Top Quality Meat from the Butcher’s straight to Your Door with Donald Russell

When I was growing up in rural France, we had three butchers’ in our village, for just over a thousand inhabitants. Needless to say, meat came from the butcher’s and it was invariably top quality. On the rare occasions it was not, you just had to say and you would get a more suitable cut. I moved to Paris as a student when I was 19 and I had a butcher’s really close to home. Meat became a treat, but when I could afford it, I would get beef from my local butcher’s shop once a month or so.

Ever since I moved to London 15 years ago (has it really been that long?), I have not once stepped into a butcher’s. I am not sure whether it is because I am not sure where to go, or whether it is a cultural thing or a financial thing. I am not sure, really, but I do know that I love good-quality meat, knowing where it came from, that it has been grass fed and naturally reared.

A tender cut of beef fillet cannot be beaten in my eyes. It is my treat of choice, yet I have not got a local butcher’s I regularly go to. I have no idea whether three is one where I live. When I need a ‘meat fix,’ I get a nice bit of beef fillet from M&S, Waitrose or Tesco.

You can imagine how elated I was when Scottish butcher Donald Russell contacted me asking whether I was interested in trying one of their beef boxes. Erm, yes please! I even called Hubby at work when I received the news.

After spending ages browsing their website (what a tough decision to make!), I settled for the ‘Butcher’s Favourites’ box. Wait for it…

  • 2 Ribeye Steaks
  • 2 Pavé Rump Steaks
  • 440g Minced Steak
  • 4 Medium Classic Steak Burgers
  • 12 Mini Steak Burgers

A few days after making up my mind, I received a large polystyrene box. Rather than throwing it away, I have kept the empty box so I can use it again in the summer as a cool box when we have a party. If you threw it away, I feel the impact on the environment might outweigh the convenience, since polystyrene cannot be recycled locally.

The meat had been kept frozen in there with dry ice, made from carbon dioxide created as a by-product from industrial processes. It would normally be released straight into the atmosphere so using it to keep the meat frozen has a minimal effect on the environment. The dry ice had completely evaporated during the transit, and that is perfectly normal. The meat was frozen solid and it looked good! Here is a photo of a couple of items that were in the box (before it was all devoured).

Top Quality Meat from the Butcher’s straight to Your Door with Donald Russell - Frozen Meat

Our order had been checked by Almida, who had signed a card by hand informing us she had personally checked each item was in mint condition. I liked that personal touch and feel that a human being was on the other side of the ordering process somewhere in Scotland.

On the day I received the box, I placed most of our meat haul in our freezer and kept my least favourite cut, the ribeye steaks in the fridge to defrost for the following night. It really is not normally my favourite cut and I would not buy it, but I surprisingly enjoyed the meat. It was seriously yummy and tender.

I was desperate to try the rump steaks, but decided to keep them for a special occasion as they were my preferred items in the box. We had burgers and chips next, and the children absolutely loved their mini burgers, which were a perfect portion for each of them at approximately 45g each. The fact they wed pure meat also meant I did not have to worry about allergens for Jumpy. We did not miss whatever we normally add to homemade burgers, may it be herbs, spices, onions, eggs or breadcrumbs. It was 100% meat and it was good!

I used the minced steak to make meat balls, once again with nothing added into the meat balls, and they were perfect with my simple, veggie-laden tomato pasta.

Top Quality Meat from the Butcher’s straight to Your Door with Donald Russell - Meat Balls

We had the rump steaks with plenty of vegetables last week for Wriggly’s birthday, and what a treat it was! Check my tips for cooking steak to perfection here.

Top Quality Meat from the Butcher’s straight to Your Door with Donald Russell - Ribeyre steak

A couple of days ago, we had our last bit from the box with scrumptious cheeseburgers. They were so good we did not even have a side with them!

Top Quality Meat from the Butcher’s straight to Your Door with Donald Russell - Burger

The 2 kilos of beautiful grass fed, naturally reared beef lasted just over 2 months, and I did not buy a single piece of beef anywhere else. The box fed six of us for 5 meals (when we had the rump steaks, the children had mini minced steaks).

Initially, I wondered whether the price tag was worth it, but I have just ordered the ‘Butcher’s Favourites’ again for the start of September as it is on offer at the ridiculously low price of £34 for over 2 kilos of top quality beef (+£5 delivery – regular price £60.25).

If I were to cook the same things as I did when we received our gifted box, the reduced box would cost us an average of £2 per serving (6 of us), considering that our four children have smaller portions. It is a no brainer as it is 10 times better than supermarket-bought meat, and it is quite nice knowing you have some meat in the freezer.

You could win one box of the butcher’s favourites!

How to enter the giveaway:

Check the instructions in the form below.  You can pick and choose a range of ways in which to enter. The only one you must click on to get into the draw is the one asking you to leave a blog post comment. You must also leave a comment telling us where you buy meat  for your entry to be valid.

Entries are open until 23.59 p.m. GMT time on 19 July 2016. Good luck!

Meat Box

– I was sent the ‘Butcher’s Favourites’ box free of charge. I was not otherwise compensated for this post. All opinions and photos are my own.
– The prize will be supplied directly by Donald Russell.
– The giveaway is open to UK residents over 18.

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  1. Tracey Peach says:

    I buy my meat at the same time as I buy the rest of my shopping online at Tesco that’s because i have mobility problems & don’t have the choice of shopping around

    • To be honest, that’s how I get most of my shopping too if my husband isn’t shopping around. Convenience often beats everything else when you’re busy or not as mobile as you’d want to. Hope you’re well.

  2. kimneville1 says:

    I normally buy from supermarket

  3. gavrc says:

    I get my meat at the supermarket but get sausages from a farm shop.

  4. Laura Harrison says:

    At Asda or Lidl with the rest of the shopping xx

  5. Laura Bryant says:

    Buy it from local butchers or tesco
    whoop whoop ??? such a lovely prize!I know someone is going to be over the moon ???to win fingers crossed its me ??????

  6. Tony Metcalf says:

    I always buy my meat from the local independent butcher.

  7. barbedwire71 says:

    i buy all my meat at our local butchers, he always gives a bit extra

  8. spanner15 says:

    Our local butchers in the village and the local farm shop too!

  9. emma walters says:

    most the time its supermarket online shopping with my daughter still so young, but we have tried a couple online butchers & really liked them 🙂

  10. gouldie7 says:

    We buy most from Bacon’s the Butchers in Retford – never had a bad piece yet!

  11. Claire Holtey says:

    Independent butcher in Bonar Bridge, and my lamb from a friend

  12. Heather Haigh says:

    I mostly buy my meat from the supermarket, but sometimes from a farm shop.

  13. Hazel Rea says:

    I buy my ordinary meat at the supermarket – but we travel to an independent butcher for our Christmas turkey.

  14. pete c says:

    usually buy from local independent or otherwise Morrisons

  15. lesley brown says:

    I’m afraid for convenience I get meat along with the weekly shop at the supermarket!

  16. Angela Treadway says:

    Usually at our local supermarket x

  17. clair downham says:

    sainsburys normally

  18. Debbie Skerten says:

    We live Rural and mostly buy our meat from our village butchers, who is very good. Occasionally though, we do buy from the supermarket, but always regret it.

