Me and… Running

Not into running…

I do not run. Ever. Well, I probably would if a bear or a lion started chasing me, but what are the chances?

The last time I ran… well, I am not too sure actually. Seriously. I can probably guess that the last time I ran was to catch a train, but again, that was probably a brisk walk. I just look ridiculous when I run.

Do you remember the opening credits of Baywatch, in which all those glamourous, tanned lifeguards run with style, muscles contracting, shiny blow dried hair flickering in the wind… definitely not me! Have you ever wondered where they were hiding the chubby ones, ugly ones, clumsy ones and spotty ones in Baywatch?

In France, you have to study (and take exams in) all subjects at A-Level. Physical Education was not my forte (serious understatement). We had to choose three sports: an individual sport, one in pairs (is that even what it is called?) and a team sport.

I chose running, badminton (I ended up last in my class), and for the team sport, drum roll… circus skills! I know! I had so much fun! Can you imagine all the people who avoid any form of exercise all together in one room? It was amazing! I was useless at juggling, did not even attempt going anywhere near the unicycle, but I loved the diabolo. I could practise for hours! My ‘team’ and I were really proud of our finale as ABBA was resonating in the sports hall: a choreography (pretty awful!) that ended with a human pyramid (not a very stable or gracious one). Enough said.

Sorry about the digression. Don’t you love memories that come back to the surface when you least expect them? I was quite good at running when I was younger (not that I ever chose to do it in my spare time). In my first year at secondary school, my PE teacher was shouting at us to run faster around the football pitch, cigarette in hand (truth!). If I remember well, I got an A* for running at A-Level. I have not run since.

When I took part in the Race for Life in 2008, I was eight months pregnant with Crevette, so that was a pretty good excuse not to run. I just found a photo of me as the race was about to start. As all participants were stretching, I was eating an ice lolly! I really enjoyed my 5K walk. If I were to do it again this year, I would definitely prepare for it, as I would probably attempt running.

Me and..

This week, a couple of things have made me want to run (OK, walk quickly).
The first one that has motivated me to start exercising more is a fab initiative that has just been launched in Hertfordshire. The children came back from school really excited last week, as they mentioned Beat the Street. I am always amazed by the number of creative ideas and improvements going on daily in my local area, but this is my favourite recent one! “Beat the Street Hertfordshire is designed to encourage and inspire communities to walk to school, to work and to the shops rather than by car. It will run from 3rd June until 15 July 2015.”

The children were given a ‘Beat the Street’ fob and card each. A lot of momentum was put on it at school and the children are desperate to earn points for tapping ‘Beat Boxes’. So am I. Their enthusiasm is catching! On Saturday, my four little ones and I walked around town for an hour and a half looking for ‘Beat Boxes’ and we were a tad disappointed to find three only. Yesterday, we were out for an hour and found three again. They came home with a map after school today: ideal! I am actually considering taking just Crevette and Beanie next time, on their bikes, and to run alongside them. How crazy is that?

Beat Boxes

The second thing that is motivating me to start running is the fact I got a Fitbug Orb. I have wanted to try a Fitbug or that sort of activity and sleep monitor for ages. I hate exercising, but I feel quite fit and I am really active. I also walk everywhere. I just want the little machine to tell me I am doing fine. I hope it does not say, “Start spending 30 minutes a day doing abs and 2 hours running.” I would be devastated. I am also curious about the sleep monitor thing. I know I am not sleeping enough, so I am not sure what to expect, but I am hoping it will make me go to bed at a more reasonable time.

Do you like running?

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  1. I love the fact that the Fitbug Orb tracks your steps, distance walked, calories burned and sleep 24 hours a day!

  2. I really like the recipe suggestions as part of the app!

  3. Hi there -thanks for mentioning Beat the Street! here’s a link to the maps to make finding Beatboxes a bit easier! Many thanks! Margaret

  4. think the workout videos would be the best for me. Useful to see what you need to do (and watch someone doing it properly!)

