My Sunday Photo – 31 May 2015 – The Best Part of Baking…

Baking with Allergic Toddlers


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  1. Oh bless her, she looks like she is really enjoying that! Definitely agree that this is the best part of baking! 🙂

    • It was her first time licking the whisk / bowl / spoon, bless her! I am trying to type the recipe for her ‘free from’ cake now. x

  2. Ah, the best part of baking! 🙂

  3. It is indeed the best part of baking, but those eyes!!! Wow! xx

  4. The only reason i bake cakes is so I can do this 🙂

  5. Oh yum that is definitely the best part of baking! x

  6. Oh my goodness, yes! The absolute best part of baking. And those eyes, so beautiful!

  7. Aww I love everything about this. What gorgeous eyes and the epitomises childhood, beautiful shot xx

  8. 100% agree! What a fab angle you’ve taken this photo at #my SundayPhoto

  9. Gawd, that’s a stunning shot. Truly captures the moment. And, even at 8am, makes me want cake mix. #MySundayPhoto

  10. Such a gorgeous photo, such pretty eyes #MySundayPhoto

  11. HAHA! Definitely the best part of baking!! What did you make?

  12. that made me smile as there is a saying that ‘good mums let kids lick the mixers, fantastic mums turn it off first’

  13. Coombemill says:

    what is that there she is eating? Clio lending a helping hand for Coombe Mill

  14. My girls love doing this. What had you been baking?

  15. Without doubt the best bit about baking

    Thank you for linking up

  16. Best bit if baking! Cute shot!

  17. This is my kind of photo. I love the closeness, clarity and subject matter is sweet as pie, love it!

  18. Definitely the best part of baking, and a beautiful photo too x

  19. Kim Carberry says:

    Yum! That is the best part about baking 😀 x

  20. Now that has to be the best part about baking…Gorgeous picture!xx

  21. Enjoying the bowl and whisk is what my son loves to do after my cooking as well. Shes got the loveliest eyes! #mysundayphoto

  22. Ah bless, licking the mixture was always the best bit! #mysundayphoto

  23. Popping over from My Sunday Photo =) What beautiful eyes! And that’s the best part of baking =)

  24. What beautiful eyes and this is the main reason for baking as far as I am concerned 😉


  25. The best bit about cake making in my opinion! Beautiful capture for #MySundayPhoto

  26. ourlittleescapades says:

    This was always my favorite part x

  27. Yum, definitely the best bit although bizarrely N never wants to lick (all the more for me!).

    She has gorgeous eyes.

  28. oh she’s just beautiful! I can imagine the sheer joy of being told she can lick it clean! Isn’t this just the best part of baking?!

  29. C’est la part que mes enfants préfèrent aussi 😉

  30. that is just the best photo. what gorgeous eyes and the look of concentration as she licks the beaters is so cute.


  1. […] but she was determined to eat all the dough and was reluctant to let me bake the cake: “I goin eat it all mama!” Check Vicki’s recipe if you are on a dairy-free diet or are trying to reduce […]

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