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Family Update – December 2018

Here is what my little ones have been up to and the funny things they’ve said in the past month or so. 

Wriggly (4 years 6 months)

  • At the moment, you’re having a wobbly pretty much every morning about going to school. You like it once you’re in, but getting you to get dressed and to walk to school is a real nightmare.
  • If I let you, you’d eat five or six bananas a day.
  • Your night-time shenanigans are never-ending. You are in my bed pretty much every night and broken sleep is exhausting!

Here are a few of the sweet and funny things you’ve said recently:

  • As I refused to give you a chewing gum, you declared: “When I’m a teenager I can eat lots of sweets and chewing gum.” Erm still no chewing gum for you now though!
  • As I was attempting for the umpteenth time to convince you to go to the toilet by yourself, you blurted out with pride, “When I’m 100, I’ll wipe my own bottom!”
  • When we were on the bus on our way back from Winter Wonderland, you decided: “When I’m a grown up, I’m gonna drive a bus. Look mum, I can already do this!” As you said it, you pretended to drive the bus.
  • From time to time, you have an urge to make an important announcement. For this one, you came into the bathroom as I was taking a shower and opened the shower door, shouting: “I like puppies. Them cuter than babies!”
  • Last but not least:Me, as I was trying to wake you up gently: “Hello princess!”

    You: “I’m not a princess, I’m just me!”



Jumpy (6 years 1 month)

  • You are six. How can you be SIX whole years old already?
  • We celebrated your birthday with yet another costume party (we do love dressing up!) and it was our best Halloween party yet.  There were over thirty of us at home. It was fun. It was mad. It was a brilliant party!
  • I love the way you’re thinking. “When I’m a grown up, I’m going to go and work for Organix so I can eat lots of rice cakes!”
  • One of your questions sparked a really interesting conversation one weekend. You asked me: “Is it true that boys can marry boys and girls can marry girls?” We talked about love, choice, respect. I am so glad you asked this question.
  • You’ve had you annual allergist appointment and all is well. After the prick tests, he decided to do food challenges for hazelnut and walnut in hospital. 
  • You asked me one morning, “When babies come out of your bits, are they naked?”


Beanie (8 year 2 months)

  • After an eczema-free summer, your dry skin and itchy patches are back with a vengeance, as they are every year when the heating goes on… poor little lady! 
  • When you were struggling a tad with times tables, I bought a fab app called Maths Rockx and we’ve all been singing times tables and genuinely enjoying reciting them in song form. 
  • You’re not too keen on our French lessons on Wednesdays. I think you’re really struggling with the fact you’re not the best at French in our little group. 
  • Enuresis is tough. I think we’ll have to enquire about medication to get that hormone kicking in.
  • Mornings are getting worse and worse. The mood you’re in in the morning really affects the whole family and we all have to walk on eggshells around you. It’s not nice.
  • You are a mango monster! You love mangoes so much I bet you’d eat them everyday if we could afford them. 
  • You’re a proud Cub.
  • Your attitude towards your siblings and I can be so venomous it sometimes looks like you hate us with a passion.


Crevette (10 years 4 months)

  • You joined the Cubs a couple of months ago and you love being part of the local group.
  • You’ve been embracing our weekly French lessons. Your vocabulary and understanding are impressive. 
  • You’ve nailed all your times tables and can now answer 143 questions correctly in just under 6 minutes. What an achievement! 
  • You’ve started giving me a bit of attitude. Where did that come from?
  • You had a haircut a couple of weeks ago and gosh you needed that.
Little Hearts, Big Love