Review of Schwartz Gluten Free Recipe Mixes

Last night, as I was on my way to the Gluten-free Supper Club organised by the lovely people at Schwartz™ to celebrate the launch of their gluten-free range, it felt like I was just going on a girly night out. I would be seeing a few of my blogging friends, and also meet a few members of The ‘Free From’ Gang (true story, we have a secret Facebook group called just that!). Check us out!

Schwartz™ Gluten Free range? Yes, you read that right: the people at Schwartz™ have been working tirelessly to bring us a range of spice mixes that are totally completely free from gluten. Whether eliminating gluten from your diet is a choice or a necessity, these affordable spice mixes will make your life easier!

From left to right:

Corina at ‘Searching for Spice’

Kate at ‘The Gluten Free Alchemist’

Nath at ‘The Intolerant Gourmand’

Eb at ‘Easy Peasy Foodie’

Kirsty at ‘Hijacked by Twins’ and little me!

The launch of ‘Schwartz™ Gluten Free’ took place at The Hospital Club, a stunning venue that also happens to be a private members’ club for the creative industries. It was a real privilege to be there and the evening kicked off with a presentation of the new range.

Schwartz™ Gluten Free range? Yes, you read that right: the people at Schwartz™ have been working tirelessly to bring us a range of spice mixes that are totally completely free from gluten. Whether eliminating gluten from your diet is a choice or a necessity, these affordable spice mixes will make your life easier!

Schwartz™ are known for their high-quality herbs and spices. The latter naturally add flavours to food and the aim of the new range was to provide time-poor families with the perfect blend of spices to replicate quickly and easily a gluten-free version of popular dishes like macaroni cheese, chilli con carne or cottage pie.

Why launch a gluten-free range now?

Although they are already hugely successful with their range of herbs, spies and mixes, the people at Schwartz™ constantly work on food trends, changing lifestyles and general demand. Gluten-free alternatives are certainly in demand at the moment, whether it be for health reasons or as a lifestyle choice.

In recent years it has been easier to find convenience food that is free from a variety of allergens, but there was definitely a gap in the market for affordable alternatives. ‘Free from’ food is getting better and better, but it still tends to be double or triple the price of regular products, so I was rather impressed by the £1.30 price tag on Schwartz™ gluten-free recipe mixes.

The culinary department at Schwartz™ developed the spice mixes so that the whole family could enjoy flavour-packed food without worrying about gluten sneaking its way into their dinner.

The recipe mixes are based around popular family meals like Macaroni Cheese, Cottage Pie, Chicken Casserole, Spaghetti Bolognese and Chilli Con Carne. They are the perfect blends of herbs and spices that deliver great results for your meals, at a reasonable price. What more could you ask for?

The new range is certified gluten-free. It which took about two years from concept to launch, and those flavour packs are well and truly safe for those with a gluten intolerance and for Coeliacs. The fact each sachet displays Coeliac UK’s Crossed Grain symbol is a seal of approval by the charity that assures customers the spice blends are suitable for people with coeliac disease. Since Jumpy is allergic to wheat, we also find the symbol reassuring sit is a quick and easy way of identifying products that are safe to eat.

Amanda Hamilton was also there with a couple of hats on. She is a renowned nutritionist and also mother who cooks for a diverse range of ages and tastes.

She described Schwartz™ Gluten Free recipe mixes as “healthy acceptable shortcuts.” Since they are affordable and easier to use, they are available to all. Going gluten-free by default is nowadays more and more mainstream, and it makes sense from a nutritional point of view. Schwartz™ provides us with shortcuts, without compromising on the flavours.

I could not agree more. In an ideal world, I would have a couple of hours a day to stand by a bubbling pot on the stove, cooking absolutely everything from scratch as my angelic children entertain themselves without turning the house upside down. In reality, my children wreck my house and after three school pick-ups, there are generally clubs, play dates, hospital appointments and children who are “starving” so if I have not had time to pre-cook our dinner at the weekend, shortcuts are most welcome, as long as flavours are there.

