Celebrating British Sausage Week

This week is British Sausage Week. Who knew? I had no idea either, until I stumbled upon Charlotte’s Food Blogger’s Calendar a couple of weeks ago.

I have always found sausages and mash to be the ultimate comfort food. It is the kind of meal we love to eat as a family, with vegetables and plenty of gravy.

debbie&andrew's sausages and mash

Until I came to live in England, I had never considered sausages as a breakfast option. I have learnt to enjoy them with a steaming hot cup of coffee on a lazy Sunday morning. These days, my idea of the perfect week-end breakfast includes pancakes, a bacon sandwich, a full English breakfast, a modest sausage sandwich or a sausage and poached egg muffin.

Sausage and Egg Muffin

I discovered debbie&andrew’s sausages at the Allergy Show in July, and was impressed when I sampled their Harrogate 97% sausages. They are gluten, wheat and dairy free, so when they got in touch with me asking to try their products and review them, I was up for it, especially since Hubby is a big meat eater.

I was also eager for Jumpy to try sausages. Although she is not allergic to meat, any packaged pork products seem to trigger a rash on her skin. She is fine with gammon I cook myself, but until recently, sliced ham and bacon for example were instantly causing eczema flare-ups. There was no reaction whatsoever with the sausages!

The first pack of debbie&andrew’s sausages we got was the start of an addiction for Hubby. He keeps craving the sausages and has bought them every single week since we first tried them. They have a nice range of products but we have stuck to the ‘free from’ sausages so we can all enjoy them together. These sausages are tasty, always crispy on the outside and they simply taste delicious every time.

So far, we have used the sausages for Rougail Saucisse (sausage stew), sausage sandwiches, lasagne, bangers & mash, sausage and poached egg muffins, English breakfast and party food.

Rougail Saucisse - Sausage Stew

When they spotted on Twitter that we were supporting Allergy UK’s annual fundraiser ‘Give It Some Welly’, debbie&andrew’s even sent us small herb pots shaped like wellies in which to grow chives. How cute is that? They made my little man’s day! They also contributed to our fundraising efforts, which was really thoughtful.

debbie&andrew's Mini Wellies as Herb Pots

To kick-start British Sausage week, I have teamed up with debbie&andrew’s to give away three prizes. Each winner will receive a kit containing a cool bag, a recipe book and three vouchers for one complimentary pack of debbie&andrew’s sausages.

debbie&andrew's sausages
All you have to do to enter the giveaway is use the entry box below and answer a simple question in the comments section at the bottom of the page. For extra chances of winning, check the instructions in the form. Entries are open until midnight GMT time on 2nd December 2014 and the competition is open to UK residents only. Good luck!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

– The giveaway is open to UK residents aged 18 and over.
– The prizes will be supplied directly by debbie&andrew’s.
– debbie&andrew’s sent us vouchers for sausages, herb pots, a recipe book and a cool bag. They also sent us sausages and vouchers for Jumpy’s ‘free from’ birthday party.
– No payment was received for this post. All opinions and photographs are my own.

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  1. Nat thomason says:

    With mustard

  2. K.C.Mankel says:

    If I am surfing on the computer in the middle of the night, and feel a little peckish, a pre cooked sausage (or two) fills that gap!

  3. Sue Gale says:

    In a fresh bap with some ketchup

  4. In a bap with tomato ketchup!

  5. Jane Berrow says:

    With ketchup and chips, they are delicious.

  6. Nicola says:

    Lashings of gravy and crispy rosemary parmentier potatoes

  7. sausage sandwich

  8. Lisa Day says:

    Toad in the hole with lots of onion gravy and roast potatoes is my absolute favourite.

  9. A dab of mustard

  10. marion Morgan says:

    Nice prize

  11. winnie says:

    in a hotdog 😀

  12. andrew reed says:

    love sausages with colmans mustard and gravy

  13. Pauline Gibson says:

    With soft mash and caramelised onion gravy with some mustard on the side yummy in my tummy x

  14. kellyjo walters says:

    sausages with sweet potato jacket, salad and corn cobs

  15. Patricia Edwards says:

    Sausage sandwich

  16. I’m a big fan of a sausage sandwich but I do make a rather scrummy spicy sausage stew.

  17. Theresa parker says:

    In a well fired roll with lots of brown sauce…I think it’s a Scottish favourite!

