In Chocolate Heaven! Plamil Review and Giveaway

When Jumpy was diagnosed with multiple allergies, I had no idea where to look for ‘free from’ food other than what I was cooking myself. It was all rather overwhelming and I was pleased when I found Plamil chocolate and mayonnaise she could have when I visited my local health food shop. I was impressed by those two products and discovered they had a huge range of products that could be ordered online.

I was delighted when the lovely people at Plamil agreed to send us goodies to try. We received the parcel the day after I chose the items we were to sample. Talk about lightning speed delivery!

Along with two packs of chocolate bars for Jumpy’s upcoming birthday party, we received dairy free ‘milk’ chocolate drops as well as a beautifully presented, organic hamper containing seven chocolate bars, three luxury chocolate bars, luxury 70% chocolate flakes, plus jars of alternative to milk chocolate spread and plain egg free mayo.

Plamil Hamper

The first time Jumpy (2 years 11 months) picked up a snack bar of organic dairy free chocolate, Crevette (6 years 2 months)  immediately took it off her hands, telling her she was not allowed it. We told him it was safe for her so he gave it back as she was starting to cry and she shouted, “allowed!” That was priceless!

Jumpy really likes her chocolate. Crevette thought it tasted like ‘normal’ chocolate, just not as milky. Beanie (4 years) just said two things: “I want another one of this!” and “Can I have a big piece?” Hubby declared it was not exactly like ‘real’ chocolate.

I find the chocolate spread too runny, but Jumpy loves it on pancakes or with toast.

The egg free mayonnaise is nice, considering you normally need egg yolks to make it. Jumpy has never tried anything else, and this condiment suits her perfectly with chips or cold meat. As we were about to have lunch today, I realised we had run out of regular mayonnaise. We all had Jumpy’s mayonnaise with our gammon. The children did not notice the difference and I found it surprisingly good. I still prefer my homemade egg-based version, but it is a pretty good alternative for those who cannot have eggs.

Plamil Chocolates Testing

The hamper would make a great present for anybody on an exclusion diet. We took it on our holidays to France for a ‘blind’ tasting session with my family and we all had fun trying the various flavours and guessing what they were. The orange and mint bars were a hit with everyone. Our least favourite flavours were the cayenne and ginger bars. When she tried the orange and cranberry bar, Jumpy quite simply looked over the moon and gave her dad a kiss. My mum was quite keen on the rum and raisin bar. We found that the dark chocolate had the bitterness of regular dark chocolate but not quite the depth of the Swiss chocolate w normally go for. We used the chocolate flakes instead of cocoa powder for hot chocolate and it was delicious!

If you are on a dairy free diet, you could make my cereal bar recipe using Plamil white chocolate (chopped) and Pure Sunflower spread as a butter substitute.

You will need to keep these ‘free from’ cereal bars in the fridge so they stick together a bit better. Jumpy loves them and here is what they look like:

Cereal Bars with Plamil Chocolate

I recently managed to develop a ‘Free From’ banana and chocolate muffin recipe we all enjoy, and I used some of the products I was sent to make those delicious treats: the Organic Fairtrade Dairy Free Milk Chocolate Drops as well as the Luxury 70% Chocolate Flakes that were in the hamper.

Plamil also produce Advent calendars and snowmen. They have Organic Fairtrade and No Added Sugar versions of both.

Jumpy’s diet is so restricted; being able to use chocolate in my cooking and give her treats knowing they are safe for her is incredible.

For your chance to win an Organic Hamper (worth £37.75) like the one I was gifted, simply follow the instructions in the entry box below and answer the following question in the comments section: What is your favourite chocolate flavour? Mine is dark chocolate with a hint of salt (Sel de Guérande). For extra chances of winning, check the instructions in the form.

Entries are open until midnight GMT time on 4 November 2014 and the competition is
open to UK residents only. Good luck!

RAFFLECOPTER – An Organic Hamper from Plamil worth £37.75
a Rafflecopter giveaway

– The giveaway is open to UK residents aged 18 and over.
– The prize will be supplied directly by Plamil.
– I was sent free products as listed above for the purpose of this review and no payment was received. All opinions and photographs are my own.

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  1. I love a fudge covered in chocolate! I also love Galaxy!

  2. Claire Hull says:

    I love salted caramel chocolate, my daughter is lactose intolerant and loves the dairy free chocolate spread, and would like to try the other dairy free chocolate products

  3. Tracey Parker says:

    Milk chocolate, or a nutty one as a treat.

