Selfie Stick Review & Giveaway

I love my phone. It is intuitive, reliable and there are a few apps I use all the time. When I was asked whether I wanted to review an iPhone accessory to help giffgaff create a Christmas mobile tech guide, I did not hesitate for a second. Later that day, it dawned on me I was probably not up to the challenge: not geeky enough, not that interested in the latest gadgets on the market…

I received my present from Father Christmas last week and when I opened it (it was actually wrapped!), I was relieved to see it was not too techy. It was a Wireless Mobile Phone Monopod. OK, not bad. I love taking photos and I do take hundreds every week (seriously!).

Selfie Stick Review - Wireless Mobile Phone Monopod

Looking a bit more closely, the contraption seemed to be none other than a selfie stick. Oh no, I do not take selfies! OK, I do occasionally on my phone so that my children see me in pictures with them and when they grow up, I can prove I was there with them (I am always the one behind the camera), but I definitely am not confident taking photos of myself myself if you see what I mean. I much prefer shots of me when people have caught me unaware (not that it happens very often).

As comfortable as I am behind the camera, put me in front and I get sweaty palms, my smile is all crooked and I giggle nervously. I just cannot be me! Was I looking forward to taking the selfie stick out of its box? NO! The evening I received it, I was trying to find excuses so I could email Father Christmas back to tell him I could not write about his present because it did not attach to my old iPhone and then the children had broken it when they were playing baseball with it… then I realised it was the kind of excuse a teenager would give for not handing in their Maths homework. Ridiculous, Mel!

I was scared to open the box. On Tuesday afternoon, I took the plunge and opened it. It took exactly 1 minute and 34 seconds to put together. Good start!

My phone, left in its protective case, fitted perfectly into the clamp, which then took seconds to be fixed on the screw attached to the monopod. The clamp is really good as it extends and will fit snugly around any phone.

The following step was to open the camera app and take a photo, but the button on the monopod did not seem to work… hum, technology. After being puzzled for a couple of minutes and thinking I had been sent a faulty piece of gear, I spotted to Bluetooth sign on the box and it turns out I had not enabled Bluetooth on my phone.

A few hours later, as my phone was still searching for a device to connect to, I spotted something at the base of the monopod…. It was an “on” button! It connected straight away. I am sure most people would have figured that out much more quickly than I did, but a manual would have helped. I am a sleep-deprived mum after all!

I really did not think I would like it, but this little gadget is brilliant! You can actually take selfies that do not look like selfies at all! I had to give it a go. Since then, we have taken no less than 134 selfies (I know, very sad: I counted!) and maybe it is just the novelty, but I have been enjoying it. Not all the photos are that great but the children have had lots of fun, especially Beanie taking photos of herself as she was pulling faces. There are also a couple of videos of Crevette singing. Priceless!

Selfie Stick Review - Beanie Pulling Faces

Until a couple of days ago, I did not think I needed a selfie stick in my life but I this monopod is a great little gadget. I am not saying I will be using it daily for the rest of my life, but it is definitely the kind of gadget I would buy for my teenage brothers. I am planning to take it to France so we can play with it all together at Christmas!

Selfie Stick Review - Crevette Taking a Photo

Crevette: “Are you going to take a picture of me taking a picture of me?”

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– I was sent the Wireless Mobile Phone Monopod by giffgaff to review for a Christmas tech guide they are putting together. No payment was received. All opinions and photographs are my own.
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  1. Chloe bates says:

    We’re being very romantic this year, and getting each other tattoos! We said that’s all we were getting each other, but I know the husband has been buying things. I’m a Disney nut, so hopefully it’ll be something along the lines of that 😀

  2. Denfor Hopkins says:

    Would like to receive a few CDs and DVDs.

  3. I am hoping for a new sewing machine!

  4. Alica says:

    I am hoping for a little bling 😉

  5. I’d love to get money or vouchers so I can go and buy loads of new clothes in the sales in the new year! x

  6. Monica Gilbert says:

    I’d love to get a laptop.

  7. Lisa Day says:

    I’d love some card making supplies as I like to handmake my Christmas cards and birthday cards for a personal touch.I love to decoupage and glitter them so I’m always loving new card kits and decoupage kits and all the bits to make them pretty.

  8. janet humphrey says:

    need a tablet computer, my PC has gone pzzzz

  9. superluckydi says:

    A selfie stick from Mel! 🙂

  10. iain maciver says:

    a new phone

  11. ashleigh allan says:

    A new mobile phone!

  12. I would like a canon DSLR camera! Love taking photos and would be great for perfecting my photography skills 🙂

  13. Liam Bishop says:

    A new watch 🙂

  14. Viv'Maman_Bas says:

    I have asked père-Noël for some makeup!

  15. Love that selfie stick – would be great for taking family shots as I am always the one behind the camera too! I am hoping to get an Ergo baby carrier for Christmas 🙂

    • You would love the Ergo baby carrier! I bought mine when we went to Iceland with Crevette… but left it on the plane! I cried.