  19. Angela McDonald says:

    I buy meat from either the supermarket or the local butchers!

  20. Amanda says:

    I buy my meat from Aldi

  21. Janet Humphrey says:

    Buy from Aldington or local butchers at Christmas

  22. Karl Borowy says:


  23. ElizM says:

    I buy my meat from Waitrose or Ocado with the rest of my food shopping.

  24. jessica cook says:

    we buy our meat from Tesco, we get the odd joint of meat from the butchers for a roast x

  25. Mary Heald says:

    I buy my meat from Sainsburys

  26. Suzanne O'Neill says:

    A mix of Donald Russell, Costco and my local supermarket.

  27. mandy austin says:

    i buy my meat from a local butcher in wrexham

  28. Tania Atfield says:

    I buy my meat from Tescos or Asda

  29. jjadea says:

    I just buy from ASDA, easiest to access.

  30. Abigail Cullen says:

    I buy a lot of my meat from Lidls.

  31. lucy higgins says:

    Asda or Aldi

  32. Monica Gilbert says:

    I usually buy meat at the supermarket. I wouldn’t mind trying a butcher.

  33. iain maciver says:


  34. Rachel Craig says:

    At the Supermarket. Though I would much prefer a local, reliable Butcher. I can recall going with my mum to the Butcher’s shop, and she would give him her order. He was very pleasant, friendly. The meats were on display, my mum could clearly see what was on offer. The Butcher would also sell bones for the dog/s. I enjoyed visiting that Butchers with my Mum. And how I wish it was still in Business today.

  35. kate philpott says:

    from asda mostly

  36. John Tingay says:

    The “real” butchers have all disappeared near where I live so the majority comes from Tesco, but I use the town centre market when I am nearby and there is an excellent farm shop near my sister’s house.

  37. glenn hutton says:

    Local butcher in town

  38. gemma brown says:

    I have it delivered with the rest of my shopping during the week

  39. Paul Wilson says:

    I get meat from my local butchers.

  40. Nicki Evans says:

    The supermarket

  41. Lynn Heath says:

    Just at the supermarket

  42. geow480geow480 says:


  43. Lorraine Rogers says:

    Also or tesco depends what is on offet

  44. leanne weir says:

    mostly from my butcher

  45. Frances Heaton says:

    I mostly buy from Tesco when getting my weekly shop.

  46. Claire G says:

    Depends what meat Im buying….I use the butchers in town for anything bar chicken as I dont like their chicken it smells rank

  47. Claire Bodin says:

    Local butcher

  48. Steven Appleton (@mister_steven) says:

    Generally from the supermarket but I do enjoy a visit to a local farm shop for a treat

  49. Andrew Petrie says:

    I always buy meat from the same supermarket – set in my ways !

  50. Carole says:

    Usually at asda


    My local butcher, and his homemade haggis is brilliant

  52. Holly Gibson says:

    Usually just from the supermarket, but occasionally the butcher’s if I want something nicer

  53. michelle thompson says:

    i buy my meat from aldi or the butchers depends what week it is

  54. Maxine Owen says:

    I buy most of my meat from It is really good quality at a great price.

  55. Annette Oliver says:

    I buy my meat from the supermarket because it is easy

  56. Pat Stubbs says:

    The fresh cunter at Waitrose

  57. Ray Dodds says:

    Buy from local butcher

  58. tracey ryder says:

    the local butcher

  59. Joy B says:

    The supermarket as it’s convenient. I only go to the butcher for special occasions.

  60. `Diana Maxwell says:

    Tesco I am afraid.

  61. pinguu33Donna Barnes says:

    Fantastic! Thank you ?

  62. sparrklie says:

    Muclefood supplies most of my minced beef but I tend to buy other meats from a local butcher’s shop and the supermarket.

  63. Ruth Harwood says:

    I tend to buy it at Aldi when I go shopping xx

  64. Elizabeth Hinds says:

    Mainly at the supermarket. Although I love to support local businesses, it is difficult sometimes when money is tight and you’re pushed for time!

  65. Joanne Beale says:

    Local farmer

  66. Sophie Ade says:

    I usually buy meat from a supermarket but I used to buy from a local farm shop before I moved house.

  67. Andrea Miles says:

    day to day meat the supermarket, bulk buys from our local butcher

  68. Paula Readings says:

    I buy from the supermarket & Butcher.

  69. We are very lucky and have a local butcher on a market 🙂

  70. Barbara Handley says:

    Tesco. Not aware of independent butcher near me.

  71. bonniebonster says:

    I like to stock up at the local farm shop and also from tesco

  72. Fern (@sparklythingsuk) says:

    supermarket. we have used muscle foods in the past too whichare good for chicken.

  73. SARAH ENTWISLE says:

    I must admit i get mine at the supermarket, as the Butcher shops are closing down everywere.

  74. Sue Wickins says:

    normally in Asda … however we were in M&S this morning and bought some posh burgers

  75. Claire Scott says:

    Online with tesco, love the idea of this though!

  76. Helen Gossage says:

    From the supermarket usually but sometimes from local farm shop

  77. jacqui graham says:

    My local market where there are a variety of family butchers, they give me tips and ideas on meals, they have the time to spend that do you dont find in the supermarkets

  78. bidrick says:

    Mainly from Asda.

  79. Daniel Jerram says:

    I buy my meat from the local butcher from the town. I have bought from Donald Russell previously and it was gorgeous meat

  80. compedd says:

    I get most of it from the supermarket, usually Tesco. All of the butchers in my village disappeared many years ago now. However, if I need a special piece of meat, say for a family get together, I do go to the butchers in my nearest town.

  81. sam macaree says:

    i buy from supermarkets or my local butchers

  82. S Bufton says:

    I usually buy from a local butcher or the supermarket

  83. Henry Little says:

    usually, Morrisons, but try local when i can!

  84. Joanne Hutchings says:

    I tend to buy most of my meat from the supermarket.

  85. Kim M says:

    Sometimes at the butchers in the next village or at the supermarket x

  86. Rachel Heap says:

    Marks and Spencer or Asda

  87. Stephanie Tsang says:

    I buy meat from Sainsburys and Aldi

  88. Sarah Parkin says:

    Our local Butchers

  89. Karen R says:

    I buy most of my meat from Morrisons as part of my weekly online shop

  90. Roger Bufton says:

    local supermarlet

  91. Angela says:

    Most of my meat comes from the supermarket, but I really need to get to the butchers

  92. Frances H says:

    Local butcher.

  93. Lizzy T says:

    Usually at the supermarket. Occasionally at local butcher or online.

  94. elaine robinson says:

    I get my meat from the supermarket

  95. Kim Styles says:

    we buy from the local butcher

  96. graham ross says:

    Normally Morrisons

  97. David Paterson says:

    Local butcher

  98. Rob Griffiths says:

    Sainsburys mostly….

