of card because I had forgotten to make a card for my mum’s great-aunt I had last seen in 1993.

The Card Gallery - Baptism Invites

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  1. traceypeach says:

    The last card I received was from a friend at Christmas xxx

  2. Viv'Maman_Bas says:

    The last card I received was from my Finnish grandmother, congratulating us on our baby news!

  3. Probably a birthday card!

  4. A thank you card from my nephew for his birthday presi

  5. The last card that I received was a lovely citrus coloured one with three owls from my daughter for Mothers Day.

  6. You’ve totally inspired me to DIY invites for my next proper party!! I adore these 🙂

  7. it was a thank you card for a present we bought for my husbands work colleague new baby

  8. Louise says:

    What gorgeous cards Mel – so glad that you were able to have the design you wanted. The last card I received was an Easter card from hubby’s dad’s cousin 🙂

    • The cards were exactly what I wanted. I usually make cards myself because I want them to be just the way I imagined them, but it can be incredibly time-consuming (and expensive). These were perfect and took no time to design!

  9. The Free From Fairy says:

    I loved the cards they did for the baptism! They were so beautiful.

  10. esther james says:

    The last card we received was a personalised invitation card to a golden wedding anniversary

  11. Anniversary card

  12. ashleigh allan says:

    A mothers day card from my kids!

  13. Vous avez fait un choix excellent ! Elles sont magnifiques et j’adore le packaging jaune !

  14. winnie says:

    a birthday card from my best friend in university

  15. A thank you card 🙂

  16. ELAINE DALE says:

    an Easter card that our 4 year old grand-daughter made for us

  17. Hazel Rea says:

    It was a Christmas card.

  18. Marie B says:

    The last card I received were for our 10 year wedding anniversary

  19. The last card we received was a wedding invitation. It was made by the bride to be and was lovely 🙂 x

  20. A mother’s day card 🙂

  21. Isabel O'Brien says:

    I actually got one from my nanny today, bless her. She sends lovely cards.

  22. Heather Macklin says:

    The last card I received was an invitation to a 21st birthday party.

  23. Michelle Banks says:

    i got a wedding ivitation, does that count? if not it would of been a mothers day card x

  24. Michelle Ferguson says:

    A valentines card from hubby

  25. lynn heath says:

    The last card I received was from my niece saying thanks you for her Birthday presents

  26. Sophie Lester says:

    It was a congratulations on your new baby card

  27. my birthday cards, which was on 30 April.

  28. James McKenna says:

    Birthday card 🙂

  29. Sinead ORourke says:

    My Birthday card

  30. Mari Spencer says:

    Last card I recieved was a Mothers day one from my daughter

  31. Michelle Hollingsbee says:

    A birth announcement card from my best friend, inside was a picture of her beautiful baby.

  32. laura stewart says:

    birthday card last year xx

  33. a birthday card back in February

  34. I think it was a Christmas card!

  35. Lovely thank you card from friend.

  36. My son made me one this morning with a picture he drew of a green flower <3

  37. Ruth Harwood says:

    That would’ve been Mother’s day from my son, I bought it myself as he almost forgot!!

  38. aaron broad says:

    Mine was probably a christmas card

  39. MichelleD says:

    A Mothers Day card!

  40. Liam Bishop says:

    A congratulations card after my first marathon!

  41. Chris Andrews says:

    Leave a blog post comment telling me about the last card you received…………….a beautiful Mother’s Day card

  42. A valentines day card x

  43. Hekna says:

    My first Mother’s Day card 🙂

    • You will treasure that one forever… wait until you get the first handmade card (get the tissues ready for that one!).

  44. claire little says:

    a thank you card for a gift i sent

  45. I received a gorgeous ‘random act of kindness’ card from my best friend Liz x

  46. amyangelmouse says:

    A homemade birthday card from my 4 year old boy with a little poem saying how much he loves me <3

  47. Jayne T says:

    The last card I was given, was a lovely mothers day card from my children.

  48. A lovely birthday card from my husband!x

  49. It was a handmade birthday card from my niece and nephew.

  50. Siobhan Davis says:

    The last card or cards I received was to congratulate me on the birth of my gorgeous son 🙂 I have kept every single one 🙂

  51. Zoe G says:

    A handmade mothers day card from my daughter

  52. Nichole says:

    A Christmas card from family

  53. danielle says:

    Christmas card

  54. sarah birkett says:

    an easter card from my daughter! She is 17 and made it whilst helping out at Rainbows. It brought back memories of glitter and glue

  55. Holly Gibson says:

    A good luck card for exams

  56. Caroline H says:

    A lovely hand written thank you card from a friend for a birthday present that I’d sent.

  57. laura groom says:

    the last card i got in the post was a thank you card

  58. It was a card for my 30th birthday! 🙂

  59. Stephanie Whitehouse says:

    A quirky cow in a meadow – a thankyou card for looking after some furniture

  60. Helen Grayson says:

    I received a card form a lady whom I met on holiday a few years ago, we were catching up and we always write to each other as it’s much more personal. It had an owl on the front.

  61. kathy says:

    a thank you card after my friends wedding

  62. Tracey Quinn says:

    The last card i received was for mothers day xx

  63. caroline cordery says:

    i got £500 cheque as a surprise gift from my uncle and aunt!

  64. Julie Ward says:

    Birthday card

  65. morag p says:

    It was my birthday last week so I was lucky enough to receive several lovely cards including handmade ones by the kids.

  66. Emily Hutchinson says:

    A birthday card, from a catalogue company, a month too early. I put it up anyway though 🙂

  67. Sarah Heath says:

    A handmade Mother’s day card from my 8 year old son.

