Education Quizzes to Support Learning at Home

Supporting My Children’s Learning at Home with Education Quizzes With four young children, I have to admit I sometimes struggle to keep track of … [Read more...]

Family Update – September 2016

How did September come this quickly? Gosh it was hard leaving France and settling back into a routine again. Our ‘freestyle’ summer was so good in … [Read more...]

Family Update – August 2016

We are having such a great time in France. I wish it could be summer all year round! Wriggly (2 years 2 months) · You are adventurous. You … [Read more...]

Family Update – July 2016

Where is the sun? If anyone finds it, please send it our way! Wriggly (2 years 1 month) · You discovered hot chocolate. Requests of "miuk" have … [Read more...]

Family Update – June 2016

Two years ago, I had just given birth to Wriggly on our bathroom floor. Wriggly (2 years old!) · No matter how much I try to process it, I … [Read more...]

Family Update – May 2016

The sun is shining people, the sun is shining! Goodbye winter coats, bye bye boots and scarves. See you in winter! Wriggly (23 months) · … [Read more...]

Family Update – April 2016

It feels like I wrote my last family update yesterday yet it was a whole month ago. Where is all the time going? Wriggly (1 year 10 … [Read more...]

Family Update – March 2016

Longer days, brighter light… it must be time to come out of hibernation! Woop, woop! Wriggly (1 year 9 months) · One Monday afternoon, I … [Read more...]

Family Update – February 2016

If anyone knows where January has gone, just let me know, OK? Wriggly (1 year 8 months) · You love your big brother's toolbox. Have we got a … [Read more...]

Family Update – December 2015 

Is it me or is time speeding up at the moment? It seems like yesterday I heard the first mention of Christmas back in September (why do you do that, … [Read more...]