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Enjoying the Little Things…

My beautiful baby girl is exactly four weeks old as I am hitting the ‘publish’ button. We have had so many magic moments in the past 28 days that I have not had time to write about them. Life has got in the way and it has been lovely!

Do not get me wrong: my hormones have gone off the roof at times. The house has seemed like a complete dumping ground on a fair few occasions (twice a day usually; all day on bad days). Hubby has gone shopping for milk and wipes to come back with crisps and sausage rolls instead (why oh why?), but mostly, life has been great over the past four weeks.

Here are the things I want to remember most.

Wriggly (4 weeks old)

Wriggly's Little Feet
– I could spend hours staring at my baby, smelling her, feeding her, giving her cuddles, listening to her breathing.
– Her little fingers and toes are delicate and perfectly formed.
– Beanie declared, “Her face is like an apricot!” a few days ago after she touched her sister’s soft skin. She was spot on!
– Every single day, we notice small changes. You forget how fast babies grow up and develop!
– Hearing her snoring or giggling when she is fast asleep makes her sleeping time reassuring (and entertaining!).
– I am really enjoying changing her tiny nappies.
– She is more and more awake during the day. She can spend ages staring at the high contrast black, white and red illustrations on the soft book in her Moses basket. Her favourite illustration seems to be the flower.
– Her first bath was with her siblings and she enjoyed being in water despite Crevette and Beanie’s arguments about lack of space in the bath.
– She has worn a couple of outfits other than vests or white pyjamas recently, and she looked like a little person rather than a tiny baby!
– She feeds really well throughout the day, tends to cluster feed in the evening and sleeps quite well. I try not to look at the time during night feeds. I have to say having a Bednest helps immensely!
– She has put on a whole pound!
– So far, she has been to Crevette and Beanie’s schools, the hospital, the park, the French embassy, Carluccio’s, a couple of cafés, shops and Kensington Olympia for the Allergy Show.
– She has travelled in the pram, a sling, our car, trains, tubes and has been on a bus.
– I think I detected a hint of a smile on Saturday night (or maybe I am trying to conjure one up).
– She has just started reaching for the pictures on her book; she tickles me when I am feeding her and holds on to fingers, much to her siblings’ delight.
– Yesterday, I got the baby gym out after her bath. She was wholly unimpressed and fell asleep after two minutes. At least, she was comfortable!

Jumpy (1 year 8 months)

Crevette Beanie and Jumpy Drawing
– Her vocabulary is expanding and she is starting to string sentences together, like “Where my baby?” when she is not sure where Wriggly is.
– She is also gaining independence. When she needs her nappy changed, she can now go upstairs, get a new nappy and wipes, bring them downstairs and lie down in front of me saying, “poo poo!”
– A couple of Saturdays ago, as hubby and I were chilling in bed with Wriggly, the older three were downstairs having breakfast and Jumpy scattered a whole pack of rice cereal all around the house… do you know what that looks like? Me neither! I let hubby deal with it. It is not like me, but I let go! It took him more than 40 minutes to vacuum it all so it must have been pretty bad!
– She has just started to get interested in scribbling and she is beginning to play with her brother and sister rather than alongside them.

Beanie (3 years 9 months)

Beanie's Drawing
– She is writing her name! One afternoon, she said she wanted to do some drawing and she wrote her own name, just like that! I could not believe it as we had never done any letter recognition exercises and I had no idea she could write letters. They do learn a lot more than we imagine through play in pre-school!
– It is undeniable that Beanie has her own style when she draws. I could recognise her artwork amongst a pile of drawings and her pictures are more and more detailed. The other day, she drew ‘daddy in a storm’, and shortly after she produced ‘a naughty ant with a baby in her tummy’. I was told to label them exactly as she had instructed me.
– Our Beanie is a bit of a cheeky monkey. After about a week saying “flipping” before every noun, she has now swapped it for “oh, burger!” with the occasional “fafa sake!”. That might be a sign we ought to watch our language around the little ones, oh dear!