    • I love nuts in chocolate, too, but I am glad Plamil have chosen not to use them so there is no mention of “may contain nuts” on their products. Otherwise, my little girl could not have them.

  4. Heather Macklin says:

    Chocolate orange is my favourite!

  5. Mint chocolate

  6. My Favourite Chocolate Flavour Is Strawberry But It’s Very Hard To Find Now

  7. wednesday says:

    Galaxy or lidor milk all the way!

  8. Christopher Packer says:

    I love marzipan centred chocolates the most, so I suppose its almond flavour.

  9. Christine Hawkins says:

    I love chocolate and ginger

  10. Rachel Livett says:

    It has to be sea salt flavour strange i know!

  11. joanne darnell says:

    milk chocolate is yummy

  12. karen cowley says:

    Love crunchie bars and honeycomb in general x

  13. Rita Hutton says:

    mint chocolate

  14. joanne beale says:

    Love chocolate mint

  15. Anything with praline

  16. clair downham says:

    mint and orange thankyou

  17. milk chocolate with caramel

  18. Amanda A says:

    Chocolate orange is my favourite!

  19. Richard Hill says:

    i love milk chocolate with nuts either almond or walnuts

  20. Egle S says:

    Agree to one above – praline is awesome!

  21. elaine dale says:

    love dark chocolate caramels

  22. Susan Laing says:

    I love mint

  23. laura banks says:

    chocolate peanuts

  24. Natalie Crossan says:

    mint chocolate 🙂 xx

  25. Simon Tinsley says:

    Dark chocolate. Darker than your soul.

  26. Henry Little says:

    used to like milk chocolate, but now dark chocolate is my favourite

  27. valerie cooper says:

    i love chocolate mint

  28. Charlotte Fellingham says:

    Always chocolate and orange, traditional but yum!

  29. Eva Vida says:

    I love goji berry chocolate 🙂

  30. Genna St Michael says:

    I love fruit and nut x

  31. Kevin Honey says:

    Rum and raisin is my weakness!

  32. Keith Hunt says:

    A nice bar of Dailry Milk for me.

  33. Pauline Wood says:

    Love crunch

  34. Alexandra Mercer (Life of mummy) says:

    Any flavour chocolate is good for me I’m really not that fussy! What a great giveaway; organic and dairy-free, perfect for my lactose intolerant son xx

  35. Natalie Grace says:

    White chocolate!

  36. Tanya says:

    Hazelnut chocolate 🙂

  37. lynn heath says:

    Anything with nuts and caramel!

  38. Elizabeth (Liz) Briggs says:

    I Love Mint or Strawberry Chocolate 🙂

  39. Spencer Broadley says:

    Caramel – easy question

  40. michele says:

    Dark and nutty for me

  41. katie skeoch says:

    Chocolate honeycomb is my favourite xx

  42. Jennifer Potter says:

    After eights. Mint chocolate

  43. Claudia Dance says:

    Mint chocolate 🙂

  44. LynneH says:

    I love coffee flavoured chocolate

  45. olgaa carpenter says:

    i love flake

  46. samantha price says:

    whole nut is mine

  47. Hekna says:

    I love a good milk chocolate with hazelnuts 🙂

  48. Tink Rhonda Lee Mse says:

    Chocolate fudge

  49. Pam Francis Gregory says:

    Love Orange chololate

  50. Anneka Hulse says:

    so hard to choose just one but i will choose praline

  51. Christopher Millward says:

    I like peanut butter desserts combined with chocolate

  52. I like dark chocolate the best

  53. clara cort says:

    dark chocolate

  54. Jemima Bradshaw says:

    Man……. Fave chocolate flavour? thats too hard all choc for me love love love chocolate!!!

  55. Anything with nuts!

  56. Jayne says:

    Looks really nice – might go and treat myself

  57. Jayne says:

    Darkest chocolate you can get !

  58. winnie says:


  59. Suzanne Williams says:

    Cadbury’s milk chocolate

  60. kerri Ann davis says:

    Love white chocolate with strawberry filling x

  61. jacquiturner says:

    Probably Dark Chocolate with Mint – or an orange chocolate. But all chocolate is good, right??

  62. Rachel Craig says:

    Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Chocolate bar :- Delicious.

  63. Heather Haigh says:

    vanoffee raw chocolate

  64. Dark chocolate – preferably with cherry.

  65. Rob Baker says:

    Chilli Dark Chocolate – a winning combination 🙂

  66. Mint – love anything with mint in it, Matchmakers, after eights…anything <3

  67. Amy PJ says:

    Chocolate orange for me!

