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I do not exercise just for the sake of it. I would probably enjoy it if I did, but running other than in a life-threatening situation simply is not my thing. Sweat, aching muscles, having to get changed just scream, “no!” to me.

Despite my aversion for planned exercise, I feel fit and enjoy being outdoors. I am always on my feet and if it takes an hour or less to go somewhere, I walk, rain or shine. I also take my children to their swimming lessons every week, and I treasure the one-to-one time I get with each of them (not so much the chlorinated water or the cold changing rooms). I also love skiing, even though we rarely go these days.

Alpe d'Huez

Yoga is something I really appreciate, as it is one of my favourite ways to relax. It helps improve my posture and focuses on breathing, listening to my body and having a little pocket of time just for me. I have not managed to go to a single class for the past year and I miss it.

When I was asked to try a fitness app to track my exercise, food intake and sleeping pattern, I was not entirely sure it was for me. “Kiqplan, a personalized training app, is like having a nutritionist, trainer and lifestyle guru all at the palm of your hand.”

Just out of curiosity, I looked at their website and found out there were four different apps, each with a different focus:

  • Kiqplan slim + trim
  • Kiqplan beer belly blaster
  • Kiqplan healthy baby bump
  • Kiqplan goodbye baby bump

Although I have no intention of watching what I eat or start running on the spot, I have to admit the idea of waving goodbye to my baby bump sounds appealing. I am slim and healthy, but after four pregnancies in seven years, my abdominal muscles seem to have disappeared and my tummy is flabby.

I decided to give the app a go. At worst, I would stop using after a couple of days. At best, it would help me tone up. What did I have to lose?

Here are the key points Kiqplan mention on their website:

“The team behind Kiqplan was the pioneer of the “wearable technology” phenomenon. For nearly a decade, Fitbug has led the way for people to use devices to help them achieve their health & wellbeing goals. Kiqplan is the next chapter of the story.”

“It’s not your device that’s important – it’s what you do with it that’s going to help you to get fitter, thinner, healthier or happier.” “We look at the lifestyle choices you make on a daily basis and give you personalized targets to ensure that you move more, eat healthier, and work towards achieving your goal.”

“With Kiqplan you’ll receive a comprehensive 12 week plan of action all designed to get you to your goal:

Activity, nutrition and sleep targets, set just for you, based on your goal and progress.

Weekly workout videos you can do anywhere, with video instruction from top trainers.

Inspirational advice and recipes to help you eat healthily.

Track your achievements and see your progress.

Articles, recipes and top tips shared by our experts to keep you on track.

Rewards and badges, earned in return for putting in the effort.

Share your selfies and achievements to show off your progress.

Feedback and reminders to keep you motivated to achieve your goal.”


My thoughts on Kiqplan:

  • It took me a minute to download the app, and I went for the free trial version.
  • The first thing I was asked was my age. It is definitely an important factor as the way my body recovers from a pregnancy would be different at 20 or 40 years old.
  • In the next screen, I had to enter my measurements and I was asked whether I was breastfeeding. I was glad this was taken into account.
  • Kiqplan is compatible with a range of smartphones, trackers and apps, but other than my phone being able to track my steps, I had nothing else to link.
  • The children and I really enjoyed the overnight oats recipe.
  • The gentle exercise routine is excellent, with clear visual guides and short timed activities.
  • When the app detects a long period of inactivity, it encourages you to move around.
  • If anything, it has made it made it blatantly obvious that I must sleep more. I also realised I do not drink enough water and eat virtually nothing between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. but from then until 1 a.m., I am constantly munching on something. I really eat an awful lot in the evenings (scary, really) and my calorie intake generally exceeds 3,500 per day. I will have to make some changes, no question about that.

What I would improve:

  • I would allow the app to link to Sleep Cycle, as it would get data about my sleep automatically.
  • I think it should take into account how many children you have. Stomach muscles are much looser after three or four babies than it is after one.
  • How long ago was baby born? Working out too soon is not recommended.
  • Regular reminders to drink water would be good.


What is your favourite form of exercise?

You could win a Fitbug Orb, worth £49.95. I want one now!



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The first thing you need to do is to log in with Facebook or your email address. Once you are logged in, the first and mandatory entry option is to leave a comment on this post telling me what your favourite form of exercise is. For extra chances of winning, check the instructions in the form.  You can pick and choose a range of ways in which to enter. The only one you must click on to get into the draw is the one asking you to leave a blog post comment. You must also leave a comment for your entry to be valid.


–    The prize will be supplied directly by Fitbug.

