Tapenade Recipe and Olive it! Cookbook Giveaway

I used to hate olives. Even their smell would put me off, but one day when I was around 19 or 20, I developed a taste for green olives. I now love them, especially Manzanilla olives.

I find green olives perfect with a glass of wine for get-togethers or as I wait for my main course and chat with friends when I am on a night out.

In fact, any food you can prepare in advance put in the middle of a table for guests to help themselves to as much or as little as they want is my favourite kind of food.

Sharing platter - hummus, tapenade, tzatziki, olives, pitta bread & ham
I always find that tapas and sharing platters make eating feel convivial. You get to spend lots of time with your guests and if they are not keen on one of the dips or small dishes, they do not feel forced to try just to be polite. Everyone is a winner!

When I went to a Talk to Mums event a couple of months ago, there was a lovely cookbook in our goody bag. Olive It is all about olives (no kidding!), seasoning them in inventive ways and creative flavoursome combinations.

Sharing platter - hummus, tapenade, tzatziki, olives & ham
The book is full of information about olives and recipes by chefs and culinary experts Omar Allibhoy, José Pizzaro, Dr Simon Poole and Sue Ashworth.

Did you know?
Olives are virtually cholesterol-free and approximately 150 calories per 100g. Olives are also a good source of vitamin E and 110g of black olives provides half of the recommended daily allowance of iron.

In the book, you can expect to find a variety of recipes for marinated olives using complementary flavours and uncomplicated ingredients. I always buy olives marinated, but I am now quite keen to try making my own marinades as it is so quick and simple.

Other recipes from the book I am planning to try soon are: olives with artichokes and cheese-stuffed piquante peppers, wasabi and ginger olives with smoked salmon, black olive, Manchego and hazelnut tapenade as well as black olive tapenade and goat’s cheese croustades.

This weekend, I went for the classic black olive and caper combination to make tapenade. As much as I love green olives, I do not eat black olives, unless they are mixed with other ingredients. Even Hubby, who was less than enthusiastic at the thought of trying the tapenade I had made, enjoyed it in the end.

Tapenade just before blending - black olives, capers, garlic, olive oil, chillies
Here is the recipe, with slightly more olive oil than in the original recipe (page 48 of the book).



Prep Time 2 minutes


  • 250 g pitted black olives in brine drained
  • 1 garlic clove peeled and crushed
  • 3 tablespoons capers in brine drained
  • 4 tablespoons olive oil
  • ½ red chilli finely chopped


  1. Simply blend all ingredients together.
  2. Enjoy!

You could a copy of the Olive It! cookbook… I have 20 to give away!

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Olive It!

I was sent supermarket vouchers in return for an honest review. All opinions and photos are my own.

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  1. What a delicious tapenade, Mel! I didn’t like olives either but now I do. And so glad. Will look forward to seeing more olive recipes from your new cookbook! Have a lovely day! xo

  2. Paula Readings says:

    I would use Lemon, Thyme & rosemary.. nice

  3. Ruth Harwood says:

    Definitely some Chilli (mild), some Oregano and possibly a squirt of lemon xx

  4. laura stewart says:

    id use a salad dressing x

  5. Liam Bishop says:

    Garlic and cinnamon, bit different but it works! (for me)

  6. jayne hall says:

    oranges would be good

  7. Rachel Craig says:

    Lemon and Rosemary.

  8. Tomato and basil

  9. Margaret Clarkson says:

    Lemon juice, olive oil and fresh rosemary

  10. Spencer Broadley says:

    Garlic, lime and olive oil

  11. Karl Borowy says:

    cheese based

  12. Anne Dalzell says:

    sundried tomatoes and garlic – simple but delicious.

  13. Natalie Crossan says:

    Lemon Thyme & Rosemary 🙂

  14. Samantha loughlin says:

    Chilli oil

  15. Marion says:

    Garlic, olive oil, basil and a little saffron.

  16. danny mac says:

    olive oil, diced chilli, garlic, a dash of vinegar and lemon rind. possibly some finely diced fresh coriander if i’m feeling the need for something extra.