  68. Holly Mills says:

    strawberry cream

  69. Kat Lucas says:

    I like Hersheys chocolate

  70. Emma Birley says:

    Chocolate Honeycomb, or something like a boost bar: filled with eeeeeeverything! (and the ‘filled with everything’ includes a stupid amount of calories D; )

  71. Claire harding says:

    I love dark chocolate the most!

  72. Rachel Roach says:

    chocolate orange

  73. Laura Jeffs says:

    Plain dark chocolate: YUM!! 🙂

  74. ashleigh says:

    Milk chocolate!

  75. sue hodges says:

    All chocolate is good!

  76. lynn mitchell says:

    cadbury’s whole nut

  77. Helen Atkins says:

    I Love Dark Chocolate

  78. Andrew Petrie says:

    Chocolate orange

  79. kellyjo walters says:

    valrhona is my fav, darker the better

  80. mint chocolate, orange chocolate, chocolate chocolate… i just love chocolate! my littlest isn’t aloud dairy 🙁 and find it hard when her big sister is after certain treats and midge cant have it so we very rarely get to have chocolate bars etc

    • on rafflecopter my username is fern, on comments its mrshall2b and on twitter its @sparklythingsuk so i know they dont link up too well but i have done everything ive said 😀 just for the sake of linking accounts

      • Hi lovely, I have just checked Twitter and I can see your tweet / you follow me so I am sure your entries got counted (it is all done automatically through Rafflecopter).

    • She would love Plamil chocolates! I love being able to give Jumpy a square of chocolate when her siblings are having some. It looks the same and I do not want my little girl to think she is not allowed treats…

      • sorry only just seen these comments! i feel the same, the main thing were having an issue with is icecream! my 3yo loves icecream but 1yo cant have it so at the moment 3yo isnt too happy that she cant eat icecream at home and doesnt understand why! poor girlies!

        • Have you ever come across Smooze? They use coconut milk instead of cream and their fruit ice is as creamy as ice cream. My kids love it and it is great to be able to give them all the same treats.

  81. Amelia Kennedy says:

    Plain, preferably with nuts

  82. Michael says:

    Coffee cream

  83. jayne hall says:

    mint chocolate

  84. emmav6 says:

    love nutty chocolate

  85. Zoe G says:

    Love honeycomb choc

  86. Matthew Cobb says:

    mmm, dark chocolate

  87. Natasha M says:

    I love Dark chocolate & even more so if it has orange in it!!

  88. Janet Dring says:

    Dark chocolate

  89. zoe sirrell says:

    hmmmm chocolate

  90. Karen Lloyd says:


  91. I love cherry chocolate!

  92. caramel

  93. Anything With Peanut butter mixed in

  94. Caroline Smith says:

    just love chocolate, all chocolate 🙂

  95. Jo Glasspool says:

    Milk chooclate all the way xx

  96. Pauline Hill says:

    Chocolate orange is my favourite!


  97. Alison Joyce says:

    Sea salt and chocolate

  98. Cherryl Thomas says:


  99. laura stewart says:

    rum and raisin

  100. anne-marie wigley says:

    mint chocolate mmmmmm 😀

  101. I bet Jumpy thought she was in heaven with that hamper 🙂 It’s great that she can have these alternatives, I’ve got a friend who had a milk allergy when we were kids, and in the 80s there was just nothing else on offer.

    • She was a happy girlie when I told her she was allowed all of that! When I was at school, nobody had allergies. There was just one girl with asthma in my whole primary school. It is scary how many people have to carry Epipens nowadays compared to when we were growing up, isn’t it?

  102. Chrissie Curtis says:

    I like mint chocolate!

  103. Lorraine Tinsley says:

    Almost anything, I love caramel chocolate a lot, but I don’t like alcohol in chocolate

    • Same here! I hate it when I forget to look at the ‘menu’ on a box of chocolates and end up with one that has alcohol in it!

  104. Gemma Clark says:

    I love orange with my chocolate, or white choc and coconut!

  105. Corinne Peat says:

    I love milk chocolate and any chocolate with nuts in.

  106. sarah archibald says:

    All chocolate, but I like orange or lemon best 🙂 lemon dark chocolate is gorgeous..

  107. Ali Thorpe says:

    I love dark or milk chocolate; dark chocolate with praline or orange and milk with any kind of nutty filling.