  5. Joanna Butler-Savage says:

    great for monitoring fitness

  6. Mary Heald says:

    The fact that it gives me targets each week giving me the incentive to improve

  7. I would find the walking feature great for me as i do alot of it

  8. sarah rees says:

    recipe suggestions sound like a brill idea, im always having trouble thinking up new ideas

  9. karen cowley says:

    Health tips and something to keep me motivated would be fab, as soon as i have my baby in October , i want to start slowly getting back into shape x

  10. Lucy Pasifull says:

    I like the recipe suggestions too, I always get stuck in a rut.

  11. Kaci Soderstrom says:

    I like the workout videos part of the app. I always find it easier to follow along with someone else.. and in the privacy of my own home.

  12. John Taggart says:

    The walking feature would be most useful

  13. it would be so handy as i really want to watch the calories i eat and this would be fantastic and i love that it counts your steps too xxx

  14. paul ballantine says:

    This is the gadget everyone needs looking at your write up. Hope this ones got my name on it 🙂

  15. I would find the varied workouts beneficial so don’t get bored of doing exercise

  16. laura stewart says:

    love this xx

  17. This looks fab! love the recipes 🙂

  18. winnie says:

    the walking feature – love walking so it would be really useful

  19. laura banks says:

    the facet that it tracks calories and how far you have walked i walk all day at work so would be interesting to see what i do

  20. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    I like the fact you can make targets to aim towards

  21. esther james says:

    I like the personal trainer aspect of it- I need that extra motivation!

  22. I love the fact that it progresses slowly and at a steady pace so even as a beginner it doesn’t seem to daunting! xx

  23. nicola clarkson says:

    It Is easy to use to get fit

  24. OMG that pic of you eating a lollypop while everyone else is getting pumped for the race is GOLD!! (But seriously good on your for taking part anyway!!) I’ve been meaning to get one of those watches for ages. Wish I could enter your giveaway! 🙁

  25. I think I would find the health motivational tips useful as I do need motivating

  26. andrea tinkler says:

    Health and motivational tips sound good. I like the fact you aren’t rushed so get fit at a pace to suit you

  27. I like the targets aspect of it; you can monitor your progress on the way to the goal.

  28. lynn heath says:

    I really need to get fit and lose a few pounds so the features I like are that it tracks your activity and the calories you have burned. I also try and walk 10000 steps a day so as this would count steps is a massive benefit to me as I am always losing my clipon pedometer

  29. I think the personalised targets are great

  30. Leanne Bell says:

    The steps tracker and calorie counter x x

  31. Liz Briggs says:

    I love the idea of weekly health and motivational tips and prgress report – I also love the different plans idea like Goodbye Baby Bump x

  32. Tina M Holmes says:

    The sleep feature, haha

  33. Gemma Holland says:

    I like the fact that it sets your goals. I would be inclined to cheat a bit if left to my own devices!

  34. Nathan Webb says:

    The Recipe Tips sounds great!

  35. victoria thurgood says:

    tracking steps is great

  36. Paul Wilson says:

    The Walking Feature sounds useful.


    Setting goals, as I run everyday and have no idea of speed, time etc and it gets a bit boring, would be nice to challenge myself!

  38. Claire bodin says:

    Targets to aim towards

  39. Fiona K says:

    I like the walking feature because it is an interest of mine – I walk several miles a day

  40. Ashleigh Allan says:

    Tracking calories burned!

  41. I love the idea of beat the street, It’s a shame the don’t have anything like it up here. That said, Josh has just started to insist on walking everywhere which involves either running as fast as he can, refusing to move, or insisting we walk in the opposite direction to where we need to get to, so I’d probably go crazy with it pretty quickly!

    Can’t believe you were 8 months pregnant in that picture, you had a dainty bump. I was massive at that stage.

    Disappointed there’s no human pyramid picture!

  42. Suzanne says:

    Interesting recipes would be great.

  43. I think I’d find the nutrition bit and the motivation the most useful. I already use a “fitness tracking” app and like the nutrition but the best.