  18. Elizabeth Smith says:

    When I bake them I slop a bit of balsamic vinegar for the last 10 mins and it makes a kind of glaze – lovely!

  19. Breakfast at your house sounds great! I always seem to be in a rush and end up eating cereal. Although occasionally I’ll make a full English as a special treat.

    I’m glad you’ve managed to find sausages your whole family can eat and what you’ve done with them so far looks delicious. I’m amazed at the growing range of free-from food around these days!

    Thanks so much for the mention at the beginning. I’m so glad you’ve found the calendar useful.

    • No worries lovely! During the week, I only have breakfast biscuits and coffee, but our breakfast is sacred at the week-end!

  20. on a roll

  21. Homemade sausage rolls!

  22. In Yorkshire pudding with gravy

  23. with beans

  24. Sausage casserole is my favourite, using fresh lovely sausages…

  25. Cheryl Kean says:

    in a casserole on a cold winters evening

  26. Roy Davis says:

    be nice to try a totally different sausage

  27. In a honey and mustard casserole, yum yum!

  28. Toad in the hole!

  29. I love sausages in a roll with slow cooked onions and ketchup! Yum!

  30. emma falvi says:

    with chips and brown sauce

  31. Susan Sargent says:

    Mashed potatoes, beans and of course sausages

  32. Jess Mandeville says:

    In a casserole served with mashed potato and fresh veggies – perfect for a winter’s evening

  33. Liam Bishop says:

    In a hotdog bun with mustard and ketchup! And fried onions 🙂

  34. Christopher Packer says:

    Grilled with mash potatoes and peas and a nice thick gravy

  35. Warren Casket says:

    In ma belly

  36. Rita Hutton says:

    sausage and mash

  37. Dawn Henson says:

    I love Sausage with mash and onion gravy!!

  38. dripped into fried egg

  39. Herbert Appleby says:

    I like a good sausage casserole with a hint of chilli most.

  40. Sam Williams says:

    Grilled in a sandwich

  41. Tracey baker says:

    In a toad in the Hole!!! Lots of onion gravy

  42. sausages and mash!

  43. grilled with mustard

  44. Carolynn Woodland says:

    With mashed potato and onion gravy

  45. With tinned tomatoes and ketchup – yum!

  46. Jennifer Wlodyka says:

    Bangers and Mash

  47. lynne collins says:

    Sausages with mash & peas,this was always our lunch when we visited our Auntie & Uncle when we lived in Australia, and always reminds me of Happy Childhood Days

  48. John Taggart says:

    In a sandwich with smoked bacon and brown sauce

  49. kayleigh bates says:

    On a cooked breakfast!

  50. alex fowler says:

    Loads of gravy and mash potato

  51. Amanda A says:

    with creamy mashed potato and baked beans – the best comfort food ever!

  52. Richard Hill says:

    with the works bacon egg black pudding beans tomatoes mushroom toast fried bread and lots of brown sauce

  53. karen hughes says:

    With creamy mashed potatoes and beans.x

  54. Debra Winfield says:

    ooo got to be in a lovely rich tea onion gravy yummm

  55. elaine dale says:

    on bread cake, no butter, just the sausages

  56. Keri Jones says:

    o0o0o either in a lovely casserole, smothered in ketchup or in a baguette with lots of butter. I love sausages! Debbie & Andrew’s sausages are lovely, we have them nearly once a week, heehee 🙂 x

  57. lucy higgins says:

    with mash leeks and gravy

  58. Felicity Smith says:

    a good sausage casserole with lots of flavours

  59. Emma Ellison says:

    With brown sauce on a cheese topped bun

  60. With mash, gravy and peas and sweetcorn

  61. Gemma Clark says:

    with mash and onion gravy mmmmmm

  62. elizabeth ferguson says:

    sausage and chips

  63. laura stewart says:

    with beans and mash xx

  64. Peter Allen says:

    Sausage , poached eggs, baked beans & chips

  65. SARAH HAWKINS says:

    Sausage casserole. Yum

  66. Eva Vida says:

    In a cassoulet!

  67. Tracey Parker says:

    Toad in the hole with caramelised onion gravy

  68. Kathryn Hipkin says:

    For breakfast, with raw onion and, if I have time, scrambled egg too!

  69. ann clements says:

    In a bun with tomato ketchup

  70. Amy Blickett says:

    I love toad in the hole with loads of gravy!

