Cheese please!

I am a very happy lady today!

I just came back from the hospital with Jumpy who has had skin prick tests for the first time. After her trip to A&E ten months ago, she had blood tests to assess what allergies or sensitisations she might have. She has also had a soya challenge (passed that one – she is only intolerant) and a baked egg one (did not pass) in hospital so far.

Today, she was due to have seventeen skin prick tests, but they did not have chickpeas at the hospital so she only had sixteen. The nurse started by writing numbers on the forearms and for each item tested, she put a drop of the food’s essence or rubbed the item on the skin and then did a tiny prick on the forearm. After fifteen minutes, if a bump had appeared, it was meant to indicate a reaction to the item being tested: simple.

I was not surprised to see that Jumpy’s skin had reacted to egg white, wheat, peanuts as well as most nuts. However, much to my surprise, she did not react to walnuts, a couple of seeds and cow’s milk. Now that was an amazing moment! My baby did NOT react to cow’s milk! Hello, people! Cow’s milk means being able to give her milk, use dairy in cooking, give her yoghurts, ice cream and cheese! The possibilities are endless!

Obviously, I am not allowed to change Jumpy’s diet right now or start giving her dairy today. I have to wait until we see her consultant and I suspect she might have a cow’s milk challenge in hospital before I can start introducing any of the above in her food intake, but this little glimmer of hope has made my day!

For the past hour, I have been ecstatic about all the new doors this could be opening! In fact, I have been so excited that as soon as we got home, I gave Jumpy a dose of Piriton to ease the itching of those bumps and put her to bed for a short nap and checked my fridge for cheese (as you do!). I then took a photo of all the varieties we have at home today, just to show you how much of a family of cheese lovers we are.


I wonder what cheese might be Jumpy’s favourite. Hubby loves hard crust varieties like Beaufort or Emmental. Crevette is into the plain ones at the moment and tends to go for cream cheese. Beanie is like me: the stronger, the better! When I was little, I asked for “fromage qui pue” (“stinky cheese”) in a posh restaurant. It was one of those foodie places where they give you a delicate little amuse-bouche between all courses and all plates are covered in silver cloches when they serve your food. My mum and grandparents were livid and the waiter just laughed. I did get to eat my smelly cheese. If I remember well, it was Munster in the end.

What is your favourite cheese?

If you do like cheese, you would love it with my easy, no-nonsense (no kneading or bread machine required) crusty bread. The recipe is just here.


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