  108. Carrie Smith says:

    I love chocolate orange and white chocolate 🙂

  109. Becca Staples says:

    Milk chocolate x

  110. elle warwick says:

    Chocolate orange

  111. Michael Griffin says:

    fruit and nut

  112. Bryony says:

    I like white chocolate with strawberry

  113. Allan Smith says:

    Chocolate ginger

  114. Val swift says:

    Coffee chocolate

  115. mint choc

  116. the mint one

  117. Kayleigh says:

    Plain Dark Chocolate

  118. Frances Sunshine Hopkins says:

    Chocolate x

  119. Emma Nixon says:

    Minty choc

  120. fiona mcbride says:

    homemade tahini and prune chocolate bars

  121. christine szlobodnik says:

    I love hazelnut

  122. Teresa Lee says:

    Anything nutty

  123. I love mint chocolate

  124. Fab giveaway for one of my fave free from brands 🙂 #triedtested

  125. Laura Loo says:

    Rum and raisin is my favourite

  126. Lynsey Buchanan says:


  127. Robert Venus says:

    white chocolate with hazelnut

  128. jodie crossley says:


  129. gemma brown says:

    mmm mint chocolate

  130. Andrea Fletcher says:

    Anything with caramel.

  131. Stacey Haines says:

    Anything with nuts 🙂

  132. Sarah Birkett says:

    mint mint mint

  133. laura jayne bates says:

    chocoltae with strawberry centres yummy

  134. Tracy Newton says:

    I love all chocolate, especially dark chocolate

  135. Jean Ward says:

    Love Almonds in chocolate

  136. I love all chocolate but salted caramel is up there!!

  137. stephanie Whitehouse says:

    Just basic Galaxy – so soft it’s almost melting

  138. Tina Lawton says:

    I love dark chocolate and orange.

  139. carla mills says:

    Chocolate orange. Mmmmmmm. Xx

  140. Elizabeth Smith says:

    caramel – although truth be said I’m not too fussy when it comes to chocolate!

  141. dark chocolate with a cherry center

  142. Any thing with nuts in!

  143. Samantha L says:

    Milky Bar white chocolate

  144. janet humphrey says:

    white chocolate with raspberries,but your recipe looks amazing. thanks

  145. Pat Stubbs says:

    Any chocolate with nuts in

  146. Liam Bishop says:

    Dark chocolate, 60% is best 🙂

  147. vicky cockett says:

    i love chocolate ginger.

  148. orange or praline

  149. Dark chocolate with marzipan filling Mmmmm!

  150. Just ‘normal’ (dairy free) milk chocolate for me!

  151. martina pichova says:

    fruit and nut

  152. Bethanie Harrison says:

    Strawberry <3

  153. CAROLINE WATSON says:


  154. Haley Redshaw says:

    any thing with nuts

  155. Tamsin Dean says:

    Milk chocolate

  156. pete c says:

    milk chocolate or one flavoured with coconut

  157. champagne truffles

  158. Michelle Ferguson says:

    I love dark chocolate, the darker the better

  159. shirley evans says:

    chcolate mint

  160. Amanda Brett says:

    Anything coconut-either that or,turkish delight-yum yum yum 🙂 x

  161. Mary Chez says:

    Milk chocolate

  162. Nicola McC says:

    I like anything nutty! 🙂

  163. Amanda Richardson says:

    MInt chocolate

  164. Emma Goldsmith says:

    White chocolate.

  165. claire griffiths says:

    chocolate mint yummy

  166. I love hazelnut chocolate

  167. Emma Ferguson says:

    I love coffee flavoured chocolate

  168. Zachary Hudson says:


  169. milk chocolate

  170. Paula Readings says:

    Oooh Mint choc for me.

  171. milk chocolate with hazelnut

  172. Simple milk chocolate is best

  173. Nat thomason says:

    Dark choc

  174. Lisa Day says:

    Hard choice but I like mint chocolate but I must say chocolate caramel almost won no actually I like caramel chocolate a little more so i’ll go with that one :).

  175. Dawn Henson says:

    i love Mint Chocolate

  176. Mad Cat lady says:

    Love Plamil! great prize,

  177. I love Olaf singing ‘In Summer’…so funny

  178. Nutty chocolate

  179. Susan Freeman says:

    I love orange chocolate

  180. Hazel Rea says:

    I like dark chocolate with ginger.

  181. lyn burgess says:

    dark chocolate fruit and nut

  182. Rachel Harris says:

    I love chocolate and peppermint together! x

  183. Carolynn Woodland says:

    Milk chocolate for me

  184. Pamela says:

    White chocolate with a hint of lavender.

  185. FARIDAH BROOKER says:

    Mint chocolate.

