Goody Good Stuff Sweets Rock!

Today is Crevette’s birthday. Six years ago, my first baby was born at 6.10 a.m., changing our lives forever and turning our couple into a family. The second we laid eyes on him, we felt a wave of unconditional love for this tiny and fragile human being. Thinking back, I have to admit he was not that little (3.8kg). I struggled to fit him in his newborn vest and sleepsuit as we were about to leave the birth centre. As for the cotton hat, the midwife told me to take it off as it was way too small! He still looked so delicate and new…

The lovely people at Goody Good Stuff sent us a huge parcel of sweets to try, enjoy, review and take pictures with. I had told them my intention was to publish this post on Crevette’s birthday and they decided to surprise him.

Goody Good Stuff Kobi the Koala Writing the Card

My little man received a beautifully presented hamper full of sweets, a birthday card signed by each member of the team and a koala soft-toy. They even got their cute mascot Kobi to write a birthday message to my little man! Crevette was really touched by this thoughtful gesture and spontaneously got some card and started drafting an answer to Charlie’s team.

Goody Good Stuff Crevette Writing his Card

Crevette and Kobi are inseparable. The little koala is part of the family now and follows us everywhere.

Goody Good Stuff Crevette's Card

When Jumpy had blood tests and prick tests for her allergies a few days after Kobi joined our family, Crevette let her have his Kobi for cuddles, which we thought was adorable.

Goody Good Stuff Jumpy and Kobi

About Goody Good Stuff Sweets
I had never heard of the brand and spotted the name ‘Goody Good Stuff’ on the list of exhibitors at the Allergy Show a few weeks ago. I had no idea what they were all about but my curiosity was aroused. Although it took me a while to find their stand, I was determined not to leave without finding more about them. You have to admit you get easily drawn to such a catchy name! Was I disappointed? Of course I was not! Crevette was also over the moon as by that point, he had had enough and just wanted to go home. I gave him £2 to spend on sweets for him and his sisters and he was delighted!

Goody Good Stuff was launched in 2010, taking ‘free from’ to a whole new level as the sweets contain no nasty stuff and are made with natural colours and flavours. The idea was to develop a perfect gummy treat that everyone could enjoy, including those with multiple allergies like my little girl. They are perfect for party bags or school events as they are free from common allergens such as gluten, dairy, egg, soya, gelatine and nuts. They are also fat free, vegetarian, vegan, halal and kosher. What more could you ask for?

Unlike most gummy sweets, these treats are basically plant-based rather than being made with animal bones or tissues (hello gelatine!). It took some very clever (and determined) people fifteen years to develop the food technology to replace gelatine with a more natural alternative.

Goody Good Stuff
What we Thought

We tried nine types of Goody Good Stuff sweets and here are our thoughts or first impressions. First of all, let me tell you: they smell divine!
Summer Peaches are my absolute favourites. They are colourful, bursting with flavour with a great soft texture. No need to say they are highly addictive and we had to have “just one more”.
– “I love Cola Breeze!” That is all Crevette had to say. They are similar to your usual cola bottle sweets, but are less chewy which makes them much nicer in my view.
– We were not won over by the unusual flavours of Tropical Fruit. My friend Aimee thought they had a bit of a perfume aftertaste and Crevette did not like “the taste at the end”. Beanie and Jumpy ate them without a complaint!
– The Sour Fruit Salad was Aimee’s number one, with its range of acidulated fruity flavours.
– The teeny round Strawberry Cream sweets taste nice and Jumpy really enjoyed them.
– The Koala Gummy Bears are quite simply fun, as you probably noticed if you follow me on Instagram or saw my Sunday photo ten days ago. They are the winners in the ‘outstanding’ category for us.
Sour Koala Gummy Bears: “They’re fizzy!” (Crevette).
Cheery Cherries: “om nom nom” (Crevette). I am not normally a fan of cherry sweets, but these are different… in a good way!
Sour Cheery Cherries are zingy, and according to Crevette, our chief taster, “They’re so yum!”

Goody Good Stuff Love

Goody Good Stuff sweets look like ‘normal’ sweets. Their texture and taste, however, are much more refined than your usual mass-produced sweets. They are moreish and feel like homemade treats. I am much happier giving these to my children than I would be with sweets full of preservatives, artificial colours and gelatine.

I am not on a restricted diet. I am not vegan, vegetarian or watching anything I eat. The fact these sweets are completely safe for my allergic toddler is incredibly reassuring. Their being free from fat or artificial stuff is an added bonus. You know what? They taste much better than sweets I am used to eating and I do not think I could go back.

I have absolutely no self-control when it comes to sweets but my little man has the irritating habit of saving his sweets for later. I know I should be a good mum and just walk away from the sweets but I simply cannot. I had his last packet of Strawberry Cream tiny gems last night after everyone had gone to bed, and I confessed to it this morning. He did not mind, bless him!

What we Did

We take things seriously in this house. Here is what we did besides all our tasting sessions. Disclaimer: the following activities were purely for the purpose of a well-informed review, not motivated by greed or sweetie addiction.