  16. An iphone 6 would be amazing

  17. I’m hoping to get some new Converse, mine have got holes in!

  18. Isabel O'Brien says:

    I know it sounds very boring, but mostly I just want books from my book wishlist.

  19. Where’s your selfie???

    I’m also usually the one behind the camera so don’t have many pictures with me in (a good thing as I usually look a bit of a mess!) I think this would be fun to use at home but I can’t imagine using it when we’re out and about, I think I might get a few funny looks.

    • I have taken quite a few selfies of the children and I actually, but I kept them for us. It has been loads of fun using that little stick.

  20. An Iphone 6 would be lovely

  21. winnie says:

    a pandora charm

  22. Irene Wright says:

    not really bothered if I don’t get anything – I have everything I need. A lovely husband, a roof over my head and plenty of food in the cupboard/fridge

  23. Tna Cleveland says:

    I just want to receive love and happiness

  24. A set of crochet hooks

  25. Jo Glasspool says:

    snow lol xx

  26. Sarah L says:

    A new laptop as mine is one its last legs!

  27. Karl Borowy says:

    U Wii

  28. I would love some new books

  29. I’m hoping for Jo Malone perfume.

  30. Crevette ma fait rigoler ! Il est mignon! C’est la nouvelle génération, ils sait tout faire avec les nouvelles technologies, pour eux c’est tellement naturel!

    • C’est fou, tu ne trouves pas? Je disais justement il y a une heure que les résultats de mon bac, je les avais eus sur le Minitel, tu te rends compte. Le Minitel! Je n’ai utilise Internet qu’une fois à la fac.

  31. karen cowley says:

    Perfume would be lovely x

  32. LynneH says:

    An iPad would be nice

  33. sarah rees says:


  34. Sue Hutchins says:

    A new artisan food mixer for all those cakes!!!

  35. Kathleen Thomson says:

    One of those blue tooth speakers

  36. TARA CLOVER says:

    A wax burner

  37. laura banks says:

    hopefully dvds

  38. Just luck and happiness. Xxxx

  39. alan burrows says:

    A Ferrari,don’t think i’ll be so lucky

  40. lynn heath says:

    It may sound strange, but I really want some good quality saucepans!

  41. Jamie Butt says:

    Some luxury toiletries

  42. I’d love a tablet/hudl, but not expecting anything 🙂

  43. Wendy Smith says:

    A new microwave – I’m easily pleased

  44. sofia smol says:

    a camera

  45. Crevette me fait bien rigolé avec ces commentaires, il est mignon !

  46. Natalie England says:

    Some vouchers for my favourite shops 🙂

  47. Oh my goodness! How bloody amazing is that selfie stick?!? I didn’t realise I wanted one but I do now – I am so sick of looking back at photos with the kids and having the impression that I am not there, because I’m always behind the camera and Hubs never thinks to take a photo of me with the kids, grrrr!! Which means there are some of me with them, but they’re always squashed together as I attempt a selfie. So what do I want for Christmas? A selfie stick now, thanks to your blog post!!

  48. Sarah Pybus says:

    Would love a new bead for my pandora 🙂

  49. Siobhan Davis says:

    A soup Maker :0) x

  50. elizabeth doody says:

    I dont really want anything for Christmas, just happy watching the kids opening theirs

  51. Allan Smith says:

    Socks 😀

  52. Some new perfume

  53. Natasha Whenham says:

    Wooden tea chest

  54. hayley berry says:

    For xmas all i want is 4 happy children.

  55. nashath ullah says:

    An ipad hopefully!

  56. Sarah S Crick says:

    a personalised surprise x

  57. kayleigh Bates says:

    A new camera hopefully

  58. Debbie Gilbert says:

    A selfie stick

  59. Lorraine Tinsley says:

    I am really hoping for a new laptop

  60. julie laing says:

    a new laptop

  61. Heather Knotts says:

    A Kindle

  62. Jackie ONeill says:

    a laptop

  63. Chocolate and lots of it!

  64. enough time for a holiday!

  65. jen english says:

    I’m hoping to get some jewellery

  66. Natalie Crossan says:

    A camera 🙂 xx

  67. sian hallewell says:

    Nothing I’m wanting for Christmas apart from quality time with the kids and grandkids

  68. Michelle Clarke says:

    Big family get together. as it’s priceless

  69. ADEINNE TONNER says:

    A nice new digital camera

  70. Take That Calendar, as big fan.

  71. louisemcnicol says:

    Im hoping for a big pile of books!

  72. Oooooh I was very interested in the selfie stick!!! It sounds like you really liked it!!!
    For Christmas I would like a new camera!!!!!! (a girl can dream!)

  73. Brad Start says:

    Getting to spend time with my family and friends

  74. Harriet says:

    Getting to see my niece

  75. aaron broad says:

    im hoping for farcry 4 looks pretty good

  76. Sarah Archibald says:

    a new kindle would be lovely.