–    The giveaway is open to UK residents over 18.

–     This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.


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  1. Yoga and walking.

  2. swimming

  3. Chris Davies says:

    Cycling helps keep me fit and active

  4. ashleigh allan says:

    I like swimming

  5. Aeropilates, its amazing!

  6. Laura Tonks says:

    I love yoga 😀

  7. I do a lot of brisk walking everywhere

  8. Lucy Pasifull says:

    My favourite form of exercise is dancing.

  9. Mary Heald says:

    Walking and jogging

  10. I like to work out with the Wii doing boxing

  11. Mark Allen says:

    A long, long walk.

  12. Rebekah Weeks says:

    Walking 🙂

  13. winnie says:


  14. Chris Andrews says:

    Leave a blog post comment answering the following question. What is your favourite form of exercise? to be truthful…………….lifting a wineglass, but failing that walking the dog

  15. Hazel Rea says:

    Ice skating in winter, bodyboarding in summer.

  16. Sarah Pybus says:

    I love doing kettlebells 🙂

  17. traceypeach says:

    Walking xxx

  18. tina holmes says:

    Wiff fit or swimming x

  19. This sounds really good! I think sometimes what we ‘think’ we do and what we ‘actually’ do are two very different things! I would love to give this a go! x

  20. I quite enjoy aerobics x

  21. I like the cross trainer!

  22. Running

  23. Pia Stephens says:

    My favourite for of sport? I’m one of those people who only run very fast if I’m in danger, I get enough exercise with our 3 little ones who never ever stop thus would love to find out what it at means

  24. Tania Atfield says:

    Walking my dog

  25. loving the 30 day shred dvd by jillian michaels at the moment and am trying the couch to 5k

  26. Gerri Anne Tennant says:

    I don’t get as much exercise as I should. I go for a walk a couple of times a week but need to make a concerted effort to do more and regularly. this sounds as if it would be just the encouragement that I need, thanks for the giveaway.

  27. Bugger! I live in Aus! But I’m entering anyway because I am hoping you will let me nominate a friend in the UK to give it to if I win! 🙂 I am totally like you – life threatening situations are an excellent motivation to run, as is….oh, I can’t think of anything else!

    Though if you walk places if it takes less than ONE HOUR I would say that’s a pretty serious form of exercise…… 🙂 (PS Get back into skiing!! You have no excuse not to – you like so close to the best ski fields in the world!!)

    • Of course my lovely. If you win, you can have it sent to anyone you like in the UK. As for the skiing, unfortunately, Hubby is not a fan, so it is always a struggle to get him to the Alps…

    • Of course my lovely. If you win, you can have it sent to anyone you like in the UK. As for the skiing, unfortunately, Hubby is not a fan, so it is always a struggle to get him to the Alps…

  28. Leanne V Mckenna says:

    I love using my exercise bike at home in the winter, and cycling outdoors in the summer taking in the lovely views 🙂

  29. To my surprise, I have discovered that I enjoy running!! Don’t laugh Mel !! I would absolutely love the Fitbug;-)

  30. Evelyn Johnston says:

    My favourite form of exercise is swimming . Its great for relaxing and takes the weight off joints and a great way to rehabilitate after injury.

  31. gemma brown says:


  32. I completely agree with you about running. I tried it one summer and did OK but it just wasn’t fun. I much prefer sports and activities (although I don’t get much time to do those these days, I really need to do more!)

    I cannot believe you eat 3500 calories a day. You must be very active during the day because you looked great in your work dress pictures. Either that or you’re a photoshop expert 🙂

  33. aaron broad says:

    I like cycling, although when was training properly like HIIT

  34. Sarah Davies says:


  35. I love to walk

  36. jodie yorke says:

    swimming and trampolining.

  37. lapsapchung says:

    I’m afraid my favourite exercise is lifting my fork to my mouth. It’s very good for the arms, you know. But I do enjoy walking and I think a gadget like this would encourage me to do a lot more of it.

  38. Priscilla Stubbs says:

    I love walking try to do a couple of miles each day

  39. Spencer Broadley says:

    Simply cycling or walking

  40. swimming.

  41. kellyjo walters says:


  42. Chris Wright says:


  43. Elizabeth Smith says:

    I find exercising for exercising sake incredibly boring but I take the dogs to agility and there is so much laughter, tactics, experimentation etc that you forget that you are running courses and lugging about heavy equipment

  44. kayleigh Bates says:


  45. Paula Readings says:


  46. Sandra Henderson says:

    I love weight lifting,crosstrainer and jillian michaels dvds.