– We went creative and made up a little story with miniature Star Wars characters using Koala Gummy Bears as Ewoks. More on that later this week. We then proceeded to eat the entire packet (again, just to make sure the taste was still right).

– On the last day of school, we had an impromptu play date at home and the children made sweetie bracelets as the mums were having yet another tasting session. My brilliant idea to string sweeties together ended up being a very sticky affair and the kids’ creations were not remotely practical to eat. We still had fun making them!

Goody Good Stuff Bracelets

– We also enjoyed the Goody Good sweeties whilst in the paddling pool, or in my case, by the side of the paddling pool reading a good book.

Goody Good Stuff by the Paddling Pool

Have a Goody Good Day everyone!

If you want to find out more about Goody Good Stuff, click here.

Win a Hamper full of Goody Good Stuff Sweets and a Kobi

Follow the simple instructions in the entry box below for your chance to sample a range of treats from Goody Good Stuff. All you have to do to enter the giveaway is use the competition generator below and answer a simple question in the comments section at the bottom of the page.
For extra chances of winning, check the instructions in the form. Entries
are open until midnight GMT time on 26 August 2014 and the competition is
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– The giveaway is open to UK residents aged 18 and over.
– The prize will be supplied directly by Goody Good Stuff.
– We were sent the following for the purpose of this review: birthday card for Crevette, a hamper for his birthday (6 full-size packets of sweets and 4 small ones), a Kobi teddy, 6 full-size packs of sweets, 3 small ones, 2 Party Mix Multi Bags (the latter for Jumpy’s ‘free from’ birthday party in October).
– No payment was received for this post and all opinions and photos are my own.

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  1. My four children!

  2. Alexandra Mercer (Life of mummy) says:

    My six children, I probably wouldn’t get a look in!

    • Advice: check on the postman’s arrival and grab a bag for yourself before your six get their hands on them!

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    MY best friends Gary And Alison who usually visit of an evening to watch videos

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    We all love sweet treats in our house, so we would have a few each. Sharing is the name of the game.

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    My fantastic hubby (ah shucks) xx

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    • Grab a bag before they get their hands on them and hide them! They are scrumptious. In fact, I had other sweets yesterday and it quite simply was not the same. I want more Goody Good Stuff!!!

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    I would share with my sister and my partner…maybe 😉

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    I would “share” them with my children, At 16 & 18, they are both planning results parties, and will require lots and lots of sweets

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    My brother. He is still a big fan of sweets!

  95. kayleigh bates says:

    My daughter…….grudgingly 😛

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    Selfishly….Id eat them all myself…i love sweets!

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  119. Ooh, 6 that’s huge! I know… I’m still in shock 6 months on!! Treasure EVERY DAY! I have no idea if this happens to all 6 year olds or just mine!?! But all of a sudden she changed 6 years, 4 months old… A dramatic change… So treasure every day – just in case 😉

    Love the card he drew, and all the gorgeous pics of those delicious sweets!

    Thanks for linking to #brilliantblogposts – I’ve absolutely loved hosting, most especially because I get to read ALL the awesome posts that get linked <3

  120. thekiwibex says:

    My husband!

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    If I won, I’d have to share them with my daughter as she’d kill me if I ate them all!

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    Well, it’s the thought that counts!

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  185. I love the sour gummies! But I’m afraid I rarely share them with others…

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    I’d share with my other half

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    I suppose I’d share them with my two girls…they do share theirs with me so I guess it’s only right.

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    My Brother 🙂

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    My daughters friends, need fillings for sweetie cups for her upcoming bday party

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    The grandchildren I would have no choice

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    My husband and children….maybe 😉

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    My 5 year old daughter & sweet toothed boyfriend :))

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    Possibly with friends on one of our cinema trips, if they lasted that long!

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    My nephew would love this so would I yummy

  214. Nicola Stephenson says:


  215. Eleanor Jones says:

    My flatmates 🙂

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    I would have to eat them all myself because as a responsible parent I would deem these to be bad for my childrens teeth.Well that’s my excuse anyway.

  217. christy beckett says:

    My husband and children hopefully there would be some left for me x

  218. Angela Williams says:

    If I really have to share, it will be with my 2 children and may be my husband

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    Please Please I would love them

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    I would share them with my Daughter

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    My fiance is a sweet addict so we’d hide them from him for starters then me and the twins could share them in secret 🙂

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    My daughter will eat them all!

  228. Cheryl says:

    I’d stash them in my suitcase for my holiday with my little sister – treats for the journey!

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    My vegetarian children and vegan husband. Yummy!

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  236. Clint Howat says:


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  250. What, I have to share? My mum and her other half then 🙂

  251. My Children

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  253. Andrea Williams says:

    My granddaughter Grace, I would be the best granny x

  254. jackie curran says:

    My family , we would love to try this, as always avoid nasty gelatine .

  255. Martina Pichova says:

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  259. GEOFF WICKENS says:

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    I’d share them with my fiancee and my son!

  261. Alison Turner says:

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  262. I’ve been invited to a 5th Birthday party next month, so that would be the present sorted!