  99. Debbie Southwell says:

    I but either at Tescos or at my local butchers

  100. joy buckenham says:

    what a great chance to win such a great prize thankyou so much for the chance

  101. Alix Boswell says:

    we buy our meat from our local butchers. We used to buy it all from the supermarket but since the butchers opened up we can get more for our money and much better quality of meat

  102. Kat Lucas says:

    Usually at Aldi or Morrisons

  103. Vicky Limerick says:

    I buy all mine from tesco with all my other shopping for convenience

  104. Jeremy Tunnard says:

    I buy meat from Booths, Sainsburys and Westin Gourmet

  105. madmummymckean says:

    I tend to buy mine at the butchers counter at the supermarket but would prefer to use a butcher if I had one!

  106. Rebecca Nisbet says:

    usually wherever it is on offer

  107. Julie Booth says:

    Wakelings butchers in Farncombe village

  108. Hannah Martin says:

    I usually shop at the supermarket and get weekly deliveries x

  109. sarah rees says:

    at the local butchers

  110. Louise Comb says:

    Mostly from the supermarket, but we sometimes buy from a butcher in town, and occasionally from a meat seller at the market.

  111. Catherine Warburton says:

    I buy everything from the supermarket but the meat I buy there isn’t all that good to be honest

  112. Peter Hewitt says:

    Butcher at Morrisons

  113. tracey hunt says:


  114. Veronika Farkas says:

    Supermarkets, mainly from Lidl or Aldi 🙂

  115. Sarah says:

    Generally the supermarket – no local butcher 🙁

  116. lemonpiez says:

    The supermarket. The local butchers are all closed down now.

  117. Robyn Clarke says:

    We used to have a fantastic butcher but we moved and I’m battling to find another good one, I tried the butcher at the market last week and was very disappointed.

  118. Sarah Morris says:

    Local supermarkets, although there is a good butchers in a local area nearby and sometimes if my mum is passing she will pick up some sausages or nice ham for me (despite me being in my 40’s!!), she always says their meat is so much nicer than that in the big shops.

  119. Sharon Jackson says:

    My hubby is a counter manager in Tesco, so I leave it up to him to buy all the meat.

  120. winnie says:

    from tesco

  121. Paul Scotland says:

    I normally buy my meat from Waitrose

  122. Marc Chivers says:


  123. Silvana Martins says:


  124. tracy james says:

    i buy my meat from the supermarket

  125. Solange says:

    I buy my meat from the supermarket.

  126. Spencer Broadley says:

    Depending on the day I go shopping. Sainsbury’s, but if there is a market/farmers market on then there are 2 good meat trucks at good prices.

  127. Jodie Harvey says:

    either the supermarket or our local butcher if im out and about down town

  128. Laura Chapman says:

    We buy our meat from the supermarket – there’s not local butchers left near us. I mostly buy fish and chicken in bulk from Costco as I find it’s better quality than supermarkets. In uni term time, there’s a monthly farmers market, so I will stock up on things from them.

  129. kellyjo walters says:

    supermarkets as long as organic

  130. jennifer thorpe says:

    we buy our meat from Aldi

  131. lapsapchung says:

    For special occasions I go to a nearby farm shop – eye wateringly expensive but totally wonderful, better than eating in a restaurant. When there’s a farmers market, I buy a few packs for the freezer, but as our local butcher has closed down I’m afraid my everyday meat comes from the supermarket.

  132. Becky Yeomans says:

    I buy my meats from Tesco or Lidl! 😀

  133. Rachael G says:

    I buy mine from Ocado.

  134. lynn savage says:

    I try and buy most of my meat from my local farm in Arlesey. But sometimes I just don’t have time and have to buy from Asda simply because it’s the closest place to home to buy meat.

  135. ANDREW ROWLANDS says:


  136. Karen S says:

    The family’s meat comes from Waitrose

  137. melanie stirling says:

    Usually from Tesco along with the rest of the shopping but I do prefer the local butcher if possible and we always order our christmas meat from the butcher.

  138. Jan Beal says:

    Usually from Waitrose

  139. Margaret Clarkson says:

    A butcher in a village three miles from our town.

  140. laura banks says:

    at the supermarket

  141. john jackson says:

    the local bucher

  142. Lisa Parker says:

    I tend to buy our meat from ourr local supermarket as we don’t have any other butchers local to us

  143. cheryl hadfield says:

    I try and buy from local butchers as it is better quality and cheaper.

  144. Dion Petrie says:

    I buy my meat from Tesco or Asda

  145. Samantha Fernley says:

    Just from the supermarket as we can’t usually get into town where the butchers is – even though it is very good.

  146. jill grainger says:

    In bulk as it gives you choice and saves time with multiple tripS

  147. Louise Smith says:

    My hubby gets it from Tesco when he gets the weekly food shop

  148. Jaelin Farrow says:

    I usually get it from Aldi or Muscle Food 🙂

  149. Marianne Daniels says:

    We buy from Sainsbury’s or Waitrose if we’re shopping to treat ourselves. I always try to buy the mid-range stuff, if not the organic. Would love to buy from a butcher but it so much more expensive in London. Would love to buy directly from a butcher or farm!

  150. helen tovell says:

    Mostly the supermarket but now and again a local butchers

  151. Louise Asekokhai says:

    The supermarket and my local butchers

  152. Kevin000 says:


  153. lyn burgess says:

    I usually buy meat from Sainsburys or Tesco if I’m shopping there anyway, otherwise it’s from our local farm shop

  154. Shivon Davis says:

    Tesco or Lidl 🙂

  155. Beky Austerberry says:

    From Lidl – affordable & good quality

  156. Matt Froggatt says:

    From our local butcher

  157. Rebecca England says:

    I mostly buy at the supermarket but also at my local farmers market which is once a month

  158. Jo Carroll says:

    I usually shop around to find the best quality meat at the best price, but I usually get my sausages and pies etc from the local supermarket.

  159. Janice Oconnor says:

    I buy from my local butcher, great choice and quality.

  160. Danielle Rawlings says:

    Usually from the supermarket

  161. judy kennedy says:

    I buy steak from Sainsbury’s and pork chops or medallions from Tesco

  162. Katie skeoch says:

    My local butcher & Aldi, their meat is really good

  163. tee simpson says:

    From the butchers

  164. Natalie Crossan says:

    Local butchers or tesco x

  165. Emma Nixon says:

    Mainly from Tesco delivery

  166. francis says:

    usually tesco

  167. Ranita Reeves says:

    I buy my meat at the supermarket.

  168. Katie h says:

    supermarket mostly

  169. Kirsty Hosty says:

    I buy all our meat from Aldi when I do the food shop, really love the steak they sell

  170. Carolynn Woodland says:

    Most usually Tesco or occasionally Westin Gourmet

  171. Heidi Craske says:

    I always get my meat in bulk from the local butchers – it’s so much better than from the supermarket, and with 6 of us we get through a lot!

  172. Darren B says:

    Either with our main shop at Waitrose or from a butcher in the New Forest if we are passing by.

  173. Milly Youngman says:

    Either the supermarket or a local butcher!

  174. charlotte clavier says:

    A mixture of the local butcher & the supermarket

  175. Geoff Dagger says:

    By choice one of the independent butchers on the local market, but often from whichever supermarket I happen to be in

  176. mrssmith1812 says:

    I usually buy meat with my online Morrisons shop, but occasionally I get some really good quality stuff from the Farmer’s market in Bedford town centre

  177. Kamara Harding says:

    I love buying meat from the Waitrose fresh meat counter, they have some great options.