  47. laura banks says:

    i like swimming but i do a lot of walking

  48. Paul Mellor says:


  49. Julia Hourican says:

    I love the Insanity workout 🙂

  50. Either the rowing machine or swimming. Both I think are not that popular but are really great exercise.

  51. Alex Allen says:

    I love walking with my dogs and have just started yoga.

  52. Love abit of walking

  53. Emma Gibson says:


  54. Tna Cleveland says:

    I love jogging and walking

  55. Kay panayi says:

    Has to be dancing having a good wiggle

  56. Fiona R says:

    I did pole dancing for awhile that was really fun albeit painful at times too lol 🙂

  57. Natalie Crossan says:

    Jogging x

  58. Becca Staples says:

    Power walking x

  59. Liam Bishop says:

    Running 🙂

  60. Marie B says:


  61. badminton

  62. Steve Weaver says:

    I love to walk, whether it be in the countryside hiking, or just taking a walk into work instead of taking the bus, I find it relaxing, I can do it at my own pace and I can. do as much or as little as I want.

  63. I like walking & keep-fit classes

  64. Carolynn Woodland says:

    A long walk in the countryside

  65. elaine dale says:

    walking and hatha yoga

  66. Max yorke says:

    Walking the dogs

  67. laura stewart says:

    we like swimming

  68. John Taggart says:


  69. Lauren Tourle says:

    yoga and badminton 🙂

  70. Joanna Butler-Savage says:

    running running and more running

  71. Maxine Owen says:

    Hockey, badminton and swimming

  72. karen cowley says:

    Love walking, nice and gentle but a few miles a day works wonders x

  73. tracey morgan says:


  74. RavenSinead says:

    walking and exploring

  75. Pilates!

  76. Paula Barker says:

    Brisk walking

  77. Michelle lintern says:

    Walking and swimming

  78. Stacey Tripconey says:

    Spinning class

  79. Kevin Honey says:

    Exercise bike in front of the TV

  80. Kaci Soderstrom says:


  81. Gemma Crossley says:


  82. sarah rees says:


  83. Nikki Hunter says:

    Street dancing as its fun! but i also love pole dancing, apart from all the bruises!

  84. dancing

  85. kerie tidman says:

    I love a good walk

  86. Natalie Lee says:

    Biking and walking

  87. Walking and Swimming

  88. Geocaching – yup, I consider that exercise as it has me walking for miles or hiking and climbing (depending on where I’m caching).

  89. Elizabeth (Liz) Briggs says:

    Walking and Swimming x

  90. Becky Y says:

    I love ballet 🙂

  91. Claire Hull says:


  92. emmaellams says:


  93. Pauline Wilson says:

    Walking and exercise bike

  94. kathy says:

    I like swimming

  95. debbie jackson says:


  96. samantha bolter says:

    Walking, Swimming, Cycling,Pilates & Yoga

  97. lynn heath says:

    I really enjoy a nice run to clear the mind!

  98. jd5761 says:

    yoga and swimming for me

  99. Swimming!

  100. Running

  101. Margaret Abram says:


  102. jen morgan says:

    I love running

  103. debbie smith says:

    walking and hip hop abs !! fab giveaway x

  104. Jennifer Toal says:

    Dancing and cycling

  105. laura jayne bates says:


  106. Michael Rattray says:


  107. i enjoy using my treadmill every day x

  108. katherine s says:

    I like walking

  109. Cross fit! and a bit of Jillian Michaels! 🙂

  110. I like power walking

  111. walking the dog and aerobics

  112. zumba or body combat

  113. Charlotte Hood says:

    Does ‘Just Dance’ count? haha!

  114. Ruth Harwood says:

    I love Yoga x

  115. Zinzi Graham says:

    I love yoga and pilates, but my biggest obsession has got to be hula hooping! It’s such a fun way to exercise.

  116. Yoga

  117. Leila Benhamida says:


  118. I like to run or swim x

  119. I enjoy walking and swimming, I’m going to try Pilloxing next week though!

  120. This sounds really interesting! Great giveaway too. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  121. Sarah Archibald says:

    I am a yoga addict! 🙂

  122. Walking

  123. I enjoy tennis and swimming

  124. JULIE MCLAREN says:

    Love to run…just for the peace and quiet!

  125. Susan Ellams says:

    nordic walking

  126. emma falvi says:


  127. Rebecca Hall says:

    I’m a runner!