  186. Salted caramel chocolate

  187. I like a plain milk chocolate the best

  188. Laura B says:

    Mint chocolate is my favourite – Hotel Chocolat do an amazing dark chocolate mint slab. Highly recommended!!

  189. I am addicted to the Plamil mint chocolate too – a fab after dinner treat!

  190. thekiwibex says:

    With a strawberry centre!

  191. Milk

  192. Rebecca Nisbet says:

    strawberry cream and orange cream

  193. I just love Plamil product. My favorite is the mint chocolate, it has such a full taste … oh and their egg-free mayo is delicious, better than the usual one 🙂

  194. Carla H says:

    Ginger dark chocolate. But really, any chocolate!

  195. Kiran Parry says:

    I love mint chocolate

  196. helen southam says:

    I love dark chocolate and chilli

  197. Hannah Lawrence (Lewenstein) says:

    currently fruit and nut!!

  198. Jayne Townson says:

    Mine is orange. In fact I really, really love the Plamil orange chocolate, I was very upset when my local shop stopped selling it. Thanks for the amazing giveaway, I would love to win this yummy prize. 🙂

  199. Hayley says:

    peanut chocolate and/or pralines 🙂

  200. Mint, the smell takes away the feeling of hunger.

  201. Sheila Reeves says:

    I’m a Salted Caramel with Dark chocolate addict 😉

  202. emma falvi says:

    milk chocolate flavoured with orange

  203. Laura F says:

    I love chocolate orange

  204. Zoe Roxby says:

    Coffee flavour yum

  205. Delicious milk chocolate – failing that, double or triple choc 🙂

  206. mint chocolate as a flavour and dark chocol;ate as favourite type

  207. Julie Booth says:

    I love fruit and nut chocolate

  208. Allan Wilson says:

    Recently discovered the Dark chocolate and cranberry in Lidl – now my new favourite.

  209. Karen says:

    orange or sea salt

  210. James Edden says:

    milk chocolate 🙂

  211. Claire D says:

    Chocolate Orange

  212. Eleanor Wigmore says:

    I actually just prefer plain chocolate but if I had to choose a flavour it would be orange. I love cooking with flavoured chocolates though.

  213. I adore coconut chocolate!

  214. LYNNE COLLINS says:

    Marzipan Chocolate & Turkish Delight yum yum!!

  215. I love chocolate orange!

  216. jen morgan says:

    I love caramel flavour

  217. MichelleD says:

    I love dark chocolate orange!

  218. Jackie ONeill says:

    milk chocolate

  219. Martha Smith says:

    Rum and Raisin chocolate is my favourite

  220. Csilla says:

    Milk chocolate with hazelnut

  221. Anne Dalzell says:

    I love chocolate and hazelnut or chocolate with a hint or rose or violet

  222. My favourite chocolate is anything with caramel flavour or filling

  223. Clare S says:

    Mint chocolate, dark chocolate, orange chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate…..

  224. Dee Sherwood Wallace says:

    Dark Chocolate.

  225. Angela Kelly says:

    I can’t decide between praline and caramel

  226. Kelly says:

    I love chilli chocolate or salted

  227. Pamela Risk says:

    Mint, peppermint like the frys Chocolate cream range..

  228. LYNNE COLLINS says:

    Marzipan Chocolate is my favourite!!

  229. Laura says:

    Definitely chocolate orange!

  230. Rebecca H says:

    I love chocolate orange flavor! yum yum

  231. Joy D Connor says:

    Choose? Wow! tough! Okay I’ll go for good old milk chocolate

  232. Solange says:

    Chocolate orange

  233. eee yes please!

  234. forgot! I love salt and caramel chocolate

  235. Rebecca Townsend says:

    I adore coffee flavoured chocolate

  236. White Chocolate!

  237. Kay panayi says:

    I love chocolate and orange

  238. Amy Blickett says:

    Delicious prize! salt and caramel chocolate definitely my fave!

  239. Debra Winfield says:


  240. mint chocolate for sure 🙂

  241. faye huntington says:

    chocolate and butterscotch! 🙂 faye x

  242. Russell J Hutton says:


  243. janet says:

    Cherry chocolate for me! Lush :o)

  244. Coffee chocolates are nice ~

  245. Tania Atfield says:

    Mint chocolate

  246. Alexandra Smith says:

    Chocolate orange – Nomnomnom!