  77. Chris Michael says:

    Like this

  78. Jennifer Toal says:

    A holiday would be nice

  79. Juliette says:

    Top of my list is actually a selfie stick

  80. maxine m partridge says:


  81. Lauren H says:

    starbuck gift card

  82. laura jayne bates says:

    new pair of pjs

  83. MichelleD says:

    A new pair of boots!

  84. EJ Dunn says:

    A necklace 🙂

  85. Something pampering, or a massage!

  86. a new bag
    as in my handbag you would not believe
    what I carry around with me
    my bag is full of bits and bobs
    somewhere are my keys which I lose a lot
    a phone that everyone would hate
    a mascara that is past its date
    and paracetomal for headaches
    and a snack wrapper which I already ate

    in my baby changing bag you would not believe
    what I carry around with me
    my bag is full of bits and bobs
    somewhere are my keys which I lose a lot
    cloth nappies which everyone I know does hate
    wet wipes that are past there date
    but the best thing I have in there
    is my umbrella to protect my hair.

  87. Hue Lu says:

    Would love a designer handbag … I ask every year and my hubby still refuses … maybe his year! Haha x

  88. leanne weir says:

    I am hoping for a little bling

  89. Lene Ovenstone says:

    I’m just hoping for a little peace and quiet this year 🙂

  90. Isabelle Smith says:

    some new clothes x

  91. Michelle Carlin says:

    A tablet x

  92. Lucie Plant says:

    Some new make up 🙂

  93. Holly Edmundson says:

    A Christmas jumper 🙂

  94. reg vandra says:

    a new watch to replace my broken timepiece

  95. Jackie chapman says:

    I don’t mind what i get. I like surprises 🙂

  96. PAUL STANLEY says:

    a Kindle

  97. elaine stokes says:

    my whole family together………………….. hope all the flights come in x x x x

  98. I am hoping to get a nice perfume from my husband! xx

  99. im hoping to get a lovely day and a happy family.

  100. Paul Meulen says:

    A new laptop

  101. some books

  102. Rosalind Blight says:

    im not too fussed about receiving gifts prefer to give them. That said I would like a new watch

  103. hannahlig says:

    I would love a stand mixer

  104. Kerry Locke says:

    Anything better than a lump of coal will be gratefully received

  105. Karen R says:

    I’d love a hairdryer 🙂

  106. Maria Jane Knight says:

    A new camera lens would be wonderful :O)

  107. jen jackson says:

    A new watch

  108. loraine day says:

    a new iphone

  109. Kelly Hooper says:

    The Sims 4

  110. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    A watch because mine’s broken 🙁

  111. Lyndsey Beckford says:

    I’m hoping to get an iPad mini 🙂

  112. Gary Topley says:

    A new jacket and some jeans, ‘Merry Christmas’ x

  113. Kerry Lethbridge says:

    I’m hoping for a lie in but with 2 year old twins it’s unlikely so I’d settle for spending some quality time with them and their daddy

  114. Christopher Millward says:

    amazon vouchers

  115. dorothy cavender says:

    a spa break voucher

  116. katie w says:

    isle of wight festival tickets with boutique camping – i know i already have this as hubby had to make sure i could get the time off work

  117. Sarah Davies says:

    I’d love a voucher for a Michelin starred meal.

  118. James Travis says:

    Selfie stick

  119. Amy Lambert says:

    I would love a laptop 🙂

  120. John Mcgovern says:

    Nothing much for me, just a new hoodie.

  121. Kim Lam says:

    A new microwave. Mine has died!!!

  122. A camera

  123. Mark Johnson says:

    A ferrari 🙂

  124. Pam Francis Gregory says:

    I would love a new laptop

  125. charlotte cooke says:

    some lush make up 😀

  126. stephanie anne campbell says:

    i havnt really asked for anything, just an itunes gift card ha xx

  127. Keith Hunt says:

    A nice big bar of dairy milk and some posh coffee.

  128. emma falvi says:

    i would love to get a lap top

  129. Sara Owen says:

    Got to just just to have a nice happy family christmas

  130. caroline tokes says:

    some perfume

  131. Barbara Handley says:

    A bottle of perfume.

  132. im hoping for lots of stationery

  133. Cat Culmer says:

    A Kate Spade purse

  134. Patricia Avery says:

    I always think peace, quiet and tranquility should be top of my list as I always crave it but never seem to achieve it! 🙂

  135. Kirsty Woods says:

    Some slippers

  136. I’m hoping to get some Guylian Chocolate Seashells! yummy!

  137. I’m hoping for a bottle of my favourite perfume! 🙂

  138. Rich Hill says:

    Peace and quiet!

  139. ANNETTE HADEN says:

    A Big Shot Pro

  140. Perfume would be amazing

  141. nicola atkins says:

    i would love a new phone as my iphone is on its last legs

  142. I’d like a new phone x

  143. I’d like to receive books or some chocolates.

  144. Caroline Kelly says:

    Some amazon vouchers to buy some kindle books 🙂

  145. I would love a new freezer!

  146. Toni W says:

    I’ve not asked for anything so just surprises for me this year! 🙂


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