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Family Update – December 2015 

Is it me or is time speeding up at the moment? It seems like yesterday I heard the first mention of Christmas back in September (why do you do that, people?) and here we are, only a couple of weeks away from food heaven!

Wriggly (1 year 6 months)


  • If we bring our face too close to yours and you are not in the mood for a cuddle, you give us a slap. Nice! (Not!)
  • Your sleeping has gone from bad to worse. One night, your Daddy told me he needed a sleep one night as you were crying in our bed. I could not put you in your cot bed without causing screams that were louder than a car alarm so I climbed into bed with you. I had never done that before. Never again!
  • I wish you would sleep more. Are you one of these people who need no more than 4 or 5 hours’ sleep every 24 hours?
  • You have finally started accepting a bottle before bed every day (thank goodness!), but you still ask for a feed two or three times a day (and night!).
  • You love dancing! The minute you hear some music, you start boogieing.
  • You are such a chatterbox! Favourite words include, “sit down,” “stopit,” “no,” “Peppi,” (Peppa Pig), “Dada” (feed me breast milk NOW!).
  • You used to eat any food I was giving you, but all of a sudden, you have become incredibly fussy.
  • You drink a lot of water (a lot!).
  • You have only just started walking and your waddling is just too cute! Now you have mastered the two-legged way of getting from A to B, you are reluctant to be strapped into the pushchair. You want to walk around and explore. Holding your tiny hand and walking along with you is one of my favourite things.

Jumpy (3 years 1 month)

Jumpy's Pancakes

  • You respond more and more when I speak to you in French.
  • You are so ticklish! Whenever I blow raspberries on your neck or tummy, you start laughing uncontrollably and I love your little face looking so full of joy.
  • You want to run everywhere.
  • You are loving preschool and keep saying you have to do your homework!
  • You have the worst meltdowns ever in the morning. I wonder where you get that from! (I really wish I were a morning person…)
  • We made wheat-free vegan pancakes for you last weekend, but we all ended up devouring them!
  • Now you are three you think you are thirteen and you keep sneaking into my make-up drawer and putting on my favourite lipsticks and blushers. You have also been seen (and heard) walking around with my heels on.

Beanie (5 years 2 months)


  • The night before you took part in an Art competition, you shouted from the top of the stairs, “Crevette is giving me a hairdo for tomorrow.” You sounded excited. I had no idea the hairdo included using my nail scissors. Not a good look!
  • One of the shoe shops in our shopping centre has a monkey on a trapeze. We always stop to look at it for a few minutes.
    One afternoon, you declared: “It’s a bit like Poppy that monkey!”
    Me: “Why?”
    You: “Because it does a lot of exercise and Poppy does a lot of exercise too!”
  • You are fascinated by teenagers and what they are allowed to do. You have been asking me lots of questions, like: “When I’m a teenager, will I be allowed to go out on my own?” (not until you are 30, young lady!)
  • You have been borrowing my handbags, watch, jewellery and pretty shoes to pretend you are a mummy. Role play is definitely one of your favourite things and you are pretty good at playing a part.
  • Your future plans are changing. A few months ago, you wanted to become a chicken. Now: “When I grow up, I want to be a teacher and I want to be a cleaner.”
  • A couple of weeks later: “When I’m a grown up I want to live in France. I’ll teach them English but I don’t want to go up a school where they’re bossy.”
  • Last week’s announcement, as you were bouncing your head on my stomach: “You have a big fat baby in your tummy!” (No I don’t!)
  • You have been learning about the solar system at school and telling us all about Pluto, the biggest planet, about the moon not being a planet and on Monday, you started wondering where your granny came from: “Which planet was Mama Mimi born?” Your Daddy found that hilarious… so did I! Wait till I tell your granny!

Crevette (7 years 4 months)


  • You gave your sister a haircut. The day before she attended a competition with five or six other schools. We were not impressed…
  • You have started learning the violin at school and you are incredibly conscientious when bringing the school violin home. Practising is never a chore: you love it!
  • You are always really keen to go to your swimming lessons on Sundays.
  • You have had a Mummy Day and a Daddy Day in the past few weeks. You and I spent a Saturday together in London eating, walking around and enjoying each other’s company. For your day out with Daddy, you asked to go to his school, to the RAF museum and you came home with a bin for your future bedroom after a quick trip in town (living the life, boys!).