  17. kayleigh Bates says:

    Plain tomato x

  18. amy rennocks says:

    Lemon and garlic <3

  19. Margaret Gallagher says:

    Beautiful book great for me to practice and perfect my tapas – always use chilli and chilli oil . Garlic and sundries tomatoes sprinkled with a small amount of basil x

  20. Just garlic and olive oil

  21. gemma brown says:

    lemon and thyme probably 🙂

  22. tomato and basil

  23. Rachel Butterworth says:

    Tomato, Basil and Black Pepper.

  24. John Frost says:

    good luck

  25. Michelle Ferguson says:

    Lemon and rosemary

  26. Sam Goodwin says:

    Sundried Tomatoes and chilli. So delicious!

  27. Julie says:

    I might try vodka and see what it’s like!

  28. Kim Styles says:

    chilli and capers in olive oil

  29. Adeline M says:

    Lemon, Thyme & Rosemary

  30. Ray Becker says:

    vinegar & Garlic

  31. Mary D says:

    Olive oil and garlic

  32. Allan Wilson says:

    Balsamic Vinegar & Honey

  33. carole n says:

    garlic, tomato and basil

  34. Betony Bennett says:

    Something spicy 🙂

  35. Rebecca Roberts says:

    Pesto mixed and blended with olives and macapony cheese and meatballs yum!

  36. Colin Gault says:

    Lemon and garlic

  37. chilli or garlic marinade

  38. Eileen Sumner says:

    Lemon and garlic

  39. Megan Kinsey says:

    Freshly squeezed lemon would be lovely!

  40. Charlotte Moore says:

    Lemon and garlic

  41. Robyn Logan Clarke says:

    Chilli oil

  42. Claire Ward says:


  43. Meena Hindmarch says:


  44. Suzanne Roberts says:

    It’s just got to be garlic in a good olive oil

  45. anything spicy!

  46. Theresaparker says:

    A lot of tomato and a little bit of basil thank u

  47. caroline kelly says:

    Garlic oil

  48. Amy Eastwick says:

    Lemon and Rosemary

  49. hannahlig says:

    Garlic everytime!

  50. Emilia nastaly-howard says:

    with hint of chilli 🙂

  51. Victoria Prince says:

    Tomato I think 🙂

  52. David Crabb says:

    It would be garlic and chilli to be sure!

  53. Tim Woolfenden says:

    Chilli and capers in oliveoil

  54. lynn neal says:

    orange and oregano

  55. Juli Savage says:

    Garlic, Thyme and Rosemary

  56. B west says:

    Something super hot with bird eye chillis or some Wasabi to make them a bit japanese

  57. Anneka Hulse says:

    garlic and salsa

  58. Karen Howden says:

    Lemon and Garlic

  59. Susan Hunt says:

    Lemon, Thyme & Rosemary

  60. Cerys John says:

    Sundried tomato, basil and chilli oil

  61. Rebecca Howells (@PeanutHog) says:

    Sun dried tomatoes, mozerella, fresh basil and olive oil

  62. Jill fairbank says:

    A little taste of chilli always

  63. Sue Leake says:

    Lemon juice, oil and a touch of garlic would suit me just fine

  64. trevor linvell says:

    Tomato and basil

  65. Valerie Seal says:

    I think sweet chilli marinade

  66. Iris W says:

    Olive oil, a dash of balsamico, mild chilli & a bit of garlic

  67. sweet chilli or garlic 🙂

  68. Garlic, chilli and olive oil

  69. Garlic and chilli in some olive oil! Yummy!

  70. Anna Pritchard says:

    lemon and garlic

  71. sue mcdermott says:

    garlic & tomato

  72. Wendy Guy says:

    My favourite dressing for olives is lemon and rosemary.

  73. Natalie Baugh says:

    garlic and chili yum!!

  74. Chilli and Garlic!

  75. Sarah Saunders says:

    It has to be the classics… Chilli and Garlic…yummy. xx

  76. Matt Brasier says:

    I would use Lemon, Thyme and Garlic

  77. charlotte says:

    i love garlic so that would be lovely

  78. fionajk42 says:

    oregano or thyme

  79. Andrew Sales says:

    Garlic and Olive oil

  80. Pam Francis Gregory says:

    Chilli Oil

  81. Lyn Slatter says:

    Chilli & garlic & lemon juice

  82. Susan P says:

    Tomato, basil and rosemary would be nice. 🙂

  83. Julie Chilton says:

    Mmmm I love olives now. Took me a few years but I got there!

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