My Sunday Photo – 12 April 2015 12 April 2015
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  1. Those look great, Mel – what are they?

  2. Now those look like fun cocktails

  3. sarahmo3w says:

    Lovely photo! Looks like they’re really enjoying them 🙂

  4. Such a lovely shot huni. I love those glasses x

  5. Those smoothies look very yummy and I love those little jars with the straws 🙂

    • I love those Kilner jars, too! You can find them pretty much anywhere these days. Got them from Lakeland. x

  6. Oh I love those jars! The colours of all the drinks is fabulous.

  7. I love the cups! Are they Kilner ones? The smoothies look delicious xx #MySundayPhoto

  8. mmmm, they look delicious! Love the jars too!

  9. roth0003 says:

    Mmmm. Looks yummy!

  10. Yum, they look good. N would love those!

  11. Oooo they look yummy. Perfect for a warm day

    Thank you for linking up

  12. Those look good x

  13. Gorgeous xx

  14. My daughter tells me she wants the spotty straws lol, those smoothies do look tasty 🙂

  15. Happy girls with pretty smoothies!! Cute 🙂 Great “Sunday”!

  16. They look like they are enjoying those!

  17. Yep this is the perfect weather for that! lovely capture! #mysundayphoto

  18. Yumm its finally getting to be smoothie weather here, at last!

  19. Vitamines à gogo! Nous aussi on adore ça !
    Très jolie photo !

  20. Such a lovely shot of them all enjoying their smoothies. Adorable xx

  21. Fiona Chick says:

    This looks like a whole lotta enjoyment, hun x

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