The first dish I tried as an appetiser was a small portion of courgetti Bolognese, and I have to say it tasted delicious. I have to say I found it refreshing to see a ‘free from’ range that was much cheaper (£1.30 per sachet!) than usual, and therefore a lot more accessible than what we are used to. The initial presentation was followed by a drinks reception. I had a perfectly spiced cinnamon Martini.

Schwartz™ Gluten Free range? Yes, you read that right: the people at Schwartz™ have been working tirelessly to bring us a range of spice mixes that are totally completely free from gluten. Whether eliminating gluten from your diet is a choice or a necessity, these affordable spice mixes will make your life easier!

The Gluten Free supper club was set in a forest-like reception room, and I pleased to sit between Eb and Amanda, with whom conversation was flowing all evening.

Schwartz™ Gluten Free range? Yes, you read that right: the people at Schwartz™ have been working tirelessly to bring us a range of spice mixes that are totally completely free from gluten. Whether eliminating gluten from your diet is a choice or a necessity, these affordable spice mixes will make your life easier!

We were really spoilt when it came to the food, with a Mini Mac ’n’ Cheese with Schwartz™ Gluten Free Cheese Sauce Mix which was tasty and creamy.

Schwartz™ Gluten Free range? Yes, you read that right: the people at Schwartz™ have been working tirelessly to bring us a range of spice mixes that are totally completely free from gluten. Whether eliminating gluten from your diet is a choice or a necessity, these affordable spice mixes will make your life easier!

Photo credit: Schwartz™

The main course was a bit of a feast. We had Chilli Chicken and Chorizo with Schwartz™ Gluten Free Chilli Con Carne Mix. The chicken was moist, beautifully spiced and I love the fact the people at Schwartz™ broke the barriers and decided to show us the versatility of the mixes by using a Chilli mix with deboned chicken thighs or Veggie Stuffed Peppers with Gluten Free Spaghetti Bolognese mix.

Schwartz™ Gluten Free range? Yes, you read that right: the people at Schwartz™ have been working tirelessly to bring us a range of spice mixes that are totally completely free from gluten. Whether eliminating gluten from your diet is a choice or a necessity, these affordable spice mixes will make your life easier!

Photo credit: Schwartz™

My absolute favourite was the steak with Schwartz™ Gluten-Free Peppercorn Sauce. It was to die for and I am looking forward to making it when I next get steak. Although I love peppercorn sauce, I have not made it in years because my children would not touch it. Going for the convenience of a mix is really appealing!

Schwartz™ Gluten Free range? Yes, you read that right: the people at Schwartz™ have been working tirelessly to bring us a range of spice mixes that are totally completely free from gluten. Whether eliminating gluten from your diet is a choice or a necessity, these affordable spice mixes will make your life easier!

Photo credit: Schwartz™

I also loved the Veggie Fajitas with Schwartz™ Gluten Free Fajitas Mix. All of the above were served with gluten-free chips, rice, salad, plenty of greens, sour sauce and mashed avocado and I ate about twice as I normally eat. What a gorgeous dinner!

Schwartz™ Gluten Free range? Yes, you read that right: the people at Schwartz™ have been working tirelessly to bring us a range of spice mixes that are totally completely free from gluten. Whether eliminating gluten from your diet is a choice or a necessity, these affordable spice mixes will make your life easier!

We had macarons with mango and curry powder and truffles with cinnamon for dessert and it was time to head home. Long story short: I took the wrong train and ended up miles away from home, with no train going back towards London. Not only did the taxi ride home cost me £50, but the driver behaved like a Formula 1 driver. Not the best journey home I’ve ever had…

Oh well, such is life. I arrived at home safe and sound much later than planned and a bit frazzled, but a good night’s sleep and all was forgotten.

Here is the range of Schwartz™ Gluten Free blends, and the main spices that flavour them:

  • Fajitas – cumin, chillies and oregano
  • Chilli con Carne – chilli powder, ground cumin and cocoa powder
  • Spaghetti Bolognese – tomato, garlic, basil and oregano
  • Cottage Pie – garlic, rosemary and thyme
  • Chicken Casserole – onion, garlic, oregano and sage
  • Beef Gravy
  • Peppercorn Sauce
  • Cheese Sauce

Which of these gluten-free mixes would you fancy trying first?

