When Should My Baby Start Walking?

I remember reading somewhere that babies either focus on speech or motor skills first, and once they master one, they move on to the other and catch up pretty quickly. I have no idea whether this applies to all babies, but my four certainly followed that rule.

When Crevette was 18 months old and not yet showing any signs of walking, I was worried, but he was my first baby so I was a bit more anxious about milestones happening ‘when they should’ than I am now. Beanie and Jumpy were determined to move around and by the time they were one, they could both walk.

With my fourth baby, I have enjoyed watching her taking her time. Wriggly is a little chatterbox. It was obvious she would be more verbal, like her big brother, so I was not anxious to see her walk too early. I was also secretly enjoying my youngest taking her time and just being happy.

I found it rather annoying when she had her 12 months’ visit and the health visitor who saw her seemed really concerned about my baby’s lack of interest in walking.  She gave me all sorts of exercises to do with her and gave me lots of leaflets about encouraging better motor skills. How rude! My little one was clearly thriving and not yet ready to walk.

I started putting crawling shoes on her when she was 16 months old, just so that she would get used to the feeling of wearing soft shoes.

When Should My Baby Start Walking - Crawling with her Bobux Shoes

She was not showing much interest in standing up or walking alongside furniture until we went to the Highlands just before she turned 17 months.

As we were visiting her great grandmother in Liverpool, she took her first steps in front of all the people on her retirement home. There was a lot of cheering and clapping. There might even have been a few tears of joy.

She was wobbly for a couple of weeks, but did not crawl much after that. Since then, she has not stopped walking.

When Should My Baby Start Walking - My little climer and her Bobux shoes

She walks, runs, hops, jumps and climbs everywhere now and if you try to strap her in the pushchair, she will put up a fight and shout, “wolk, wolk!”

When Should My Baby Start Walking - Bobux Xplorer

Her language has actually got clearer since she started walking. Until three or four weeks ago, she was still wearing her very first pair of baby shoes, but now she walks outdoors, she has a ‘big girl’ pair of shoes and a pair of wellies.

When Should My Baby Start Walking - A Walk with her Big Sister

Her first shoes were a gift from Bobux. I chose the ‘Origin Xplorer’ shoes with fleece lining because they looked really comfortable and warm.

When Should My Baby Start Walking - Keeping these little toes protected with Bobux

I also loved the pink and black together and thought they would look good as slippers at home, with a funky outfit or with a pretty dress for special occasions.

When Should My Baby Start Walking - Pretty Dress & Bobux Xplorer

They are perfect for little ones who are still crawling but almost there with their walking.

When Should My Baby Start Walking - Sitting in the Woods

The sole is incredibly flexible, but also durable. Wriggly wore hers every day for over three months and they still look great. They are now safely stored in her keepsake box.

When Should My Baby Start Walking - Off for a Walk

They are easy to get on (always a bonus with first shoes!) with an elastic and also Velcro opening, and once they are on, they stay on! Both Jumpy and Beanie lost one of their first shoes because they were so easy to take off, but this time round, we still have both shoes!

When Should My Baby Start Walking - Bobux Xplorer Easy to put on

Last but not least, those little beauties also have a ‘micro-armour toe cap’ which prevents scuffing and keeps baby’s feet comfortable when crawling.

I absolutely love those shoes and I think they are much better first shoes than those I bought when her siblings were about to walk. They look incredibly comfortable and every time she sees them, she asks for “shhhhooooes.”

When Should My Baby Start Walking - My Baby Wearing her Bobux Shoes

I want a pair for myself, they would make ideal slippers!
You could win a pair of Origin Xplorer baby shoes in the size & colour of your choice (subject to availability).

How to enter the giveaway:

You can pick and choose a range of ways in which to enter. The only one you must click on to get into the draw is the one asking you to leave a blog post comment. You must also leave a comment telling us where you favourite spot is for a long walk.
Entries are open until 23.59 p.m. GMT time on 29 March 2016. Good luck!

– The prize will be supplied directly by Bobux.
– The giveaway is open to UK residents over 18.
– All opinions and photographs are my own.

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  1. Hannie says:

    We often walk around the local park – if you get it right you start at the car park, do a loop of the park and stop for a cuppa. They do yummy pancakes too so you can stop for breakfast (And then do the walk!) If we go for a really really long walk we head for Graham Water – it’s something like 8 miles all the way round!

