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10 minute crafts – 5 Ideas for Spring and Easter

Spring is my favourite time of the year. It gets warmer, the light is brighter, days are longer, people a lot more cheerful, and flowers start to appear everywhere, turning grey landscapes into a kaleidoscope of colours.

My little ones are always over the moon when we receive our monthly parcel full of crafting goodies, and the box we opened on Friday did not disappoint!

It took the little ones less than a couple of hours to make all of those, with just a little bit of help or guidance from me here and there.

Quick and Easy Crafts for Spring - Easter Crafts in 10 Minutes

Quick and Easy Washi Tape Cards

What you need:

Washi tape

Coloured card


Bostik ‘glu pen’

Stencils or templates (unless you can trace your own!)

Quick & Easy Washi Tape Cards

What to do:

Stick strips of washi tape close together on a piece of coloured card.

Washi Tape Cards - Sticking the Tape onto Card - No need to be Precise

As you are using coloured card, it does not matter whether it is done nearly or not, so that should be perfect for little hands.

Draw the outline of a rabbit, chick, Easter egg or anything else you like. Alternatively, you can use stencils or cardboard shapes. We did that.

Washi Tape Cards - 4 Year Old Tracing her Bunny


Washi Tape Cards - 4 Year Old Cutting her Bunny Shape

and apply glue to the back of the shape.

Washi Tape Cards - Glue on the Shape

Stick on card.

All done!

Quick & Washi Tape Cards for Easter and Spring - 10 Minute Crafts

After the children finished theirs, I got carried away and took out some jute, ribbon and raised tape. Ta-dah!

Washi Tape Card

Washi Tape Bags

Just follow the same process as for the Washi tape cards, but stick your Washi tape shape on a paper bag instead.

Quick & Easy Washi Tape Party Bags

Tissue Paper Cards

Draw and cut an egg on card. Tear small pieces of tissue paper. Cover the egg shape in glue (either PVA or Bostik ‘glu pen’).

Scrunch up the strips of tissue paper and stick.

Quick & Easy Spring Crafts - Making Tissue Paper Easter Egg Cards

Stick the decorated egg on card.

Quick & Easy Spring Crafts - Tissue Paper Easter Egg Cards

Decorated Easter Eggs

What you need:

Polystyrene eggs

Tissue paper

PVA glue


What to do:

I really let Beanie (4 years 5 months) and Jumpy (2 years 4 months) get one with it with these ones and they loved it! They started by ripping strips of tissue paper. They then covered the eggs in PVA glue and stuck several layers of tissue paper to the eggs.

Quick & Easy Toddler Crafts for Spring - Decorating Polystyrene Easter Eggs

Once the eggs were dry, the girls decorated them.

Quick & Easy Toddler Crafts for Spring - Decorated Polystyrene Easter Eggs



“Do you want me to tell you how to make daffodils?” (Crevette, 6 years 7 months)

What you need:


Coloured card or paper

Tissue paper

Lolly sticks

What to do:

He was so sweet teaching me how to do it I thought I would write the instructions as he was giving them to me.

Quick & Easy Spring Crafts - Paper Daffodils

“First, cut out two flower shapes on coloured card or paper. You need two different colours. Then, on one of them, fold the petals. Stick this flower on top of the other one. Scrunch up a little bit of tissue paper and stick it in the middle. Attach to a lolly stick.”

Quick & Easy Spring Crafts - Bunch of Paper Daffodils

Note: We used our Bostik ‘glu pen’ to stick paper and card together, but to affix the flower to the lolly stick, we found that Bostik ‘glu dots’ or double sided tape worked best.

If you are looking for quick and easy activities to try with your children, why not try our toilet paper roll bunnies, reindeer lanterns, paper cup dragon, finger painting, bath painting, thumbprint art, heart-themed crafts or even make your own play dough?

Disclosure: Bostik sent us a selection of crafting supplies free of charge as part of the Tots100/Bostik Craft Bloggers’ Club. All photos and opinions are my own.

Little Hearts, Big Love  

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