MAD & BIB Blog Awards – Who Will You Nominate?

You know those weeks where everything seems to be going wrong? I am having one of those. Time spent with the kids has been full of fun and giggles, I have had friends around, sleepovers and chats with a few of my best friends yet I feel down as soon as I have a second on my own and I cannot help it. Being a grown up sucks sometimes…

As I was thinking I needed to pull myself together, I received an email from Tots100, announcing the launch of the seventh annual MAD Blog Awards. I needed to stop feeling sorry for myself and started thinking of the blogs I thought were the best fit for each category. You know what? It has cheered me up!

After thinking of voting for my own blog for about 2 seconds (how rude!), I gave some thought to all the blogs I read regularly (some daily!). I wish there were more categories and more bloggers I could nominate here, but there you go…

If you want to make a few bloggers happy, give them a vote. You can vote for a blog in more than one category, and here are my nominations:

I have no idea how she does it all, but she does, and she does it to perfection! Emily blogs, vlogs, develops recipes, takes gorgeous photos, inspires a lot of us through talks at big events and she is a Mummy too!

Although she is not pregnant at the moment, Suzanne has four children and her blog is brimming with information about pregnancy, traumatic birth, IUGR, anxiety and birth trauma.

I have been following Jaime’s blog for as long as I can remember. Her weekly ‘Magic Moments’ have provided hours of heart-warming reading over the past couple of years. Jaime has just had a baby boy. Since Jacob was born, Jaime has written about her gorgeous little man, how tough the first few weeks can be, and she has also given other bloggers the opportunity to share their birth stories.

Louise writes about what she gets up to with her two preschool-aged girls. Every week, she also hosts ‘From the Mouths of Babes’ every Monday, in which bloggers share their stories about what they children say. It is always a fun one to read, with laughter every time, endearing words and cure mispronunciations. Louise also writes about crafts, days out with her girls, as well as raising awareness about congenital heart defects.

Sally’s daughter is slightly older than my children. She is one step ahead of me with Flea and it makes her humorous articles about life with a ten year old both entertaining and quite frankly informative. Have a peep at Sally’s blog if you want some down-to-earth reading about the “Growing and Changing” lesson (puberty, just in case you were wondering!) in school, thinking about secondary school, fun days out and games, book ideas for voracious readers or stuff about Harry Potter (amongst other things).

If you ever want to read all about family days out, activities to do outdoors or family holidays, ‘Coombe Mill’ will give you links to a range of blog posts about the outdoors with children every Saturday without fail, and  Fiona regularly shares brilliant arty activities that can be carried out outdoors.

If I am looking for a quick and easy crafty project to do with the kids, I always check Maggy’s latest ideas. She is amazing and covers everything from painting, pom pom crafts, making stress balls or repurposing tyres!

Lindy might not describe her blog as a ‘thrifty’ one, but I always think her ‘Fab Finds’ section is a great resource to find unusual food styling props on a budget. Lindy’s interior design ideas look ‘expensive’ but can be reproduced easily without breaking the bank. My next thing to put together after reading Lindy’s blog: terrariums!

Although I would love a vote or two in this category (obsessed with food, moi?), my dear friend Julie really deserves to get the award for Best Food Blog. Whenever I need a new pasta recipe, I head over to Julie’s blog. Her recipes are aimed at busy families: they are quick, tasty and rarely require ‘silly’ ingredients: just what I need! Oh, and Julie was the first person who ever commented on one of my recipes. Love that girl!

Julie & I

Vicki is THE definition of what a successful blogger is. She is a champion for blogging and her positive, ‘go get it’ attitude is always a breath of fresh air. I love a read of ‘Honest Mummy’ for a bit of inspirational reading, musings about life, family, food. Vicki’s blog is just like an online magazine, which makes it the ideal read when I have a few minutes on my own. You would think such a power blogger is unapproachable… Not Vicki! This lovely lady always takes the time to chat at conferences and answer (in a lot of detail) burning questions I might have.

Vicki and I

Reneé is a writer and a blogger (in that order!). She has a way with words not many of us are gifted with and she constantly and relentlessly works at making her and her family as happy as they can be. She does not try to make her life sound perfect and you will read about the bad and the ugly as well as the wins on Reneé’s little corner of the web.

Reneé and I

I will be cheeky here and nominate myself. I know there are many bloggers out there who take stunning photos and I could give you a long list of blogs I could nominate for their visual appeal. I do love every minute spent behind my camera and I always think about photos before I dream up a post of develop a recipe. I am always trying to learn more, improve my food styling and gather tips here and there.

This naughty lady has been quiet on the video front for a bit but I really think that Vicki makes the best recipe videos.  Her recipes are easy to follow. She explains everything in a nice, natural way and I have cooked along a few of those recipes. If you are on an exclusion diet, you should try Vicki’s ‘free from’ scones!


Although she has had her blog about Callum’s allergies for quite a while, Nath relaunched it all in December. That makes her blog pretty new, and yet the blog has been hugely successful. Nath is a real inspiration. When Callum was being diagnosed with a myriad of allergies (Jumpy’s allergies are nothing compared to her little friend’s), Nath fought and fought to make sure Callum was receiving appropriate treatment. She also started creating mouth-watering recipes not only her little man would enjoy, but the rest of us would love, too! We first met when we were raising money and awareness for Allergy UK and as we were having a picnic, I must have eaten (stuffed my face with) a dozen cakes and honey-glazed sausages.

