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Family Update – November 2016

The days are getting shorter… Bye everyone, I shall be hibernating until mid-March. See you all in spring!

Wriggly (2 years 5 months)

· You have had two sessions at preschool, pigtails perched on the top of your head, backpack on, happy as could be. It was so sweet going in with you and giving you a cuddle and a nudge before leaving the room and spying on you from the window. You only spent an hour there each time, but you thoroughly enjoyed it.
· For Halloween, you were a skeleton ballerina.
· You never ever nap for me in the afternoon, but when your Dad or Poppy look after you, you have a cheeky sleep in the afternoon.
· As you were with your big sister one afternoon, I thought you were throwing a ball back and forth, but in the corner of my eye, I saw you pick it up with your teeth then start barking. You said you were “playing Mummies and doggies” (as you do!) and you were the dog fetching the ball.
· You met Father Christmas (I know, early!) and were a lot more chatty than your siblings with him. You even gave him a kiss.

Jumpy (4 years old)

· I remember the day you were born as it it were yesterday and yet you have just turned four years old! We had a wonderful get-together at Willows Farm.
· On your birthday, I asked you what you loved most, and you replied:
“- Mummy and my family and Isabella
– Choosing the music in the car
– Being a princess
– Having hair like a fairy
– My presents
– Getting sweeties
– Wiping the car with Daddy
– Playing with my dollies
– Baking cakes
– Sausages
– Washing the car with soap with Daddy, even polishing stuff
– Walking in the mud
– Going to the farm
– Swinging high at the park
– Riding my scooter
– Having a bath and swimming in the bath
– Drawing
– Pretending to drive the car”
· You went to the theatre for the first time during half term. The play was brilliant and you loved every minute of it. Ever since, you have been talking about “the funny thing where people were pretending they were in a film!” I love seeing life through your eyes. It is so refreshing and untarnished.
· As we walking in town and I smiled at a lady who the the door for us and wished her a good day, you asked: “Mummy, why do you like everybody?” I am glad you see me as a cheerful person (well, most of the time!).
· You really enjoyed all activities around the Diwali story at preschool.
· Your new ‘thing’ is to get me to wipe your bottom…. You used to do it yourself, but the past couple of months have seen you regressing. Oh well!

Beanie (6 years 1 month)

· You are a chorizo addict.
· Your reading is really getting more and more confident and you are starting to read small stories of your choice at home on top of your daily reading book from school.
· You gave me your first, “I hate you!” (ouch!) one morning as I could not find your shoes.
· You are having the worst tantrums in the morning at the moment. You wake up in a foul mood and refuse to do anything you are supposed to: getting washed, putting clothes on, brushing your teeth… The only thing you do not moan about is having your porridge, but if I date forgetting to put the honey on the table or to give you the wrong bowl, I have to suffer your wrath. Most morning, I also end up wresting you into your school uniform. Not my idea of fun!

Crevette (8 years 3 months)

· You are getting lonely at school and it breaks my heart. As your mum, I just want to protect you, be there every step of the way and hold your hand. I know you will have to sort it out and build friendships by yourself but it is tough feeling completely helpless.
· Your first parents’ evening of the year made me really proud: your teacher’s comments were all positive and showing you are making a lot of progress.
· You are not keen on your one-hour swimming sessions on Fridays. You are doing brilliantly, especially considering you are the youngest swimmer in the club, but you keep begging me to stop. Aaargh, what should I do? Whenever I think back at my childhood, I that that if someone had pushed me to stick to sort some of exercise routine, I probably would not have such an aversion for sport now.



  1. Oana
    25/11/2016 / 11:58 am

    Sounds like a busy and happy household, you are very blessed to have four little joys in your life!xx

    • Mel
      25/11/2016 / 4:57 pm

      I know Oana, I keep telling myself that every day. As I type, they are making a slide on the stairs using their mattresses, and I can hear roars of laughter. That’s what life is all about, isn’t it?

  2. hellobabysteph
    27/11/2016 / 9:33 pm

    What a lovely post and a fabulous diary for your littles. Sorry to hear that Crevette is lonely at school, I hope he makes some good friends soon, xx

  3. lori
    27/11/2016 / 9:46 pm

    This is so lovely! What fab family moments captured x

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