  178. claire griffiths says:

    i buy my meat from my local butchers

  179. sarah fielding says:

    Usually but it from the local supermarket, which is tesco.

  180. Jennifer Toal says:

    I try to use a local butcher but sometimes is the supermarket

  181. C Kennedy says:

    I either buy my meat from our local butcher or from Sainsbury’s when I do our weekly shop

  182. Our local butcher normally

  183. Tammy Tudor says:

    from the supermarket

  184. Amanda Noble says:

    Supermarket or butchers ….sometimes i go to the wholesalers where i manage to fill my freezer at a very good price ?

  185. Fiona Paley says:

    Most of the meat we get is from a supermarket but every now and again we go to a local farm shop and stock up.

  186. Generally just from the supermarket for convenience.

  187. Gemma Holland says:

    I buy my meat at the supermarket & for special occasions from the butcher.

  188. Chris wright says:

    Local butchers

  189. Helen Stratton says:

    I generally buy all my meat from Sainsburys with the weekly shop and stock up at food shows.

  190. Laura Loo says:

    We usually buy ours from either ocado or muscle foods

  191. Clair Dukes says:

    I usually buy from the supermarket.

  192. Rich Tyler says:

    Supermarket normally 🙂

  193. Annalise ONeill says:

    Usually Morrisons and occasionally Tesco

  194. Alison Johnson says:

    We have a meat warehouse on an industrial estate a couple of miles from us & we buy our meat from there.

  195. Lucy I says:

    Supermarket – Usually Aldi or Sainsburys

  196. Natasha B says:

    Usually I get reduced meat from the supermarket to cook on the day, or freeze for later.

  197. Natasha Male says:

    We buy most of ours from Aldi

  198. Cristín Williams says:

    From whatever supermarket I happen to be shopping in

  199. Iris W says:

    I tend to buy most meat from the supermarket with my usual weekly shop

  200. Hayley Elvin says:

    I buy meat from a local butcher or a butcher at the market

  201. Lucy Major says:

    I just buy my meat from Tesco or whatever supermarket i’m at

  202. Richard R says:

    Usually from Sainsburys or Morrisons

  203. Victoria says:


  204. Jodi hill says:

    On a weekly basis from my local butcher 🙂

  205. Diane Wood says:

    I normally get mine from Tesco, with my online shopping

  206. Samantha O'D says:

    in the supermarket, usually Aldi or Lidl

  207. Christine Szlobodnik says:

    I buy meat from Asda, Iceland & Tesco [basically whichever’s on offer]

  208. Abby Aris says:

    I always use to buy it from my local butchers whilst I was at uni but now I have to get them from the Supermarket. Its just not the same

  209. jen s morgan says:

    Abit of both from supermarket and from my local butchers

  210. M Allen says:

    Most of it comes from the supermarket (Aldi) but I do treat us to something special from a farmers’ market once in a while. It is so much better but hard to keep it up buying for 5, and the kids say they don’t notice the difference anyway. I feel guilty though, I really try to support local farmers by buying direct.

  211. JODIE BEAUMONT says:

    tesco and sometimes local butcher at the market

  212. Anna Helm says:

    I buy meat in bulk from my local butchers when they have special offer weekends, but have in the past purchased meat online & could not tell any difference! Both are excellent sources of meat!

  213. Midlands Mum (@Aceso84) says:

    I buy mainly from the village butcher.

  214. Rachel Butterworth says:

    From the supermarket and my local market.

  215. Mark R says:

    Supermarket for convenience or far shop for special treats

  216. Val Swift says:

    At the supermarket with the rest of my shopping

  217. Petra Beck says:

    It depends what I am after… I buy at both Waitrose and Lidl, but also go to the local butcher if I want a special type of meat, like featherblade or rabbit. I have also bought online before but I am a bit concerned about all the packaging which is being used, ice packs, insulation and the lot. Not in line with my environmental consciousness.

  218. kelly mobbs says:

    Either sainsburys or my local butchers

  219. Stevie says:

    We buy our meat from the butcher in Halifax, sometimes we treat ourselves to a Saturday steak from the village down the road.

  220. bakes and reads says:

    Supermarket. It’s difficult to get to a butchers when you work full time so intrigued by the idea of meat delivery!

  221. rachel richardson says:

    I try to get to the butcher once a month for a stock up but use sainsburys too

  222. steve cooper says:

    Butchers at Morrisons

  223. Victoria Prince says:

    I feel bad saying it, but from the supermarket! (varies which one – usually Lidl or Tesco). For a special occasion we go to the local independent butcher, but just can’t afford to do that all the time

  224. Claire Nutman says:

    Tesco x

  225. Emma Walton says:

    I buy most of my meat from Aldi.

  226. Mary Baldwin says:

    Both the supermarket and the local butcher, depending on time available – butchers aren’t open late at night which sometimes due to work and family commitments is when I do my shopping.

  227. I try to buy from local farm shops.

  228. Mary Chez says:

    From the supermarket since our local butcher closed down

  229. Kevin Minihane says:


  230. Michaela Campbell says:

    Morrisons, Aldi or local butcher

  231. Margaret Gallagher says:

    I buy mine at a local market
    Sometimes from the supermarket

  232. Lisa Watts says:

    I buy my meat at the supermarket except at Christmas when it’s the farm shop

  233. Debra Winfield says:

    I buy off our local meat van on the market

  234. sadiewoohoo says:


  235. katherine s says:

    We buy most of our meat from our local butcher.

  236. I would love to say a butcher but we do not have a local one, so I am afraid its a supermarket 🙁

  237. Tabby (@LTabstar) says:

    Mostly from Asda or Tesco

  238. Zandra Higgs says:

    Love getting meat from the butchers

  239. David Clarke says:

    Usually from supermarkets, one day I want to learn to order good quailty meats online 🙂

  240. Eleanor Wigmore says:

    A mix of places: Aldi, Lidl, Muscle Foods, Abel and Cole and sometimes the butcher.

  241. Lorraine Polley says:

    buy most of mine from either marks and spencers, or Aldi

  242. Cave ? looks good

  243. Hazel Murphy says:

    I buy most of my meat from Neto supermarket.

  244. Lesley Bradley says:

    I get most of mine from wonderful Bury market (best market in the north west of England!)

  245. Gemma Chamberlain says:

    I buy from the butcher – I like supporting local businesses

  246. I buy the best the supermarket has to offer, or sometimes I can make my way up to my nearest quality butcher. I like to buy better quality less often, if possible, but that’s partly because I always find it a little difficult to figure out which items *are* the better quality ones, so shopping can take a while!

  247. Sue Price says:

    I buy most of my meat from my local supermarket when I do my online shop. If I’m after something special then I always go to my local Independant butcher, but this can be a struggle as I am disabled and find it hard to get out independently a lot of the time.