  71. laura banks says:

    with mash and beans

  72. Olga carpenter says:

    Toa in the hole

  73. Margaret Tromans says:

    just love sausage and mash meals

  74. Heather Haigh says:

    I have to pick one way? I love sausages in casseroles, toad in the hole, with mash, but I suppose my favourite is a sausage sarnie. (gluten free bread and always Debbie and Andrew’s gf sausages for me.

  75. Natalie Roberts says:

    Sausage sandwich on toast with lots of HP brown sauce!

  76. Paul Scotland says:

    I love eating sausages on toast with onions and brown sauce

  77. Natalie Crossan says:

    Sausage and mash meals 😀 xx

  78. Karen Louise wright says:

    Sausage & egg toasted sandwich x

  79. ashleigh says:

    With mash!

  80. katie skeoch says:

    In fry up with bacon, eggs & HP sauce

  81. leanne perrett says:

    with mash and onion gravy 🙂

  82. Anneka Hulse says:

    with mash onions, tomatoes and gravy

  83. Can’t beat a sausage bap for breakfast 🙂

  84. Paul Ballantine says:

    Good old mash n gravy with mine 🙂

  85. Carol Phile says:

    Fried in a full English

  86. Leona S Fisher says:

    From the bbq in a finger bun!

  87. Charlotte rawlins says:

    Toad in the hole with mash veg and onion gravy

  88. lynn heath says:

    We love toad in the hole, with onion gravy and mash potato!

  89. naddia_c says:

    I love fry sausages near green peas boiled in a chopped tomatoes with onion and carrot.

  90. Has to be toad in the hole 🙂

  91. Karl Borowy says:

    very yummy food

  92. Sandra Lane says:

    I love to make a sausage casserole.

  93. William Gould says:

    With mash and cauliflower!

  94. fiona cullen says:

    with a full english breakfast

  95. dorothy cavender says:

    with mash & peas

  96. pete c says:

    in a sandwich with ketchup

  97. Emma Ferguson says:

    I love sausages with creamy mash cabbage, leeks and peas. Finished with an onion gravy 🙂

  98. With mash and onion gravy

  99. melanie stirling says:

    In a sandwich.

  100. Ils ont la chance celles qui habitent en Uk! Cette saucisse à l’air superbe et j’adore l’accompagner avec une bonne pure de pomme de terre comme le tienne! Je crois que je ne pourrais pas manger ce plat pour le petit déjeuner, je préfère les pancakes 😉

    • Elles ont vraiment beaucoup de goût mais les chipolatas françaises me manquent tout de même. Je n’aurais jamais imaginé devenir accro au sandwich saucisse-œuf, mais je dois avouer que j’adore !

  101. Hazel Rea says:

    Sausage sandwich – either with tomato ketchup or brown sauce depending on my mood at the time!

  102. CAROL PATRICK says:

    Good old bangers & mash with gravy

  103. Spencer Broadley says:

    As part of a great English breakfast

  104. natalie says:

    Cold! No sauce Au Natural!

  105. Becca Staples says:

    Sausage and baked bean casserole, a favourite in our house x

  106. Keshia Esgate says:

    Just on their own is great! Maybe with a pile of sauce to dip them in!

  107. Tania Atfield says:

    With chutney and jacket potato

  108. caroline says:

    I really love toad in the hole, but I am rubbish at it. I need to practice!!

  109. mmmm this look sooo tasty! I think I would have sausage and creamy mash x

  110. Susan Smith says:

    Sausage and mash with mustard

  111. Chris E Andrews says:

    What is your favourite way to eat sausages? l’m a traditionalist……………….l love sausages and mash

  112. Rachael fearn says:

    With fried onions with garlic & chilli

  113. silvia stoyanova says:

    sausages with potato salad

  114. AMANDA ROBINSON says:

    As a family sausage & mash with onion gravy & yorkshire puddings, and my guilty pleasure would be a sausage butty with a runny egg 🙂

  115. In Toad in the Hole, creamy mash and onion gravy

  116. You Baby Me Mummy says:

    I am on a diet, so I want to eat all of that now! 🙂 x

  117. Amanda Beamish says:

    on a freshly baked bread roll with sauerkraut

  118. Miriam says:

    Sausage Bap with Brown Sauce

  119. Mark Richmond says:

    With garlic mash and really thick onion gravy

  120. Debbie Nichols says:

    In a sandwich. Thick white bread and a touch of home made ketchup.

