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Family Update – March 2018

Just as it looked like Spring was about to show its pretty face, the Beast from the East reared its ugly head, much to the delight of my four and their friends! What’s going on with the weather?

Check out what my four little ones have been up to and the sweet things they’ve been saying over the past month. 

Wriggly (3 years 9 months)

– ’T’ has become a silent letter all of a sudden. Water is wa’er, scooter is scoo’er, Saturday is Sa’urday, letter is le’er, butter is bu’er.

– You’ve still got a few toddlerisms. You say “grekfast” for “breakfast” and “youn” for “your” or “new.”

– As we were walking to the park one day, you fell face first and cut your lip. There was blood everywhere. It was like a scene from a horror film, yet you got up and 5 minutes later, you were playing in the park with your siblings!

– You played the drums at my friend Rebecca’s and had a lovely day with your friend A.

– You’ve had your first birthday party invitation that wasn’t a family friend or one of your siblings’ friends. You actually went to that party without any of your siblings and you took great care picking just the right present and card for your nursery friend, and drawing pictures you knew she would love.

Jumpy (5 years 4 months)

– I love the way you perceive the world, growing up, relationships… “You’re a kid too, Mummy! You’re Mama Mimi’s kid! You’re like a tall teenager who looks after kids!”

– As we were going to the toilet at Pizza Express, you declared: “Once Dad went into the girls’ toilet but the Police didn’t catch him!”

– Your school got flooded (pipe issues) during half term and they had to close it for a couple of days after half term. You really enjoyed having the extra time at home, playing with your sisters and just having slower days, with no real plans.

– Since the canteen is still out action, I’ve been making you packed lunches and you love them!

– Your bike was stolen a couple of weeks ago.

Beanie (7 years 5 months)

– On Valentine’s Day, our doorbell went at 9 a.m. and one of your classmates delivered a teddy for you. Soooo sweet! Straight away, you felt the need to explain: “A. Is my friend and he’s a boy. He’s not a kissy kissy boyfriend. Just a friend who’s a boy!”

– You are terrified of failure. Sometimes, you refuse to apply yourself, and it only recently clicked that the reason for it was fear of not being up to the task. You had that ‘giving up attitude’ when you were given times tables to learn, and again as a writing workshop was just starting at Pizza Express last month. You are scared when something doesn’t come naturally or easily. I have to help you find ways to build resilience and focus on those difficult bits, because it’s exactly what learning is about: if you only focus on what’s easy, you are not stretching your brain matter or learning anything new. Before you know it, you’ll be bored!

– You’re very bright but also pretty pessimistic about your own abilities. If something doesn’t click into place the second your teacher explains a new concept, you immediately assume you’re rubbish at the subject. You’re currently convinced you’re rubbish at maths (despite your teacher telling me the exact opposite!).

– A pipe burst at your school so it had to be close for a couple of days. You enjoyed coming with us to playgroup and having friends staying over.

– You’re really into dinosaurs at the moment, and I’m amazed at how much you know about them.

– On the snowiest of the snow days we had, you were really helpful all day and managed to get to the pot of gold on our reward chart (highest you can go). When you get there, you can have things like a trip to the park, a bike ride or even invite a friend for a sleepover. What did you choose? A walk in the snow with mummy.

– You met Max the budgie and loved him!

– You are desperate to get a pet and about 75% of our conversations revolve around pets. I know from experience that children set their hearts on pets but lose interest after a very short period of time, and there is absolutely no way I would get a pet I wouldn’t want myself (I am the adult after all). Should I get us an African Pygmy hedgehog? (Go on, tell me I should!).

– We had a lovely afternoon together, riding our bikes to town and enjoying hot chocolate and lemon tart) in John Lewis (love my monthly voucher for a hot drink and cake).

You can be mean to your siblings. I caught you calling your brother a “fart pants” and your youngest sister “a slug snot.”

Crevette (9 years 7 months)

– You’re still struggling with times tables, so I’ve downloaded a shed load of maths apps on my phone and iPad. You’ve been thoroughly enjoying them.

– You’ve just started Irish dancing club at school and loved it.

– You are kind-hearted and helpful, but you can be cheeky too!

– You love making porridge for everyone.

– You can be sly in the way you treat Beanie at times. I don’t really like that, especially since you struggle to own up when you’ve been naughty. Being able to own up to something you’ve done is not easy but it is is something I want my children to be able to do. Not that easy with a reluctant customer though!

– You’re the King of Unwanted Advice!

– You were shortlisted in food photographer of the year award in the under 10 category. You’re not a finalist this year, but you enjoyed taking part.

– When we went to ASK Italian for Mother’s Day, you and your friend Polly asked us whether you could have your own table, away from the rest of our group. You looked so sweet together!

Little Hearts, Big Love