Check the website for product details, useful tips and recipes using the mixes.



I have teamed up with Schwartz™ to give away a hamper to one lucky reader, containing:

– 8 Schwartz™ Gluten Free recipe mixes

– #GlutenFreeFlavour plate

–  £20 Cowshed voucher

–  3 x spice infused candles

–  a heart wooden spoon

–  Recipe Cards

To be in with a chance of winning just complete one or more entries below. Good luck!
How to enter the giveaway:

You can pick and choose a range of ways in which to enter. The only one you must click on to get into the draw is the one asking you to leave a blog post comment. You must also leave a comment telling us which one of the mixes you fancy trying first.

Entries are open until 23.59 p.m. GMT time on Tuesday 28 March 2017. Good luck!



– The prize will be supplied directly by Schwartz™.

– The giveaway is open to UK residents over 18.

– This is a sponsored post but all opinions and photos (unless specified) are my own.

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  36. It was a lovely evening for sure and so nice to meet you finally….. Lovely write up, although I hate having my photo taken and whizzed past that bit of your post really quick. I wished I had taken a couple of cocktail shots….. that Cinnamon Martini was so good.
    Sorry to hear that you got in a pickle going home….. but I am impressed that you managed to find an available ‘taco’ at that time of night….. Interesting picture in my head! x

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    Oooh Mel I love that picture! It was a great event and I cannot wait to try the mixes out and show them to the hubby! Hope to see you soon x

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    I have recently found out that I am gluten free after getting a test done and have been so sad that I am now very limited to what I can have! I was so excited to see that there is a gluten free cheese sauce!!! So I would try this one first, but I’d also try all of them after. This opens up so many more options for me!!

    • I know! These little mixes are brilliant, and they’re really affordable too, which is rarely the case with ‘free from’ food.

      • Clare Thomas says:

        Aww thank you for replying to me! I know I have been looking into it and seen how pricey it all is 🙁 My food shop is going to be so much now! I will definitely be looking out for these in the supermarkets! Oh and the stuffed peppers look delicious!!

        • Thanks Clare. I think it’s much more expensive when you get started on your ‘free from’ journey but after a few months (years?), you know how to best substitute and you also know the cheapest brand. It’s also an opportunity to go for meals that are naturally gluten-free. Good luck with everything.

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    Am not a needer of Gluten free, but last weekend, found 5 items in the supermarket which attracted me to them… I know not what is going on, but I find myself strangely attracted to them.

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    Peppercorn Sauce…tried this on cod steaks and it was delicious

  222. Susan B says:

    The Fajita Mix does it for me. Great served both hot and cold. Lovely.

  223. Janet Birkin says:

    Fajitas would be my choice

  224. vicki says:

    cottage pie

  225. Jayne Kelsall says:

    I would try the Chilli Con Carne first 🙂

  226. Beryl Drake says:

    The cottage pie its a family favourite

  227. Cheese Sauce & spaghetti Bolognese would be my favourites -Scrummy!

  228. Juli Savage says:

    Veggie stuffed peppers

  229. Kate EM Davies says:

    The cottage pie, it’s a favourite in my house and I’d love to try a gluten free option.

  230. olivia280177 says:

    Probably the Chilli Con Carne mix – though they all sound great!

  231. Sarah H says:

    The Chicken Casserole .. one of our family favourites!

  232. Laura Whittle says:

    Chilli con Carne

  233. Gemma Cook says:

    Definitely the Cottage Pie. Its my favourite Dish.

  234. Niki Wardle says:

    I’d like to try the fajita recipe mix please

  235. Chris Fletcher says:

    I’d love to try the fajitas one!