  121. maxine m partridge says:

    sausage sandwich with some nice ketchup and lettuce

  122. sue hodges says:

    love a sausage sandwich with brown sauce

  123. With mash & gravy.

  124. Perfect with butternut squash and onion mash

  125. sharon B says:

    in a doorstep size of fresh crusty bread 🙂

  126. Natalie carter says:

    Hotdog with crunch crisps ketchup & mustard

  127. With onion gravy

  128. Gina M says:

    I love them Italian style with peppers mmmm!

  129. Toad in the Hole

  130. laura jayne bates says:

    in a casserole

  131. claire griffiths says:

    in a casserole with mash potato

  132. harriet says:

    With ketchup

  133. tracy baines says:

    with home made mash and green beans and a slice of white bread

  134. Oh in a sandwich with egg and brown sauce every time!

    • Not a fan of brown sauce myself, but now craving a sausage and egg sandwich… what is wrong with me? All I think about is food!

  135. Jennifer toal says:

    With mash peas and gravy

  136. emmaellams says:

    With egg, chips and beans!

  137. Craig Havery says:

    chopped up sauteed in a pan with sliced new potatoes and rosemary

  138. Linda Mawdsley says:

    With mash and onion gravy

  139. Zachary Hudson says:

    Sausage sarnie with lots of brwon sauce

  140. zoe goodwin says:

    I love a sausage butty with ketchup!

  141. Pam Francis Gregory says:

    Toad in the Hole

  142. Toad in the hole

  143. Toad in the hole – every time!

  144. Alica says:

    Sausage, mash and onion gravy! NOMMAGE!!

  145. Sausages are best in a casserole cooked in the slow cooker <3

  146. Irene Wright says:

    Can’t beat good old sausages , gravy & mashed spuds. Fills a hole every time!

  147. Dawn Chapman says:

    Toad in the hole and onion gravy!

  148. Francesca Marie Smith says:

    In a chilli dog with loadsa cheese!

  149. Monica Gilbert says:

    I like mine with some maple syrup as part of my breakfast.

  150. Monica Gilbert says:

    I like mine with maple syrup.

  151. With a light fluffy mustard mash and a rich red onion gravy

  152. with mash and onion gravy – yum! x

  153. Elaine B says:

    Me – With Mash and Gravy
    Kids – With beans

  154. With bacon & eggs

  155. Susan Joyce Rogers says:

    As part of a full English breakfast,sets you up for the day!

  156. zoe bryan says:

    has to be with mash and gravey 😀

  157. Spicy sausage and pasta

  158. I love toad in the hole best of all

  159. Laura Loo says:

    In a casserole with lots of chunk vegetables

  160. Kathryn Russell says:

    Sausage, mash, fried onion and ketchup yummy 🙂

  161. Michael Griffin says:

    in a sausage sandwich

  162. aideen patel says:

    In stew with potatoes 🙂

  163. tara watkins says:

    Mmm i love sausages with onion gravy n mash

  164. Sausage, spinach and pasta bake! 🙂

  165. Lara Latchem says:

    toad in the hole with sun dried tomatos and thyme

  166. Lucy Pasifull says:

    I love toad in the hole.

  167. Terrie-Ann Wright says:

    I like mine grilled on slightly toasted bread with brown sauce, some cheese and a hash brown… yum!!!

  168. Catherine Craig says:


  169. Norman Whitfield says:

    With fried onions. Mmm!

  170. Chris Elston says:

    Fresh bread, and a little hot sauce

  171. Laura Charlie says:

    Can’t beat a sausage sandwich! The sausage and poached egg muffin pictured above has truly got my mouthwatering!!

  172. With mash and veg mm

  173. kerri Ann says:

    In a baguette with butter & lots of brown sauce xx

  174. A Stordy says:

    Sausage casserole, served with rice noodles

  175. Fiona Rennie says:

    With thick onion gravy, peas and mash in a giant yorkshire pudding 🙂

  176. Jo Glasspool says:

    On a butty xx

  177. Pamela Risk says:

    In Stovies yum

  178. Christopher Read says:

    In a bun with ketchup or brown sauce.

  179. Rosemary Sheehan says:

    Sausage casseroles

  180. Lucia Jefferson says:

    in a sandwich 🙂

  181. Kat Lucas says:

    Being from Texas, I have converted my family to loving Biscuits & Sausage Gravy for Sunday breakfasts

  182. Andy Kadir-Buxton says:

    Sausage stew.

