My Little Girl is no Houdini after all! (& a Giveaway)

Jumpy is the queen of car seat harness removal, if there is such a title. My little Houdini makes car journeys incredibly stressful with this trick, as you can imagine. No matter how tight we get them, she can always defeat the straps and get her upper body free.

A few months ago, I spotted a contraption on a little girl’s pushchair. It looked like something I had been desperate to find for ages as it was connecting the two straps together and holding them firmly in position. I approached the mum and asked her where she had got it. She smiled knowingly, and we started chatting. She was really proud of that little find, and removed it from her daughter’s pushchair so I could have a better look. It was called the Houdini Stop! Just hearing the small device’s name intrigued me right away. I wanted one!

I did find it on Amazon, but before I bought it, I thought I would look a bit more into it. When I read Bianca’s ‘about page’, I felt like I was reading our story. The only difference was that it had happened on the other side of the world, in New Zealand. I was immediately won over by this determined mum turned inventor to make her children safer. Bianca’s words sum up her vision beautifully: “Your child’s safety is treated the same as my child’s safety.”

Bianca did not stop there. She invented a range of ingenuous items, and sent me the much-desired Houdini Stop, as well as a pack of six Houdini Locks, the Houdini Door and The Houdini Cosy. I received Bianca’s products at the opportune moment, just before we headed to France.

The product I was eager to try the most was the Houdini Stop. My little one compromising her safety every single time we get in the car makes driving a real torture. I took it off the packet within three minutes of receiving the parcel, and tried it immediately. It really took the edge during our long journey to France for Christmas and had a huge impact on my stress levels. It does exactly what it says on the tin! It is a simple yet effective anti-escape system and my little girl is now safe in her car seat thanks to Bianca’s brilliant invention.

Houdini Solutions - Houdini Stop used to prevent children removing their arms from their harnesses

“My second product the Houdini Locks came to being because my first child used to remove her nappies when she was supposed to be sleeping. I walked into a few nasty surprises. I was also becoming frustrated at the many nappies that I had to simply throw out because the sticky tabs had lost their stick or had broken off. Once I had produced the product, I found it had many other uses too.” Bianca’s story sounded so familiar it made me smile.

Jumpy is such a little terror. She takes off her nappy in bed and leaves little (or big) presents for us. She can even wriggle under her duvet and take off her nappy (yes, both at the same time!). The morning I received Bianca’s fab inventions, I was fuming as Jumpy had once again removed her nappy and was sleeping peacefully, commando, with a wet duvet and pillow beside her.

Before receiving the handy clips, I had tried everything over her nappy to keep it on: vest with poppers, tights, pyjama bottoms, pants, onesie. The little monkey can wriggle out of any garment she has on and remove her nappy. She just loves being bare-bottomed in bed! Cute, but no thanks!

The first time I got the little clips on top of her nappy, Jumpy gave me a puzzled look. When I went upstairs to give the children a kiss before I went to bed that night, she had taken off her pyjama bottoms. The poppers of her vest were undone, but surprise, surprise, the nappy was still on. She had been defeated by the Houdini stops! I would not have to change her bedding and pyjamas that night, waking her in the process! I kissed her soft little head and covered her bare legs. Those clips are worth their weight in gold. I only had to use them for a couple of days.

Houdini Solutions - Houdini Locks to Secure that Nappy in Place and Avoid Nasty Surprises
As soon as we arrived in France for the Christmas holidays, she started doing it again. I was glad I had packed the little clips. Before we left, I could not put my hands on the little clips, but luckily they come in a pack of 6? so I took the four I had left. She did not like having them on and using them for a few days was enough to break the cycle. She did not get undressed or attempt taking her nappy off again either.

I have since then found many uses for the clips and I keep a couple in my handbag, which also doubles up as a changing bag, snack bag, first aid kit (you get the gist).

Houdini Solutions - Houdini Locks always at Hand
I use them to turn any muslin square, tea towel or tissue into a bib for Wriggly.

I also use two to secure Jumpy’s duvet inside the duvet cover. More recently, I have used it to attach a blanket to the hood of the pushchair to shelter Wriggly from the wind. If your little one uses a dummy, you could attach a ribbon to it and secure it to clothes or your bag with a Houdini Lock.

More recently, as I kept finding Wriggly cold and uncovered in the morning, I started using the Houdini Cosy in her bed. It is fully adjustable and the clips grip blankets on either side of the mattress.

Houdini Solutions - Houdini Cosy - Keeps Blankets Firmly in Place - Closer Look

I now have a happier, warmer baby.

Houdini Solutions - Houdini Cosy - Keeps Blankets Firmly in Place
I have not yet used the Houdini Door, which keeps children in or out of rooms.

For more information, feel free to visit Houdini Solutions.

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Houdini Solutions

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  1. emmav6 says:

    the houdini stop would be perfect, my youngest is always taking his arms out!

  2. ashleigh allan says:

    the handbag clips so i dont lose things in my bag

  3. Martina Pichova says:

    Houdini stop – my toddler was terrible in the car and I am dreading his sister being the same when she is a little older.