  248. Rebecca Smith says:

    supermarket as all our local butcher’s closed:(

  249. melissa crowe says:

    my supermaket with the rest of shopping

  250. Pam Francis Gregory says:

    From the butcher in Morrisons

  251. Jayne Kelsall says:

    I mostly buy from Lidl as it is just round the corner from where I live .x

  252. Samantha says:

    I must confess I go to the supermarket 🙁

  253. Patricia Avery says:

    Mainly from supermarket when I do the weekly shop but love to buy traditional Lincolnshire sausages, pork pies and haislet from a traditional family butchers. Supermarkets can’t compete with them for flavour 🙂

  254. Judith Allen (@JudeVFR400) says:

    From the butcher just across the road. He buys on the hoof from local farms, we are very lucky.

  255. Louise A says:

    Usually from a supermarket we have our shopping delivered) as our nearest butcher is about 5 miles away and I don’t always have access to a car and its not on a bus/train route for me

  256. Sheila Reeves says:

    Normally get from the supermarket, sometimes from the butchery dept there too

  257. Cherry Edwards says:

    I buy my meat from Aldi because I think it’s better than the other supermarkets in terms of price and quality

  258. Jane Fahey says:

    Most of my meat comes from the supermarket….. Morrison’s or Lidl. I always buy my turkey from a butcher

  259. Tracy Newton says:

    If I am out and about, I buy our meat from our local butcher or farm shop. If I am in a rush I sometimes buy our meat from ASDA. We are big meat eaters. We tend to bulk buy and pop it in the freezer

  260. Kristyn Harris says:

    I normally buy my meat in the local supermarket

  261. Katie Sharman says:

    Supermarket usually but occasionally the butchers

  262. thefolia says:

    Viva la butcher and all the delicious meats…it’s a dying business unfortunately with a not-so-healthy nor conscious industry taking over. I have to get a decent cut from the farmer’s market since the butcher around here is faux and carries meats that I would never eat under brand names.

  263. Victoria Mylittlel says:

    i rarely buy it from butchers, more likely a supermarket

  264. Danielle Cresswell says:

    Usually the supermarket but if I’m visiting family that live in a market town I buy from their local butcher.

  265. Sue Harrison says:

    We have a good local butcher . We buy from there and supermarkets too

  266. Zoey P says:

    We buy ours from Makro, as they have butcher on site . Meats a lot better quality than you get from supermarket plus cheaper when buy in bulk

  267. I buy some from Aldi but for BBQs and camping trips etc I go to a fabulous butchers on the industrial estate where I work, who has a public counter selling local produce.

  268. Katie Harmer says:

    I usually buy my meat from Sainsburys but I have eaten Donald Russell meat before. My late Father-in-law used to buy from them and he would use the steaks, mince them up by hand and use them in his cottage pie. His cottage pie was legendary! So tasty! Donald Russell meat really is top quality – so is the fish.

  269. lyn west says:

    I confess to taking the lazy option and buying at the supermarket

  270. grainne marnell-fox says:

    i usually buy from sainsburys

  271. Rebecca Beesley (The Beesley Buzz) says:

    varies between supermarket and adding it to my abel and cole deliveries x

  272. Carly Belsey says:

    I buy from our local butchers but sometimes I will get it from Asda

  273. Paul H says:

    From supermarkets usually

  274. Maureen Quinnell says:

    Whatever shop I am shopping in though have to buy my steak pie from my local butchers – cannot beat it!

  275. kimberley ryan says:

    most comes from a supermarket, but I do go to the butchers for specialist cuts

  276. tracy baines says:

    Sadly from our local supermarket as we don’t have a butchers locally, there is one near where I work 20 miles away and I do buy from them on occasion

  277. Jess Mandeville says:

    I used to get some cheap meat from the supermarket, like frozen casserole beef, the kind of stuff I’d just chuck in the slow cooker for a stew so the quality didn’t matter as much. ‘Proper’ meat, like steaks, chicken breasts, joints etc, I’d order from a company called Westin Gourmet. They never let me down, but they have recently changed hands/merged with a body building company which is off-putting, so I need a new decent online butcher to use. This review is swaying me towards Donald Russell 🙂

  278. sharon martin says:

    i usually buy mine from the supermarket

  279. liz ferguson says:

    Supermarket and at the butchers

  280. gemma raines says:

    butchers or sainsburys 🙂

  281. jules eley says:

    I buy my meat from asda and varies in quality

  282. Julie Ward says:

    Smithfields market van in manchester

  283. emmaellams says:

    Just from Tesco but I’d love to find a tastier alternative!

  284. Laura Nice says:

    i buy it for tesco and sainsburies

  285. emilyy4444 says:

    buy it from the supermarket but should go to the butchers more often

  286. Gill Mitchell says:

    I usually get mine from either Tesco or Aldi.

  287. Laura Kevlin says:

    I buy my meat from the supermarket – mostly Aldi at the moment. Am keen to try their Wagyu steaks!

  288. Lizzy Cooper says:

    I get it from lidl’s, would love to be able to afford proper butchers meat though.

  289. Janet Palmer says:

    The local supermarket just for easy of use

  290. ailsa sheldon says:

    The local butcher or the Co-op

  291. charlotte says:

    we get our meat from the supermarket as it is just easier that way

  292. Susan Trubey says:

    Local market

  293. The Hypermobile Bride says:

    I always get it from the supermarket but wish I had the time to get it from a butcher

  294. Cheryl H says:

    The supermarket – I wish I could say the butcher but the nearest one is several miles away 🙁

  295. Anthony G says:

    We mostly buy our meat from a supermarket, but occasionally (and every Christmas!) we go to a local butcher. The butcher would be my preference.

  296. Gemma Massey says:

    I buy meat usually from Wayne walkers or tesco or aldi as its nearby xx

  297. KayleighWhite (@xxfluffywhitexx) says:

    The supermarket as my local butcher is very expensive!

  298. hayley meredith says:

    I always buy from my local butchers, as i like to support my local community 🙂

  299. Vicky Online says:

    Our butcher used to do special big boxes and they were terrific value. But he moved! So now I just buy it with the rest of my shopping.

  300. Deborah Mackenzie says:

    From the supermarket (tesco butcher) or from a local butcher

  301. Lisa Armstrong says:

    I buy usually buy meat from my local butchers, or from Tesco !

  302. Greig Spencer says:

    we buy our meat from waitrose normally

  303. Michelle O'Neill says:

    i buy mine from the supermarket x

  304. Susan Hoggett (@susanhoggett) says:

    from my local butcher if I can’t get there from the supermarkets

  305. Jessica M says:

    I buy from the supermarket and farmer’s market.

  306. jessicag121 says:

    I usually just buy meat from the supermarket. Whether that be tesco, sainsburys, or somewhere else, depending on convenience.

  307. Glenn Marvell-James says:

    Very rarely have meat in our house, as my wife and daughter are vegetarians. So would be a real treat for me.

  308. michelle speight says:

    if im near where i was born then local butcher normally its supermarket

  309. mynellie says:

    we used to use our local butcher but then he closed the shop and so we now at present use aldi as the main supermarkets are way too expensive and we used to bulk buy from our local butcher and get a good discount we really miss them

  310. I’m a veggie, but get it for my partner from butcher counter at the shop or local butchers.

  311. Andrew says:

    I buy meat at Aldi or Asda, but also occasionally at online butchers, for example Davidsons of Inverurie.

  312. Julie Howarth says:

    I buy my meat from my local butcher

  313. slimmingtraveller says:

    I get my meat from Tescos, unless I’m having a BBQ and then we pop to the butchers.

