How to Exercise When You Don’t Have Time for it (+ a Free Yogaia Trial & Giveaway)

Exercise When You Don’t Have Time…

Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely mummies, mamas, mamans, mommies and mams out there. Is it completely inappropriate if I start by whining about being a busy a mum of four who has no time for herself? Peeing in peace is my ‘me time’ and even that rarely happens. There is always a small child speaking to me (or screaming) as I try to have a shower and I seldom wake up without a child breathing down my neck. If you are in a similar situation to me and are able to exercise when you don’t have time, then send over some tips! My exercise regime generally involves carrying a toddler up and down the stairs or walking briskly (OK, running) on the school run twice a day.

Although I have very little time for myself, look at these 4… Don’t they make your heart melt?

Finding time to exercise when you don't have time for it can be tough. Yogaia is the perfect solution to practise yoga anywhere, anytime.

My million pound question for you is, “Do you actually want to exercise when you don’t have time?” I really am not a ‘fit mama’ kind of person, so if I have a spare minute, all I want to do is bake a cake, eat something sweet or have a nap on the sofa when my children watch a film. The only issue is that (shock shock horror!) my high metabolism has been slowing down and I have put on almost one and a half stone over the past couple of years. I have never put on weight in my life, if you exclude four pregnancies that all went past 40 weeks.

Finding time to exercise when you don't have time for it can be tough. Yogaia is the perfect solution to practise yoga anywhere, anytime.

I was 40 weeks and 3 days pregnant with Beanie there and gave birth about 10 hours later!

Bye Bye Abs, Hello Mummy Tummy

Things are changing. My body is not as firm and slender as it used to be, and I definitely have a flabby mummy tummy. I am not too self-conscious and I will never ever restrict my food intake or go on a diet. Life is too short not to enjoy every mouthful of food. All I want is to make some time just for me (other than when I’m peeing), firm up my mum tum and also improve my posture. After carrying 4 children, suffering from sciatica in my last pregnancy and a bad posture since childhood, enough is enough. I want to go back to yoga and to improve my posture.

A 1st Attempt at Yoga

Yoga is the only form of exercise I have ever practised regularly. It wasn’t love at first sight and I wish someone had directed me towards an article like this one before my first attempt. The first time I tried yoga, I was 17 and I was way too immature to fully enjoy it. I was in the 6th form and there were free after school sessions. My friend Violaine and I joined but we could not help giggling and feeling like idiots, which really annoyed the yoga teacher (and everyone else for that matter). It almost got us thrown out of the room. We could not concentrate, relax or do the movements properly. We were way too distracted by our own selves and the seemingly ridiculous postures we were getting into. Self-consciousness and being teenagers were our enemies.

Why I Love Yoga

It was a good nine or ten years later before I convinced myself to give yoga another go. I was ready then and I absolutely loved it. The flow, the fact people were doing their own thing and not caring about everyone else’s movements, the gentle exercise, the breathing techniques. the meditation at the end. Ever since, yoga has been the only form of exercise I have stuck with, and until my third pregnancy, I would practise religiously every week. I am not ‘good’ or flexible, but that is the beauty of yoga: it is not competitive, you do not compare yourself to others. It is all about you, your breathing and how your practice helps your body.

Finding time to exercise when you don't have time for it can be tough. Yogaia is the perfect solution to practise yoga anywhere, anytime.

Photo credit: Yogaia

Flabby, Bad Posture, Self-conscious & Embarrassed

Although getting back to yoga has been on my list of things to achieve for the past couple of years, I have only managed to attend a handful of classes. I have never been the most flexible or graceful of people, but my posture is getting worse and worse, my ‘mum tum’ is showing no sign of going anywhere and the exercise-hater that I am is actually craving some form of exercise. I feel flabby and I hate it. The thought of joining a gym to spend hours in a room full of sweaty people makes me shudder. Running is my idea of hell on earth and although I have managed to attend a few  hot yoga classes in the past month and loved them, there is always a part of me that feels judged and  embarrassed not to be as flexible as the rest of the group.