  183. With mash and onion gravy

  184. Tracy Buck says:

    In a bun with loads of onions and ketchup mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  185. Claire D says:

    In staffordshire oatcakes

  186. clair downham says:

    with gravy and mashed potato

  187. karen walby says:

    in a sandwich with brown sauce

  188. eloise mccarthy says:

    On their own with mash and gravy 🙂

  189. lisa tebbutt says:

    sauages and mas onion gravy

  190. Joy Portas says:

    Toad in the hole

  191. MichelleD says:

    In Toad in the hole!!

  192. Frances Sunshine Hopkins says:

    Toad in the hole with mash and gravy x

  193. I like my sausages completely overdone and totally doused in a thick, dark gravy! Delish!

  194. jen lloyd says:

    with mash and onion gravy mmm

  195. LynneH says:

    Straight up: with mashed potatoes, onions and mushrooms

  196. Deborah B says:

    cooked in the oven till crispy and served with mashed potatoes and veg and onion gravy

  197. Michelle Smith says:

    Sausages are so versatile it’s difficult to chose a favourite, classic bangers and mash is slightly ahead

  198. In soft white bread (sandwich) with a little ketchup.. not too much.. 🙂

  199. jennifer hull says:

    sausages and onions gravy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and chips of course

  200. Toad in the hole with good gravy.

  201. Simon Ward says:

    With Mustard

  202. Michelle lintern says:

    Toad in the hole

  203. Allan Wilson says:

    On mash with lots of gravy

  204. My favourite way to eat sausages is with mashed potato, beans, yorkshire pudding, boiled vegetables and onion gravy

  205. Anne Dalzell says:

    Cooked in a casserole with a three bean mix, plum tomatoes, red onions, garlic and some crusty bread…oh and some red wine to drink!

  206. bangers n mash of course!

  207. With way too much mustard..

  208. Angela Kelly says:

    You can’t beat a plain and simple sausage sandwich

  209. michelle pierce says:

    in a sandwich with some cheese

  210. john hannigan says:

    In a full English Yum

  211. maggie fawcett says:

    Bangers and mash with onion gravy

  212. tony machin says:

    sausage sandwich

  213. Monica Gilbert says:

    I like them with maple syrup and pancakes.

  214. Jess Powell says:

    As a hot dog 🙂

  215. Claire Hull says:

    Probably in toad in the hole

  216. LORAINE DAY says:

    toad in the hole

  217. Fran H says:

    Bangers and mash!!

  218. Kevin Honey says:

    With chips

  219. Christine Caple says:

    In a hotdog.

  220. Zoe Roxby says:

    In a casserole

  221. Kim M says:

    Toad in the Hole with lots of mash and gravy

  222. Alexandra Smith says:

    With a BBQ!

  223. In a sausage sandwich

  224. corissa says:

    With mashed potato and gravy of course

  225. corissa says:

    With mash and gravy

  226. Claire rodgers says:

    Toad in the hole! Or with mash and onion gravy 😉

  227. Keith Wallbanks says:

    Cooked well, left to get cold and then dipped in mango chutney

  228. Rebecca Nisbet says:

    with creamy mash potato and thick onion gravy!

  229. jane graham says:

    cooked slowly, till crisp and then served on sourdough with a poached egg – on a Sunday Morning.

  230. Ann Skamarauskas says:

    In a crusty roll with mustard and ketchup

  231. Kerry Locke says:

    In a bun with lashings of mustard

  232. hannahlig says:

    Wrapped in bacon is my favourite way to eat a sausage

  233. Susan Trubey says:

    with beans and chips

  234. amanda davis says:

    with mash tatty and beans plus gravy

  235. with cheese on bread and butter …. yummmmmm

  236. Hayley Robson says:

    love sausage sandwiches

  237. Greig spencer says:

    with mash and veg

  238. Maureen Moss says:

    fried with onions mashed potato and baked beans

  239. Mike Gerrie says:

    Straight off the BBQ in a bun mmmmm!!