Crevette (5 years 11 months)

Crevette and the Swimming Cup
– Crevette is really into arts and crafts, reading, drawing and even though he loves a trip to the park, he is not normally the most sporty of us. In the past four weeks, he has really surprised us.
– My lovely beau-papa taught him how to ride his bike with no stabilisers in less than an hour. Now that is an achievement!
– He also won the cup in his swimming class a couple of weeks ago. Despite a few months stalling and crying at the start of every lesson, he now absolutely loves swimming and I have to say his front crawl technique is much (much) better than my own. I am so proud of my little man!
– The quality of his writing is improving, with well punctuated, more creative and detailed sentences. His handwriting is looking more and more confident and his spelling is getting better.


– Hubby has had a day off here and there for paternity leave and it has been brilliant having him around.
– I have been enjoying my time off with my gorgeous four children, taking my time, not rushing (except on the way to school), not trying to achieve too much.
– Our first picnic of the year doubled as our first time out as a family of six.
– I was over the moon to win a £200 Virgin Experience voucher with the Oliver’s Madhouse!
– I am lucky enough to have amazing friends. When I was unwell a couple of weeks ago, hubby turned into the perfect house husband, Loraine looked after Jumpy for a day, Cé came to visit and brought lunch and dinner (wow, a homemade meal that I did not have to make!), Aimee gave me the biggest snack bag I had ever laid my eyes upon (she is my kind of girl!), Jo offered to come to the embassy with me next time I go (because we haven t sorted out that passport yet, aaaargh).

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  1. 19/07/2014 / 9:35 pm

    What a lovely post – I feel honoured to have gained such an insight into your lives. You seem truly blessed with your 4 babies (although I know it is incredibly hard work too!) I agree that there is nothing like a newborn’s apricot skin (what a perfect description) – Poppy’s comment also brought a lump to my throat – Just beautiful! x

    • Mel
      19/07/2014 / 9:44 pm

      Awww, what a touching comment Helen, you are bringing tears to my eyes (hormones!)… and you read the comments! I really am so very lucky to have 4 gorgeous, (lively!!), healthy little ones. Poppy is the best father-in-law I could have wished for. x

  2. Fiona Chick
    20/07/2014 / 1:41 pm

    Mel, this is a gorgeous account of some beautiful memories. I am still in awe of how you do it (all that travelling on public transport to all over the place with everyone in tow!), while having your hands so full with your little brood. Gorgeous photos, particularly the feet. Who doesn’t love baby feet, right? xx

    • Mel
      20/07/2014 / 2:16 pm

      I know, I yet have to meet someone who does not marvel at those little toes! I did not take everyone with me to the allergy show (that would have been madness!). I only had Wriggly (she needed to be fed, bless her) and Crevette. He is the best little helper I have ever met so that was quite a smooth day. I was exhausted at the end of it, but that must be because social interaction is quite limited when you have just had a baby and a show is… well, it is a show so there are people everywhere! My only ‘meh’ moment was on the packed train when I had to feed a very hungry Wriggly standing up in front of lots of people. I could have done with a seat and could hardly believe nobody thought it would be appropriate to leave one of the ‘priority seats’ for a lady nursing a newborn baby!

      • Fiona Chick
        21/07/2014 / 10:12 pm

        My goodness, are you actually serious?! You were nursing and nobody gave up their seat? My goodness, what is wrong with society? I put all my hope and faith in karma. On a different note, well done for braving the general public with a newborn! You’re amazing – truly xx

        • Mel
          21/07/2014 / 10:36 pm

          People are normally really kind with new mums around here. I was really shocked. Oh well…

  3. 23/07/2014 / 11:39 am

    I absolutely loved reading this and hearing how well you’re getting on. How gorgeous are those little feet?!? And your 20 month old is doing and saying tons more than ours, we’re lucky if we get “chaussures” out of ours 😉

    • Mel
      23/07/2014 / 8:42 pm

      Wow, “chaussures”. That is impressive, Sophie! Beanie cannot even pronounce it yet and she is almost 4! They all develop differently but I really think that my little Jumpy really is a fighter to compensate for all her allergies, skin problems and being the third child. Out of my four, she is the one I am the least worried about. She seems so strong and determined (in a rather loud screechy kind of way)…

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