  263. Chris Minko says:

    My daughter and her family

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    My gorgeous grandchildren

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    My husband.

  266. emma falvi says:

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    Although I would want to keep them for myself I suppose I would HAVE to share with my wife and kids!

  268. Susan Pringle says:

    I’d share with my partner and our kids. We love these sweets, in fact it’s one of only a few sweets we all like.

  269. Samantha Sugden says:

    My Daughter

  270. Pauline H Black says:

    my grandson jayden

  271. My husband and 4 grown up children

  272. Susan Freeman says:

    I wouldn’t have to share in my house as I’m on my own, but dare say I would take them down to my sister and father 🙂

  273. Hekna says:

    My partner who has a bit of a sweet tooth!

  274. My 83 year old mother in law as she is still a big kid at heart

  275. my lovely mum

  276. gracieg says:

    my friends

  277. My family – I’m sure I could ‘sweet talk’ them round!

  278. olivia280177 says:

    I don’t like sweets and nor do my boys but my daughter and niece would love them!

  279. Rena Plumridge says:

    My children they would love them

  280. Isabell Whitenstall says:

    I would share them with my sister as she loves them

  281. joanne liddement says:

    I would share with my son

  282. Paula Readings says:

    I would take them to work, we could eat them during our shift.

  283. Angela Paull says:

    My 3 year old wee man and I guess I might let my fiancé have some 🙂

  284. With my husband, he loves sweets!

  285. I’d be handing them over to the kids & would be one very popular Mumzy!

  286. William Gould says:

    Have to share them with wifey, or “she takes her favourites and I have the rest” is how it usually works!

  287. Linda Streater says:

    I would have to share them with my 6 Grandchildren, but I don’t think they will last very long 🙂

  288. Judith Allen (@JudeVFR400) says:

    I love sweets, and share with my partner. I would also send some to my vegan daughter, I would, honest. I wouldn’t scoff them all myself.

  289. Jill m says:

    My daughters

  290. My bestest chum G.C.

  291. Tracy says:

    My kids!

  292. liz ferguson says:

    My family

  293. Sally Rose says:

    my nephew

  294. Allison Campbell says:

    My work colleagues case we need a treat

  295. Angela Kelly says:

    My nephew

  296. Donna Gilligan says:

    I would be lucky if my kids shared them with me!

  297. Nat thomason says:

    My daughter 🙂

  298. Caroline Howard says:

    My son and daughter and no doubt my partner would want some too!

  299. Vera Bahounkova says:

    My grandson Toby

  300. My grandchildren

  301. Share? You expect me to share? Oh well, go on then, I’m sure I could spare some for hubby & little ones… 😉

  302. Eleanor Powell says:

    My hubby and daughter would wolf these down

  303. Laura Whittle says:

    My little girls Alexa and Chloe x

  304. carlie bryan says:

    my kiddiwinks, who are and always will be addicted to sweets, ha ha, as much as me!

  305. Lynne OConnor says:

    my sons

  306. Nicola Holland says:

    My children 🙂

  307. esther james says:

    my lovely kids

  308. No-one, they’d be all mine hee hee

  309. Anne KIAZ Brookes says:

    My daughters and grandson.

  310. Susan Hoggett says:

    my daughter

  311. Jill fairbank says:

    my children

  312. My daughter and her best friend when she comes over to play.

  313. angy pangy says:

    Me and my 2 girls would share them before daddy gets them 🙂

  314. Tamsin Dean says:

    My kids

  315. Caroline says:

    I think that would be my lovely daughter Ellie

  316. catriona nation says:

    My children

  317. Jolice McGee says:

    My little boy and fella xx

  318. alisa moore says:

    My boy

  319. Ms colleen Thomas says:

    With my 4 grand children

  320. Rachel B says:

    my niece

  321. After reading your review I don’t think I want to share with anyone! But,I’d let my niece & nephew have a taste 🙂

  322. Champaklal Lad says:

    mesha tinking sharing means less for me – sharing not must I do

  323. Monika S says:

    my 2 children

  324. Kirsty Greer says:

    My hubby and daughters would love these xx

  325. marian. fievez says:

    My husband and daughter.

  326. Lauren Main says:

    my baby brother x

  327. Paula Wicks-Farr says:

    Just me!

  328. Jackie Chapman says:

    My Granddaughters Lacy and Libbi

  329. clair dutton says:

    my son

  330. Michelle Wild says:

    My husband and cat

  331. alice lightning says:

    my four children and huspband

  332. Joanne Clough says:

    All for me until my boys find them

  333. Karen Martin says:

    I would share with my fiancé and my son.


  1. […] always eat it all together at the party. Our party bags contained a small bar of Plamil chocolate, Goody Good Stuff sweets, bubbles, a pumpkin straw, a balloon, a small toy and a loom band bracelet made by my […]

  2. […] following ‘free from’ brands sent us some great goodies for my little girl’s birthday party: Goody Good Stuff, Lazy Day Foods, Plamil Foods, debbie&andrew’s, The Coconut Collaborative and Pudology. […]

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