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Family Update – April 2018

The weather is still all over the place, but at least, days, are finally getting longer, woohoo! It’s been lovely having time with my four over the Easter holidays, playing games, decluttering their toys, going on long rides and scooter days. This is what my four little ones have been up to and the sweet things they’ve been saying over the past month.

Wriggly (3 years 10 months)

  • You’ve had your first ballet show and you were so sweet and confident on stage, I couldn’t stop crying.
  • You’re mostly dry at night now. The only times you’ve had a wee in the night has been when you’ve forgotten to put a nappy on!
  • You’re not a fan of walking. Whenever we go somewhere without the stroller, you ask to be carried. Needless to say, it doesn’t happen, but there is much whining and stalling…
  • You have a shiny new scooter, but you hate wearing your helmet so what’s meant to be a fun scoot around the block ends up being tedious most times.
Jumpy (5 years 5 months)

  • You love your little rock collection. You keep them all lined up by your bed.
  • You’re always whispering little secrets in my ears.
  • You are the whiniest little person I have ever met! Your whining sounds so fake I struggle to empathise. I find that imitating you when you do it tends to make you stop quicker than riding out the whiny wave. It might sound a tad cruel, but I really think you’re doing it as a habit rather than because something is wrong, so I’d rather nip it in the bud and get the whining out of your system before it becomes a trait of character.
  • You were nervous about your ballet show and thought you were going to be sick, but straight after your first dance, you were beaming and as you ran into my arms in the changing room, you shouted, “I loved it! I want to do it again. Now!”
  • At soft play, you ran up to me and shouted at the top of your voice: “My boobies are bigger, Mummy!” You had a couple of balls from the ball pit under your T-shirt…
  • Beanie: “I don’t want to share!”  To which you replied, “I love sharing. Sharing is caring!”

Beanie (7 years 6 months)


  • You’re really getting into reading for the sake of reading. I’ve always been a book worm so the fact you’re slowly getting engrossed in chapter books makes me really happy. The first book you couldn’t put down was your World Book Day pick, The Girl Who Thought She Was A Dog by Clare Balding. On the way back from the bookshop, you were reading it as you were walking!
  • On the way to the dress rehearsal for your ballet show, you felt feverish, had a tummy upset and thought you were going to be sick. I explained to you these were all signs you were nervous about going on stage. You loved being handed a bunch of flowers after your last performance.
  • You’ve been in your first motorbike ride with your dad and you loved it, especially on the bends.

Crevette (9 years 8 months)


  • When we last went to Sweet as a Button for a little photo shoot, you offered to look after the shop with Beanie so Miranda (the shop owner) and I could have lunch with the little ones and a good chat in peace next door. Miranda talked you through the weighing process and taught you how to use the till and you looked after the sweet shop for about an hour. You were the happiest 9-year-old in the world. Best first job if you ask me!
  • Your Poppy went to see you swimming one Friday evening and he was astounded at how good you were.
  • You’re really starting to enjoy playing the guitar and the piano. A few days ago, when we had a friend staying over, you both decided to find out how to play the Mario theme tune on the piano. After that, you practised until you got it right.
  • We’ve had lovely chats recently. It’s nice to have some time to just scoot together and have a quiet chat. I love school holidays!
Little Hearts, Big Love