I am not a morning person! I wish I were, but I am not. I am a night owl. I can work until the middle of the night and not mind one bit. Getting up early in the morning is like torture to me, despite the irritating soothing army of multisensory gadgets that is meant to wake-me up feeling happy and refreshed: sunrise simulation; alarm using a wake up phase monitoring signals from my body to wake me up softly; gentle sounds inspired by nature; vibration and last but not least, alarm with music I chose, starting on low volume and getting increasingly louder. It is all there yet I never feel refreshed when I wake up: I am not a morning person!

Morning Routine - Little Miss Sunshine

Crevette recently told me: “Why do you have a ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ cup? You’re not a sunshine in the morning!” It was a birthday present from hubby. He might have been trying to make a point, and frankly, I could not blame him!

On days I work, the five and a half of us have to be out of the door at 7.15 a.m. at the latest, so organisation is crucial and every minute counts. Everything that can possibly be done ahead is done the evening before.


Morning Routine - Piles of Clothes

The children always have their bath in the evening so all they need in the morning is a quick wash and clean teeth. To make sure we do not end up arguing about outfits in the morning, I decide with them what they will wear the following day and we get it all ready in three neat piles in the bathroom. They are always in the same spot, with underwear on top of each pile and jumpers on the bottom. Their shoes are also always in the same place, as are school bags and anything else we need to take with us (by the front door).

Knowing it is all ready means I can sleep soundly with nothing at the back of my mind. No thinking whatsoever is required in the morning either as automatisms just kick in. Hubby and I also have our outfits ready. Everything I need in the morning is out and lined in order it is to be put on so no time is wasted fumbling in drawers.

Morning Routine


Crevette has a packed lunch for school, and because of her allergies, Jumpy also needs one to take to Maria’s (our childminder). Beanie has her lunch with the other children at Maria’s. Hubby and I also have packed lunches. I get it all ready the night before in the fridge, making sure it can all be picked up quickly and placed in our insulated lunch bags in the morning with no fuss or confusion.


Just to make sure the house does not look like a bombsite when we get home from work, I always make sure dishes have been put away, toys are not scattered everywhere and get my little handheld hoover to work its magic before sitting on the sofa.


Sharing out tasks in the morning:

Our roles are well defined and we have a clear routine. Hubby always wakes up first at 6.18 a.m. (long story) despite all the wonderful tools that are supposed to wake me up gently. He encourages me to get up, making sure not to upset me. He then wakes our little ones up and has a cuddle with them in our bed so they can greet the day at their own pace. Beanie normally keeps snoring, Crevette struggles to wake up as much as I do and Jumpy has her milk and a cuddle with her dad.

After brushing my teeth and having a long, hot shower, I am generally a lot more ‘human’ or at the very least less annoyed to be up and I  go downstairs to get my coffee, finish packing the lunchboxes and put it all by the front door. Hubby encourages Crevette to get dressed (he is not the quickest in the morning) and gets Jumpy ready. Beanie sometimes gets her clothes on by herself or requests help from one of us.

As I finish getting ready and make the beds, hubby makes tea in our insulated cups, puts everything in the car and gets a quick snack ready for the children:  juice with a piece of fruit, a cereal bar or breakfast biscuits.

The fact hubby and I work hand in hand to get everyone ready helps a lot and even though not every morning is free from chaos or irritability, whenever we are out of the door on time and in a decent mood, it really is a magic moment!

Crevette has breakfast at my friend Aimee’s and the girls have their breakfast at Maria’s. Hubby and I have breakfast at work, hence the cup of tea. I dunk French biscuits if I have them or belVita biscuits in my tea. I also have an apple about ten minutes later. I find that a good breakfast gets me to lunchtime without feeling hungry.

During week-ends or on my days off, we take time to have breakfast at home, in the form of porridge with a glass of juice for hubby and the children; coffee and breakfast biscuits or toasted homemade bread for me.

