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Birthday Party of a Lifetime at LEGOLAND®

After a dreadfully wet start to our day at LEGOLAND® (let’s not expand on that one), we dried up and our mood perked up. We were escorted to a large private room in the LEGO® hotel and oh my goodness, we forgot all about the disastrous first hour as soon as we glanced around.

Birthday Party of a Lifetime at Legoland - Hotel

There was everything you could dream of in the party room and since it was only a couple of days after Wriggly’s birthday, we treated the day as her birthday party (why not, hey?). The girls spotted the face painting station straight away, and within minutes, the wonderful artists turned three of our little girls into butterflies and a flower girl. Not only did the girls look stunning, but the transformation did not take any time at all!

Birthday Party of a Lifetime at Legoland - My Little Butterfly

Entertainment was out of this world. The children loved the games like musical statues, hot potato and Limbo dancing whilst the music was upbeat and enjoyable for the adults too.

Birthday Party of a Lifetime at Legoland - Brilliant entertainment

Rosie, Bex and Sunny would be more than welcome to be in charge of my four little ones’ birthday parties!

Birthday Party of a Lifetime at Legoland - Entertainment

As we were playing, wriggling about and generally having a great time, we started our ice cream and popcorn feast, courtesy of Chris and Malcolm, from family business Scrumptious Events. If I remember well, we all had two ice creams each. My favourite one was something along the lines of ‘Strawberries and Cream,’ yummy! The children loved having their scoops in little pots and adding sauce and sprinkles on top.  The popcorn was yummy. We make it at home, but it is never as nice and caramel-y as this was. The ice cream cart and vintage-style popcorn machine certainly put the standards of the party all the way up there (points to the sky) with the children (OK, and the mums!).

Birthday Party of a Lifetime at Legoland - Ice Cream

After having LEGO®-shaped chips (what else?) and burgers for lunch, the sun came out and we decided to head for the theme park, much to the children’s delight.

Birthday Party of a Lifetime at Legoland - Shark

We started with Atlantis Submarine Voyage, a wonderful experience during which you step inside a submarine-like contraption. Seeing quite a few sharks brush casually past the portholes was quite magical and we all loved the ride. All the children were desperate to have a hand at driving, so we headed towards L-Drivers for our girls, whilst Crevette (7) went for LEGO® City Driving School and loved it!

Birthday Party of a Lifetime at Legoland - Jumpy Taking DRiving Test

They were all keen to go to Splash Safari after that, but it was too chilly and I had not even considered swimwear when I packed our bag (November weather in June, anyone?), so whilst Cé and I had a good old chat sat on a bench, the children played in Brickville and we had a walk around Miniland.

Birthday Party of a Lifetime at Legoland - Buckingham Palace

We ten headed towards the 4D cinema for a short film. We are all huge fans of the LEGO® movie at home and we were really looking forward to the film. The main characters from the LEGO® movie are invited via a mysterious invitation to LEGOLAND®. There, they get captured by robotic henchmen by Lord Risky, who wants to use them as actors. It is pretty worth a watch. There is fire, wind, audience involvement and snow.

Birthday Party of a Lifetime at Legoland - Flying

We finished our day on a high in Balloon School (get it, get it?) and left, happy and exhausted.

Birthday Party of a Lifetime at Legoland - Friends

Disclosure: We were invited to spend the day at LEGOLAND® free of charge with the children and my friend, but I was not asked to write anything or compensated in any other way. We just had a wonderful day and I wanted to share our experience. All photos and opinions are my own. On top of a brilliant private party organised for a group of bloggers and their families, each of the children was given a brilliant goody bag.



  1. Viv'Maman_Bas
    17/06/2016 / 8:20 pm

    Looks brilliant! Legoland is round the corner from us (sort of) and the kids have asked to go but it is soooooo expensive even with a 2for1 offer that I keep checking the website but never book tickets. One day 🙂

    • Mel
      18/06/2016 / 12:53 pm

      I know, that’s exactly what I thought when my sister-in-law suggested we went three years ago. I managed to use my Tesco vouchers to pay for all our tickets. If you shop at Tesco, it’s worth looking into it.xx

  2. Julie's Family Kitchen
    18/06/2016 / 7:57 pm

    The first time we took the kids to Legoland we were a family of 4, I had entered a competition in the local newspaper and won 4 tickets, so it was a real treat. We’ve been since as a family of 5 and I would recommend looking out for tickets to help keep overall price down. It’s a great place for the kids, in fact we will probably go again this summer.

    • Mel
      19/06/2016 / 10:59 pm

      It’s brilliant for the kids, isn’t it? With my family of 6, full price tickets would be way too expensive, but when we went as a family of 4, I used my Tesco vouchers to buy our tickets 🙂

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