Yogaia: The Best Way to Exercise When You Don’t Have Time

I thought of looking for YouTube videos of yoga practices, but you know what life is like with young children: you just don’t make time for yourself. A few months ago, I stumbled upon Yogaia online and I looked a bit more into it. It seemed ideal. I tend to shy away from rooms full of sweaty people or having to get changed into fitness gear, so the thought of practising yoga when I wanted or even in my PJs before my morning shower sounded appealing.

Finding time to exercise when you don't have time for it can be tough. Yogaia is the perfect solution to practise yoga anywhere, anytime.

Photo credit: Yogaia

Like everything, it took three months before I actually made the time to sign up for it, but as my little ones were asking, “What shall we do?” for the umpteenth time on 1st January, I decided to give it a go, with them. It took me less than a minute to sign up and choose between one of the free pre-recorded classes available. We went for a simple 20-minute ‘flow basic’ Vinyasa session (Amanda Dufour), as they had never practised yoga. I did it with my four children and was surprised they managed to follow all instructions, really. We all thoroughly enjoyed our session, despite the little ones climbing on me or using me as a bridge at times.

Finding time to exercise when you don't have time for it can be tough. Yogaia is the perfect solution to practise yoga anywhere, anytime. I really love those online yoga classes that are also interactive if you turn on your camera.

Photo credit: Yogaia

Since then, I have managed to attend 6 pre-recorded classes on Yogaia on my own (woop woop!), as well as a few with one or four of the kids . I tend to go for short classes and  I love the fact you can have any type of yoga that fits your style, the time of day or your energy levels. My favourite collection of classes is the one for busy mums. I have not yet been brave enough to go for a live class, but that’s next on my list as until the end of March, every time a yogi joins a live class, Yogaia are donating 1€ to Help Refugees UK to support their CHOOSE LOVE campaign.

Finding time to exercise when you don't have time for it can be tough. Yogaia is the perfect solution to practise yoga anywhere, anytime. I really love those online yoga classes that are also interactive if you turn on your camera.

Photo credit: Yogaia

My top tip to exercise when you don’t have time?

Stop procrastinating and making excuses (I rock at faffing!) and get started, then stick to it! Check these 5 top tips to make your yoga routine stick.

Finding time to exercise when you don't have time for it can be tough. Yogaia is the perfect solution to practise yoga anywhere, anytime.

Photo credit: Yogaia



No credit card required for your free 2-week trial.

You just need to sign up by clicking here using in your exclusive code: MEL2017. You will not need to put any bank details in at all or pay anything. It is just a Mother’s Day gift to you for a chance to check Yogaia out. I would love you all to tell me which classes you are enjoying most! Let’s keep motivating each other!

Win a 12-month Membership to Yogaia!

The lovely people at Yogaia are giving away a one-year membership to one lucky reader.

To be in with a chance of winning just complete one or more entries below. Good luck!

How to enter the giveaway:

You can pick and choose a range of ways in which to enter. The only one you must click on to get into the draw is the one asking you to leave a blog post comment. You must also leave a comment telling me which class you would take first if you won.

Entries are open until 23.59 p.m. GMT time on Tuesday 2 May 2017. Good luck!


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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own and I contacted Yogaia myself as I loved their concept and was desperate to give it a go. I have been using it for almost three months and love it! I have just become a Yogaia affiliate so if you sign up after your trial period and become a paying customer with Yogaia, I will get a small sum of money.  The gift code gives access to all Yogaia classes (live and recorded) for 14 days. During the trial period, you will not have access to the web camera during the live classes.  The code is valid until the end of June for new Yogaia customers. The giveaway is open worldwide. 

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  1. I’d do the yoga for stress and anxiety class first. What a great prize, I’ve been wanting to try yoga for ages but I don’t have the confidence to go to a class and I can’t usually make the time either!

    • I’m the same re. not taking the time. I didn’t even spot the classes for stress and anxiety. Much check these out. I’ve been sticking with the short and sweet ones 🙂

  2. Jennifer Gardner says:


  3. Lorraine Kirk says:

    I would try the 30 minute Spirit Lifting Flow class. Everyone can slot 30 mins into their busy day.

