Things that Wind Me Up

In an attempt to get more comfortable in front of the camera, I’m joining in with Vlog Stars, a challenge organised by Colette and Katy. Every month, the girls set a theme and the prompt for May is Things that Wind Me Up. I filmed my little bit this afternoon as I was about to pick up the children from school. I had less than 10 minutes so it was a tad rushed, but hey! As I was checking the footage, I realised I am rather expressive when I get animated! I did a few print screens and voilà my annoyed faces:

Things that Wind Me Up

Anyone who knows me is aware I’m passionate. OK, I might be a little feisty at times. I used to be particularly spirited, but I have calmed down a lot since having children. There are still quite a few things that wind me up. I might be offending a few people here, sorry!

What kinds of things wind you up?

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  1. Fiona says:

    This has really made me laugh! Feisty is good Mel! I too am constantly confronting young people about swearing near my two little chaps or being loud in the park when the baba is sleeping (can you tell I’m sleep deprived and on edge). Hubby hates it when I do it but we both know who wears the trousers! What winds me up – have I told you about the amount of record players that have come through my front door recently…..????

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