As I was trying to improve my ‘About’ page, I got thinking about myself and events that had marked my life.

When I was born, life was orange and brown.

Newborn Mel

At 7 months, I was already into dressing up.

Never too young to start dessing up

At 8 months, I was a messy eater.

Messy Eater

At 9 months, I started walking.

At 10 months, my ears got pierced.

At 13 months, I had a go at skiing for the first time.

At 15 months, I was a flower girl.

At 18 months, I was potty trained and went on my first camping holiday.


At 2, I started nursery school.

At 3, my mum and I moved into the house where I grew up.

At 4 I got my first ‘job’ grape-picking and was paid 5 francs per basket.

At 5, I loved pretending I was a teacher.


At 6, I had chicken pox.

At 7, I learnt to swim.

At 8, I went on a plane for the first time.

At 9, my brother was born.

At 10, I went on a black slope for the first time.

At 11, I started learning English.

At 12, I discovered Queen. I have loved rock music since then.

At 13, I spent a week in London with my mum.

At 14, I spent a week in an English family near Portsmouth and was puzzled by the food, the shower I could not turn on, the toilet in the bathroom.

At 15, my second brother was born, followed by our baby brother a year later.

At 16, I tried windsurfing. Let’s never speak of that again.

Windsurfing... not my thing

At 17, I was banned from yoga class and went to my first concert.

At 18, I checked my Bac results (A-Levels) on the Minitel. With my driver’s licence in hand, I started working odd shifts in a drugs factory and drove all the way to the Alps in my mum’s Ford Escort.


At 19, I moved to Paris to study English and bought my first mobile phone.

At 20, I worked as a nanny after a short-lived career in a greasy fast-food.

At 21, I moved to London after graduating and became a language assistant.

At 22, I studied French as a Foreign Language in Aix-en-Provence.

At 23, PGCE certificate in hand, I became a teacher.

At 24, I went on a 6,000 kilometre road trip around Europe. I realised that chasing thunderstorms, sleeping in the car and taking showers on the beach were not my idea of a holiday. My then boyfriend (now Hubby, would you believe it), loved every minute of it.

At 25, I went to Glastonbury. My dad passed away just before Christmas that year.


At 26, I got married.

Wedding Day

At 27, I bought my second-hand Mini Cooper. After our niece’s lively fourth birthday party, I declared I was not ready for children just yet. Not long after, I realised I was pregnant with Crevette, and I was over the moon!

At 28, I discovered unconditional love after hours of delirium caused by gas and air.

At 29, I bought my much-loved Canon camera.

At 30, I had the most relaxed, pain-free labour you could imagine when Beanie was born.

At 31, I had a fish pedicure and I would not recommend it.

Fish Pedicure

At 32, I had my first stay in hospital ever when four week old Jumpy had Pneumonia. Strangely enough, that cured my  fear of hospitals.

At 33, I made macarons for the first time.

French Party - The Food - Blue, White, Red Macarons

At 34, I gave birth to my fourth baby on the bathroom floor.

At 35, I made croissants.

Recently, the lovely ReneéLouise and Shannon tagged me for memes, so I thought I would share a few things about myself. I will not tag anyone else, but feel free to do something similar if you feel like it. I loved doing it!

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  1. Wow… you can remember a lot…. I am intrigued why you got banned from yoga though!!

    • My friend and I just thought it was ridiculous and we could not stop laughing. It took me ten years to try yoga again after that. I love it now, and I am mature enough not to laugh, even when other people’s bellies rumble (or worse).

  2. Oh, I loved reading this, Mel! Such a great way to share more about you, and your new ‘About Me’ page is fabulous, too. Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

    • Thanks Jocelyn. You really gave me the motivation to improve my ‘About Me’ page. It just took me months to actually finish it!

  3. I loved every minute of reading this post Mel,even brought tears to my eyes.xx Je t’adore. Xx

  4. What a beautiful post Mel and I love the way you have looked back over so many little moments in your life and think I will have to do the same as it is such a wonderful way of looking back. Your wedding photo is absolutely beautiful and I love the photo of you and your Dad. I also love your comment about when you were born “life was orange and brown” – yes, that was true for me too!

    • We all lived in an orange and brown world at the start of the 80s, didn’t we? I would love to read a similar post about you, my lovely. Can’t wait to see you again next month. x

  5. This is a lovely post. I bet it was great looking back, it made me think about how much I know of my early childhood x #WotW

    • It was really good trying to select only a thing (or two) for each year. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at my old photos, too.

  6. What a lot of lovely memories. Why thrown out of yoga class though? That seems rather impossible!

  7. I don’t think I would be able to find that many pics, and scanning them would take hours. Such dedication but I really enjoyed the post. Visiting from #CountryKids

    • I scan a few every time I go to my mum’s. I now have hundreds on my laptop. That’s priceless: I love old photos!

  8. A lovely look back over your life, great to see the photos, I love that one of you as a teenager and I loved my try at windsurfing too.

