My Sunday Photo / Silent Sunday – 31 August 2014 31 August 2014




  1. adeline says:

    je reconnais l’endroit…. c’était vraiment chargé d’émotion et d’histoire, une belle journée

  2. Love this photo x

  3. Kim Carberry says:

    Oh wow! That is just beautiful!

  4. Gorgeous walk way, especially all the growth around the trees

  5. Always nice to see paths that lead off somewhere. Means there’s places to explore.

  6. Oh this is just beautiful!

  7. The perfect path to mooch along on a Sunday afternoon!

  8. Gorgeous picture, love the sense of perspective

  9. A perfect place for an adventure.

  10. That looks like a walk I’d like to do. Beautiful.

  11. Such a pretty picture. We’re staying in France right now, just outside Uzes and see little places like this all around – just beautiful

    Heledd xx

  12. I just want to go explore there now!

  13. What a beautiful place to head off for a Sunday walk

    Thank you for linking up

  14. Makes me wonder where this leads to =) #mysundayphoto

  15. Victoria Welton says:

    Don’t go into the deep dark woods! I wonder where that leads?

  16. what a lovely walk in the wild woods. did you wear gumboots?:)

  17. Looks like a beautiful place for a walk. Where is it?

    • It is in Picardie (France). The woods are where the old village of Craonne used to be. It was completely destroyed during the 1st World War and only a few tombstones from the old graveyard are left.

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