Fire Lanterns for Bonfire Night – 10 Minute Crafts

With Bonfire Night coming up, the little ones and I decided to put together a crafty activity around the theme of fire. They have no patience for … [Read more...]

No Junk Present: Healthy, Yummy Jazzy Jars

Is it just me who magics out a dozen or so ‘jazzy jars’ for the school fair every year? The first time we came across jazzy jars was when we … [Read more...]

Quick & Easy Crafts: Cloud Cushions

The weather has been all over the place, hasn't it? One minute, you are splashing the kids with the garden hose under the sunshine; the next, you … [Read more...]

10 minute Crafts: Pipe Cleaner Caterpillars & Fine Motor Skills

A few weeks ago, we had a review of Jumpy’s progress at pre-school. She is doing well, although she would rather hang out with adults than other … [Read more...]

10 minute Crafts: Hatching Dragon Eggs

Today, Beanie came back from school with a drawing of a chick coming out of an egg. It was pretty cute and I thought we could do something inspired by … [Read more...]

Funky Bunny Garland for Easter (& a Free Template)

Make a Bunny Garland with Baby's old Pyjamas! If you are like me and you have kept your little ones’ first pyjamas, dresses or colourful vests with … [Read more...]

10 Minute Crafts – Valentine’s Day Present for Children

Is there a better way to ask, "Will you be my Valentine?" other than with chocolates? My little man and I were going to make truffles for … [Read more...]

10 Minute Crafts for Halloween: (Not So) Scary Toilet Roll Cat Lanterns

Today is Jumpy’s 3rd birthday, so I wanted to share something the two of us made earlier this week. Our little crafts session was quite short but it … [Read more...]

10 Minute Crafts – Fun Learning Numbers

Beanie's homework this week is to learn numerals 1 to 10 and to practise writing them. Every week, she gets excited about the homework challenge … [Read more...]

10 Minute Crafts – Holidays – Make a Stained-Glass Picture

My friend Cé and her little one spent some time with us one evening, and the children had decided to try making stained-glass artwork. All children … [Read more...]