  247. Katy Holmes says:

    Salted caramel!:)

  248. Mint choclate

  249. Kinder chocolate bars with the white centre

  250. Craig Havery says:

    turkish delight

  251. Kim M says:

    Used to love the milk chocolate barrel with a liquid lime centre in Weekend chocs – hard to find milk and lime now

  252. dorothy cavender says:

    mint with chocolate

  253. james harland says:

    chocolate orange or chocolate coffee

  254. Emma Rosie Lee Baker says:

    salted caramel chocolate

  255. Linda Williams says:

    I love mint chocolate

  256. caroline cordery says:


  257. Strawberry and chocolate!!

  258. ooo chocolate fudge

  259. Leanne Perrett says:

    i love peanut butter chocolate

  260. MIchael Gregory says:

    Love lindor

  261. I love chocolate,
    Made up with many streams,
    Or made up with many swirls,
    A full bodied chocolate,
    Or a cream,
    But the best for me
    It’s got to be
    Chocolate with Brazil nuts in

    • What a lovely, well-written comment! You can tell it comes from someone who is passionate about chocolate!

  262. Emily Carter-Dunn says:

    Milk chocolate and mint. EJ Dunn

  263. Eleanor Beavan says:

    My favorite has to be Fry’s chocolate cream, it’s really hard to find now !

  264. Emma Locker says:

    I love Salted Caramel 🙂

  265. amanda davis says:

    i lv homycomb

  266. elizabeth ferguson says:

    ghost chilli chocolate

  267. Heather says:

    Orange or strawberry

  268. stewart w says:

    dark dark chocolate

  269. Karl Borowy says:

    anything with nuts ,,just love nuts

  270. claire matthews-curtis says:

    Anything with chocolate is lovely. Fruit and nut

  271. Kirsty Woods says:

    Plain dark chocolate, its the best

  272. My favourite chocolate flavour has got to be salted caramel, or anything involving nuts like peanut butter or hazelnuts! Super yum xx

  273. Plain dairy.

  274. Mint chocolate definitely 🙂

  275. Amanda Beamish says:

    Terrys chocolate orange, but, ANY chocolate will be good too lol

  276. Sue McCarthy says:

    Milk Chocolate, my favourite being Toblerone

  277. any sort of nut and especially with dark chocolate

  278. thedrummergirl says:

    Plain dark chocolate

  279. I do love chocolate orange! Vegan chocolate FTW!

  280. Natalie carter says:

    Organic chocolate with a hint of mint lush x

  281. Ann Skamarauskas says:

    Dark chilli chocolate

  282. Mark Palmer says:

    Chocolate and coffee

  283. Rachel Whatmore says:

    Dark chocolate or milk chocolate and orange. Can’t decide!

  284. Richard Olivier says:

    I love the no added sugar dairy free chocolate made with xylotol

  285. maxine m partridge says:

    i like dark chocolate

  286. Jennifer toal says:

    Dark chocolate

  287. Trudie Forde says:

    White chocolate, i’ve always loved it!

  288. Chocolate orange yummy yummy has a favourite

  289. Julie Ward says:

    Praline or mint

  290. Sarah Taylor-Fergusson says:

    I love milk chocolate. I like to find milk chocolate with whole nuts in it, as I tell myself it’s a health food. I’d love to try “raw” chocolate one day soon, as I understand it can count as one of your five a day!

  291. Vera Bahounkova says:

    I love milk chocolate with nuts

  292. Anne Plumb says:

    Fruit and nut

  293. Samantha Atherton says:

    Caramel chocolate

  294. Mint

  295. leanne weir says:

    I love salted caramel chocolate

  296. Susan B says:

    Milk chocolate with honeycomb – in any shape or form

  297. Popping candy and jelly bean candy 😀

  298. susan gough says:

    Milk chocolate

  299. Caramel, milk chocolate

  300. Zowee Moore says:

    Popping Candy!
    I love the little elves they sell around christmas time!

  301. lisa owen says:

    love milk choc

  302. sharon l johnson says:

    would love a nutty one xx

  303. Rachel Bustin says:

    chocolate orange is yummy!

  304. Aaron Milne says:

    Love FUDGE

  305. Any dark chocolate. If it has fruit, nuts or other flavours then that’s a bonus!

  306. Victoria B says:

    Orange flavoured chocolate – preferably dark

  307. katherine b says:

    I love anything nutty or with coconut x

  308. Simon Harrington says:

    Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt

  309. Rebecca Sewell says:

    Belgium chocolate with hazelnuts. Yum yum.

