My Sunday Photo / Silent Sunday – 21 September 2014 21 September 2014




  1. Aw you’ve made something beautiful! I’m still in awe of your creativity! X

  2. Gorgeous. What sort of camera do you use Mel?

    • Thanks Abby! My camera is a Canon (500D). I have had it for over four years and I love it! I also use my phone quite a lot.

  3. Beautiful. A homemade gift?

    • It could have been, but not this time. I had just finished wrapping my little girl’s birthday presents when the thought they looked pretty crossed my mind. The camera was out within seconds!

  4. So pretty, what is hidden in the bags?

    Thank you for linking up

  5. cute photo, I love boxes, I keep all the pretty ones to use again #mysundayphoto

  6. Ah pretty picture 🙂 x #MySundayPhoto

  7. liquoriceuk says:

    Gorgeous photo – what pretty colours.

  8. You’ve left me wondering what’s in those pretty packages. I’m guessing some sweet treats but could also be some divine toiletries. Am I close?

    • Not remotely! It is my little girl’s birthday present from her Poppy (grandfather): her first ballet outfit.

  9. How pretty. You’re such a good arts & crafter you put me to shame. What’s inside?!

  10. Pretty image.
    I’m a Canon girl myself. I’m in love with my 6D,

  11. Beautiful! Somebodies going to get a gorgeous surprise!

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