    • Mine all went through a phase of doing that. I wonder why car seat manufacturers have not yet thought of having something like the Houdini Stop as part of their car seats.

  4. the Houdini stop would be a good start

  5. The handbag clips because I am forver losing keys, etc in my handbag and end up rustling around in there!

  6. Clare Hubbard says:

    Houdini door, would help me stop finding my son hiding in the downstairs toilet playing with the taps!

  7. oh my word EVERYTHING I own a small Houdini!

  8. The locks would be perfect as we have a mischievous son into everything

  9. Joanna ButlerSavage says:

    handbag clips would be great

  10. jadene mcguinness says:

    The houdini door stop would be good for us as our little man is always trying to get in our cupboard under the stairs

  11. Harley says:

    The strap clip, my toddler undoes their arms in the pram and stands up! Very naughty!!!

  12. karen cowley says:

    The Houdini stop looks fab, very useful

  13. gemma brown says:

    the houdini stop. my son is very underweight due to two rare genetic disorders, and can escape even when on the tightest setting which is terrifying. I didn’t even know these existed so thank you, i will be looking into getting one

  14. kirsty webb says:

    The Houdini stop. Xx

  15. Liam Bishop says:

    Anything that kept a child from opening a door would be good!

  16. the houdini stop sounds brilliant!

  17. laura stewart says:

    i like the Houdini stop xx

  18. lynne gourley says:

    the Houdini stop

  19. jodie W says:

    Currently i would find the houdini door the most useful, my little boy is obsessed with doors and gates. He will spend hours waiting by a door in case it should suddenly become slightly open, then hes gone.

  20. Andrea Fletcher says:

    The houdini stop sounds good.

  21. i like the handy clips because my son does the same thing

  22. Kevin Honey says:

    You haven’t used it yet, but the Houdini door would be great to keep the granddaughters away from cupboards!

  23. leigh boyle says:

    i need it all with my 3 they all can do one thing or another lol x

  24. The Houdini strap, My son manages to wiggle out of his buggy.

  25. Sandra Lane says:

    The Handbag Clips would be very useful for me. I’m so clumsy and things are always dropping out my bag.

  26. I feel so lucky that my boys don’t have Houdini-like tendencies, I’m definitely glad I’ve not received any Jumpy-style nighttime presents. So glad that you managed to find something to sort it out and to stop her car seat escapes. Josh only escaped once and it’s pretty scary when you’re driving and realise it’s happened.

  27. OMG all of it., my daughter has autism and gets into her nappies, out of her car seat everything! I would find all the products super usueful

  28. Siobhan Davis says:

    The nappy clips my son is 8 months and has recently started trying to remove his nappy. Would love to be considered x

  29. victoria thurgood says:

    my little miss woke with no covers for the first time this week so would like the blanket clips

  30. The Houdini Stop but all of them would be a lifesaver!

  31. Claire Nutman says:

    The handbag clips are great x

  32. Stephanie Whitehouse says:

    The SAFETOTS MULTI PANEL FIRE SURROUND – we never light the fire when the grandchildren visit, because it isn’t worth the risk

  33. olga carpenter says:

    handbag clips would be nice

  34. Amy Wright says:

    What a fab idea!

  35. the houdini stop looks fantastic (if it works….)

  36. PAULINE Hill says:

    just about everthing

  37. Sam lan says:

    Houdini stop would be needed most x

  38. lisylou21 says:

    The door stop would be fab, my daughter keeps helping herself to the gravy granules, bleugh

  39. Judith R. says:

    I’d love to win the Houdini Door. I’d put all dangerous fluids/objects in the hall closet and secure the closet door with a Houdini Door.

  40. Rich Tyler says:

    The Houndini Door – We Need It! 🙂

  41. Elizabeth Hinds says:

    Aaah, this would be absolutely perfect for my youngest! She has just recently started to wriggle out of her high chair straps, stands up and applauds herself! Absolute nightmare for trying to get any jobs done! Hilarious, but a nightmare.

    • Oh dear, mine does that as well! When they start getting proud of themselves, you haven’t got a chance! The Houdini Stop is a real life saver.

  42. Paula Readings says:

    The door stop Houdini style!

  43. The Houdini locks to stop my daughter removing her nappy in the night!

  44. pete c says:

    Houdini Door, as it would make me feel more secure

  45. Fiona Rennie says:

    I think the Houdini Stop as can see my son being able to open his car seat soon :/

  46. Tammy Tudor says:

    The Houdini stop as it gives me reassurance

  47. jen morgan says:

    The Houdini Stop would be great

  48. emma thackery says:

    the houdini stop for car travel

  49. The Houdini nappy locks look very sensible!

  50. The Houdini Stop. My son will try and get out of his car seat.

  51. The Hudini stop would fix a big safety problem with our youngest!

  52. Jennifer Toal says:

    The Houdini door

  53. nicola clarkson says:

    The Houdini stop

  54. kayleigh Bates says:

    The houdini stop

  55. Lara Latchem says:

    The Houdini stop, as my boy can get out of pushchairs, highchairs and car seats

  56. Gillian Massey says:

    Houdini Stop, would be really useful

  57. Kate Cass says:

    My fave little boy loves stripping off too, gunny thing is he likes taking his shoes off and walking around in his Grandads size 9 work boots which he manages to do despite the top of the boots being at the top of his thighs. I think the clips would probably be the best for us, wish they did a keep those shoes on, socks on, clothes on clip. I think the door clips would also be useful too! Ty for info….needed!!

