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Family Update – April

“Here comes the sun, tadadada, here comes the sun…”

I love this weather! More sun, please, more sun!

Wriggly (10 months)


  • You love eating just like us and you have been enjoying your food more and more. You have had some vegetarian lasagne, porridge, mash, Thai chicken and curry. You love drinking water in a beaker but milk still has to be Mummy’s. Fair enough!
  • You have lots of teeth now!
  • Your crawling is more and more confident, and you are trying to put all sorts of things in your mouth. We have to be so vigilant! Our handheld hoover gets used a few times each day!
  • You absolutely love your book with pictures of babies!
  • Singing makes you smile!
  • Playing “Peek-a-Boo!” and blowing raspberries on your neck, tummy or feet makes you laugh uncontrollably!
  • You are the happiest baby I know!

Jumpy (2 years 5 months)


  • You used to love pigtails and pretty hairclips but you are fighting whenever I try to go anywhere near you with a hairbrush at the moment. Let’s just say you rock the ‘mad cat lady’ hairstyle!
  • You went to the school disco with your brother and sister and loved every minute of it!
  • You love dressing up, climbing, exploring and playing.
  • You had a vomiting bug and temperature for nearly a week. It is really not in your nature to be so lethargic, poor Poppet.
  • You clearly expressed your feelings for the first time at the park on Monday when you said, “I’m so happy Maman.” I wish I could have bottled that!
  • You are an avocado monster and keep saying “love cado!” or “need cado”. You could eat one after another.
  • You are starting to take part in everyday tasks like emptying spoons and forks from the dishwasher and putting them away in the right place, taking your dirty laundry to the washing basket, cooking with mummy, watering plants.
  • You ‘need’ a lot of things at the moment: bread, blankie, snack (“nak”), poo, sweets…
  • A little gem from last night at 9.12 p.m.: “I wanna go disco. I don’t wanna go to bed!” Sounds like my girl!

Beanie (4 years 6 months)


  • On a recent trip to the shopping centre, you pointed at the Chanel counter and asked me (OK, told me) to buy you lip balm (lipstick). You then had a humongous tantrum because I refused to get the aforementioned lippy or a helmet “so I can be safe”. Such a cruel Mummy!
  • You can be brutally honest. Quote from last week (Hubby was in charge of the cooking!): “I can’t eat my dinner; it’s quite disgusting.”
  • You have style. We were talking about it with my friend Loraine yesterday and could not quite pinpoint what it is that makes you look so effortlessly chic whatever you wear. It might be your confidence, your demeanour. I am not sure, but it is for certain that whatever you wear, you rock it!
  • You are fascinated by minibeasts at the moment and keep asking really interesting questions about their habitat, diet and poo.

Crevette (6 years 8 months)


  • You decided to organise a cake sale with your friends after school on Red Nose Day. I smiled and nodded, thinking you would forget all about it, but you made leaflets, asked me if we could bake cupcakes, and that morning, reminded me to bring the cupcakes after school. We went to the park straight after I had picked you up. With your friends and your sisters, you went to all the adults in the park and asked whether they wanted to buy your cakes. You made £9.95 and made me feel incredibly proud, as I had nothing to do with it, did not suggest or encourage it. You are growing up, my little man, and I love the kind, caring, considerate person you are becoming.
  • I attended your first school trip to London and we both loved every minute of it! I learnt quite a lot that day!
  • Your latest school report was quite simply impressive. You are above average in every aspect of the curriculum and even achieved levels expected in the Juniors in your latest assessment.
  • One night as I was giving you a kiss before I went to bed, you woke up just long enough to say, « Attends Maman… Je t’aime. » (Wait Mummy, I love you). My heart melted.
  • Earlier this week, you declared: “Maman, I think I can guess your age. You’re 24, aren’t you? You’re definitely not 42.” I am really glad we cleared that one out!


  • I bought tickets to go and see Paul McCartney with my cousin in May and I am having a little dance in my head just thinking about it.
  • Crevette and I went to the Harry Potter studios for an exclusive preview of the Hogwarts Express, and we had an amazing evening.
  • Crevette, Beanie and Hubby went to Bournemouth for a day out.
  • I have been back at work and my lovely father-in-law came to look after the little ones. He ended up being vomited on (a lot). Sorry, Poppy!
  • I went on a ‘Relaxed Entertaining’ cooking course at the Novelli Academy and thoroughly enjoyed it.
  • I have been surviving on about four hours’ sleep during the week for the past few months and I tend to crash with exhaustion every week-end. If anyone has tips on how to do it all and manage to sleep as well, please share!
  • I have been working during the holidays so the little ones have enjoyed spending lots of time with their Daddy.
  • It has been sunny the past few days and we have started spending plenty of time outdoors.


  1. 18/04/2015 / 8:36 am

    These updates are so nice to read, loving the thought of mad cat hair! and how lovely that your eldest organised and raised that money =) You must be so proud of them all =)

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