  44. Karen Barrett says:

    I would find the recipe section interesting

  45. Nichole Frerichs says:

    Recipe suggestions and workout videos would be great!

  46. Kristy Leanne Brown says:

    The motivational tips would keep me going!

  47. Amelia Kennedy says:

    The weekly tips would help to motivate me …

  48. Claire Nutman says:

    im really into cooking and baking right now so recipie ideas are welcome x

  49. Spencer Broadley says:

    The walking feature and recipe tips

  50. I like the targets so I can consistently work to get better.

  51. Rich Tyler says:

    Recipes for me, yummy! 🙂

  52. Caroline Spring Clarke says:

    The Recipe Tips sound nice as it’s easy to get bored with healthy food.

  53. Je ne courre plus depuis un moment ! Maintenant je préfère la marche à pied. Ta photo avec la glace est super sympa 😉

  54. Marycarol says:

    Has to be the calories burned – need to know when I’ve used up that chocolate xx

  55. Caroline H says:

    I think for me it would be the step and nutrition target setting. I like something to aim for to keep me motivated.

  56. Louise B says:

    videos and motivational tips would be great!

  57. The workout videos suit me best at the moment, but I also like the recipes

  58. I like the way that it keeps you motivated and on track. I loose interest quickly and this would be great as it would nudge me and remind me to keep going.

  59. Nikki Hunter-Pike says:

    The calorie counter and the goal tracker!

  60. Alison says:

    I like how it sends you weekly goals.

  61. hannonle says:

    The weekly motivational tips because I get bored quickly and then give up. I need gee-ing up a bit.

  62. Louise A says:

    The sleep function sounds intriguing

  63. Kate Loader says:

    I love the Personal Trainer aspect, as I’d get a bit lazy so this should stop it!!

  64. aaron broad says:

    I like you can track your results and see how you have progressed

  65. Andrea Williams says:

    I like that you can calculate the number of calories you eat, I always round it down when I add it up!

  66. wookie says:

    I love a good walk!

  67. the recipes tips are good

  68. gemma brown says:

    the targets would be a great incentive for me as setting goals helped me to stop smoking, also the recipes as i love to try new things

  69. Sounds like a brilliant device to help me get fit. 🙂

  70. The Weekly workout videos sound useful 🙂

  71. Kathryn says:

    I’ve been thinking about getting something like this for a while, would love to win one.

  72. Natalie Crossan says:

    Health and motivational tips sound great x

  73. Sarah Griffiths says:

    It giving me targets would really keep me focused

  74. Susan Ellams says:

    the targets so that it increases motivation

  75. helen tovell says:

    The Easy-to-make recipes and nutritional advice section

  76. kayleigh Bates says:

    The targets would really help me x

  77. Claire Tucker says:

    The recipes for me

  78. Joanna Orr says:

    I’d be really interested to monitor my sleep patterns as I’ve a snoring partner , so it would be good to see how he affects my sleep!!

    • Ha ha, great point! My mum is with us at the moment and she snores so much she woke my little man up in the middle of the night yesterday!

  79. I like that you can set yourself targets x

  80. Amy Mitchell says:

    I think the recipe suggestion would be extremely useful to have!

    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  81. Rachel Butterworth says:

    I would find the recipes and health tips most useful.

  82. mellanie forster says:

    The recipes sound really good

  83. Sue ellins says:

    I would love to know how many calories I have burned

  84. I do zumba so I would like to win this so I can keep track of what calories I am burning x

  85. Lauren Pilkington says:

    i think the sleep tracking is the thing that most intrigues me. Id love to know how ive slept!

  86. Simon Tinsley says:

    The walking feature would be handy for me as I walk to work and back every day.