    • I’ve done this class and loved it! I tend to go for classes that are 10-30 minutes long when I do it at home and it’s perfect, really.

  4. Lorraine Kirk says:

    Thank you for your reply 🙂 I like the fact that they have a special section for busy mums too. It would be great for them to add a section for disabilities too that includes specific links on seated yoga, breathing etc.

  5. Nicole Woods says:

    I get a bad lower back, so I would do the ‘Yoga for the Lower Back’ class by Maxine Barratt

  6. Sarah Mackay says:

    Love the look of stretch and shine

  7. Claire Woods says:

    The one for busy Mums..that’s me.

  8. Lorraine B says:

    I think I would take the rejuvenate your spine class. My back sorely needsit.

    • Mine is in pieces, and the class is really good. I’m a lot more conscious of my bad posture now I’ve gone back to yoga, and I keep trying to rectify it. Not easy to break old habits though!

  9. Hassina Begum says:

    i would choose to do Pilates Express #ChooseLove by Michael Musch

  10. Claire Willmer says:

    Think i will try the rejuvenate your spine first as i had surgery last year so anything that will help to build and strengthen and hopefully get rid of some of the pain would be fantastic! Me and my friend have just started a class once a week which pushes us to go i think, but this seems perfect for the rest of the 6 days as it definitely does help!

  11. Sam McKean says:

    I would try the Yoga for Neck and Shoulders first. I suffer from ongoing pain due to an old whiplash injury and would like to try a gentle and natural approach.

  12. Jodie Cook says:

    I would choose Rejuvenate your spine, as I have arthritis in my spine, so anything to help the pain would be very welcome!

  13. Karen Stirling says:

    Yoga for Neck and Shoulders

  14. Lisa Conn says:

    The spirit lifting flow class

  15. flowerpowerlife says:

    I’d do Vinyasa Foundations – I take a yoga class every week but would love to do a daily class

  16. Sarah Brokenshire says:

    the busy mums one 🙂

  17. Stephanie Usher says:

    I’m really pushing myself to exercise even when I don’t have the time! I really struggle to exercise at home, but I love the idea of attending some Yoga classes at my gym! xx

  18. Janice says:

    I would take one of the beginner classes to get me started

  19. Gary Topley says:

    Mindfulness x

  20. Kaz & Ickle Pickle (@IcklePicklex) says:

    Oh I hate exercise! But I have been to yoga, and it is great. I am a great faffer too! Kaz

  21. Samantha Atherton says:

    I’d do the yoga for core, I used to go to yoga classes at our local leisure centre but the class times don’t fit into my scheduled anymore & I’ve been trying to figure out how to get back into it, this could be the solution. x

  22. Sarah says:

    This sounds fantastic! I used to love Yoga before I had my little ones. Now I too love sitting down and relaxing while they’re napping! I may have to get off my butt and give this a go! Thank you!

  23. Just signed up for the free trial, and will start with a Spirit Lifting session. Thanks Mel 🙂

    • I’m so glad you signed up for the free trial sweetie. Go on, let’s get back into shape! We can do this!

  24. this sounds great. I used to do a lot of yoga but haven’t found a class where the time wrks for me so this could be the solution x

  25. Solange says:

    I would do Yoga for Neck and Shoulders.

  26. Zoe IKIWN says:

    I do love a bit of Yoga when I’m able to do it, Yogaia sounds like a great resource and this giveaway is such an amazing opportunity! x

  27. Lynit Bennett says:

    Neck and shoulders yoga for me! I could really with it! boo! X

  28. Ana De-Jesus says:

    I definitely need to exercise as well but like you said we can procrastinate and make excuses. I know I do! I might try these pre-recorded classes x

  29. Katy Komping says:

    I’d do yoga for stress and anxiety first 🙂

  30. helerinablogs says:

    I love the idea of being able to follow the yoga classes at home. It won’t matter who is there with you, what you’re wearing etc.
    I’ve been wanting to try yoga so I’ll sign up for the trial, thank you.

