My Sunday Photo – 3rd May 2015 – Tarte aux Pommes

Tarte aux Pommes



  1. Oh no I shouldn’t have looked at this photo before going to bed – now I’m going to be dreaming about it all night and waking up wanting a slice served to me!

  2. Oh, wow! That looks amazing 🙂

  3. oh wow, that looks mouth watering #MySundayPhoto

  4. Looks delish! Wondering if you made that or just ordered and ate.

  5. that looks so pretty. very clever and tasty i bet.:)

  6. Oh my goodness! That looks mouth-watering!

  7. nom nom nom! Looks amazing huni x

  8. That looks absolutely gorgeous!

  9. That looks like a very tasty treat.

  10. I love tarte aux pommes and infact all French patisserie, I could work my way round the lot every week if I lived there! 🙂

  11. I’m coming to you for dinner one day, all your food looks so tempting

  12. that looks delicious!

  13. Oooh Mel that looks so delicious x #MySundayPhoto

  14. I haven’t the patience to slice that thinly but that looks amazing and I bet it tasted so too! 🙂

  15. You’re getting better and better darling. This looks incredible xx

  16. nikkifrankhamilton says:

    Mel, are those apples or pears? Both would be delicious and of course I am eating with my eyes, great photo!

  17. This looks like my kind of treat.


  18. Yummy! I am on a diet but would definitely try this if I can =) #mysundayphoto

  19. Kim Carberry says:

    That looks so yummy! I want….hehehe

  20. That looks yummy!

  21. Mmm im almost drooling looking at it, looks delicious!

  22. Ooh yum. I love tarte au pommes

  23. La tarte fine aux pommes ! J’adore !

  24. That looks just beautiful Mel! x

  25. Louise says:

    Ooh that looks very yummy! 🙂

    • I chose an Eton mess and when I saw my auntie’s tart being served, I wanted to swap! My messy Eton mess tasted scrumptious, though.

  26. That looks so, so good. Love the French version of apple tarts. Recipe please? Pretty please? x


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