Red Nose Day

I hope you have been inspired by the Great Comic Relief Bake Off as much as we have. If so, you can make a donation or treat yourself to the official apron.

How are you celebrating Red Nose Day today?

My little man and his friends have organised a cake sale in the park after school, and we made chocolate cupcakes.

Red Nose Day Cupcake

You might remember that last month, I launched a creative photo competition and I received lots of fun baking snapshots. There were carefully crafted cakes, baking disasters, Pinfails, cute little helpers and food colouring surprises.

The gorgeous Fiona, who blogs at Free Range Chick, was the independent judge for this competition. She is a keen baker herself. What do you think of her cakes?

Fiona's delicious cakes

Fiona loved the entries we received and struggled to make a decision, but I think we have a winner for the £50 HomeSense gift card…

You really have to watch this video. Fiona shows us her “Gangnam Style” moves, sings “We are the Champions” and pretends she is a monsters. These might not all be true, but now you want to watch, don’t you?

With no further ado, over to Fiona:


The winner will also be announced on social media later today!

Have a great day everyone!


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  1. Fiona Chick says:

    Haha! Brilliant! I can’t wait to refresh my memory on exactly what moves I pulled on this clip! A great winner – loved the entry I picked and was so impressed with all of the best effort that everyone put in x

  2. Ooh fab cakes! Love the red nose day cake 🙂

    • Rather than trying to decorate the cake ourselves this time, we went for a red nose on the cupcake and it was the right decision to make!

  3. A great competition and cause, and I do love Fiona’s cookie monster! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  4. We are a bit late but we will bake some cupcakes tomorrow too using our red nose cupcake kit! Your chocolate cupcake looks so yummy! #wotw

    • The cupcakes were really delicious. We just used a simple cake recipe I have had for over twenty years. Quick and easy!


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