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Family Update – October 2016

How time flies…

Wriggly (2 years 4 months)


· Until last week, you were incredibly keen to stay at preschool, but since time has come to have some settling in sessions, you are starting to get a lot more cautious and clingy, bless you.

· Whenever we are home, you dress up as a fairy or a princess. Most nights, you wear a tutu to bed (as you do!).

· You are a cheeky little monkey, full of fun and mischief.

· You have been so sick this week, poor baba. Your body temperature reached 40 degrees and you spent a whole night vomiting, vomiting, and vomiting some more.


Jumpy (3 years 11 months)


· You love cats.

· One morning, you declared:  “My teacher said we have to get a swing, a trampoline and a piano.”

· You have fallen in love with a classic car at the end of our road. It’s a Morris Minor and every time you see it you say, “I want that car, but Daddy has to put more seats in!”

· You are interested in the world around you. A few days ago, as we were walking to preschool, you asked me: “Mummy, why do the leaves change colours?” That triggered a nice conversation about seasons.

· You make me laugh every day. “I love grandma stat!” (Gangnam style)

· You and I have been baking loads in the past few weeks: baguettes, quick chocolate cupcakes, brownies…

· You love your Saturday ballet lessons and you are always the first one in line to go in.

· You have been clingy whenever I have taken you to preschool, but luckily, quite a few of your friends moved up to your new classroom with you.

· We went to your best friend’s birthday party yesterday and you had time of your life!

· You love sucking your thumb when you are tired and although you do not have a comforter as such, you keep stealing my new pillowcases. You are such a pillowcase thief!


Beanie (6 years old)


· You have been desperate to join your school’s football club after school. Attending your first session made you very happy indeed. You have a really cool pair of trainers from your cousin and your auntie bought you a lovely pink football kit for your birthday: football heaven!

· When one of your friends’ mums asked him who was the best girl at playing football, he replied that you were, by far, the best. How sweet!

· You love playing dominoes. I suspect your winning every time we have played might have something to do with it!

· You are finally starting to enjoy ballet lessons after 2 years of being less than enthusiastic, but I have to say you are the least graceful ballerina I have ever seen. You are the one at the back, giggling, flapping her arms and picking her nose (there’s always one, right?). Your hair looks a mess after 2 minutes, your skirt somehow gets stuck in the waistband as soon as you step into the studio and you always have one sock up, one down. Every single time. It is so cute!


Crevette (8 years 3 months)


· You have run out of books to read! You are desperate for another trip to the library but it has been closed every time we have been in the past few weeks. Hopefully, it is now all refurbished and we can go for a browse on Wednesday.

· You have been quite tearful and worried recently, and you owned up to a lie last Thursday… You started keyboard lessons a couple of weeks ago and you are meant to practise at home but we have not yet got round to buying one. When you teacher first asked you whether you had a keyboard at home, you had said, “Yes!” The fact you had lied to her was worrying you, especially since I wanted to write on the practice book that we were about to buy a keyboard. Oh dear little man, Let’s not stress about things that are not worth stressing about. Life is too short.

· You now have a keyboard and all is well!

· You are such an avid reader. Earlier this week, you read two whole novels in one evening!

Little Hearts, Big Love


  1. 24/10/2016 / 2:21 pm

    Poor little Wriggly, hope she’s on the mend now. F is not even entertaining the idea of nursery yet. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that she settles in quickly! Lovely update overall, and as always gorgeous photos xxx

    • Mel
      24/10/2016 / 9:13 pm

      Thanks honey. She’s feeling much better now, bless her. xx

  2. 25/10/2016 / 10:43 pm

    Such a lovely update as always. Poor Wriggly being unwell – so glad she is better now. Love all the things that Jumpy has been saying – “grandma stat” and telling you that her teacher said you had to get “a swing, a trampoline and a piano” made me smile. That photo of her is just beautiful. I can just imagine Beanie in her ballet class being the one giggling at the back but lovely that she is enjoying football too. Love how Crevette is such an avid reader. Was so lovely to see you all today and to meet your beautiful children – now I will be able to picture them much more clearly when reading your family updates. Thanks for linking up to #ftmob 🙂

    • Mel
      27/10/2016 / 11:40 pm

      It really was so lovely to meet the girls too. They are exactly how I’d pictured them from reading your blog and following your adventures on social media. I loved seeing them all interact with each other and be really comfortable with their new friends. We’ll have to meet with the children more often now!

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