Lunchbox Ideas to Help You Eat More Fruit & Veg

To mark the launch of their Little Bottles of Apple and Orange juice, the lovely people at Tropicana have asked me to share creative lunchbox ideas to … [Read more...]

A New Consultant & #FreeFromFridays

I love this time of the year. The Allergy testing, the chat with a consultant who knows what I am rambling on about when I mention prick tests, … [Read more...]

The Day I met Dr Adam Fox, Dr Carsten Flohr & Dr Rosan Meyer

A few weeks ago, Maureen Jenkins, Director of Clinical Services for Allergy UK, asked me whether I could share Jumpy’s ‘journey to diagnosis’ at a … [Read more...]

#dialasmile for Bravery Boxes

The lovely Mummy Tries tagged me yesterday for the #dialasmile Selfie Meme. It is too late for a selfie so I chose to share a photo of my little … [Read more...]

Jumpy’s Eczema Story

Jumpy had the most perfect, soft, peach-like skin as a baby (scalp aside). Well, until I started introducing solids, that is. From that day, the … [Read more...]