  31. Katy Malkin says:

    What a great concept! I take my little one to toddler yoga and people rave about yoga nidra so I’d like to try that first.

    • I’m not even sure what Yoga nidra is. I always tend to go to yoga classes, but I’m never sure which type it is. If people are talking about it, I’ll have a go too 🙂

  32. Dawn Wilkinson says:

    As a total beginner I’d like to try Mindful Breathing. I’ve been told it can help with chronic pain.

    • The breathing techniques you learn when you practise yoga are amazing. They really helped me deal with the pain of contractions when I was giving birth to every one of my children. It also helps in moments of extreme stress when you need to take a toll and start breathing regularly and slowly.

  33. Ailsa says:

    The 45 minute energising flow. I need some energy!

  34. Karen Oultram says:

    I have just tried the 10 minute morning stretch exercise – I don’t know if i feel energised or not just yet. I certainly feel stretched 🙂

  35. Amy Jo McLellan says:

    Happy Hamstrings would be good for me! I’ve put yogai on my toolbar and I’m going to try some of the free videos.

    • Happy Hamstrings? I haven’t even seen that one. You know what? My tummy is so flabby I think I’ll try the abs class tomorrow.

  36. Rich Tyler says:

    Happy Hamstrings

  37. Alix Smith says:

    The busy mums class sounds right up my street!

  38. Hayley Payne says:

    I would start with yoga for the core and then go on to do the classes for busy mums. Having four boys and not getting my muscle tone back in my tummy led to back problems too so the rejuvenate my spine would also be on my list. ???????? The classes sound fantastic Mel. Xx

  39. Sarah Fielding says:

    Happy hamstrings sound amazing! Would love to try this 🙂

  40. Matty says:

    Awesome prize , good luck to all.

  41. mundanetomagical says:

    I’d take a yoga nidra 🙂

  42. I must give it another go!!!!! Yoga for the lower back for me!!

  43. modzy78 says:

    I’d try one of the short beginners’ sessions.

  44. Rebecca Morgan says:

    It would be one of the quick classes at first. Like you did. I also have kids and limited time!

  45. mandydoherty65 says:

    The Yoga Nidra @chooselove it would help me clear my mind and fully relax

  46. Rebecca Alderson says:

    I’d love to jump in with some Morning Stretch classes!

  47. Hayley Elvin says:

    Yoga for lower back as I’ve suffered with lower back pain for years

  48. justjules33 says:

    relaxing yoga would be good to start with

  49. Selina F says:

    Relax, release and reset. Sounds like a great class to start.

  50. Rebecca Barnes says:

    My other half did Vinyasa yoga for a while and I’d love to do the basic flow class with him!

  51. Jill Fairbanks says:

    Yoga for stress and anxiety would be the first one I would try out

  52. Elizabeth Cooke says:

    I would definitely get stuck into the Morning Stretch class first!

  53. Rebecca roberts says:

    I would take my mum and I do this for posture mine is so bad

  54. joanne oneill says:

    I would do the yoga for neck and shoulders. I carry tension here and always am sore and stiff. this beginners class would be ideal for me.

  55. Diana Ross says:

    Yoga for core. I recently started pole fitness after two kids and ten inactive years, I really enjoy the yoga aspect of stretching and am keen to learn more 🙂

  56. I would do either the yoga for stress and anxiety or the one for neck and shoulders

  57. Ruth Wollerton says:

    The yoga for neck and shoulders would be great as I am always stiff and sore there. It would be great to STRETCH the aches and pains away. Thanks for the chance xxx

  58. lynn neal says:

    Neck and shoulders sounds perfect for me!

  59. Tammy Neal says:

    Stretch and shine sounds great x

  60. mainy says:

    It looks lots of fun and ideal for a busy mum:)


  61. Tishist says:

    The Yoga Nidra I would like to start off with

  62. Victoria Allum says:

    Think I would like to try the Jivamukti Yoga by Nicole Heller!

  63. Kerry Smith says:

    I fancy trying the abs express

  64. Samantha R says:

    The yoga for stress and anxiety would be amazing for me right now.

  65. Adrian Bold says:


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