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10 Minute Crafts – Fun Learning Numbers

Beanie’s homework this week is to learn numerals 1 to 10 and to practise writing them.

Every week, she gets excited about the homework challenge set by her teacher. When learning is seen as an enjoyable activity, it is no longer a chore. My little girl is genuinely interested and therefore she wants to learn more: win, win! I really hope she keeps her infectious enthusiasm forever.

10 Minute Crafts – Fun Learning Numbers

The activities outlined below would be suitable for reception children as well as pre-schoolers.

What you need:
Card (we cut ours into 7x8cm rectangles)
Sticky foam numbers
Catalogues, pictures, dried leaves or flowers, buttons
Glue (we used White Glu for the feathers, Glu Dots for buttons and Blue Stick for the rest)
optional: a guillotine

10 Minute Crafts – Fun Learning Numbers - What You Need

What to do:
Start by gathering everything you need and encouraging your little one to select a few items in the catalogue.
Cut the card into rectangles.
Stick 1-10 on 10 separate rectangles.

10 Minute Crafts & Fun Learning Numbers

For each, make a card illustrating the numeral, e.g. 2 feathers, 5 stars etc.

10 Minute Crafts – Fun Learning Numbers - Sticking

Choosing their own pictures makes the children fully involved and more likely to play with their cards afterwards. It also helps their fine motor skills to cut out small shapes from a catalogue as neatly as they can.

10 Minute Crafts – Fun Learning Numbers - Choosing Images & Cutting

10 Activities suggested by Crevette for learning numerals 1-10:
1- The little crafty activity described above

2- Matching numbers and images in less than a minute

10 Minute Crafts – Fun Learning Numbers - Matching

3- Ordering 1-10: number and picture line

4- Find the missing numeral

5- Snap

6- Memory game

7- Greater, smaller or equal?

Smaller than, Greater than

8- Copying mum’s mobile number (a good one to know by heart at some point) 5 times, then trying to write it from memory.

9- Reading family members’ phone numbers

10- How many times can you spot ‘8’ on your way to school?

If you are looking for quick and easy activities to do on a rainy day with your children, why not try our washi tape cards, toilet paper roll bunnies, reindeer lanterns, cute button card, paper cup dragon, finger painting, bath painting, thumbprint art, heart-themed crafts, an embroidered canvas , a stained-glass picture or even make your own play dough?


Disclosure: Bostik sent us a selection of crafting supplies free of charge as part of the Tots100/Bostik Craft Bloggers’ Club. All photos and opinions are my own.

10 Minute Crafts – Fun Learning Numerals 1-10


  1. 23/10/2015 / 7:23 pm

    This is such a fun, visually appealing and brilliant way to get kids learning their numbers. Love your photos x

  2. 26/10/2015 / 1:08 pm

    So happy to read this today.. We were doing something similar (but not half as gorgeous looking) this morning before kindergarten. You’ve inspired me to make something more creative to practise with them – thank you!

    • Mel
      27/10/2015 / 1:02 am

      My pleasure sweetie! x

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