  2. Hannie says:

    P.S. Jaxon started walking around 15 months – talking wise though we have pointing and grunting rather than proper words. Occasionally we get “Da da da da di di di” which is daddy lol.

    • I think Wriggly managed to get understood because she has to with 3 older siblings! Saying that, what she was saying was gobbledygook too: we were just pretty good at deciphering it!

  3. Nicki Evans says:

    The new forest

  4. Ray Dodds says:

    Cheviot Hills Northumberland

  5. emmav6 says:

    my boys love to go to where daddy works and walk around the huge lake outside, we took their baby sister for the first time in half term and fed the ducks 🙂

  6. Alix Smith says:

    We’ve just moved to Bedford & love doing a long walk along the Embankment into town.

  7. iain maciver says:

    our local castle grounds,loads of paths and routes

  8. Angela treadway says:

    I think a good spot for a walk is our local park x

  9. Tom York says:

    Around Loch Lomond

  10. Nichole says:

    The beach is my favourite spot for a long walk!

  11. Kim M says:

    Love a walk at nearby Chatsworth

  12. Ruby Spiteri says:

    We live in Scarborough and we love taking often walks along the beach x

  13. ashleigh allan says:

    There is a park near by us with a wooded area that the kids can see lots of wildlife – squirrels and birds mainly!

  14. Lynn Heath says:

    The kids and I love a walk to the swan pond at Sandwell valley county park!

  15. Natalie Crossan says:

    The New Forrest

  16. Spencer Broadley says:

    We have a nice lake near us with a great wooded surround

  17. round the lake with the ducks.

  18. Robyn Logan Clarke says:

    Delamere Forrest

  19. Cassandra Mayers says:

    I Love walking to Cheam where Nonsuch Park is, Beautiful Greenery

  20. Ruth Harwood says:

    Grizedale’s great for a long walk – there’s signposts so we don’t get lost and the views and surroundings are awesome!!

  21. my local country park

  22. Joanne Hutchings says:

    I love walking along the Norfolk Coast.

  23. Rachel Craig says:

    By the seaside, as can be calming and relaxing.

  24. Henry Little says:

    would be a gift for nieces little one!

  25. Lara Latchem says:

    Love a long walk along the jurassic coast

  26. joanna butler-savage says:

    the seafront

  27. Andrea Fletcher says:

    On the moors close to where we live.

  28. we go to a local rugby ground or to the park by the cemetery, can sound creepy but its very nice there and quiet!

  29. Karl Borowy says:

    Moses Gate Country Park Bolton


    Love to walk along any beach, usually along the Yorkshire coast

  31. tracey ryder says:

    love walking in the woods

  32. our local woods, it’s lovely there

  33. Stephanie Tsang says:

    Ridgeway Park

  34. Maggie Ali says:

    we love walking in our local park, there’s always something to see, do, explore……

  35. Lucy I says:

    Caerphilly Castle, we go there to watch the ducks

  36. Marycarol says:

    Love walking on the beach especially in winter when it’s deserted and watching the waves crashing x

  37. leanne weir says:

    I love Loggerheads

  38. laura stewart says:

    in the woods behind my house x

  39. weston super mare beach

  40. Kim Gilbert says:

    Love to walk around the lakes or out in the countryside

  41. Tasha hamilton says:

    I love woodland walks with the dogs

  42. jackie curran says:

    The seafront is the nicest place to walk, breathe in the sea air .

  43. fozia Akhtar says:

    The New Forest

  44. Victoria Wale says:

    We live right on the beach so taking a walk along the beach is gorgeous and frequent 😛

  45. mandydoherty65 says:

    The Crook ‘o’ Lune, Lancaster x

  46. Sarah Brokenshire says:

    the local canal outside my house xxx

  47. leigh boyle says:

    newmillerdam its lovely there x

  48. Rich Tyler says:

    The North Downs – Lovely Views 🙂

  49. Jo Carroll says:

    My favourite place to walk is always along the seashore as I love the smell and sound of the sea and the open expanse it gives the landscape. x

  50. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    Cuningar Woodland park

  51. Catriona Hutchinson says:

    The Sussex downs!

  52. Clare Hubbard says:

    We walk around our local room on the broom trail (can’t remember the name of the park!)

