Pear, Roquefort & Walnut Pancakes

Last Saturday, I really fancied pancakes. I made two batches: my basic pancake mix, which can be used for sweet or savoury crêpes, as well as my ‘free from’ savoury galette mix.

Galettes are made with buckwheat flour and have a distinctive taste that works well with strong cheese.

Today, I am sharing my favourite festive pancake filler. Imagine thin slices of juicy, sweet pear, with strong, crumbly Roquefort and walnuts. The combination might sound odd, but trust me: it works! You can replace Roquefort with any type of Blue cheese or Stilton.

Simply place a freshly cooked pancake on a plate, add plenty of crumbled cheese and pear slices. Sprinkle walnut pieces on top, fold and enjoy!

If you need even more inspiration for sweet and savoury pancake fillings, head check this post.

Pear, Roquefort & Walnut Pancakes



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  1. What a gorgeous combination, yum! Should not have read at lunch time ha ha! xx

  2. I never make savoury pancakes and I should as I remember enjoying them when I was little. You’ve inspired me to get my frying pan out.

  3. Yumsters Mel, they look amazimg xxx

  4. J’adore tes pancakes sucré-salé, la poire fondant, le goût un peu piquante du roquefort el le croquant des noix! Tes crêpes sont superbes !

  5. These sound pretty fabulous to me. 🙂 x

  6. Oooh, these sound so great! #festivefoodfriday

  7. bavariansojourn says:

    Wow, I bet they work amazing well. They look delicious! 🙂

  8. Louise Perry Fairweather says:

    Thank you for telling me how to make savoury pancakes. Had them in France but didn’t know I needed buckwheat flour. These look yummy x

    • Thanks! You can make savoury pancakes with regular pancake batter as long as you do not sweeten it, but to get the distinctive taste of galettes, you need buckwheat flour.

  9. Ooo yeah!! Sounds amazing! Will your kids eat these too? There is no way mine would…all the more for me!!

    • Beanie loves cheese. The stronger, the better! Crevette is refusing to eat cheese at the moment. Seriously, how can you be French and not eat cheese?

  10. Not sure about roquefort, I can’t remember if it is one of those cheeses I like or not. I think I would use a different cheese but love the idea of the pears and walnuts with it

  11. They look delicious, I have a festive Christmas biscuits recipe but not sure I’ll get it up in time for tomorrow so it might be a non festive gluten free pancake one instead. Adore this! Must try buckwheat flour! Thanks for linking up to #tastytuesdays

  12. It’s going to be next Tuesday now but the American pancake recipe is a favourite in this house and it’s gluten free, hope you like itx

  13. It’s live x

  14. thanks x

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