A few weeks ago, I volunteered to take part in belVita and BritMums’ ‘Morning Stories Challenge’ and forgot all about it until three or four days later I received a parcel through the post including three packs of belVita biscuits and a £5 voucher for Costa coffee. I like a challenge. A challenge that involves food and coffee… now that’s my cup of tea!

Morning Routine - belVita

I have to be honest and admit we were not won over by the three flavours of belVita biscuits we were sent. The ones we buy all the time are ‘Honey & Nuts’. If I have mine when I get to work just before 8 a.m. with my cup of tea and an apple, I do not normally get hungry until my break at 11.15 a.m. or even lunchtime just after 1 p.m. (and I am over 36 weeks pregnant!). To me, it is the ideal breakfast on the go. I have no time or appetite before I leave the house and find belVita biscuits the perfect solution for breakfast at my desk.

This post is an entry for #MorningStories Linky Challenge sponsored by belVita Breakfast. Learn more at

I was sent three packs of belVita biscuits as free samples as well as a £5 Costa Coffee voucher. No payment has been received for this post.

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  1. Organisation is soo important when you have so many little ones to get up and out so early! I’m pretty grouchy in the mornings too! You are lucky that you have your husband there to help you though – I never have any help in the mornings (another reason why I won’t be having any more children 😉 ). I also pack a coffee to take with me to work in the morning (although I used to waste a fortune on Costa lattes!) and I have a banana with it as an early breakfast, then I have a bowl of 50% fruit muesli at about 9.30 which is really filling and keeps me going til lunchtime. I used to buy the Belvita biscuits too as I hoped it would be a way to get JJ to actually eat something in the mornings but now he eats a bowl of Shreddies and has an actimel! X #wotw

    • True, I am really fortunate hubby is so great with the little ones in the morning. The children are lucky as well because two parents like me would not be much fun in the morning! Just like you, if I was not trying to be reasonable, I would be having a really nice latte every morning. My good old coffee from home has to do now. Times change!

  2. Lovely post Mel! I’m the complete opposite – up at the crack of dawn but asleep on the couch come 9pm xx #WotW

  3. A great insight into your mornings, and I love that Crevette told you that you’re not a sunshine in the morning! I am a morning person. Whenever the kids wake up, usually 6ish, my eyes snap open and I’m ready for the day. But please don’t make me stay up after midnight, especially not if you want me to be productive! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

    • You are so lucky! I wish I could be bubbly (and nice) in the morning rather than stay up until silly o’clock most nights to be able to achieve anything. I think morning people are perceived in a much more positive light than ‘night people’ by society…

  4. Fiona Chick says:

    Good grief Mel. Your daily mornings are giving me a headache. I’m clearly less of a woman than you, as I resigned and opted to stay at home (and move in with the in-laws) in favour of having a daily, early-morning deadline to leave the house. And I only have two kids. Hats off to you, lady, especially at over 36 weeks pregnant! My goodness, I think I need to sit down (and maybe reach for the belVita biscuits).

    • You are not! Oh my goodness, you are starting your own business from scratch, moving home, and all that with a little one under one… I could not do that! Our morning routine is what it is: a routine. You just get used to it, really! x

  5. Alexandra Mercer (Life of mummy) says:

    Well Mel I would say that you are slightly OCD but really I know I am just jealous at how very organised you are. I personally cannot get up before 8, it’s just not possible! x

    • ‘Slightly’… Alex, you are very gentle with me, hi hi! Same here, I do not think it should be legal to get up before 8 a.m.! x

  6. I wish I could be more organised the night before, I always mean to be, then get distracted and tired! I always regret it in the morning though 🙂 I’m not a great one for breakfast either, I do the school run first and then have something. I hate getting up, but once I am up, I’m awake and ready to face the day 🙂 #WotW

    • I know the feeling! I would still rather get everything ready when I am tired in the evening as we all have so much stuff to take with us in the morning. It would be a nightmare if one of us had no food, no nappies or no keys for work (not that anyone other than Jumpy wears nappy… thought I would make that clear, ha ha).