  53. Solange says:

    My local park

  54. charlie pope says:

    beachy head

  55. I love to walk along the river to the park, it’s a really lovely route x

  56. I love beach walking … Brighton beach is a great walk

  57. Keith Hunt says:

    Jurassic Coast

  58. fionajk42 says:

    I live a stone’s throw from the Thames. Our favourite walks are along the riverside paths. If we go south west, we pass the nearby town with lots of riverside restaurants & bars, and on to a historic palace set in its own park. In the other direction we walk for 5kms through semi-managed green space to reach a weir and lock, then on for another couple of kms to the next town. I love walking along the river because there is always so much going on: teams from the local schools out sculling or rowing, sail boats racing up & down, canoes and the regular tourist boats plying between the towns and the palace.

  59. Hannah Cummings says:

    I love walking around the lake at our local park feeding the ducks.

  60. Kat Lucas says:

    We have a local park with a duck pond

  61. alice o'connor says:

    Avebury – lots of history and fab little spot x

  62. The local country park for us

  63. Stevie says:

    We have a local river with bridges and a weir to throw golf balls down.

  64. Johanne currie says:

    On the beach x

  65. Lori Mckillop says:

    The coastal path 🙂 Thanks

  66. Sally Collingwood says:

    The fields as my daughter lives in the countryside

  67. Emma thackery says:

    The beach 🙂

  68. jemma dwyer says:

    shoreham beach 🙂

  69. jen s morgan says:

    We live close to the new forest do enjoy going there regularly x

  70. cathyj says:

    through our local village lots of lanes

  71. Betony Bennett says:

    We live close enough to town for a nice walk there and then along the river 🙂

  72. lyndsey says:

    the beach

  73. Ellen says:

    Beaches on the Kent coast.

  74. Hekna says:

    We have a forest nearby that we love to go for a walk through.

  75. We like to walk in Sutton Park!

  76. Angela Muir says:

    Along a local beach called Grobust

  77. Susan B says:

    Without a car we are limited to local places but a new park with a pond has just been opened nearby and we enjoy walking around it,

  78. Rachel Butterworth says:

    My local woods.

  79. Claire Ward says:

    Love walking round clumber park

  80. Love going for walks in our local park and finishing with a cup of tea and some cake

  81. Michelle Ferguson says:

    Anywhere as long as I have my two dogs with me

  82. Katherine McDonald says:

    The beach

  83. We are very fortunate to leave near the sea, so love a strong stroll along the seafront

  84. Lizzy Cooper says:

    The beach 🙂

  85. Tammy Tudor says:

    our local woods 🙂

  86. Julie Ward says:

    A park near us that has a nature trail, garden centre, cafe and an ice cream van

  87. The local park!

  88. Allan Fullarton says:

    Newcastle Quayside – lovely.

  89. Kristy Leanne Brown says:

    I like to walk down Newgale beach

  90. Michelle O'Neill says:

    In our local woods x

  91. Sadiyya maryam says:

    We are lucky to live only 5 minutes away from our local big park. It makes a lovely long walk and my daughter loves spotting the squirrels and on a good day we can stop for ice cream!

  92. katie w says:

    knowlton church and rings

  93. Eirinaki Nikos Tsolak says:


  94. we live near an old canal which is really lovely it has a lock, lots of wild life and paths to trail along plus lots of ducklings which we like to feed 🙂 we can also take the dog without worrying about bikes as they are banned (the dog gets overly excited by cyclists)

  95. Wendy Guy says:

    Along the promenade where I live in Kent.

  96. Katherine Coldicott says:

    I like to walk around my local cricket club & golf course. They are adjoing & set across some pretty countryside.

  97. isis1981uk says:

    I love long walks up on Dartmoor.

  98. sherri hough says:

    I have a woods near to where I live, I love going in there with my dog

  99. Leanne V McKenna says:

    Willen lake near us, it’s a nice walk

  100. We like to walk on the Tas Valley trail in Norfolk

  101. simon hardy says:

    near my house in Loughborough there is a public footpath with woods ether side. its really nice!

  102. Rebecca Roberts says:

    We love walking in the local woods also on footpathers threw country side not noing where we will end up x

  103. Our local mere is our favourite place for a walk

  104. We are lucky enough to live near Cheddar Gorge, we have beautiful walks there and never tire of the stunning scenery 🙂

  105. Kirsty Fox says:

    We like to walk along the beach at Kingsdown in Kent

  106. Jennifer bruce says:

    We love walk along the Wirral way

  107. Pauline Dring says:

    My favourite place for long walks is Windsor Great Park.

