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Family Update – November

Five months ago, I was giving birth to my little girl on the bathroom floor. It seems like yesterday yet if feels like a lifetime ago. Does it even make sense?

Wriggly (5 months)


• You are becoming a tad clingy. I am not sure whether it is because you are hungry or whether you are starting to get some sort of separation anxiety, but there is no doubt you have spent more time in my arms this month than you had before. Maybe you just love cuddles and that is fine by me!
• You have had awful nappy rash. Although I had sworn I would never go anywhere near washable nappies this time round, I was pleased to find three at home when your poor little bottom was at its worst. Those cloth nappies really made a difference.
• You weigh 9.6 kilos, only 600 grams less than Jumpy!
• Your favourite thing is kisses on your neck.
• You love being sung to, and current favourites are “La Poule a Pondu”, “This Little Piggy”, “Une Souris Verte” and “The Wheels on the Bus”.
• You keep chewing on Sophie la Girafe and the squeaky noise it makes against your gums reminds me of your uncle doing the same thing twenty-five years ago.
• You love it when your siblings coo at you, and laugh hysterically when one of them gives you a cuddle.
• You get really milk drunk most evenings. That has to be the most relaxed facial expression in the world.
• You have really discovered your hands. You love those two things attached to your arms!
• You have just started getting the hang of your teething ring.

Jumpy (2 years)


• You said “tolet” one morning and just went for a pee on the potty. You really insist on emptying the potty in the toilet yourself, which I am not keen on. Oh dear, it sounds like you are ready to start potty training. I am not! Shall we wait a bit longer? You have just turned two, after all.
• You had a cow’s milk challenge in hospital and it looks like you have grown out of your milk protein allergy!
You enjoyed your afternoon in hospital, drinking milk from a syringe, cleaning the ward with wipes, socialising in the play room, smiling at all the nurses and munching on your snacks all afternoon.
• You made your first colourful masterpiece at playgroup and looked really pleased with yourself.
• Your first taste of cheese was ricotta, hidden in pasta sauce.
• You had your first Petit Filou since being diagnosed with a milk allergy. You are a fan!
• You love eating toothpaste, but hate brushing your teeth. In an attempt to improve your dental hygiene, I have let you brush my teeth whilst I was brushing yours. Result!
• You have started biting when you are not getting your own way. Your big sister seems to be your victim of choice. We must get rid of that new habit!

Beanie (4 years 1 month)

• You have an impressive memory.
• You told me off for pointing at something, explaining in a serious tone: “Mummy, Peter pointer is very rude!”
• You were desperate to wear a uniform at school. Your Mamie (grandmother) bought you a pinafore dress, tights and a cardigan. You were over the moon when it was time to put it on, but you were desperate to wear sunglasses and got grumpy when I said I wanted to take a picture without them.
• The other day, you started calling me, “Your majesty!” A tad over the top, but I would not complain. Better than the usual, “You’re poo poo!”
• You know what you want, there is no denying that. Strong-willed would be the best word to describe you. With so much determination, you should go far in life!
• You are still saying the cutest things. Your latest was: “Look, I can see the apple tower!” as you were pointing at a photo of the Eiffel Tower.

Crevette (6 years 3 months)

• You went for a boys’ night out with your daddy to see an England game at Wembley Stadium.
• Your Mamie and I really enjoyed seeing your Harvest assembly at school. You remembered all the words for the poem and songs. Your Mamie really struggled not to cry.
• You lost your second tooth and wrote to the tooth fairy asking whether you could keep your tooth. She replied to you and left some glittery footprints on the envelope.
• You are such a grown-up, responsible little man.
• You hate it when your dad cuts your hair.
• You are a chatterbox.
• As you are struggling to fall asleep at night, you have just started reading a couple of chapters of James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl when you get to bed.
• You were ‘star performer’ in one of your football lessons.
• You are still not keen on football or any form of exercise other than swimming. I wish there were other clubs on offer at school.



• Wriggly and I went to BlogCamp and BlogFest.
• The girls and I stayed at home when the boys were at the football game and we watched Anastasia together. We had lots of sweets and cuddles.
• We raised just under £300 for Allergy UK.
• We made the most of the sunny days we had towards the end of October.
• My mum came for a couple of weeks and it was great having her around.
• I have had a few wobbles this month. My mind and body do not agree with lack of daylight.
• We went out for lunch as a family a couple of times during half term.
• I took a happy ghost and witch trick or treating in our neighbourhood.
• We have had the heating on for a few hours each day in the past week. Our winter coats also came out of the wardrobe.
• A life was lost before it even had time to start properly. You are in our thoughts and our hearts, little Noah.


  1. 16/11/2014 / 3:53 pm

    awww Mel what a really beautiful round up of where you are all at right now, its so nice to remember these times

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

    • Mel
      16/11/2014 / 10:42 pm


  2. Spidermummy x
    21/11/2014 / 9:40 pm

    This is such a lovely post, and such a brilliant idea to have a memento of your children like this. I just read your birth story too, well done you, it sounds like you dealt with a fast labour expertly! x

    • Mel
      23/11/2014 / 5:54 pm

      It certainly was a quick delivery! I am glad I managed to wait for the midwife: she was brilliant!

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