  87. Lorraine Tinsley says:

    I have been looking at activity trackers for a while and I love that they count steps as well as monitoring your sleep. I just need to save my pennies 🙂

  88. karen hutchinson says:

    the fact it is secure – I have a clip on pedometer that I keep losing and suspect is not very accurate anyway

  89. The recipes and nutritional advice would be useful to me

  90. Sarah Pybus says:

    Definitely the targets as I like having something to work towards

  91. Ruth Harwood says:

    the workout vids look useful x

  92. Sarah Lee says:

    I like the idea that it sends you weekly running (or walking) goals. I’d need that to help keep me motivated.

  93. jennifer thorpe says:

    the recipe suggestions are a great idea

  94. I think tracking my progress… and hopefully the improvement 🙂

  95. Sarah Guy says:

    workout videos would be really useful xx

  96. Emma Gibson says:

    The calorie counter would be extremely useful.

  97. Philippa Turner says:

    The sleep tracking would be really intriguing.

  98. Mark Palmer says:

    Like the targets

  99. Tammy Tudor says:

    the recipe ideas

  100. Lucy McClymont says:

    i think this would give me the motivation i need to get moving!

  101. Maxine G says:

    I like the targets that are set to keep you motivated

  102. Kimberley Giles says:

    For me, it’d be the motivational tips along with the recipe ideas. I struggle with having good, creative ideas for dinner times so this would really give me the kickstart I need.

  103. leanne weir says:


  104. JULIE MCLAREN says:

    I need motivation! On those dull wet days when i just want to do nothing!

  105. fozia Akhtar says:

    the recipes suggestions would be really useful

  106. Jo m welsh says:

    I like that you get targets to reach each week

  107. Tracking calories burned.

  108. It all sounds good…I like that it sets you goals, that’s always my downfall when it comes to keeping fit. Nutrition advice is great as well 🙂 xx

    • It really sounds pretty good. I just set up my Fitbug Orb and I’m a tad worried about what it might say about my sleeping habits (or lack of!). x

  109. I like that it tracks steps.

  110. lisa ann tebbutt says:

    i use to step 10.00 steps aday

  111. Leanne moore says:

    Training tips

  112. The differentiated workout

  113. Bob Clark says:

    The bit that monitors fitness

  114. Sophie Rollo says:

    It’d be great to really understand how much exercise I’m ACTUALLY doing.

  115. Kerry Bennett says:

    It all looks really good, I think the sleep tracker looks really inset resting, I’d be intrigued to know my quality of sleep and if I’m getting enough

  116. Helena Romanowska says:

    I was never any good at sports but I found that signing up to some kind of challenge spurred me to do something about exercising. Race For Life was probably the start of it and then a half marathon and a 10k. Not all in the same year (or decade for that matter) but I did it. A few years ago I signed up for a local charity to do a bike ride to our twin town in Germany and back. That changed a lot of things in my life. I have since done the ride 4 times (it’s only done every other year)and I help to run a disabled cycling club for the charity. I also do the local park run (5k) which is brilliant for any level, age, speed or size. There are people ranging from 16 minute finishers to those that walk on crutches, or push buggies with their little ones in, even a chap who did it pushing his wife in a wheelchair.

    • Oh wow, you do a lot! I would definitely one of the people having a chat and a nice leisurely walk at the back!

  117. Helena Romanowska says:

    After all that I forgot to say what feature on the fitbug would be best for me. It would be le.the target setting as I am actually a very lazy person and try to get away with as little as possib

  118. kylie goldsmith says:

    I think the motivational tips would really help me. I get a bit lazy but that would spur me on!

  119. Andy Kadir-Buxton says:

    Workout videos, it is so easy to do exercises wrongly.

  120. Michelle Banks says:

    calories burned x

  121. Maureen Quinnell says:

    like the idea of it sending you weekly updates, keeps you motivated

  122. Scott Fallon says:

    the health and motivational tips

  123. Jill fairbank says:

    The recipe suggestions are a great idea

  124. Tanya Camilleri says:

    I like that they will send workout videos so you can actually see someone doing the moves.

  125. Laura Asplin says:

    The recipe suggestions, I never know what to cook!