  236. samantha buntain says:

    Cottage pie ❤

  237. Victoria Thurgood says:

    i would like to try the cheese sauce

  238. Rebecca roberts says:

    Best graveyard it all looks yum

  239. Kelly cooper says:

    Cheese sauce … thanks

  240. Rebecca Taylor (@bexbext) says:

    The fajita recipes look lovely and ones that all the family can get involved in.

  241. Vivienne Wilkes says:

    Would love to try the Chilli Con Carne one!

  242. Hazel Rea says:

    I’d love to try the chicken casserole mix – it sounds lovely (though they all do!).

  243. zoe brown says:

    would have to be the cheese sauce for me

  244. Diane searle says:

    Definitely fajita. They’re always a safe bet for when the girls come over for a catch up!

  245. Gayatri Gogoi says:

    Spaghetti bolognese

  246. Joanna Ford says:


  247. sallyanne rose says:

    chilli con carne

  248. Holly Harmsworth says:

    fajitas! My favourite meal 🙂

  249. Sam Parkes says:

    The cheese sauce for my home made cauliflower cheese

  250. the fajita mix

  251. Emma Wolski says:

    Pork Cider Casserole

  252. Rebecca Wilson says:

    The cottage pie mix for my veggie cottage pie! Yummy! xx

  253. Nancy Bradford says:

    The Peppercorn sauce as I’ve never seen a gf version of this before and would love to have it in my cupboard 🙂

  254. Kris s says:

    Chilli con carne. Yum

  255. Donna Caldwell says:

    Peppercorn sauce

  256. Ruth Wollerton says:

    The cheese sauce for my cauliflower cheese with caramalised onions it’s so Yummytastic. Thanks for the chance xxx

  257. Carol Phile says:

    The fajita mix

  258. Holly @lovepopsie says:

    Chilli con carne! Total favourite!

  259. FameAsserLUFC says:

    mmmmm Peppercorn Sauce!

  260. Jayne K says:

    The cheese sauce

  261. Isabell Whitenstall says:

    I would be keen to try the Cheese Sauce mix. My husband is Coeliac so all his food has to be gluten free. I have never come across these mixes before, probably because I am so used to making sauces etc. from scratch using glluten free food.

  262. becci cleary says:

    Peppercorn Sauce over some Seared Steak and Homemade Chunky Chips!

  263. Fiona Fuller says:

    Would love to try the cheese sauce 🙂 Our little fella has to follow a special diet so this would be handy!

  264. Maria P says:

    mac and cheese – my daughter’s favourite 🙂

  265. Rebecca says:

    Oooo the fajitas look scrumptious x

  266. Alison G Ellis says:

    I would try the bolognase first as my family love it

  267. Lia Burns says:

    I’d try the gravy out as I’m yet to find a nice tasting gf gravy x

  268. Diane Duggan says:

    The cheese sauce because its so versatile.

  269. paula cheadle says:

    It will be the gravy or a cheesecake

  270. Josh Gough says:

    Tricky choice but I would have to say gravy

  271. Dawn Andrews (@DawnAndrewsx) says:

    I’d try the cheese sauce first.

  272. KARL BOROWY says:

    Gluten Free Roast Beef Gravy

  273. rachel curley says:

    The Fajitas looks amazing x

  274. Dee Gillespie says:

    Cottage pie as that is a firm favourite in our house and probably the one we would use the most.

  275. CAROLINE WATSON says:

    love Italian food so would defo try the spaghetti bolognese first!

  276. Tricia cowell says:

    I would love to try the cheese sauce

  277. julieledwards says:

    The fajita mix would be definitely would be our first choice xx

  278. petalrose91 says:

    Would love the Fajitas

  279. Rachael says:

    I’d like the casserole but I’d try cheese sauce as my kids would avenge it with every meal if they had a choice haha thankyou for this chance x

  280. Marie B says:

    It’s hard to choose between the fajita or the peppercorn sauce mixes…they both sound delicious!

  281. Michelle Wild says:

    Peppercorn sauce as I love pepper.

  282. elaine stokes says:

    would love to try the Fajitas

  283. Karen Painter says:

    Peppercorn Sauce – never tried it before so would love to see if the family likes it.