  108. JO JOHNSON says:

    The lovely country lane round the corner from us, we admire the changing seasons and say hello to the sheep and horses along the way

  109. Kat Allinson says:

    We love to go to Alice Holt Forest 🙂

  110. Jane Middleton says:

    The Cotswolds

  111. claire little says:

    loch lomond

  112. We love walking along the beach trying to discover shells! x

  113. James Holyland says:

    Burry Port to Llanelli via the cycle path is a beautiful walk

  114. Adrian Bold says:

    The Lake District is ideal for some nice walks and hikes.

  115. Katy C Johnston says:

    We love to take a stroll down by the Canal, cycle path in Bristol. We often go with the dog 🙂

  116. jamie millard says:

    Princes St Gardens, Edinburgh.

  117. Hayley Colburn says:

    I don’t really have a favourite spot, there’s not many nice walking spots where I live, we just tend to walk wherever we need to go. I do like taking walks along the beach when I go on holiday though

  118. I love going for a long walk on the beach 🙂

  119. The Lake District

  120. David Price says:

    We go for a walk in nearby Epping Forest

  121. Beryl drake says:

    On the scarborough to whitby cinder track

  122. Rebecca Lis says:

    We love walking along the beach

  123. Kirsty Woods says:

    In our local woods, there is a great trail through and its very pretty

  124. carys thorp says:

    Along our local canal

  125. Michelle Hughes (@shell_shoez27) says:

    We love walking along the canal 🙂

  126. Lisa Lewis says:

    we walk round the local park then go to the café after x

  127. lynn neal says:

    Wicksteed Park Kettering and feed the ducks half way round!

  128. Laura Harrison says:

    On a beach (I live in Cornwall so lots to choose from) xx ?

  129. Lisa Mauchline says:

    We have a walk to the local reservoir to feed the ducks and play at the park

  130. When we holiday in Tenerife we like to walk the coastal path from Los Cristianos to La Caleta. There are lots of nice places to stop off at along the way. Then we might get a bus back or sometimes we walk back to our hotel.

  131. North York moors

  132. Cramond Beach and Island

  133. Karin Wistow says:

    Central park in scunthorpe

  134. julie smith says:

    Across the Somerset Levels, floods permitting!

  135. christine westlake says:


  136. Meena Hindmarch says:

    I love to walk along our stretch of the river Thames. We feed the ducks and look at the lovely riverboats along the way

  137. Karen Howden says:

    I love walking anywhere, wish we lived nearer the sea but when at home it has to be clumber park

  138. amanda greensmith says:

    we love walking along the coastal path x

  139. Sue Carter says:

    We love a walk along the beach

  140. Simone says:

    The park with a gorgeous lake near our house 🙂

  141. MichelleD says:

    Buttermere in the Lake District!

  142. Louise Evans says:

    I love to walk on the beach in Blackpool

  143. Tracy Hanson says:

    Well we live near a racecourse so there’s quite a few walks round there and also round the park that surrounds it. But we also love a walk on Whitby beach. Usually New Years’ Day if the weather isn’t too bad, but we visit throughout the year as well.

  144. Gillian Turner says:

    Daisy nook country park, it has everything, trails, rivers, ponds, wildlife 🙂

  145. Suzanne Sendell says:

    Cosmeston lake In Penarth,lots of grass,we can feed the ducks too

  146. Jo McPherson says:

    Hove seafront to Brighton

  147. Pam Francis Gregory says:

    The Clent Hills

  148. Harley Richardson says:

    Along the Thames x

  149. Down Exmouth Sea Front where we live

  150. such a lovely prize <3

  151. Monika S says:

    We go to local park and around a golf course. At the bottom of it there is a swarm if bunnies running freely 🙂

  152. Charmaine Godolphin says:

    We love going for a walk to our local park. Its not very far for the litte ones, but it goes past a farm with horses, has a huge grassy area to play in, and as a reward swings, slides and climbing frames

  153. esther james says:

    Up Pen Y Fan in the Brecon Beacons

  154. The Lakes

  155. We love a long walk over the Quantocks x

  156. Joanna says:

    There’s a lovely local park but I miss walking in Ireland and the Lake District.

  157. tracy sinclair says:

    We love walking along our local beach, especially near the rock pools, looking for crabs and other creatures x

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