  314. Laura-Jane Baker says:

    I buy meat from the supermarket

  315. carole nott says:

    i buy my meat from the major supermarkets

  316. Sarah Brokenshire says:

    Sainsburys normally as that is our main supermarket xx

  317. Amandeep Sibia says:

    Usually from the supermarket.

  318. Therese Smith says:

    I get my meat through Farmdrop 🙂

  319. Keshia Esgate says:

    Usually buy from Aldi

  320. Christine Caple says:

    I buy my meat at the supermarket with the rest of the shopping

  321. Kim heeps says:


  322. Sarah Davison says:

    I buy my meat at Tesco or Adsa

  323. Emily Hutchinson says:

    From Morrisons with my usual shopping or Lidl

  324. Rachel white says:

    I always get my meats from our local butcher

  325. melanie allen says:

    local butcher as he caters for gluten free

  326. Romana Richards says:

    I am not a great meat eater so when I do I only eat good quality. I do not mind paying a bit more for that.. I have eaten from Donald Russell but I tend to buy occasionally at the most local supermarket counter (Morrisons is the nearet at 20 miles) when I do the weekly shop.

  327. Kelly Goodall says:


  328. Kerry Kilmister says:

    We mainly buy ours from our local butchers

  329. Mickie Bull says:

    Local Butchers!

  330. Jerry Hinds says:

    These days it can be difficult to find a proper butcher. The three towns closest to me have no old fashioned butchers but at least six supermarkets between them. One or two of these have meat counters, but there’s still not the range and flexibility.

  331. Julia Linsley says:

    My local Farmshop here in Dorset local meat Its called The Udder Farm Shop East Stour

  332. Michaela Jennings says:

    I buy my meat online at asda for delivery

  333. CHRIS ANDREWS says:

    Where do you buy meat? . . . .occasionally at my local butchers but usually at the supermarket

  334. James Kilvington says:

    Local Butchers

  335. cheryl lovell says:

    From Lidl! Surprisingly, their meat is better than all the supermarkets and hardly has any fat!

  336. soozybee says:

    My butcher if I managed to catch them open, if not then the supermarket

  337. travellersc3 says:

    We buy our meat from our local butchers. He’s just around the corner from us so it’s easy to pop ’round if we need something quick! xx

  338. Tom Hawes says:

    I try to use my local butcher, but more often it’s the supermarket!

  339. Emma Watson says:

    I try to use our local market on a Saturday – our nearest butcher has a stall there, always busy!

  340. rockandrollpussycat212 says:

    The local butchers if i have time otherwise just the super market

    cat culmer

  341. Charlie Cheung says:

    We use the butcher in our village.

  342. Cara Bemrose-williams says:

    Either sainsburys or my local butchers

  343. Joanne Hurn says:

    I buy meat at my local butchers. Good quality. Wouldn’t waste my money on supermarket stuff. Butchers are deffiantly the best place for it.

  344. Hayley Mulgrove says:

    From my Local supermarket

  345. Debbie Preston says:

    We usually buy from the supermarket but go to the local butchers at Christmas to get the turkey, chipolatas, bacon and pork pie

  346. Sheila Sloan says:

    Mainly Morrison’s, but other supermarkets, too.

  347. Pam Smith says:

    Morrison’s or our local butcher

  348. Becky John says:

    Local butcher

  349. I only ever buy meat from famr shops, my favourite is ”Traditional Staffordshire Meats”….. Supermarket meat from any supermarket is terrible meat, the air packs take the flavour away yuck!

  350. Leanne Newsome says:

    I buy my meat from tesco with the rest of my shop

  351. Kelly Knowles says:

    Local Butcher, Patworths Tattershall x

  352. ellie spider says:

    It depends on what the meat is for. For every day meals then it’s usually Lidls but for special occasions or if we are having people over we will often use our local butcher who does amazing sausages and faggots

  353. Julie Howarth says:

    From my local supermarket

  354. Allan Fullarton says:

    I buy ours at the local butchers.

  355. Victoria B says:

    Either at the supermarket or at our butchers – depends on where we are when we need to buy meat!

  356. Ross Hanney says:

    Normally Tesco or Aldi.

  357. JULIE BANKS says:

    I buy my meat from the independent butchers in our village.

  358. JOANNE ROXBURGH says:

    local butcher or morrisons

  359. Anthea Holloway says:

    I buy my meat from the local butchers in my village and it is always top rate and he makes the best sausages I have ever tasted!

  360. christine westlake says:

    Reeds my local village butchers

  361. Kathy Cakebread says:

    I get my meat from the supermarket – your food looks fab

  362. Kimberley Hazelton says:

    Asda and Aldi

  363. kate m jones says:

    I don’t mind Morrison’s meat (Fresh & frozen), but prefer to get from my local butcher if i can 🙂

  364. Georgina Sudron says:

    I buy fresh meat from Iceland sometimes the butchers for a change

  365. Kris McNair says:

    I sadly by meat from my local supermarket – the best quality cuts seem to come from Morrisons!

  366. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    I buy from the supermarket or the butchers

  367. Kerry Smith says:

    I buy the week to week stuff in tesco but go to the local butcher or waitrose counter for anything special

  368. Wendy Malone says:

    We have a local butchers so we sometimes buy from him are asda supermarket.

  369. Dale Dow says:

    normally from my local Tesco x

  370. paul jackson says:

    at Tesco or Morrisons. whichever has special offers on

  371. caroline kelly says:

    Costco, farm shops, supermarkets

  372. Martina Alban says:

    I always buy meat at our local butcher

  373. Dragons And Fairy Dust says:

    In the market or at the supermarket

  374. tina Glover says:

    Most of the time i pick up meat from the supermarket whilst doing a weekly shop but we do try and visit a butchers at least once a month as we have a lovely butchers in the next town. The burgers you made looked delicious by the way x

  375. Louise Payne says:

    local butchers – great prices and fab tasting meats

  376. Juli Savage says:

    Either Costco or the butchers

  377. Charlotte Cook says:

    Sadly from the supermarket, but when money is a little less tight will go to the local butchers

  378. Kathleen Bell says:

    I buy meat from our local Booker cash and carry as well as the local butcher. It’s usually better value for money and tastier than supermarket meat!

  379. Tal L says:

    Local butcher

  380. I buy online from field and flower now. The taste is so much better than the supermarket stuff I was getting before and I really know where it is coming from and the conditions it is raised in.

  381. Kate Knight says:

    In the supermarket

  382. sandy ralph says:

    from tescos mainly

  383. olivia280177 says:

    I buy whatever meat is on offer with my online shop, which is normally Ocado. I find meat too expensive otherwise.

  384. Amy McCarthy says:

    I always try to buy meat from the local independent butchers but it is getting increasingly difficult. Two of the oldest and best loved butchers in my local area have been forced to close in recent years. Very sad 🙁

  385. Alison MacDonald says:

    I buy my meat from Aldi’s or Asda 🙂

  386. sarah parker says:


  387. Jessica Townley says:

    I buy my meat from morrisons x

  388. Ann Williams says:

    I buy my meat from the Farmer’s Market once a month. Otherwise, Waitrose for choice or Sainsbury’s.