  284. amanda greensmith says:

    peppercorn sauce x

  285. Tasha Hamilton ???? (@battynatty29) says:

    The fajitas look delicious

  286. Diana Ross says:

    The fajita mix, massive Mexican food fans in this household!

  287. Becki Gates says:

    Beef gravy, have missed gravy lol

  288. Laura hood says:

    Faghitas are a big hit in our home 🙂

  289. Ben Robb says:

    spaghetti bolognese = yummy!

  290. andrew ling says:

    aww looks good!

  291. Dale Slough says:

    Had fajitas the other day for the first time in at least a year, Absolutely delicious and these look delicious too x

  292. carol Boffey says:

    chilli con carne

  293. Teresa Sheldon says:

    I’d like to try the gluten free cheese sauce it would mean my son could have macaroni cheese with us

  294. Vicky Allum says:

    I would love to try the gluten free peppered beef casserole. Great prize, thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  295. christine nicholson says:

    The cheese sauce

  296. sharon says:

    Chicken Casserole ” sounds lovely , the mixes are right up my street so to speak and I love trying out new twists to my dishes

  297. Irene Murdoch says:

    I would love to try the Cheese sauce first

  298. jade rice says:

    cottege pie sound delicious x

  299. Julie Whittaker (@kermitjools) says:

    It would have to be fajitas – my favourite!!

  300. Ellen Nixon says:

    I’d love to try the peppercorn sauce

  301. carrie wilford says:

    i would try the bolognaise one first x

  302. gemmaholland6 says:

    The fajita mix sounds great

  303. sharon martin says:

    i think i’d like to try the Chilli con carne one first

  304. ✿ Kate Sabin-Burns ✿ (@KateDSB) says:

    Gravy! Never have too much gravy 😉

  305. hayley cooper says:

    Ohh the Fajitas sound Lush 🙂

  306. Rebecca MacBain says:

    I’d love to try the fajita one for the ultimate tasty family feast !!

  307. ellie walker says:

    fajita mix

  308. Rachael ashmore says:

    The faijitas we love them

  309. Irene GILMOUR (@Irenegilmour) says:

    the cheese sauce

  310. Cerys John says:

    Peppercorn Sauce 🙂

  311. jacqueline louise rawlings says:

    id try the peppercorn sauce for my familys steaks

  312. kirsty broadhead says:

    I’d love to try the peppercorn sauce 😀


    Definitely the Cottage Pie first. But they all sound delicious. 🙂

  314. Julie Camm says:

    I’d try the peppercorn sauce one first…

  315. laura stewart says:

    oo peppercorn sauce 🙂

  316. Lara Latchem says:

    Fajitas would be first to try

  317. rebecca courtney says:


  318. Erica Price says:

    Fajita mix

  319. Rebecca Phillips says:

    Definitely chilli con carne – I’ve been craving it for weeks!

  320. Bryanna M says:

    would love to try the fajitas mix — sounds so good and I love Mexican food!

  321. Joanna Kasznicki says:

    the chilli con carne sounds fab

  322. Eliza james says:

    Fajitas are a regular fave on our menu, I’d use that mix first to spice em up a bit!

  323. Tracey Susan Anderson says:

    I would try the Peppercorn Sauce first x

  324. Heather Tinkler says:

    Peppercorn sauce with a big juicy steak!

  325. Victoria Deacon says:

    Fajita mix YUMMMMY

  326. Jason Tolliss says:

    Chicken Casserole

  327. Laney Ireland says:

    Fajita is a winner in our house, we have 2 children who love to get their hands into their foods.

  328. sarah Austin says:

    Chicken Casserole 🙂

  329. Tammy Neal says:

    The Fajita mix looks great xx

  330. Natalie Newham says:

    Beef Gravy 🙂

  331. Adrian Bold says:

    I’d try the gluten free cheese sauce.

  332. walmsleywinner says:

    Chilli con carne!

  333. Robert Kearney says:

    Love anything Cheesy so cheese sauce would be fab

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