  240. Reg Vandra says:

    In a full english

  241. Jill m says:

    On a butty x

  242. jodie W says:

    In a bun with fried onions and ketchup

  243. Simon Harrington says:

    Between two pieces of brown bread and covered in brown sauce

  244. Alex Telford says:

    The ultimate comfort food – toad in the hole

  245. lorraine rogers says:

    grilled or barbequed in a roll with mustard, mushrooms and red onion

  246. judith eddington says:

    just in a bap with ketchup

  247. kaye steeper says:

    sausage egg nd chips nom nom nom

  248. Anne Plumb says:

    With onions , egg and chips.

  249. In a bread roll with ketchup 🙂

  250. Sausage, chips and baked beans 🙂

  251. I love a sausage butty with tomato ketchup!

  252. Vera Bahounkova says:

    in a hotdog

  253. Daniel Stacey says:

    Sausages in pitta bread with cheese & tomato sauce

  254. In a sandwich or bun with onions

  255. Iain Green says:

    With tinned tomatoes and bread.

  256. with mash and onion gravy

  257. Petra says:

    with mustard

  258. jemima bradshaw says:

    With mash, onion gravy and mushy peas 🙂

  259. Nancy Bradford says:

    With mustard on nice, crusty bread and a bit of sauercraut if there happens to be any about.

  260. Kiran Parry says:

    With tomato ketchup

  261. Donna Gilligan says:

    in a sandwich with beans

  262. Rick Carr says:

    With Mustard

  263. Susan Hoggett says:


  264. Eloise says:

    Hot dog style – in a bun with ketchup mayo and some fried onions 😀

  265. Mandy Grose says:

    Cold in a sandwich with marmite (blame my dad for that one!)

  266. In a French Stick Sandwich

  267. Charlotte Hood says:

    I love sausage casserole, but if I’m feeling lazy a sausage sandwich with ketchup is enough to satisfy me!

  268. Tamsin Dean says:

    sausage casserole yummy

  269. Garry says:

    In a sandwich with English mustard.

  270. Without meat :-p

  271. Bangers and mash with grazy and fried onions

  272. jacquiturner says:

    Cold with lots of German mustard. Yum!

  273. pam lawrence says:

    In a sandwich – white sliced bread ( dry, no butter), with tomato sauce – heaven!!!

  274. Whole with mustard

  275. Amanda Longman says:

    Sausage sandwich with brown sauce!

  276. Sarah Davies says:

    A sausage casserole

  277. Naomi Buchan says:

    In a cassarole is my favourite x

  278. Kerry Lethbridge says:

    I love a toad in the hole

  279. Steven Montgomery says:

    With plenty of gravy 😛

  280. Angela Morgan says:

    In a roll with onions and a dab of thick gravy

  281. Lisa Houston says:

    on a bbq

  282. Kirsty Harrington says:

    With mash, cabbage and gravy

  283. With egg and chips, a slice of buttered bread with tomato sauce spread on it with a sausage rolled in the bread and then dipped into the lovely runny egg yolk, pure bliss.

  284. Clare Hubbard says:

    With mash and gallons of gravy

  285. Sylvia Gill says:

    on a crusty roll with gravy

  286. jo liddement says:

    Love sausages with mash potato and peas with gravy

  287. Aaron Milne says:

    As part of a full English

  288. alison green says:

    gotta be really buttery mash and lashings of gravy with sausages nom nom

  289. sue lempkowski says:

    toad in the hole with mash and gravy

  290. Kim Styles says:

    I know it is strange but I dont like hard sausage skins so I like my sausages boiled and then served up in a giant homemade yorkshire pudding, smothered with onion and dijon mustard gravy, and accompanied by celariac and potato mash and broad beans -yum -a lovely winter warmer

  291. Emma Price says:

    Toad in the hole, LOTS of mashed potato and LOTS of gravy! MMM!!

  292. With a cooked breakfast

  293. Lauren Old says:

    Pigs in blankets!

  294. Julie Ward says:

    With fried onions and baked beans

  295. Annabel Fincham says:

    In a toad in the whole with onion gravy

  296. Gemma Nisbet says:

    I love toad in the hole.

  297. Nicola Holland says:

    Barbecued with chips and relish 🙂

  298. Zoe Coen says:

    With mash, gravy and sweetcorn

  299. Hue Lu says:

    Mash potatoes and onion gravy!

  300. sausages with mustard mash with onion gravy x

  301. sarah stevens says:

    in mash with gravy 🙂

  302. Alexandra Blue says:

    sausage sandwiches with butter and ketchup

  303. Sausage and chilli mash yummmmmmy

  304. Sausage and mash.



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