  9. What a brilliant post Mel, made me smile (mostly anyway), lovely idea and thanks for the mention xx

  10. Oh I really enjoyed finding out more about you – such interesting facts. I’m mighty impressed you went skiing at 13 months! Love the photos too… I would also not recommend a fish pedi. Horrible experience! #CountryKids

  11. adeline says:

    ohhhhhh je n’avais jamais vu de photo de ton papa….
    belle rétrospective!xxxx

  12. aww love this post Mel, i popped over from #countrykids and noticed your linking up with #magicmoments tomorrow too 🙂 xx

  13. What a lovely post. I’d never have thought you’d be a queen fan!

  14. J’ai beaucoup aimé Mel ! Décrire toute une vie en quelques lignes j’ai trouve que c’est une exercice difficile en tout cas…Bravo!

  15. I loved your post you have had a busy life lol

  16. Interesting to see that a French childhood doesn’t look that different to an English one in terms of milestones and things that stand out.

  17. Hello there, this is so interesting what a lovely idea-you have a much better memory than me! And I love Queen too xxx #magicmoments

    • Every single person I’ve met who loved Queen was really nice. We should meet! Are you going to any of the blogger events, lovely?

  18. I love this! It is fabulous, although my memory is shocking so I don’t think I would get to 37! 🙂 xx

  19. Lovely to read more about you! We live so much for the moment as parents, it’s good sometimes to remember our lives as a whole as well as the here and now isn’t it.

  20. I love this post – I did my PGCE at 23 too, although I don’t teach anymore.


  21. I love this – what a fascinating read. You have had a very interesting life (so far!)

  22. Spidermummy says:

    Love this Mel! It must have taken you ages to put this together, but what a great snapshot of your life so far! Love the windsurfing one, I had a go once too and was utterly rubbish, once the sail had got wet I wasn’t strong enough to hold it up, what a weed!! x

    • Same here… I wasn’t too keen on the jellyfish swimming all around me either! I will not be seen windsurfing again.

  23. This is lovely. I’m not sure I could remember my life events like this but I wish I could!

    • I scanned loads of family photos recently so that really helped me remember all those little milestones.

      • Sadly a fire meant I’ve lost most childhood pics. I’ll have to see what my mum still has. It’s good to remember.

        • Oh no, that is sad. I just love photos. Every time I go back to France, I gather photos and scan a few dozens so they can be shared easily with other family members.

  24. What a lovely post, and such a great idea. I don’t think I could remember enough about my life to do one of these though!

  25. That’s so strange Mel, I thought I had left a comment on this lovely past last week? I remember loving it, and reading about your milestones and agreeing that fish pedis are indeed horrible! x

  26. The Free From Fairy says:

    You totally rock! I can’t believe that you have something for every year of your life. I don’t think I could do that. Fish pedicures…they were a shortlived thing weren’t they?! I guess your comment explains why!

    • Those fish pedicures are dreadful, seriously. I only did it to prove to myself I could let fish touch me (cannot stand it!), but I ended up with incredibly dry feet for months and months. It took a few pedicures to get my feet to normal.

  27. This is such a great way to share a bit about yourself. I truly enjoyed reading through your milestones. Though the fish pedicure did have me curious–it looks intriguing, but I’m not sure I’m quite brave enough to try. Thank you for such a great post!

  28. suzanne3childrenandit says:

    What an interesting life you led Mel! We have certain similarities – I went to France for a few years and taught English as a foreign language. I got married at 26 and declared that I was not ready for children (later to discover i was already pregnant!) at 27. Lovely pictures 🙂

  29. Love this! x

  30. Hi Mel, I love knowing more about people. I am so curious! Usually, I look at the Facebook & Linkedin pages & every other info I can get on Internet but your introspection is so much more personal. I feel I now know you a bit more. Thanks for this truly BRILLIANT Blog post!

    • Alexandra, your comment is so lovely, thank you! It is the first time I have revealed so much about myself, and I think it was time as I have been blogging for just over a year now. x

      • Love this post, such a fantastic introduction. So sorry to read about your dad Mel …Just wanted to tell you that too, in the midst of all the lovely stuff <3

        • Thanks honey. His heart attack was so sudden he didn’t even realise what was happening. He was in his garden planting stuff and had a big smile on his face. Better way to go than months and months of suffering, even though he was way, way too young (48).

  31. How fun-I may copy you on this if you do not mind. Thank you for stopping by. Where you raised in France? I love that you made croissants. That is great. I have yet to experiment making croissants. Fish pedicure-no interest too weird for me. Sorry about losing your Dad-I lost my mum last year at 50 1/2-it was difficult. We also lost our cat and almost lost my husband’s mum-it was a horrible year. Why were you banned from yoga-I did not know that was possible. ha ha -I am sure there is a good story.

    • I grew up in the champagne region, and moved to London when I was 21. I would definitely advise you to stay away from fish pedicures at all costs. Croissants are delicious, but if you have a French bakery nearby, I would stick with that: easier, and you do not see the amount of butter that goes in them! My dad was 48. Life can be so short; we really have to make the most of it. As for yoga, I was young and stupid, and I could not stop laughing when everyone was trying to focus and relax…

  32. What a beautiful life you have lead and so cute too right from the very start. Lovely post. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  33. Oh what a fantastic post! You were a very early walker. Beautiful photos 🙂 x x x

    • I was! I cannot imagine my little Wriggly walking now! She has just started crawling and she is too cute for words!

  34. Oh I just love this! What a fantastic ‘ramble’ through your past and a brilliant way to capture it all. Lovely xx

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