  7. adeline says:

    moi je préfère ceux au miel et pépites de chocolat!!!!! Je fais comme toi, habits préparés la veille!!!!! et depuis l’arrivée de Valentin, la table du p’tit dej’ est prête aussi, un temps fou de gagné!!!!!

    • C’est aussi ceux qu’on prend, trop bons. J’y avais goûté pour la 1ėre fois chez toi. Bonne idée de préparer la table pour le petit dej. Si c’est pas de l’organisation de pro, ça!

  8. OMG HOW organised?? I wish I could do that…or be bothered! There is always something else that I would rather do than get organised though!! Well done to you. And by the way, I have voted for you. Who else?!

    • Well, I have tried doing mornings ‘freestyle’, but it did not quite work that well in terms of leaving on time, having lunch or what we needed… Jumpy ended up with my lunch and I with hers (luckily Maria realised the stuff I had put in was odd and cooked her lunch from scratch), Crevette did not have a book bag or water bottle and I was frazzled all day at work. Not worth it! Thank you so much for voting. I do not have a chance of being one of the finalists… all the other blogs are amazing (and they are ‘real’ food bloggers), but it has been fun! x

  9. Gosh – your mornings are FAR more organised than mine. Perhaps thats why mine are such chaos. I will need Belvita to remain in my life. I’m much better at late nights than early mornings too but I find I need early nights and mornings to function with two young children!

    • I definitely agree with you. I just wish I could go to bed at a decent time and wake up earlier but somehow I never manage to do that…

  10. J’ai la même organisation que toi. Les vêtements prêts, les sacs de cours et de sport vérifiés, les douches prises et la table du petit déjeuner prête également. Le matin, il y a juste le lait de vache et le lait de soja à sortir du réfrigérateur. Je déteste me lever beaucoup trop tôt ( à mon goût ) tous les matins et les week ends libres et reposants, je ne connais pas.
    Demain, c’est samedi, annoncé chaud et ensoleillé, donc une belle journée en perspective afin de flâner en famille et bien non, il en est rien. Les grands partent très tôt pour une compétition de rugby avec les entraîneurs, le pique nique est déjà prêt et les sacs aussi, Valentin a son entraînement de tennis, il faut que je fasse quelques commissions, préparer des petites gourmandises l’après midi, récupérer les grands qui rentrent de leur compétition, déposer les enfants chez mamie, prendre une douche rapide pour aller retrouver les amis pour une super soirée, pleines de fous rires, de discussions, etc……
    Nous sommes toutes de merveilleuses mamans et pour être une super maman, c’est du travail.
    Bonne continuation Mél pour ce bébé qui va bientôt pointer le bout de son nez. Bisous.

    • On se ressemble, Cindy, pas de doute! Pareil ici, le week-end ne sera pas reposant mais les enfants vont en profiter. Moins de quatre semaines avant la date prevue de ma puce, je n’en reviens pas!

  11. Getting everyone out of the door so early is impressive. I love that your get the clothes ready. It makes so much sense. We have a panic two mornings a week when I take M to nursery and leave about 7.25. I would find it so stressful doing that every day! x

    • It is not the same with a baby! You have Jasmin and I am impressed you leave your house at 7.25 a.m. Now that Jumpy is 18 months old, it is much easier. I also have hubby doing it all with me and that makes a world of difference. x

  12. Your morning routine sounds so organised, I am taking notes! I could have done with this kind of organisation over last few days when I had done all the washing and still had no clothes ready for the children! How could that be?

  13. I can absolutely relate! I’m not a morning person either. Of course if you have a little one, you absolutely have to get up no matter what. Sigh. Anyway, I wish I was as organised as you! So impressed 🙂 #wotw

    • If we did not all have to be out of the door within 55 minutes or so of getting up, I would probably not bother getting so much ready at night, but I have to say it helps and not having to think in the morning is nice for me!