Nath and I


After publishing this post, I realised the nominations for BritMums’ BiB Awards had opened as well. I really tried to include a range of bloggers and decided to nominate bloggers who have not yet won awards (that I know of). If you have a few minutes to spare, go ahead and vote as well! Here are the blogs I voted for (love the fact there is a ‘Readers’ Choice’ category here!):


I would love it if you would consider voting for any of these blogs!

Have you got favourite blogs you keep going back to, again and again?


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  1. laurahartleyy says:

    Great list of blogs! Glad to see lots of familiar names on this list 🙂 It’s perfectly fine to nominate yourself, your photography is great!! 😉

  2. serenityyou says:

    I have been blogging for 4.5 years and really hoping to make the list of nominee for the MADS this year. I still haven’t placed my vote yet, just really can’t decied who to pick, there are so many great blogs out there and every year it gets harder and harder to choice!

  3. Great list! I love discovering new blogs that I’ve not read before 🙂

  4. Helen Clark says:

    These all sound like great votes! As my daughter is much older I don’t read many parenting blogs but after reading this I’ll definitely have a look at some of these

  5. Aw it is wonderful to rally together especially in the face of how awful some bloggers can be to others. It warms my heart to see others being appreciated.

    • Thanks Ana. So far, I haven’t experienced any nastiness coming from other bloggers (lucky or disillusioned, I don’t know) and there are so many I wanted to nominate. It’s tough to keep the list so short when they are so many inspirational and talented people around!

  6. Good Luck in the awards, there are some fantastic blogs here, I am off for a read 🙂 Kaz x

  7. I think each year I always see the same names and althought they are all amazing they are established and already won many awards so I would love to see the love shared to other bloggers not already in the top 50 list as there are so many amazing bloggers out there, that need to be in the spotlight

  8. What a great round up of blogs 🙂 I wish them all and you good luck. x

  9. Great list of bloggers here, I recognise quite a few of them.

  10. Love you lady, you’re awesome, simple as that. Really hope you’re feeling better soon, and thanks so much for nominating me. I’m not having the best week either and this has massively lifted my spirits xxx

    • I’ve read your post, and it reads just like I feel! Thanks so much for being at the other end of the phone, and I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you were having an awful week too, or maybe I was too caught into my own crappy week to even notice. Sorry! xxx

  11. Louise says:

    Thank you so much for the nomination Mel – you’ve just made my morning with your lovely comments about my blog and I am honoured to be amongst such great company too! x

    • I could not not have you on my list: your blog is one of the very few I read regularly, even when I’m having a bit of a break myself. The love that emanates from your posts is just heart-warming and I can’t wait to meet your two little ladies (day out in the spring maybe?). xx

  12. A wonderful list of deserving blogs. Wishing them all luck for the awards.

  13. I will definitely look into voting on one of these blogs. I’ve never heard about MAD awards before, but it’s fun to read posts for children even if my daughter is grown up cause I might be a grandmother before I know it, although I hope she waits a few more years. 🙂

  14. You’ve picked some great blogs here- some I’ve not heard of so I’ll start reading them on your recommendation 🙂 x

  15. SO touched you’ve nominated me darling thank you, you have my vote too! I love this post-it is simply bursting with joy and all you gorgeous bloggers! Thank you for your kind words, mean so much ma cherie, hope to see you soon xxx

    • I meant every single word. I could have written a dissertation about each one of you, but I tried to keep it short and sweet! Let me know when you’re in the London area. Would love to catch up over coffee. xx

  16. So many great blogs in your list. Many are on mine. Good luck hon x

  17. Charli Bruce says:

    I love The Oliver’s Madhouse and read it regularly, to be honest I haven’t read many of the others so you’ve definitely opened my eyes to some new blogs! x

  18. This sounds like a great awards i have never heard of it before so would have to think long and hard

  19. ive not heard of the MAD blog awards but this gives me some new blogs to read too 🙂

  20. Oh thank you so so much lovely lady!! I’m so flattered, you’ve made my day! Good luck lovely! x x

  21. Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for putting me forward for a nomination! I got a little teary!! Thank you!

    • My pleasure lovely! I hate anything to do with our house being done up (other than when it’s actually done) so your posts help me put it all into perspective. Gosh I have no patience for renovation in my house…

  22. Thank you Mel, I am truly touched that you would think of voting for me. You of course have my vote (as you did last year, too!). Best of luck and honoured to be mentioned amongst such great company x

    • Oh thanks sweetie! I wasn’t listing my nominees for them to reciprocate anything. It’s more of a list to help my mum (and the 3 other readers I have!) who wouldn’t be sure who to vote for. It also cheered me up to write this post. x

  23. Hey lovely, I’m so sad to hear that you’ve been feeling down. You have been a real blogging pal and truly deserve an award for your wonderful blog. Thank you so much for including me in your nomination list, it’s really made my day. You always have my vote. xxx

  24. Hello Beautiful Bear says:

    What a fabulous post sharing the blogging love!
    Best of luck in the awards and I think some of your choices are spot on 🙂

  25. Susanne Remic (@Ghostwritermumm) says:

    Bless you lovely, thank you so much for the mention xx x

  26. Becky Excell says:

    Found some great new blogs in this list (as well as yours!) so thanks 🙂

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