  58. the houdini lock

  59. Hayley Colburn says:

    The Houdini Stop sounds so handy x

  60. Paula Phillips says:

    The Houdini Stop as my son keeps getting out of his car seat and his buggy.

  61. Becca Staples says:

    The houdini stop for the car seats, fab!! Would save alot of worry x

  62. the houdini stop would give me peace of mind

  63. emma falvi says:

    the handbag clip, so that i do not loose anything

  64. barbra says:

    Handbag clips

  65. The handbag clips look amazing and are so practical

  66. Laura Walker says:

    Cant say as yet as I would be saving them for my new baby due any day now

  67. The locks – as every time my nephews come over they are into everything that I think I’ve child proofed

  68. leanne weir says:

    handbag clips

  69. julie laing says:

    the handbag clips so things are easier to find

  70. Samantha Sugden says:

    The Houdini stops ,they are a great idea

  71. the handbag clips ! mega useful!

  72. Ema J Lowe says:

    the Houdini door stop, for our downstairs loo

  73. Barbara Handley says:

    Houdini door for my granddaughter as she is always trying to escape!

  74. katie w says:

    The Hundini stop as my little is always managing to find is way out of pushchair and chair seat

  75. DAWN TOTTON says:

    The Houdini Stop would be ideal and very handy!

  76. Laura Costello says:

    the handbag clips would cut down my wasted time trying to find things lolxx

  77. Vickie Jackson says:

    The houdini cosy would be fab for my little man… It might actually keep him warm lol

  78. Jamie says:

    I think the door ones; I always worry about trapping hans especial on the large heavy doors 🙁

  79. Jane Middleton says:

    Houdini Doors sounds really useful

  80. the houdini stop looks really good, it looks like a good reassurance.

  81. the clips so i dont have to srap around trying to find things in the bottom of my bag

  82. carrie preston says:

    Houdini door sounds useful for when my twins start walking

  83. the houdini stop. my son can climb out of his buggy straps now!

  84. Wendy Guy says:

    The handbag clips are a must for everyone. I know I am always losing things in my bag and it is so frustrating.

  85. Dominique Hudson says:

    The Houdini Stop. The name is so appropriate for my little one and would be such a great help to stop further escapology attempts.

  86. Samantha Atherton says:

    The Houdini Stop, because my little girl is always wriggling her arms free to try and reach for things.

  87. Kerry lethbridge says:

    The car seat Houdini my little man is always wriggling his/ arms out

  88. The bib clips would make travelling easier

  89. Vicky Robinson says:

    The Houdini stop would be amazing and stop my 3 year old slipping the 5 point harness off when he is in his car seat!
    I always buy the American Graco Autobaby car seats and have them shipped over to the UK because they have a chest clip for the straps and this works great until they outgrow the seat round 12-18months – after that all the kids want to do is take their shoulder harness straps off and try to escape when the car is moving!

    • If I am not mistaken a lot of car seats have a chest strap in France, too. It would make sense for car seat manufacturers to have them here as well, wouldn’t it?

      • Vicky Robinson says:

        I’m not sure about France, but I think it’s crazy that the Graco UK infant car seats have no clip, but the Graco US infant car seats do!

  90. Keelyann Chauntry says:

    the hounini stop would be the best for me as my little one is always taking his arms out x

  91. Lucy carter says:

    The Houdini stop would be perfect for us, my daughter always seems to wriggle her arms out

  92. becki smith says:

    Houdidni door would be ace little man seems to be as fast as lightning right now and super strong pushing doors open please help me stop him lol xx

  93. Graham Ashworth says:

    Houdini Locks

  94. Helen Garner says:

    The Houdini Stop for my little girl as I remember how good my little boy was at escaping

  95. Kim Styles says:

    The Houdini nappy clips -there is nothing worse than a decorated cot first thing in the morning -I will say no more

  96. Allan Fullarton says:

    Handclips look very handy.

  97. Ken nicholas says:

    Definitely the houdini stop

  98. Houdini Stop definitely after a terrifying incident with my eldest a few years ago!

  99. marie says:

    Houdini door stops

  100. Tamsin Dean says:

    with three small children all with different talents in what they can do and get in too all of the items are fantastic

  101. Kevin Minihane says:

    The Houdini Door, would be great to stop the little one from escaping

  102. Natalie Crossan says:

    The handbag clips look really useful xx

  103. Susan Hoggett says:

    houdini door sounds very useful

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    The handbag clips sound useful for me

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    the houdini stop sounds amazing

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    houdini stop definitely

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