  14. YOu are so organized! I wish I can be as organized as you! You are now my idol =) #wotw

  15. Susanna Scott (@AModernMother) says:

    Ooooh, you are good! A woman after my own heart. I used to lay out clothes too. Anything you can do to get on top of things. x

    • Definitely! Knowing that you will not have to think in the morning helps a lot when you are not a morning person.

  16. After working for long in night it seriously becomes difficult to have a sunshine and start refreshing day…
    The same problem i am facing will you please guide me to be little organized and manage the daily routine work?

    • Oh dear, I do not work nights (and doubt I could). I still get a few hours’ sleep before getting up with hubby and the children and going to work.

  17. Look at you, so well organised! We love belvita here especially my youngest x

  18. But, for how many hours you sleep? on an average?

  19. I am like you mornings wise. Thanks for telling us about how you cope. Commenting for myself @kateonthinice and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

    • No problem, it was rather nice trying to put to paper (screen) what we do in the mornings that get us all ready in such a short amount of time.

  20. Mel you make me laugh. I love the cup!!!! I am a morning person and like to go to bed early. Funny how we all are differently made up. I love the organisation and photos. I think I will be this way when the kids start school for sure. It sounds a must for you too. Don’t overdo it with that bump my dear!!!! I am so excited for you too. Belvita is a great snack too. Although the honey nut ones are my favorite we can’t have them in the house because of Buba’s allergies. Boo. #magicmoments

    • You are so lucky to be a morning person, Jenny… I wish! Jumpy is allergic to half of the ingredients in the Honey and Nut belVita biscuits, so I do not let her anywhere near them (more for me!). x Mel

      • Unfortunately for us Buba is DEADLY allergic can not even be touched if someone else ate nuts so Mr P and I aren’t allow to eat them either because then we kiss and touch Buba it could be fatal. I wish I could have a sneak ME cupboard. I miss peanut butter SOOOO MUCH!!!!

        • Oh little poppet… We are really careful as well but I think we sometimes take Jumpy’s allergies too lightly despite her paediatrician’s warnings about cross-contamination and touching her after eating something she is allergic to. Allergies are not easy to live with for our little ones.

  21. I am so with you – not a morning person, but working up until the early hours. I love those chocolate Belvita’s!


  22. I wish I were as organised as you for our morning dash!

    • Well, you have 6 children, Fiona. I only have three at the moment. Surely that gives you an excuse to run around! x

  23. franglaisemummy says:

    Wow! I am in awe of you! I am a morning person, but then I have little stress in the morning – the kids don’t have to get up until 8am and I just need to be dressed and presentable by then, but I can have my breakfast, brush my teeth etc after, so it means my mornings are really not stressful at all. I have no idea how you manage to get 3 kids out of the door by 7.15am – hats off to you!

    • 8 a.m. would be ideal. In a few weeks’ time, I will be on maternity leave so things should be a little bit less or maybe more!) stressful in the morning. x

  24. I need to gwt organised for my busy mornings!

  25. Mel you are my hero! i remember the days of being organised and not sleeping if it wasnt ready for the next day .. then i started working from home #myhouseisatip and we are always late!

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

  26. I’m the morning person in our house, up with the lark and ready for anything! Unfortunately the OH is a right pain and I spend most of the morning going into the bedroom asking him if he’s up yet! #PoCoLo

    • Ha ha, I am the other half struggling to get up! Hubby just sends the kids upstairs when it is getting late at week-ends and they give me lots of cuddles.

  27. Victoria Welton says:

    My goodness you guys are organised!! I wish Grace and Ross would play when I try and get them to work to a routine! Those yoghurt crunch sound nice 🙂 Thank you for linking to PoCoLo lovely 🙂 x

    • Always a pleasure! If it wasn’t all organised and ready to go, I would turn into some monster… I really am not a morning person, ha ha!

  28. Wow, you are super organised! Laying out the childrens clothes is something I rarely do but should do more often, lol! x

    • We would never be able to leave the house on time if I was getting their clothes ready at the last minute, hi hi!

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