Silent Sunday – 11 May 2014 11 May 2014




  1. Oooh I want to know what your project is. Baby-related…?! X

  2. Alexandra Mercer (Life of mummy) says:

    Oooh love it, what are you making?

  3. Whats your project.

    • I just had a big pile of things to mend. Glad the machine is out now! Will be thinking about projects before putting it away again.

  4. Oh that is a fantastic photo and reminds me of my mum xxxxx

  5. Lou's Lake Views (@LLoopyLou) says:

    Great focus. I’m a bit of a danger with a sewing machine!

  6. sarahhillwheeler says:

    Brilliant shot, can see the nesting instinct is kicking in!

  7. Kim Carberry says:

    Ohh reminds me of my aunt who used to sew…

  8. What a great photo, brings back a lot of memories x

  9. Ooh, getting busy! Have fun with it 🙂

    • Thanks Jocelyn! I am not very good with the machine but I am sure I will get there eventually. Looking forward to my maternity leave for starting little projects! X

  10. Michèle says:

    très belle photo

  11. Oh, I love the photo! Interesting project?

    • Thanks Sara. I was so pleased I had taken it out I thought I would take a photo. Just mending so far but Crevette has lots of project ideas!

  12. great shot!

  13. Oh looks like something lacy? I’m so impressed by anyone who sews or does anything creative at all really! X #silentsunday

  14. Great detail 🙂 I was so rubbish with a sewing machine I gave mine away…let it gather dust in someone else’s spare room! Looks like you know what you’re doing though 🙂

    • Not really! When I got it, I did not even know how to turn it on… I have been learning using online tutorials. I am pretty good at straight lines, ha ha!

  15. I wish I had the patience and time to sew. Hope you get the chance to make something lovely!

    • I definitely have no time or patience so at the moment, I am not making anything very exciting, but am hoping I will manage to start a little project once I am on maternity leave.

  16. Oh my goodness, a sewing machine! I’ve never quite got my head around one yet always meant to! xx

    • I was the same before hubby bought me the one I wanted. There are so many tutorials online these days, if you want to learn the basics, it is the best place to start! x

  17. Fantastic close up shot.
    Exciting projects ahead… good luck and happy sewing ;D

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