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Family Update – February 2018

One minute, it feels like spring is just around the corner and the next, you get hit in the face with hailstones. Gosh I can’t wait for spring… In the meantime, here is my little family update. It’s all about what my four little ones have been up to and the sweet things they’ve been saying over the past month. 

Wriggly (3 years 8 months)

  • Last week, as I collected you from preschool, you ran to your drawer and grabbed an A4 page full of great drawings. I didn’t really believe it was your own artwork as you’d never drawn anything other than doodles before, but the adults in the room insisted it was yours. You said you’d drawn your Mamie (nan), Jojo the dog, Mamie’s chickens and yourself. Since then, you’ve been drawing every single day and your ‘people’ are getting better and better, with colours and details. You can also write (really neatly!) the first letter for your first name. I am blown away!

Here are a few sweet things you’ve been saying recently:

    • “I need a bath cause I’m nearly stinky!” That was in the middle of the afternoon and you’d had a shower the previous day. You ended up spending an hour in the bath and not washing. “But I don’t need soap mummy, I washed with water. I clean!”
    • “I wanna be a baby again!”
    • “I can make really loud geckos!” (echos)
    • “My bed is groken so we put it in the dump!” (broken)
    • “I love my mew bed!” (new)
  • Me: “Can I have a red sweet please?”
    You: “The blue one is gooder though!”
    Me: ‘Maybe, but I’d like a red one please.”
    You, disappointed: “Oh ok then…”
Jumpy (5 years 3 months)

My little man took this photo! A few people have asked me on Instagram where I’d bought my T-shirt. It’s from HALT Print Ltd.

  • Your gross motor skills are pretty impressive. At the park, you just climb on anything and everything effortlessly and you always seem to be able to balance, even when you’re quite high up.
  • You want to know exactly what words mean and keep asking me for definitions for words you’ve been using for ages. “What does huge / awful / boiling mean?”
  • You: “How do you say cheeky in French?”Me: “Coquine”You: “Maman, t’es une coquine!”
  • When I was ignoring your constant requests for snacks one morning, you declared: “I’ll call you ‘Mother’ if you don’t listen to me!”
  • You made a Valentine’s Day card for your big brother, awwwww!

Beanie (7 years 4 months)

  • You’re really taking your ballet classes seriously and your ballet bun always has to be ‘just right.’
  • You always get 10/10 for your spelling tests at school (despite not practising at home) and you’re pretty confident with your writing.
  • Your teacher told you your handwriting was awful and you really had to improve it and since she’s said that, it’s actually gone a lot worse (you add some weird lines all over the place). I tried explaining to you she was probably after cursive writing (I’m thinking that’s the reason for the weird lines between block letters), but you told me I didn’t know what your teacher meant… I think I’ll have to speak to your teacher after half term.
  • You’re scared of Maths! You’ve been working on times tables at school and you keep telling me you’re rubbish at Maths but you’re not. You’re like a sponge and you seem to remember everything I tell you. To increase your confidence with multiplication, I’ve downloaded lots of app on my phone. So far, so good.
  • You’ve lost a front tooth. It completely changes the way you look! You’re growing up too quickly, Little Madam!
  • You call me “Woman” instead of “Mum,” “Mummy”or “Maman” when you’re in a bit of a mood. Not good…
  • When eating chorizo pasta (I’d bought spicy chorizo by mistake), you said: “It’s like you have a city in your mouth and it’s like it’s burning down!”

Crevette (9 years 6 months)

  • You’ve been getting into your guitar and piano practice a bit more (thank goodness for that) and one evening, I could hear you were trying to play ‘Shape of You’ by Ed Sheehan on the piano. You did a pretty good job too!
  • You spent last weekend in Devon with your dad having sleepovers and playdates at your cousins and friends’. That was the best start to half term for you!
  • Since the latest session of ‘Chatterbooks’ was during half term, we both had a nice bike ride to the library and I waited for you whilst you were reading, chatting and designing a badge. It was lovely having some quiet time together.
  • We’re really lucky to have a local playgroup holding ‘Messy Church’ days during holidays and we spent the afternoon there today, playing games, making Valentine’s Day presents for friends, flipping pancakes and eating loads. You had the best time!