How to Choose the Right Bottle for Your Baby

Over the past 7 (and a bit) years as a mum, I have tried a fair few bottles with my babies, who were all breastfed to start with. With Crevette … [Read more...]

Moving from Breast to Bottle… and back Made Easier with Munchkin (& a Giveaway)

When Munchkin contacted me and asked me to try their LATCH bottle, I was not too hopeful. After all, I had tried every single bottle available on the … [Read more...]

Which is Hardest: Breastfeeding or Bottle Feeding?

I always imagined breastfeeding would be a lot harder than bottle feeding. As a French girl, it was natural for me to bottle feed: everyone close to … [Read more...]

Family Update – August 2015

The children and I are spending three weeks in the South of France with my mum, my nan and limited Internet access. Bliss… Fruit and vegetables are so … [Read more...]

Family Update – July 2015

I love this weather! When most people are sweating profusely, feeling lethargic and moaning about the heat, I just smile and nod… oh, and I also tend … [Read more...]

Family Update – June – My Baby is One!

Has anyone seen the sun? Any idea where it might be hiding? I need vitamin D! Wriggly (1 year old) · You are one today; a whole year old. It seems … [Read more...]

Family Update – May

Although I am not a fan of the whole concept of moving clocks forward or backward, I have to say I love having more light in the evening. I feel more … [Read more...]

Family Update – April

“Here comes the sun, tadadada, here comes the sun…” I love this weather! More sun, please, more sun! Wriggly (10 months) You love eating … [Read more...]

Family Update – March

It is really starting to feel like spring is just around the corner. Moods are getting brighter, days are getting longer and clothes are getting … [Read more...]

Family Update – February

My monthly family update always makes me feel happy and warm inside. I love reflecting on how each of my four children has changed, grown, made us … [Read more...]