  389. Amy Lambert says:

    Morrisons or the butchers

  390. Caroline Bourne says:

    I try to buy most of my meat from the local butchers or farmers markets

  391. jellybabymom2 says:

    Unfortunately I buy from Tesxo, I don’t like to say but it looks better than my local butchers. They haven’t catered for people who want to buy normal meat

  392. Alice says:

    I buy most of my eat from Lidl, its such a great price for a home on a super tight budget! but if i could afford it then my local butchers, because their meet is beautiful – especially their steaks!

  393. sue taylor says:

    I tend to use my local Sainsburys but I visited a Farmers market on a recent trip to Yorkshire and I bought some sausages, bacon and lamb which were the best I’ve ever tasted. If I had a butchers which supplied quality produce like that in Essex I’d be in there all the time! I have tried Donald Russell meat and it is lovely.

  394. Rachel Low says:

    I buy meat from Mussel food online or Tesco! 🙂

  395. abrammag says:

    I buy it from a butcher near me that can tell me where each piece of meat has come from, which farm etc.

  396. Tim Woolfenden says:

    We buy our meat from the Meat Shack in Studley. Top notch meat sourced locally

  397. Samantha Philpott says:

    I buy my meat from Tesco 🙂

  398. Tracy Hanson says:

    Usually our local butcher or Morrisons

  399. Jessica Hutton says:

    I’m ashamed to say usually at my local butchers but sometimes at the butchers xx

  400. Sare Davies (@TealSare) says:

    From the local (Halal) butchers. It’s the best value meat in the area.

  401. Stuart Dunlop says:

    We get most of our meat from Tesco, and the odd cut from the local butchers

  402. Donna Caldwell says:

    I buy from my local butchers

  403. Laura Whittle says:

    Tesco or M&S

  404. steph lovatt says:

    Usually from the supermarket

  405. Karen Dixon says:

    My local butcher ‘the fat butcher’

  406. Natalie Gillham says:

    I buy my meat at Lidl’s

  407. Shirley Evans says:

    I buy most of my meat at tescos

  408. sheridarby says:

    Just Tesco, all our local butcher’s have closed down

  409. Emma Price says:

    I love to buy it from a local butchers or if needs be i’ll use Sainsburys

  410. Amy Robinson says:

    Wow great giveaway ☺ good luck everybody ☺ xx I currently only buy meat from my local supermarket but would love to try this!!

  411. Katie w says:

    Mainly from the supermarket or when I fancy exotic meat I get it from the farm shop butchers

  412. Ms Aideen McElhone Patel says:

    Quality butcher

  413. Jayne K says:

    Waitrose or occasionally buy a meat box online.

  414. Rey Chunara says:

    I usually buy meat from my local butcher

  415. Joanne Blunt says:

    I use either an online butcher or local butcher, depending on offers.

  416. sarah mills says:


  417. Lizzie E says:

    Usually somewhere I know the quality is good like Marks and Spencer

  418. janegorton1 says:

    A combination of Aldi, Lidl, Tesco and our local butchers (which isn’t so local but worth the trip!) x

  419. Adian says:

    Supermarket mostly, farm shop if I can

  420. Jennifer Carroll says:


  421. Rachel Bonness says:

    I buy my meat from Tesco

  422. Samantha Buntain says:


  423. Emily Clark says:

    I’m lucky enough to be able to get it from Smithfield market at the moment, but won’t be able to once I move away from London.

  424. Lyndsey Beckford says:

    Usually at the supermarket but sometimes at the farm shop

  425. Andrew emery says:

    I buy my meat from Asda

  426. Sarah B says:

    My local butcher.

  427. Nancy Bradford says:

    I normally buy meat at our local butchers or the supermarket.

  428. Jane Middleton says:

    I get it from a supermarket

  429. Evette Williams says:

    I usually get my meat from the butcher inside my local supermarket

  430. I normally buy my meat from the supermarkets, occasionally from the butchers if I’m going into town.

  431. Adrian Bold says:

    I always get my fresh meat from a supermarket.

  432. Joanna Kasznicki says:

    To be honest we usually buy meat where ever is cheaper. We go Tesco and Asda and iceland too

  433. Nicola Phipps says:

    We tend to bulk buy our meats from Costco, only because our local butchers has closed down 🙁 xx

  434. Lynne OConnor says:

    No longer have a local butcher so use a supermarket for all my meat

  435. alice lightning says:

    being on a budget ,i buy from morrisons or Tesco then when only on offer delightful giveaway

  436. Jamie Millard says:

    tesco. i know, we should support local butchers – it’s just tough to find the time to make a trip into town.

  437. denise s says:

    from tescos but would love better quality and choice from a specialist butcher

  438. Peter Cusack says:

    Local Butcher

  439. Geoff Hibbert (@mrboggle) says:

    i always buy my meat from my local butcher – we’ve got two to choose from.

  440. Emma h says:


  441. Diane Carey says:

    I occasionally buy sausage from our local butcher. The rest of our meat we usually buy from Lidl as it is cheaper than our other supermarkets

  442. Leslie Evans says:

    Anywhere I fancy, uaually Sainsbury’s

  443. Rebecca Roberts says:

    I support are local butchers so buy it all from ther never had a problem

  444. Andy Craig says:

    The Parson’s Nose butchers in Putney, which is one of the best I’ve found. If in a rush, however, it’ll be Sainsbury’s/Waitrose.

  445. Karen Howden says:

    Crawshaws Butchers

  446. Jill Fairbanks says:

    We usually buy meat from the local butcher but sometimes at Marks too if they have offers on

  447. stuart payne says:

    local butchers – amazing value and cuts of meat you don’t get anywhere else.

  448. karen laing says:

    I buy my meat from a local butcher,Alex Mitchell in Glenrothes.His range of meats is fantastic,he’s a font of information and although he can’t tell you the cows name he knows exactly where his meat is from.Supermarket meat just can’t compare x

  449. claire wilkinson says:

    mainly from the supermarket as its easier but i do like to pop to butchers

  450. Rachel Bell says:

    I usually buy meat at my local butchers but I do also get some from Tesco if there’s offers on xx

  451. Hayley Todd says:

    We tend to buy our meat, for convenience from our local supermarket when we do our weeky shop, but we do have a lovely small family run butchers we use as well. The difference in taste between the two is amazing!

  452. Sarah Cook says:

    I get my meat from Tesco or the local butcher. My husbands always in the Gym so he gets his chicken and turkey from lidl for the vast amount he eats and the water content and protein levels seem to be better in lidl than any other supermarket.

  453. Shaun Tutt says:

    We buy our meat from our butcher in Lenham, he’s also doing the big roast for our wedding in August

  454. Pat Stubbs says:

    fresh counetr at Waitrose

  455. eirini kourvouli says:

    we buy from asda

  456. Andrew Hindley says:

    At Aldi with the rest of my shopping

  457. David Chamberlain says:

    If I want something special I go to Aubrey Allen in Coventry, if this is the same standard it will be top quality.

  458. Dawn Underwood (@dawnwilbury) says:

    I mostly use the local butcher – sometimes the supermarket if it’s late.