  126. liz ferguson says:

    the recipes would be a boon xx

  127. jen louise jackson says:

    The sleep tracking

  128. Kat Lucas says:

    The work out videos

  129. stevepholman says:

    the sleep tracker sounds interesting 🙂

  130. Emma Nixon says:

    The walking feature. Perhaps this would help motivate me.

  131. Louise says:

    Having motivation is essential when working on a 12 week goal !

  132. katie skeoch says:

    The regular motivation & health tips, they’d keep me going!

  133. Amy Lambert says:

    I love how it tracks your sleep I always feel as though im not getting enough sleep

  134. pamela gossage says:

    The sleep tracker is great

  135. Saran Benjamin says:

    I love the step counter and calorie burner

  136. Paula Phillips says:

    I’d love the sleep function as it my be able to help me sort out my bad sleep patterns.

  137. Kat Allinson says:

    I like the weekly targets

  138. the sleep function, I’ve always wanted to track this

  139. Rebecca Powell says:

    I would love to know how many calories I’ve burned

  140. Love the calories burned, distance walked features,.

  141. steph lovatt says:

    The recipes is a great feature

  142. Gillian Holmes says:

    motivational tips

  143. Emily Hutchinson says:

    The calorie tracker would be really useful

  144. I would love to use the nutrition part of the app my diet is awful and I find myself lacking inspiration to make healthier choices

  145. Vary those woprkouts adds variety and minimises boredom!

  146. Eleanor Powell says:

    tracking the calories burnt

  147. great way to count my steps

  148. Diana says:

    Workout videos 🙂

  149. katie w says:

    the weekly targets as i work best to targets helps my motivation

  150. Nicola Holland says:

    For monitoring my fitness

  151. Hannah Ellis says:

    Has to be the sleep function

  152. Ellie P says:

    The calories burnt would be a useful guide!

  153. Chris Fletcher says:

    It all sounds good, but the weekly targets and recipes are my favourites!

  154. Jennifer I says:

    I love that it tracks how much you walk so I can target to do as much on my days off as I do at work!

  155. Katie says:

    The recipe suggestions as I always struggle trying to stick with healthy balanced eating.

  156. Lindsey Jones says:

    Health and motivational tips would be really useful.

  157. Zoe Coen says:

    Motivational tips would keep me going

  158. The recipe suggestions!

    @smeethsaysfashn on twitter

  159. I reckon the workout videos – I never know what to do at home, so this would be so helpful!

  160. The workout videos would be really useful

  161. Sarah Archibald says:

    I like the walking feature as thats my main form of exercise as i have two dogs, also the sleep function!

  162. Ema J Lowe says:

    the sleep side of things, would like to see how well I sleep and how long for, as it never feels enough

  163. Patricia Avery says:

    The tips sound good for keeping me motivated 🙂

  164. jessica newman says:

    i think having something to spice up my exercise routine would be great

  165. Caroline Blaza says:

    I love that it is a tracker of walking and sleeping but also does so much more. Especially like the idea of the recipes x

  166. either the work out vids so I can do stuff at home behind closed curtains with the fan running! or the recipe suggestions as I am always left thinking what to cook and often resort to take aways to avoid having to think about cooking!

  167. claire little says:

    the weekly targets 🙂

  168. Jayne K says:

    The weekly running (or walking) goals

  169. Daniel Todd says:

    Excellent stuff I would love one

  170. Elisabeth Ries says:

    I think the workout videos would be super helpful

  171. i think all of it as a whole sounds great! i really lack motivation so seeing my progress plus tips and recipes would really help me stick with it.

  172. Eleanor says:

    It would be great for tracking how much I move in a day

  173. mandydoherty65 says:

    The extra motivation of having a ‘personal trainer’

  174. Lucy Robinson says:

    I think its fab that it tracks your steps. Think that would motivate me to try and walk more than the day before. x

  175. Traking steps and distance would be i think

  176. Victoria Prince says:

    The motivational tips!


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