  310. Karen R says:

    I love 70% chocolate 🙂

  311. ESME MCCRUBB says:


  312. Kim Styles says:

    I love Rum flavoured chocolate- do you remember ‘Old Jamaica’ Chocolate -it was my and my late dads favourite back in the 70’s My mum used to treat dad to a bar once a month and I got a couple of squares!!!

  313. Gwyn Sharps says:

    I like good old Dairy Milk best of all!

  314. Kristy Leanne Brown says:

    Mint for me

  315. Naomi Buchan says:

    Anything with Praline x

  316. Rum ‘n’ Raisin

  317. I love all chocolate, but especially dark nutty chocolate!

  318. Rick Carr says:


  319. Anything with orange x

  320. Plain chocolate always

  321. Nicola Holland says:

    Hazelnut in milk chocolate

  322. robert sharman says:

    milk chocolate

  323. I love white chocolate xx

  324. Joanna Sawka says:

    milk chocolate

  325. Rebecca Bluett says:


  326. Lesley Bradley says:

    White chocolate is my absolute favourite

  327. Rosemary Sheehan says:

    I like mint chocolate either to eat or drink

  328. sarah says:

    Milk chocolate

  329. carlie bryan says:

    galaxy caramel or white chocolate

  330. wendy procter says:

    Milk chocolate

  331. Heather Simpson says:

    I love all chocolate but my favourite is fruit and nut

  332. lynn neal says:

    milk chocolate with caramel and nuts!

  333. cassie bedford says:

    Strawberry genache

  334. Karen Durrant says:

    Milk Chocolate with nuts or with coffee

  335. Claire Davies says:

    I Love Beetroot Chocolate – it is delicious!!

  336. jackie curran says:

    I love thornton’s continental chocolates, like the alpini , or the white truffle one .

  337. Katherine Coldicott says:

    Milk chocolate with nuts in.

  338. rachael jones says:

    milk choc !

  339. It has to be strawberry chocolate. I always pick them out of the chocolate box first!

  340. Lesley says:

    Milk chocolate with nuts in.

  341. David Allen says:

    anything minty 😉

  342. Janet Rumley says:

    Traditional milk chocolate for me !

  343. Rebecca Evans says:

    Anything with peanut butter <3 yum!

  344. Dawn Hall says:

    I love chocolate and it all sounds really yummy.

  345. Sarah H says:

    Dark chocolate ♥

  346. Jo-Anne holton says:

    All chocolate but love marzipan!!

  347. jen jackson says:

    I love milk chocolate

  348. Susan Jackson says:

    Plain with any kind of nuts or ginger

  349. Maxine Owen says:

    I love chocolate orange flavour

  350. I just love chocolate. If I had to pick then possibly praline

  351. sarah stevens says:

    dairy milk choc 🙂

  352. Kelly Hooper says:

    I like caramel covered in chocolate

  353. elaine stokes says:

    milk chocolate for me

  354. Liz Marriott says:

    Anything with orange

  355. Julia Morris says:

    Chocolate with nuts! Got to be nuts for that crunchy sweet combo. Mmmm now I’m hungry!

  356. vikki d says:

    Chocolate orange is my fav

  357. simon hardy says:

    i like Caramac

  358. Susan Pringle says:


  359. Lucia Jefferson says:

    orange chocolate is great 🙂

  360. Karen Louise wright says:

    Milk chocolate x

  361. loulou says:

    I like white choc with strawberry bits in. My little boy has a dairy allergy so I read this article with interest.

  362. Kelly Webb says:

    Dark chocolate & Chilli

  363. jaseos81 says:

    I love Chilli Chocolate

  364. jo liddement says:

    I love orange chocolate

  365. Filipa says:

    Peanut butter and chocolate. Yummy!

  366. michelle pierce says:

    dark chocolate

  367. olivia280177 says:

    Anything with coconut in it!

  368. Steven A Phillips says:

    Dark Chocolate and Mint

  369. Joanne Bowen says:

    chocolate orange is lovely but I also love milk chocolate too x

  370. Karen Barrett says:

    I love praline

  371. Stephanie Acton says:

    Chocolate orange

  372. Shane Chandler says:

    Orange and Geranium.

  373. Matthew Fuller says:


  374. Craig says:

    Salted caramel

  375. Kel Ellen Hirst says:

    Butterscotch chocolate is delicious

  376. Tracey baker says:

    I love chewy chocolate – with jelly beans etc,

  377. Angela Paull says:

    Dark chocolate – means I don’t eat too much!!

  378. Eleanor Powell says:

    Coffee chocolate

  379. Nancy Bradford says:

    White chocolate with cranberry.