  459. Norman innes says:

    I’m afraid to say I buy a lot of my meat from the supermarket

  460. Karen Harrison says:

    From a local butcher who delivers.

  461. kev banham says:

    I usually get meat from my local butcher

  462. elaine stokes says:

    I try to get it from our local butcher, but sometimes from the supermarket

  463. mandydoherty65 says:

    From the supermarket

  464. Karin Wistow says:

    From my local butcher

  465. Chris Fletcher says:

    I tend to buy most of my everyday meat from the supermarket, but if we have guests or its a special occasion I’ll pop to the local butcher!

  466. hayley cooper says:

    Supermarket and sometime my local butcher 🙂

  467. Jackie Rushton says:

    Either at Tesco or my local butchers

  468. Angela Cringle says:

    Lidl and local butchers


    I buy meat from different outlets, I have brought via online, local butchers and Morrisons.

  470. Kath Cox says:

    I buy my meat from the local butchers… which is a little pricey

  471. melaspurt says:

    I usually buy meat from the supermarket and when it’s been reduced to cut cost!

  472. Fiona Mallard says:

    I mostly buy from the supermarket, but will stop by a butcher if I have time

  473. sarah bramble says:

    I get mine from the supermarket.

  474. Ema J Lowe says:

    I buy my meat from a butchers where I used to live. They offer a meat bundle of mixed meat products, 18kg for just £100 delivered. None of my local butchers can beat the offer.

  475. Mark Rayner says:

    I get from the supermarket.

  476. emma Gough says:

    I buy from the butcher, asda, aldi and our local meet factory (chicken) – depends on who has the best deal of the day 😀

  477. Marsha Richardson says:

    I buy all my meat from a local butcher. The difference between supermarket meat and meat from a local butcher is not only in the quality (much less watery) but in the flavour. Meat from a butchers is so much more flavoursome

  478. Michelle Wild says:

    Asda just for convenience.

  479. Maggie Osborn says:

    I prefer to use independent shops when possible, including butchers.

  480. Jacqueline Roberts says:

    Not a fan of meat from the supermarket so usually buy online.

  481. Jo McPherson says:

    Generally at the supermarket, Tesco or Sainsbury’s. For a treat we have a butchers a few miles ago that does the most fantastic steak and sausages

  482. traciharman says:

    I usually buy my meat at the local farmers market , when they don’t open then its unfortunately Tesco , The nearest Butchers to me is over 30 miles away . Much prefer t buy quality meat

  483. Gillian Turner says:

    Our local butcher, can’t be it for quality and value for money not forgetting exceptional customer service.

  484. Keith Hunt says:

    The local licensed farm shop

  485. Lisa Hughes says:

    We tend to buy most meat from the local supermarket, however, we do always get our pork pies from the butcher and occasionally meat too.

  486. stephanie whitehurst says:

    I mainly buy my meat from asda. But for a treat every now and again i buy from our local butcher

  487. clare davies says:

    Lidl usually as i find it lasts longer – other shops like tesco/asda it goes off much quicker x

  488. Teresa Sheldon says:

    I buy my meat from our local butcher shop, it’s a few pence dearer, but so fresh and you can buy single items or large quantities depending on what you need, they also do free local delivery and a Christmas savings club which I find a real bonus. I like to support local shops if I can. The selection of meat is great from rabbits to pheasants and offal as well as the usual meats

  489. Ruth Wollerton says:

    I usually buy meat from the supermarket and from the local butchers. Both are yummytastic

  490. Tess D says:

    Usually buy my meat from the supermarket

  491. Sarah Dunne says:


  492. Scott Fallon says:

    i buy it at the supermarket

  493. James Harris says:

    I usually buy my meat from the supermarket, which is normally Tesco. Unfortunately our local butcher closed about 8 years ago.

  494. kayleigh dudley says:

    usually Aldi,unless its a special occasion then i will visit a local farm

  495. Ruth Liddle-Howden says:

    Supermarket, but we really need to use a farm shop

  496. Paul O'Hagan says:

    From the wee butcher in sandbank

  497. Emma Buckley says:

    I buy meat from my local butcher x

  498. Niki Clifton says:

    we usually have our meat elivered by Tesco &try to buy organic, we also have a local farm shop & buy from there when we can x

  499. Lynn Evans says:

    A weekly trip to my favourite butcher at Doncaster Market.

  500. Ian Campbell says:

    At my local Morrisons supermarket, and also from the local butchers. Never tried Donald Russell meat though, sounds rather delish!

  501. Cal O says:

    My partner loves all meat, and as he trains at the gym he eats so much of it!

  502. liz c says:

    I try to buy from my local butcher, but with two small kids it can be difficult…

  503. Lisa Mauchline says:

    Usually from the supermarket but I have bought meat from muscle food before

  504. esme mccrubb says:

    my local butcher – they deliver for free

  505. Amanda Parkinson says:

    I try to buy from my local butchers but sometimes buy from Sainsbury’s. I always buy British either way :<)

  506. Steven Blake says:

    local buthcher or morrisons

  507. mike brees says:

    usually Sainsburys as my local butcher closed

  508. alipally1 says:

    I but mine from 3 different places – Aubrey Allens , Rhug Organic and The ginger pig – all are fabulous quality.

  509. laura stewart says:

    from the supermarket x

  510. Gillian Holmes says:

    Local butcher

  511. tammi nutting says:

    we use or local butcher

  512. Corinne Wright says:

    From the supermarket but when we fancy a steak we get it from the butchers.

  513. Catherine Gregory says:

    A mix of local butchers and supermarket

  514. Barbara Knight says:

    We don’t each much meat but try to buy at our local farm shop, a bit pricier but much better quality.

  515. Joanne Hardy says:

    I buy my meat from supermarkets with my man shopping, being a single full-time working mum, I dont have the luxury of much spare time :'(

  516. Kim Jones says:

    Mainly at tesco but if I am cooking for the family, it would be the local butchers.

  517. The supermarket

  518. Emma Whittaker says:

    We normally get our meat from Muscle Food 🙂

  519. darren matthews says:

    from the supermarket

  520. Nathan says:

    I normally buy from Tesco, we don’t have a local butchers in our town.

  521. Patricia Parkinson says:

    I usually buy my meat in my local butchers in East Ham market

  522. I buy mine mostly from whatever supermarket has the best offers on that week, 🙂

  523. esther james says:

    The Co-op and Lidl

  524. Beryl Drake says:

    Mostly at Aldi but sometimes at a local butcher

  525. Aaron Milne says:

    Various – but mainly from supermarkets

  526. Keeley Shaw says:

    I mostly buy my meat in Asda, but we do pop into the butchers sometimes.

  527. George Worboys Wright says:

    Supermarket & farm shop.

  528. Amanda Jaggard says:

    I do a months shopping at a time and get my meat from the supermarket then. This month it was ocado.

  529. Maxine Feehely says:

    Supermarket or meat box online

  530. maria hackett says:

    i buy meat from the fish market. a lot cheaper

  531. Eve Ogden says:

    Asda usually

  532. Tamsin Dean says:

    Mainly at asda

  533. Laura Caraher says:

    from my local butcher

  534. At the supermarket usually Aldi or Sainsburys

  535. Tishist says:

    Local butcher

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