  68. jen morgan says:

    A lovely thank you card from a great friend

  69. A thank you card thanking me for a birthday present from the girl next door.

  70. Bob Clark says:

    A Christmas Card – quite a few to be precise

  71. victoria says:

    an easter card from my mum

  72. a birthday card from my children. their daddy helped them make it!

  73. Rebecca Barnes says:

    The last cards I received were congratulations ones, for finishing my finals after 6 years of university!

  74. leanne weir says:


  75. Minnie15 says:

    I received a lovely thank-you card last week from a school that I’d been working in 🙂 x

  76. Susan Trubey says:

    Mother’s day

  77. Layla Thomas says:

    The last cards I received were 4 from my best friends when we moved to my husband’s new job. Six months later and I still have them on the window ledge to put a smile on my face.

  78. ohhec says:

    I received a thank you card

  79. Monica Gilbert says:

    I recently got a couple of Mother’s Day cards. I celebrate it in May because I’m American.

  80. Sarah Lee says:

    A wedding anniversary card (5 years :))

  81. Leila Benhamida says:

    My birthday card.

  82. kate lancaster says:

    I received a beautiful card from my boyfriend showing the two of us walking along the cliffs 🙂

  83. Katie Kingsbury says:

    A sympathy card, unfortunately.

  84. Kelly Ellen Hirst says:

    It was a handmade Mother’s Day card from my girls 🙂 Kelly Ellen Hirst

  85. My birthday – back in October – I have given each of my kids cards since

  86. Susan Hoggett says:

    mothers day card

  87. cat culmer says:

    Wedding Anniversary cards – yesterday. It was our 2nd anniversary

  88. Karen R says:

    I got a lovely handmade Mother’s Day card from my daughter 🙂

  89. Allan Fullarton says:

    A birthday card

  90. Mothers Day card

  91. damian thomas says:

    birthday card from my brother (funny one mocking my age of course)

  92. I received my last card from my wonderful husband for my birthday and it said so much more than he ever tells me in words!

  93. MICHELLE KEMP says:

    my birthday card

  94. liz ferguson says:

    postcard from florida .. we still send them,as we collect them xx

  95. Eleanor Wigmore says:

    My husband bought me a Mother to Be card for Mothers Day as I am 31 weeks pregnant 🙂

  96. My last one was a birthday card – as they all forgot mothers day

  97. Elizabeth Smith says:

    birthday card

  98. karen Howden says:

    The last card I received was on last Thursday, it was a thank you card from a very dear friend thanking me for going to see her while she was in hospital. Bless her

  99. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago so got some lovely ones from family and friends

  100. tracy sinclair says:

    The last cards i received were for Mothers Day x

  101. Victoria Prince says:

    The last card I received was a thank you card from a friend for collecting a large purchase from eBay for them!

  102. Pamela Cook says:

    An invitation to a 70th birthday party! Yes, we still have them at our age!

  103. James Holyland says:

    I had an Easter card from my mum and dad

  104. Pam Francis Gregory says:

    Lots of cards on my birthday!

  105. michelle pierce says:

    40th birthday card

  106. Jill fairbank says:

    Mother’s Day card you can’t beat those type of cards

  107. Rhian Cox says:

    A mothers Day card

  108. Nancy Bradford says:

    I received a hand made Mother’s Day card from my little girl this year that was glorious.

  109. I received a Mothers Day card from George our cat!

  110. Victoria B says:

    The last card I received was a belated birthday card – for some reason I had a lot of them this year 🙁

  111. Amy Rowlands says:

    A handmade card by my little girl for mothers day

  112. Alisa Moore says:

    A thank you card

  113. PAUL STANLEY says:

    a birthday card from my niece

  114. I received a lovely card from my very elderly grandpa wishing me luck with my wedding

  115. Andrea Smith says:

    Last card I received was an anniversary card from my husband. It had two people dressed as peanuts and said “I’m still nuts about you”. Very corny but lovely!!

  116. Would have been a Christmas card.

  117. Darlene says:

    The last card was the most beautiful I have ever received. An old friend of mine sent a homemade card which was so beautifully crafted that I framed it.

  118. Lyndsey Beckford says:

    I got a home made easter card from my niece and nephew 🙂

  119. amebeecomps says:

    An anniversary card from my partner a couple of days ago. We’ve been together 17 years.

  120. A Valentine’s from someone particularly special. Love you Grub.

  121. Wedding anniversary card

  122. melanie stirling says:

    A valentines day card from my husband.

  123. Clare S says:

    My daughter has just given me a birthday card that she made for me

  124. Natalie Crossan says:

    mothers day card 🙂 xx

  125. Anneka Hulse says:

    a post card from my mum on holiday in turkey

  126. Katie Hodges says:

    Last card I received was a Mothers Day card 🙂

  127. Nicola Lynch says:

    I received an home made get well card from my 2 year old nephew. It was so cute!

  128. catriona nation says:

    The last card i got was a mothers day card

  129. Laura Vitty says:

    Some thank you cards from my students on Friday before they left for study leave and their GCSEs or A-levels… tears were shed!

    • Same for me! My 6th formers’ cards were so nice! What do you teach?

      • Laura Vitty says:

        Biology, what about you? After having Ofsted last week, I’m very glad it’s half term!

        • I bet you are! How did it go? I teach French but I resigned this week after 12 years at my school (I wrote a post about it last week – I’m sure you’ll relate to some of it).

          • Laura Vitty says:

            It went well! It was my first time through it and it really wasn’t as bad as everyone made out it would be. I will definitely check it out, I didn’t even know you were a teacher as I tend to visit for recipes 🙂

  130. Somerset Wedding Gal says:

    When I was younger my mum would just buy our invitations in bulk from cheap shops, it was pretty easy! But then again I can totally see the appeal of creating something more special!

Thanks for taking the time to write a little message. Comments always make me smile! x Mel