Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies

On Friday evening, Crevette wanted to ‘make’ something. For once, we had remembered to save toilet paper rolls and he was eager to turn them into bunnies.

Hubby was cooking so I could focus on Crevette (5 years 8 months), Beanie (3 years 6 months) and their artwork, which was lovely.

We had just about half an hour before dinner was ready so it had to be a quick one. I had a look on Pinterest for toilet paper roll rabbits, just to see what other people had done and get some inspiration.

Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies - Materials

We dug out the paintbrushes, scissors, googly eyes, PVC glue, a pencil and pretty scraps of paper before we got to work on our rabbits.

Beanie was once again really generous with the amount of PVC glue she applied to the paper, so there is no risk of those bunnies ‘losing their body’.

Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies - PVC Glue

Crevette drew the templates for the ears and feet. Beanie was not really sure about using the scissors. She thought she would not be able to follow her brother’s lines, but after I had done it with her once, she grew more and more confident, which was nice to see.

Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies - Cutting

They loved sticking the ears, feet and drawing the faces following my very basic template and were really proud to see their first bunnies take shape.

Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies - ears

Crevette thought they would look nice with tails so he got some cotton from the bathroom and added fluffy tails to their cardboard creations. Check them out! Beanie declared they were ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’.

Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies - First two Bunnies

They made some more after that and dinner was ready so I finished the last two.

What do you think of our cute little rabbits?

Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies

I love it when something completely improvised turns out looking great!


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  1. They do look great! Pastels are so nice! #MagicMoments

  2. Caroline (Becoming a SAHM) says:

    Aww so very cute Mel, lovely easter bunnies and love that they are boyfriend girlfriend! xx #magicmoments

  3. Love these – my daughter would especially love making them as she’s obsessed about bunnies. Pinning it! #magicmoments

  4. They look great, the children must have been so proud and impressed with themselves!

  5. I love these, so simple, but they look great. And, I love the colours x

  6. These are so cute. The googly eyes with eye lashes are very sweet. I love a quick craft so they don’t have time to make too much mess or get bored ;-)

  7. These are ace! What fab Easter decorations. You’re so brave letting them loose with the PVA ;)

  8. They look brilliant! So simple yet so fab! #ShareWithMe

    • Thanks Jocelyn. We love crafts at home as long as it takes very little time from start to finish and it is worth the hassle! x Mel

  9. Ahhh these are so cute. I can’t wait until my two are older and we can do things like this. I love these. So creative and little mess my kind of crafts. I am jealous that you have all these crafty things on hand. I have no supplies what so ever to play around with yet. I think it’s cause my two are still young .I will need to start stocking up soon. Love these. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me and for the amazing continual support of my blog. So grateful. #sharewithme

    • You made me smile, Jenny! The craft supplies are not the children’s. They are mine, from when I had time for scrapbooking (well, apart from the googly eyes!), and the glue is hubby’s (no idea why he has 2 litres of PVA glue in the house by the way). x Mel

  10. What a fab little idea. My little Princess would love making these ‘Babbits’ ;) #sharewithme

  11. franglaisemummy says:

    Well done you and them! I tend to see glue and craft stuff and run, but these look great :-)

  12. I love this idea! You are so creative I am definitely going to have a go with the girls x

  13. So simple yet so effective. Loving the colour schemes too. #sharewithme

  14. these are fantastic Mel! i need to be more creative!

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

  15. How awesome are they?? We never do crafts these days- I need to rectify that!

    • The little ones were really pleased with the way they turned out (and so was I!). I could write the exact same thing when I read your posts: we never do sensory play and should do more; it looks like so much fun! x

  16. Beautiful bunnies-your craft posts are as gorgeous as your food ones! I love, love, love your blog (in case you didn’t know)…thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts

  17. These are TOO CUTE! how have I missed these? :-)

    • No idea! Hey, lovely to see you here tonight! I really have to find a way to follow your blog (without an email subscription, I am rubbish at following!). x


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