  • We got Netflix. I know, we must be the last people on the planet to get it, but since the work started on the house, our aerials have stopped working (probably because of the scaffolding, who knows?). It is great to watch what we want without adverts getting in the way!
  • Poppy (grandad) spent a weekend with us, to the children’s utter delight.
  • Our loft conversion is still under way and although I am sure it will be finished one day, it feels like it is dragging on and on (and on) and I am not really seeing the light at the end of the tunnel at the moment to be honest.
  • We had a great night with friends eating, having our hair cut and getting treated to massages.
  • We went to see Father Christmas last week.

Little Hearts, Big Love

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  1. 09/12/2015 / 8:11 pm

    I always love these updates xx

    My favourite story this month was Crevette and the hair cutting, I remember attempting to curl my friend’s hair with a hairbrush when I was little and getting it completely tangled. Her mum ended up having to cut it out!

    • Mel
      18/12/2015 / 1:47 am

      Her fringe is not growing… really not a good look!

  2. 09/12/2015 / 9:24 pm

    Love your family updates gorgeous lady, sounds everyone is thriving! Beany comes out with the most hilarious things, and bless Crevette with the violin. Hopefully Jumpy’s meltdowns will start to calm down, and Wriggly will start sleeping better real soon. Yay for Netflix but Booo for the loft conversion still not being finished! Hope to see you soon xxx

    • Mel
      10/12/2015 / 12:24 am

      They are doing quite well. I’m always trying really hard to focus on the positive for these as I am keeping each update in their respective keepsakes (well, the updates ARE the keepsakes, more or less) and when we’re having a tough time, I tend to sugar-coat it I have to admit, he he! xxx

  3. 09/12/2015 / 11:38 pm

    I adore your family updates! I don’t know what party I love the best, but given my obsession with shoes, it has to be that cute photo of Beanie in your shoes!!! I can just imagine her raiding your wardrobe – he he!!

    • Mel
      10/12/2015 / 12:21 am

      Thanks Nagi, I absolutely love writing them, and thinking back always makes me giggle! The photo of Beanie was blurry, but I still chose to publish it as I loved the way she was showing me all the things she was wearing, bless her!

  4. 10/12/2015 / 4:20 pm

    J’adore tes articles sur ta famille Mel! C’est incroyable comme le temps passe, trop vite parfois! Avec le temps, on oublie tout ces petits détails que tu raconte sur chacun et c’est une belle manière de préserver tout ça dans le temps.
    Ps: Tu n’est pas la dernière! Nous on n’a pas encore netflix!! xoxo

    • Mel
      12/12/2015 / 12:54 am

      Le temps passe vraiment trop trop vite. J’aimerais tellement pouvoir tout metre au ralenti pour apprécier chaque moment…

  5. maddy@writingbubble
    12/12/2015 / 9:35 pm

    Such a lovely family update! I love all the things Beanie comes out with. Hope wriggly starts letting you have more sleep soon. xx

  6. thenthefunbegan
    14/12/2015 / 11:15 pm

    Ooh lying down in bed with your little one is a sure fire way to a bad night’s sleep I find! I am (relatively often) called in with EJ (3 years, 5 months) and I always wait til he is properly asleep – sometimes over 90 minutes – before creeping back to my own bed with my fingers crossed! A loft conversion will be great for you guys – I don’t envy the time it must be taking though – so frustrating

    • Mel
      18/12/2015 / 1:48 am

      I know, worst night ever!

  7. 17/12/2015 / 6:41 pm

    Love that Wriggly is such a chatterbox but hope she starts sleeping better soon – having to climb into bed with her doesn’t sound like a good way of getting any sleep. How lovely that Jumpy is responding when you speak to her in French and her getting into your make-up made me chuckle. Beanie having a hairdo from Crevette reminded me of a similar moment when my sister decided to cut my fringe for me – that wasn’t a good look either! Love all of Beanie’s conversations about when she becomes a teenager and when she grows up too. I wonder what granny made of Beanie’s question about her being born on another planet. Well done to Crevette on being so enthusiastic with learning the violin and glad he enjoyed one-to-one time with you both. Thanks for linking up to #ftmob. Joyeux Noël à vous et votre famille! x

    • Mel
      18/12/2015 / 1:51 am

      Merci ma belle! I haven’t told my mum yet about her being born on another planet, he he! Wriggly must be the worst sleeper in the entire universe. She was up screaming between 3 and 6 last night. I desperately need a sleep!

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