  380. lavinia moore says:

    i love any chocolate 🙂

  381. Lyndsey Beckford says:

    My favourite is dark chocolate

  382. emma atkins says:

    Mint Chocolate

  383. antonia j richardson says:


  384. Barbara Handley says:

    Turkish Delight.

  385. suan watts says:

    Chocolate and orange

  386. I love marzipan chocolate! I only have a limited range because I’m lactose intolerant x

  387. sylvia says:

    I love chocolate . no excuses xx00

  388. Sylvia Gill says:

    The new ‘Hello’ Lindt bars – in caramel is yummy

  389. Gotta be milk chocolate 🙂

  390. karen cronin says:

    I love a good quality milk chocolate and you can’t beat a wee chocolate orange in your xmas stocking. :))

  391. sallyCarter says:

    Chocolate and mint – in a fudge form i could eat all night.

  392. I love coffee chocolate but I wont drink coffee! weird

  393. Natalie Roberts says:

    I love white chocolate.

  394. Butterscotch! Dayum! 🙂

  395. trevor linvell says:

    Has to be mint

  396. Laura Corrall says:

    I love chocolate with raisins in. Usually its fruit and nut, not a fan of the nuts, but really love the fruit!

  397. Rhian Purches says:

    cherry and chocolate

  398. Anne Bostwick says:

    Mint and plain chocolate are a classic combination.

  399. Kim Beale says:

    I love White Chocolate x

  400. Krystina Smith says:

    I love white chocolate, and milk chocolate with hazelnut. But I love any chocolate really, apart from dark!

  401. Jade Brookes says:

    nutty chocolate! love it

  402. Chocolate orange

  403. Kerry Lethbridge says:

    I love dark chocolate

  404. Ellie M says:

    Dark chocolate because it’s full or iron and therefore a health food!

  405. honeycomb yum yum

  406. Wendy Shippam says:

    My all time favourite is mint chocolate. I have a particular fondness for the vegan mint chocolate that Hotel Chocolat sell – need to remortgage the house to buy a bar though!

  407. Laura Lee says:

    Love galaxy or any chocolate that is a cream yum yum 🙂

  408. Kat Allinson says:

    I love mint chocolate, but I would be more excited about trying the dairy free milk chocolate for my daughter who is allergic to dairy

  409. lisa tebbutt says:

    any chocolate is yummy

  410. Lorraine G says:

    Chocolate with peanut butter or caramel

  411. loraine day says:

    anything with peanuts in it

  412. Siobhan Davis says:

    I love Milk choc with crunchy honeycomb x yum yum please can i be considered. Many Thanks

  413. Susan Hoggett says:


  414. Debbie Preston says:

    I love mint chocolate

  415. aisha says:

    chocolate mint cream

  416. Michelle Wild says:

    White chocolate

  417. barbara daniels says:

    chocolate fudge

  418. Val Pownall says:

    I love dark chocolate with a hint of chilli – delicious!

  419. Colin Gault says:

    Dark Chocolate is fab

  420. mint for me

  421. Laura Asplin says:

    Mint Chocolate

  422. Kirsten Barthy says:

    Dark chocolate

  423. jessica newman says:

    i love turkish delight flavour

  424. Heather Tinkler says:

    Raspberry ripple chocolate flavour

  425. Pauline Burroughs says:

    Mint chocolate, especially aero – I love those bubbles x

  426. Chris Fletcher says:

    I love anything dark or with nuts in!

  427. Elisabeth Ries says:

    Got to be chocolate and nuts

  428. Vicky Blyde says:

    I love milk chocolate, yum!

  429. Patricia Avery says:

    Dark chocolate covered marzipan 🙂

  430. Holly Boyd says:

    Chilli Chocolate

  431. Janet Bagnall says:

    i love chocolate with hazelnuts, lovely!

  432. Amanda Hart says:

    Mint for me, my favourite

  433. natalie says:

    milk chocolate’s my favourite

  434. Helen Garner says:

    I like honeycomb

  435. dean weller says:

    chocolate and mint

  436. Amanda Norwood says:

    Salted caramel

  437. Amanda Norwood says:

    Salted caramel – yum!

  438. got to be mint chocolate

  439. chirag P says:

    Milk chocolate

  440. Laura Pyper says:

    Any chocolate thats nut free! but if i have to pic my favorite its mint chocolate 🙂

  441. Dark chocolate

  442. Chocolate with sea salt is a favourite of mine.

  443. Caroline H says:

    I’m the weirdo who loves the coffee creams!


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