  128. Cycling 🙂

  129. kathy wilkinson says:

    I love lifting weights at the gym x

  130. Zumba

  131. Pip Bennett says:

    Walking and cycling 🙂

  132. walking

  133. James McKenna says:


  134. Scott Fallon says:


  135. Tanya Camilleri says:

    Zumba….. i’m so uncoordinated but me and my friends go to have a good giggle and shake!

  136. maicakes says:

    Prior to my spinal injury it was cardio at the gym and running. Since my injury I have to take it much easier and low impact. Starting slowly with walking and swimming while I recover x

  137. dionne says:


  138. Kat Lucas says:

    Swimming for me

  139. Definitely swimming

  140. Vicki Weston says:

    Walking & Swimming

  141. Greig spencer says:


  142. Mrs Heather Harris says:


  143. Cat Culmer says:

    swimming and walking

  144. cycling

  145. chris parham says:


  146. Lauren Old says:

    I enjoy Zumba the most

  147. MichelleD says:


  148. Danny Stacey says:

    I love swimming

  149. bridie summersgill says:

    love walking – especially along the beach near home

  150. katherine b says:

    I love cardio exercises and swimming

  151. Walking!

  152. Deborah Hambleton says:

    I love Metafit – 20 minutes of pure hell but then it’s over!

  153. Julie Ward says:

    Badminton but its taking its toll now, ouch

  154. jamie banks says:

    i love taking dog for walk x

  155. Walking – but think i should be adding some variety in

  156. EJ Dunn says:

    I like going to the gym and what I do in there varies. At the moment I’m into running – something I never thought I would get into!

  157. Simon Harrington says:


  158. Dancing, because I don’t like exercise at all and that’s the only thing that doesn’t feel like a chore 🙂

  159. Joanne Welsh says:

    Swimming 🙂

  160. christine westlake says:

    my vibro gym

  161. Cheryl says:

    I really enjoy cycling

  162. roxanne says:


  163. Angela Williams says:


  164. Henry Brabyn says:

    Long Distance Running

  165. Donna Browne says:

    long walks with the kids

  166. walking with my family

  167. Swimming

  168. Roger Turbin says:


  169. Allan Wilson says:


  170. Caroline Blaza says:


  171. Vera Bahounkova says:

    I love walking

  172. Reg Vandra says:

    Gym work – especially kettle bells

  173. Pam Francis Gregory says:


  174. Jo-Anne holton says:


  175. D Winfield says:

    Aqua Aerobics

  176. Carly M says:

    Going to the gym

  177. JULIE CAMM says:

    I like to walk in the countryside, and ride my bike .

  178. Lorraine says:


  179. emma thackery says:

    swimming for me

  180. I walk a lot and do a few gym classes a week incl. Body attack, bodypump, insanity and fight klub

  181. Kelly Ellen Hirst says:

    Walking… Preferably in company 🙂

  182. I love walking

  183. Jill fairbank says:

    I like cycling

  184. David Price says:

    Going to the gym

  185. Serena La Pietra says:

    Walking and gardening keep me pretty fit.

  186. Keith Hunt says:

    Walking the dogs

  187. Anne Rae says:

    Body Pump!

  188. Yoga is my favourite form of exercise too.

  189. Wendy Guy says:


  190. sarah dawn pope says:

    I like to go swimming regularly and also belly-dancing

  191. Eleanor Powell says:

    ballroom dancing and aquafit

  192. Angela Paull says:

    Walking up on the South Downs 🙂

  193. karen Howden says:

    Dog agility

  194. Victoria Prince says:

    Walking the dogs 🙂

  195. Sandra Foreman says:


  196. Harriet Kendall says:

    I love any kind of exercise to refresh me before I start the day. I love starting the morning with yoga, a run along the beach or a swim.

  197. Kate Cass says:

    Definitely swimming, everyday, love to swim!

  198. Angela Morgan says:


  199. Heather Tinkler says:

    Team sports like Hockey so I can forget I’m exercising!

  200. Caroline S says:

    Swimming – I can go a bit Zen when doing a few lengths. Good for body and mind!

  201. Natasha Patterson says:

    I love circuit training as it never gets boring and it’s a very effective form of exercise.

  202. Wendy Tyler says:

    Walking, although I did enjoy the 30 day shred x

  203. Laura Marshall says:

    I love playing rounders with my local team!

  204. jessica newman says:

    I love rowing at the gym

  205. Chris Fletcher says:

    I love a run through my local park

  206. Zoe Coen says:


  207. monika s says:

    Dumbells to the loud music and biking

  208. claire little says:

    walking and dancing

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