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Eco-friendly Gifts – Sustainable Ideas Everyone Will Love

*Disclosure: Some of the products listed were sent for inclusion in this blog post featuring eco-friendly gifts but all thoughts and photos are my own. *

There is absolutely no denying that we need to start rethinking the amount of things we buy. I also try to always remind my four to be mindful of how they dispose of rubbish and items they no longer need. At the end of the day, it’s not that complicated. Want to be more environmentally friendly? Buy less and when you do buy stuff, go for useful and eco-friendly rather than mindless rubbish. Sounds simple, right?

I find that the older I get, the more thought I put into to what presents I give to my close ones. I’ve also dramatically reduced the amount of presents I’ve been giving in the past few years. Going a tad more minimalistic and asking family members what they’d like as a gift is a good idea to make sure you’re not getting them something they don’t want or need. Similarly, telling people what you need or want will reduce the chances of tat gathering dust in a dark corner. Read on for a list of eco-conscious gifts.

I honestly don’t think it wouldn’t be realistic or sustainable to change everything. It would be like swapping a lifetime of microwave meals for a carefully planned healthy meal plan overnight. Reducing waste and buying ethical presents is a small step towards a less wasteful way of life, and if done little by little, it will happen eventually and we won’t look back. We’ll also build on our new habits rather than reverting to our wasteful ways and educate the next generation.

To make sure Christmas and birthdays still feel really special and abundant, I think it’s a nice idea to go for four presents for each of my children: a book, something to wear, something they need as well as something they want. That way, they’re still getting a few gifts, but instead of just plastic-heavy gifts, they get more meaningful presents and things they actually need. I’ve been doing that for years. I first spotted the idea on Pinterest and I’ve never looked back.

Eco-friendly Gifts for Children

This cute five-piece Gruffalo dinner set for little ones is made from eco-friendly bamboo fibre. I love a practical gift that can be used every day!

I absolutely love the entire Happy Cloud collection by Rex London. I want it all (for me!). This little tray, made from naturally strong bamboo fibre, gets used all the time at home, for pretend café role play, cinema parties or when we have hot chocolate in the living room (it’s saved a fair few spills!).

The Innovation Station Activity Cube (affiliate link) by Baby Einstein HAPE is such a great durable toy for baby and I find it a fab take on the standard play cube. It creates lots of healthy stimulation with its range of activities and bright colours.

This Fairytale Dice Game is an absolute hit with all my children. All you have to do is throw the dice and use the picture you land on to create your own story. It’s such a great way to help children develop their storytelling skills and encourage them to go wild with their imagination and creativity. The whole set is made of sustainable and recyclable materials (wood, paper, cardboard) and fits in the palm of my hand. It’s perfect to take on holidays.

Who hasn’t had a xylophone as a child? I remember loving mine as a child. It’s one of those timeless presents to introduce children to music, isn’t it? This beautiful Charlie the Lion wooden and metal xylophone comes with a song book to learn five classic nursery rhymes, and develop hand eye coordination.

Football lovers! Check this ONE WORLD FUTBOL™ (affiliate link), an ultra-durable ball for children and adults alike. This football never needs to be pumped and doesn’t goes flat, even when driven over or punctured! Its longevity makes it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to ordinary inflatable balls and helps reduce waste. Every purchase also helps fund play projects that enable play for youth living in disadvantaged communities worldwide

These gorgeous jute sacks are going to get used every year! They are designed and printed by Harrow & Green in their studio in London. They’re so large (80cm x 50cm) I can fit the children’s presents in them when we travel to France and they’re beautifully finished. What’s more, they take no space when they’re folded.

Sustainable Presents for Family Fun

Treasure Trails are perfect if you’re looking for something to do with family or friends. They provide hours of fun and encourage families to get outside and discover the secrets of their hometown or a specific area.

Dot Art sticker books make a really fun challenge for a family. They’re filled with thousands of round stickers and you just have to match them to the coloured outlines on the poster canvas and watch as the scene comes to life.

Pub Quiz Books from Carlton Books, with thousands of questions at varying difficulty levels across a huge range of categories, are a great way to have a fun night and connect with people.

Eco-conscious Presents for Adults

Instead of a canvas, why not create a LEGO version of ur loved one with a personal message instead? Check Brick it by Firebox.

Who doesn’t need a travel cup? This trendy bamboo travel mug is perfect, isn’t it?

We’ve not ought a single disposable water bottle in a very long time and I like having a range of reusable water bottles. This 100% leak proof BPA Free vacuum insulated stainless steel travel mug & flask is perfect! It keeps drinks warm or water ice cold and fits perfectly in our car cup holder. Flips open with one hand and can lock closed too.

Who doesn’t love a shiny new mug? Check out the Mclaggan Smith Mugs website.

I do love a sharp knife and until now, I was really struggling to get my blunt knives to perform like new ones. AnySharp (affiliate link) is amazing! All you need to do is lightly stroke your knife through and wow!

These personalised handkerchiefs by Harrow & Green are so special! The children’s grandad (Poppy!) always has a hankie in his pocket and he absolutely loves his 100% cotton chosen by the kids.

Kushel towels are something special! I’ve had ours over a year and as soon as they get washed, I use mine again. They’re made from reforested beech wood fibres and organic cotton and get sent using climate neutral shipping methods. For every towel, two trees get planted. The unusual material mix has a low impact on the environment and it’s really absorbent, with a long-lasting soft touch. These towels really make a brilliant present for anyone who’s climate-conscious.

I’ve been using wool dryer balls for years and I particularly love these cute ones (affiliate link) I got myself for Christmas. Dryer balls are great to dry clothes quicker with less wrinkles. They also act as fabric softener without the chemicals and they’re made from 100% wool.

I love house plants and about a year ago, I started propagating the ones I had at home. Plant babies make such a cute present when you find the perfect little planter and Sass & Belle have an impressive range.

Pure Lakes products work beautifully and they’re made ethically using natural, bio-degradable raw ingredients derived from sustainable plants, high quality essential oils & beeswax. None of their products are tested on animals & they don’t contain synthetic ingredients, parabens or SLS. I particularly love their hydrating hand balm.

What other eco-friendly gifts have you given to friends or family recently?

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